A new lover

I have had a dog in my life for as long as I can remember but the first time I let a dog do anything to me was when I was 15yo. I was discovering myself when our lab rocky came into the room, He always slept on my bed but this morning I was into playing with my new found toy – my pussy.
Well there I was playing with myself and rocky came sniffing over to see what I was doing and to my surprise he starting licking my fingers and slightly brush my pussy. Since I was new to all this

I thought I would venture to see what rocky would do and I removed my hand and let him at my pussy and all I can say is wow it made me have sensations I never had before and I almost fainted, I must have been a bit loud because my mother call and asked if everything was ok. I knew if I wanted it to continue I would have to careful. Well that went on until I got a lot older.
It was many years after that that i left home to get married,my husband wasnt a great dog lover and it took me some time to get a new dog, He went out and bought me a black lab that he had got from the local dogs home,

I was overjoyed that i could now carry on doing the things that i enjoyed most I never told my Husband about my life as a dogs slut,so i had to be very careful that he never caught me with rex that was the name i gave him,
As the months wore on rex was proving to be a willing student and was becoming a great companion, sometimes while I worked on my pc I let him under my desk and let him lick me,as i never wear panties,and shave my pussy, This was especially exciting since my husband was a few feet away watching tv.

I had also started playing with his cock, which he really enjoyed and would showed it by shooting some pre-cum. As he was maturing his cock was getting bigger and bigger and it was becoming harder and harder to resist.
Finally when he was a year old I decide I would give him and I a birthday present. I made sure my hubby would be out of the house for several hours and started by letting him lick me while I played with his cock,

I got so carried away that I started to suck his cock and by doing so it grew bigger in my mouth. The sense of his cock growing in my mouth made me cum,
That and the superb licking I was getting but it was time to see if he would mount me and I turned over onto all fours and as soon as I did that he jumped up on my back and started pumping.

He kept missing the mark until I guided it in and thank god I was holding onto something because he almost sent me to the floor. With each stroke he pushed in further until it would not go any further because his knot prevented him going further but this did not stop him, he just pumped harder until he was all in. I have never felt this good in my entire life, this huge cock just pounding into me like no tomorrow. I must of came at least a dozen time until one huge climax when he started to fill me up and I started leaking. This was better than I could ever imagine. We tied for about 15-20 minutes and when he pulled out I climaxed again and out gushing came all his cum. I cleaned up the area and made sure there was no evidence of our play time.

Now when my husband left for work in the mornings rex and I played for an hour before i had to work,
After meny wonderful weeks teaching Rex to mount me, I was spotted by a friend of my husbands while sucking my dogs big red cock,He told me that he woldnt tell mike what he saw if he and his friends could fuck me,

So i was blackmailed into letting him and his mates gang bang me, then i had to let rex fuck me infront of them while they watched and cheered, I had to let them gang bang me most weeks after that, Rex had the art of making me happy, first a little licking of my fingers after playing with myself then letting him near my pussy to get a few licks, each time establishing specific commands so that I would be able to control him when he wanted to mount me,.

One night we were drinking quite heavily in the backyard with one of my girlfriends and her husband she noticed that rex,s cock was out a bit, I ignored her and told her that he probably sensed another dog in heat, she jokingly said she was. I reassured her Rex was well behaved and trained, she laughed but kept her eye on Rex.

A few minutes later she said she had to go inside to relieve herself but after several minutes I suggested I should go and see if she was ok. As I turned the corner to the livingroom there she was with the Rex’s cock in her mouth, she got up an apologize and said it must have been the booze but she was so horny, her husband had been ignoring her and she needed some sex.
She came over to me and gave me and asked if she could suck his cock aagain, which I said Yes as it always turned me on, she touch my his cock again and that made it firm and fully erect. I said we had to watch ourselves. I suggested she come over in the morning on Monday and that I would have a solution to her problem, she thanked me again and said she would be over around 9.

Monday morning as soon as my hubby left I went to shower, Sue surprised me by coming into the shower with me and feeling me all over her breasts were awesome and her pussy so tight and smooth she offered to shave my pussy which I said yes. After the shower we played some more then she asked what the surprise was that would help her with her problem, I called rex and he came running in looking forward to playtime. I told her close her eyes and to lay on her back and that I wanted to eat her,

She jumped on the bed opened her legs as wide as she could (real eager) I started then let rex take over, well now she really started to squirm and say I was the best licker in the world. I asked her to open her eyes and she started to get up, I went over to her calmed her down by caressing her breasts and telling her to enjoy. She started to really get into it, asked for my pussy which I willingly gave and it was great to watch Rex licking the tight bald pussy of Sue while she licked my pussy clean.

I let that go on for a while then called off rex and asked Sue to get on all fours, no questions just do it. She did then I called Rex and he got up on her back and started humping her, I guided his cock into her pussy and she almost jumped off the bed. Once again I told her to relax and enjoy, she finally did and then she was really into it, it was great watching Rex’s big cock glide in and out of her pussy. Finally with one big thrust his knot was in her and I thought she would explode, she was going nuts, screaming and finally exhausted fell down, tied to the my dog which I explained was normal and would not take long until he grew smaller. Mean time we felt each others trembling bodies, and she said it was the best she had even had.

After we cleaned up and went downstairs for some coffee, she gave me shit as why hadn’t I told about this before now. She also asked when she could come over again and I told her anytime but she could not tell anyone about what had happened. She came over put a finger up my pussy and thanked me.

She has been over many times and each time we try and find a new way to enjoy our new found escape. We sometimes suck rex off and then fill each others pussy with the cum. Sue even went out and got a great dane which we have been training for her, his cock is even bigger than Rex’s so even more fun.
Long live dogs and they are certainly woman’s best friend

I still have to be gang banged by mikes mate and his friends ,so i told sue about this and now she wants to join in the gang bang too.
Sue said she had a girlfriend with a pony, well that will be another story, mmmmmmmmm
Thanks for reading my experiance,
Rachel Maher,dog slut,