A Wife’s Story 3 – 20th Reunion


My 20th high school reunion came around way to soon for my liking. How did I get to be 38, LOL? I signed up to go, with Peter, my husband. We were still living in the town where I grew up. I had met Peter soon after he moved into town to work at a local Navy contractor.

The night before the big event, there was an informal gathering in the lobby bar of a Weston’s closer to the city. People were flying in from all over the world, literally. And Peter was anxious to meet my old friends that he hadn’t already gotten to know. Classmates would check in across the lobby and wave to us as they dragged their luggage to the elevator. They each joined us a few minutes later.

Among them, I saw Jerome drift in with his roller bag. During our high school years, he had spent many evenings between my legs in lovers’ lanes, behind old barns, in basements and even in my bedroom. I was secretly embarrassed to feel myself getting aroused in that place I’d shared with him. I took a deep breath and looked over at Peter to assure myself he hadn’t noticed my reaction. He hadn’t, I don’t think.

Jerome came down later and mostly hung out with the other single guys. I had heard he was divorced. He swung by our table – we were sitting with Maris and Mandy who had flown in from Minneapolis. “Hi Pam. And you must be Peter,” he offered.

“Hi, yes he is. Peter, this is Jerome. He played trombone in the band. And Jerome, this is Maris’s wife Mandy.” Everybody shook hands.

I sure wasn’t a virgin when I started dating Peter, but he was cool enough never to ask which of the boys from town had bedded me, if bedded is the right term. I couldn’t tell if he thought Jerome might be one of them.

Jerome went off to chat up some of the other girls from my class. I remembered having had good reason to be jealous of a couple of them, but now it didn’t seem to matter. After all, I hadn’t exactly been exclusive with Jerome. In fact, Maris had also got into my panties, as had Karl, who swung by with his wife, Alice, a few minutes later.

A few of us decided to drop by Paddy’s Ale House, the local Irish pub. Peter had to fly out to Europe the next morning so he begged off after one Guinness. He took the car, and I was going to take a cab. Jerome was sitting way at the other end of the place, so I don’t think Peter picked up on the electricity between us.

I ran into Jerome on the way back from the ladies room. It wasn’t a coincidence. “I’ve missed you, Pam,” he said as we briefly hugged each other. “Can we, you know, duck out the back?” And we did.

We talked for a while. Jerome’s marriage had gone south when they both started cheating. “She was never as much fun as you, Pam.” We embraced and started kissing. His hand wandered over my chest and then down to my knee.

I’d been a good girl most of my marriage, except for the two lapses I’ve already told you about. But darn it all, I couldn’t believe how exciting it was to be embracing Jerome again.

Jerome’s hand moved pulled up the hem of my skirt – the little cocktail dress had finally graduated to Good Will when I couldn’t get into it any more. I was sure he could feel the dampness in my pantyhose. My hand was on the bulge in his pants when Maris and Mandy came out to their car. They both gave us a naughty thumbs up and left. But that was embarrassing enough that we decided to quit. “Can I give you a ride home?” Jerome asked.

In the car, he suggested we detour to his hotel room, but I told him how early I had to get up to take Peter to the airport. When we got to my home and pulled into the drive beside the garage, I could see the bedroom light was already out. “Peter is asleep,” I told him.

Jerome turned off the headlights. We chatted some more in the dark rental. But chatting led to kissing. Jerome’s hand went up under my blouse this time and pulled my 34D bra down as well. I opened the blouse for him and undid my bra.

Jerome’s kisses moved to my neck and then my nipples. His tongue expertly circled there while his hand slid up over the mesh fabric of my pantyhose. Though he started rubbing my pussy thru the cotton padding, I knew from experience with him that these nylons had been worn for the last time.

Jerome reached across my seat to recline it, but I ended up pulling the lever myself. The seat fell back as far as it would go. To give him more room, I grabbed the bar in front and slid the seat back as he climbed over me. I was undoing his belt and zipper when I felt the fabric ripping on my panty hose. He pulled it aside, exposing my sex, though it wasn’t like he could see anything.

His fingers felt so good playing in my wetness and his shaft was warm and rock hard in my hand after I pulled it out of his pants and stroked him. “You’re going to fuck me right in my driveway aren’t you.”

“Only if you let me,” he replied, as if I wasn’t going to let him. At times like this, your normal life becomes a distant world and loses its constraints on you.

I opened Jerome’s pants wider and off his hips. He pushed my skirt up around my waist, but left my damaged panty hose on. I don’t know how he managed it but he got his head between my legs and started kissing my pussy lips. Then it was his tongue. My clit was on fire as two fingers pushed up inside. He finger fucked me and licked me until my orgasm was in full bloom. Then he pulled out his fingers and climbed back over me. I guided his eager organ into my eager opening.

He drove his shaft in all the way and started pounding, just like the old days, LOL. God it felt good. There was something different about how he used me. Compulsion. Vigor. Drive. We fucked like that for a few minutes.

“Want me on my knees?” I offered. He pulled out and I turned over on the seat. I knew he liked doggie style, and well, so did I.

“Maybe in back,” he suggested, and we both crawled on all fours over the reclined seat into to the more spacious back row. So much more room. So deep inside me. Pounding, pounding. Both panting, moaning. So good.

“You better stop before …,” but it was too late. Jet after jet of his semen were filling my vagina. No point in stopping him now. I love the way the slipperiness in there changes when a man’s semen mixes with my lubrication. And then he was done.

“I’m sorry, Pam. You’re not on birth control.?”

“No. No,” I started to choke up. “Peter and me,” suppressing sobs, “are trying …”

“…to have a baby?” he interrupted, “Oh no. Oh no.”

I finally got my composure with a strained laugh, “I guess it’s Plan B for me,” and I pushed him onto his back. Might as well enjoy the moment. His partly softened cock sagged off to one side before I took it in my mouth. The taste and aroma of my sex filled my mouth and nostrils, his contribution barely noticeable.

I sucked and licked and ate his balls til he was erect again. Then I took off my blouse and dropped the bra. I climbed over him and sat on his cock. I must have looked funny in the moonlight, with nothing on up top, my ripped panty hose surrounding his cock and my skirt still up around my waist. I rode him like that til even more of his juices erupted inside me.

The nice thing about leaving the abused panty hose on like that was I could pull them back across to absorb whatever might be leaking out as I snuck back into the house. I buried them at the bottom of the kitchen trash which I would be taking out after Peter left. A shower and artful use of the shower hose cleaned out the rest of the evidence.

Peter didn’t notice anything when we had a quickie before I drove him to the airport at 6 AM. And a pharmacy nearer to the airport than our neighborhood supplied the needed pill. I swallowed it in the parking lot and tossed the box into a gutter as I drove. Thankfully, the cramps and nausea subsided before the reunion dinner, though I had to skip the school tour. There wouldn’t be a baby on the way, this month. At least I sure hoped so.

I ran into Jerome in the parking lot of the banquet hall. We told each other how great last night had been. I suggested we shouldn’t sit together so as not to arouse more gossip than we already triggered.

I made excuses for Peter whenever somebody asked, and had a good time dancing with single and married guys as the evening wore on.

When I was dancing with Karl he invited me their place. “Alice and me have some good weed and we’re having a few people over. I know you’re on your own, so we’d love to have you join us,” he said as he peered down the cleavage exposed by my satin dress and push up bra. Peter and me did weed when we first met, but when his company started doing random tests, he had to stop. I hadn’t had any since then, but only because he didn’t. “Maris and Mandy are coming. Jerome, too,” he added, plus a couple others I didn’t even remember being in my class.

When I danced with Jerome, I asked him, “I hear you’re going to Karl’s place later. Maybe we can chat some more,” I winked and made sure he had a generous gaze down my dress. We tried not to be obvious, but I loved feeling the bulge in his pants pressed against my leg while we danced.

When we stepped outside the banquet hall we enjoyed some serious stimulation below the waist. We weren’t the only one’s out there. Mary Beth, another girl whose husband couldn’t make the trip, was also making out with an old flame. I figured they’d be taking the elevator up to her room at the Weston.

I was on my fourth glass of chardonnay when I summoned a cab for me and Jerome. For good reason, everybody except the recovering alcoholics were swearing off driving that night. When we got to Karl and Alice’s place, the door was ajar and we followed the voices to their back porch.

The room was pretty full, as we brought the crowd to eight, so I sat on the carpeted floor in front of Jerome. There wasn’t room for everybody on the wicker sofas.

Karl rolled the first joint and passed the bag to the others. Someone on the sofa behind me started one and eventually passed it to me. My first drag hit right between the eyes. I’d heard that the product had gotten stronger over the years, but to experience that was still a big surprise. I leaned back against the sofa and let the buzz sweep over my being. As the drug made its way to everybody, a quiet torpor overcame the room. We all just seemed to be taking it in. A second drag and everybody became more animated, muttering stupid sounding words of appreciation and watching the world light up. A potted flower became the most important being on the planet.

I looked over. Karl and Alice were sitting on the wicker coffee table and Karl had put his hand on Alice’s boobs, inside thru the neck. Oh my so randy. Maris got the idea and had his hand on Mandy’s leg – higher and higher. So electric to see in my current state. And then it was Jerome’s hand pushing down the neckline of my dress. I looked down at my exposed nipple. It seemed to be glowing and pulsating in its excited state. Then the other one was out. Jerome expertly opened my bra, once he realized the clip was in front.

I told you there were eight of us. But I didn’t tell you only three of us were females. One of the two extra men, Jason I think his name was, knelt in front of Alice and had his hand on her leg. Karl, whose head was rocking back and forth, didn’t seem to object when he pulled her panties off. Al, another boy who’d poked my cunt in high school, came round in front of me and picked up my foot. That gave him a clear view of my panties and garters as he started to kiss my leg. Meanwhile, Jerome was unzipping my dress.

Maris had his hand in Mandy’s panties which were in plain view as her skirt was hiked up to her waist. The crotch area covered his knuckles as he finger fucked his wife. I turned around toward Jerome, unhooked and unzipped everything and pulled his pants off. His cock sprang up and I took it in my mouth after he pulled my dress off.

Al needed help with my garters before he pulled my panties down. He wasn’t being too subtle but at least he poked two fingers in and licked my pussy. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Jason with his pants down maneuvering himself between Alice’s legs. Karl was going to let him fuck his wife! And when Jason plunged his cock into Alice, Karl moved over in front of Mandy. He and Maris finished taking her clothes off.

That’s when I felt Al’s cock shove its way into my pussy. I gasped. It came in so fast, so deep. I sucked on Jerome faster and deeper in time with Al’s lunges. Jason’s terminal moans signaled his ejaculations in Alice and Al’s cock gave forth in my own vagina. The boys weren’t trying to demonstrate how long they could hold off cumming.

Karl was just entering Mandy’s naked body and I saw Maris standing next to Alice’s face waiting for her to take him in her mouth, which she did. Al finished and I stood and climbed onto Jerome’s lap. He was so ready to cum when I sat on his cock. I wondered how it felt for a guy when another man’s jiz ran down his shaft. Anyway, a few Hopalong Cassidy’s and his cock gave forth, too. We all turned to watch Mandy and Alice. Karl pounded away in Mandy’s pussy while Alice, oozing cum between her legs, vigorously sucked on Maris’s cock. Karl shot his load in Mandy first. Maris pulled out of Alice’s mouth and had her get on her knees. He entered her from behind and grabbed her tits as her husband watched. When he finished a large white glob leaked out and slowly oozed down toward her knees.

By then we were all naked in the summer warmth. Cocks sagging, pussies glistening, everybody catching their breath. It was time for another round of joints. Maris and I shared one with Jason and went for another. Mandy was sitting between Al and Jerome against a wall passing theirs around. If I’d had any sense of decency before, it certainly evaporated with the new joints.

Alice was sitting across Karl’s lap, husband and wife back together, dragging on a joint. I heard Alice mumble in her drugged up voice, “I’m sorry,” before she giggled inappropriately for that sentiment. “Me, too,” said Karl as his eyes rolled up and his head fell back, “I hope you don’t mind i liked it.” She slapped him gently.

I had heard that Maris and Mandy were swingers, and up until that moment, I had concluded figured Alice and Karl must be too. But apparently, those two would have some reckoning to do in a more sober moment. But when us other two girls started wanking the nearest cocks, Alice started tugged on Karl’s. Before long, Alice had turned with her back to Karl and was riding him with her ample boobs bouncing up and down for all to watch. I thought the coffee table was going to cave in.

Getting back to my own situation, I bent over and took Maris’s restored shaft, flavored by Alice’s cunt, into my mouth. Jason nudged me around to a more accessible position and I heard him spit on his cock. I confirmed what he planned when he pushed it none too gently into my rear. Maris’s moans were getting more intense when Jason decided he wanted to use my vagina after all.

Jason finished first and fell back. Maris started to cum in my mouth, but I wanted his big organ inside me. So I quickly stood up, turned and sat on it. It did feel good and he was able to keep going for quite a while after his ejaculations ended.

I looked over and Mandy was bouncing on Al’s cock in her rear and Jerome was pumping away in her pussy. That was a sight! They all finished soon after we did.

Round after round of fucking ensued. Alice and I even put on a demonstration of ff 69 which lasted until a pair of cocks took over.

Jerome drove me home, managing not to hit any of the parked cars along the way or the garage door as he pulled into Peter’s spot. Even though I had driven Peter to the airport, his car was conveniently in the shop for some 100,000 mile work. We climbed into Peter’s and my bed and tried to have sex. I had to give him a blow job because I was too sore. It went better in the morning, both in bed and in the shower. Then he was off to the airport – he had to stop by the hotel for his bag – and I haven’t seen him since. We exchanged a few secret emails but that dribbled off to nothing in a month or so.

I wondered, as I got back to my senses, whether yesterday’s Plan B was still working. To make sure, I drove over to a different distant pharmacy and popped another one. Apparently, you’re not supposed to do that two days in a row because I got incredibly sick. Thankfully, my period was in full swing when Peter got home from Europe, so my ugly secret was safe, and it gave my battered holes a chance to heal. I just had to hope the gossip circuit wasn’t telling the reunion story too widely.

When Peter got home, it was my turn to do the laundry. In the dryer, a small corner of some kind of wrapper had come out of Peter’s clothes. Could it be … yes it was … part of a condom wrapper. Had he shacked up with a Spanish girl? Someone from the office there? Was he seeing her every time he went there? Or a prostitute? I decided not to mention it, letting us both keep our secrets. And maybe my secrets weren’t secret after all and he was making the same choice.

But guess what. Our own baby came a year later. Peter was her father.