Auntie’s amorous animal teaches the twins

The sounds of dogs yelping coming from the direction of the front lawn made the cute little freckle-faced twins run to the front window of the house.

Being bigger and stronger than the average thirteen year old boy, Jacob got there slightly ahead of his smaller sister Megan. She squished in front of him though, just the same, pressing the cheek of pretty little red-head’s face, and her small, lemon shaped tits against the cool glass, as both naughty teenagers, bumped their ginger-haired heads against the big window’s pane, and gazed excitedly out onto the lawn, to see what all the commotion was about.

“Awe shit!” Jacob exclaimed, “Old Lucky is going at another bitch!”

“Hey, I got eye’s don’t I?” Megan laughed, as she took in the bawdy view of their Aunty Linda’s scruffy old golden Labrador, Lucky and an unfamiliar female dog, humping around out on the sunny, green grass in the front yard.

Obviously he had baled up yet another stray bitch dog that had been wandering the neighborhood in heat. He had already mounted the willing female mongrel after a scant few sniffs of her juicy little tail, and had already decided to hump his pent up puppy batter, into her clenching animal womb. He was currently snapping his hairy hips at her rear like a jackhammer, as the children watched on in awed curiosity.

“Fuck! Megan giggled, ” the horny old bastard!.. how many times does this make?.. three?” Megan speculated as she tried to remember the number of times she’d seen their Aunt’s pet dog fucking, during the twins stay over at her place this summer break.

“Hmmmm.. Yeah I guess he must get pretty horny in-between times.” Jacob replied, a little dreamily, suddenly feeling a very nasty little thrill of horniness tickling across his crinkly, quickly tightening scrotum, and then charging up to the head of his rapidly stiffening young prick.

The children where both amazed how hard Aunty Linda’s dog was fucking the horny little female dog in front of them. They could make out the hard, scarlet shaft of his wildly flexing doggy-cock, bucking and plungering into the quivering little bitch as he slowly managed to drive his nasty ripe rooter into her incredibly tight little fuck hole while she yelped in a paroxysm of pleasure and pain..

“Wow.. He can really sex her hard with his little red rocket when he wants to eh bro?” Megan said in a throaty, lust thickened voice.

The sight of the two animals going at it right before her, wide blue eyes, was really turning her on she realized. I wish I knew what it was like to have a horny boy fucking me like that! Megan decided, as she watched the torrid action. She’d only started talking to other little girls her own age at school about such naughty things like sex and fucking boys just recently.

Still. She had already heard enough to make her wonder just how good being fucked by a really horny boy would make her feel.

She could feel tingles sparking in her little, creamy cunny, and tickling the quickly stiffening chest nubs of her immature little tits. She couldn’t help but empathize with the female dog beneath old Lucky, as she imagined herself on hands and knees below him. His cock pounding his new little bitch relentlessly with his pumping prodder, right before her lust glazed eyes.

Meanwhile. Her brother Jacob was also getting pretty horny as he pressed in behind Megan’s little round rump, pressing her little body in turn flatter against the window pane as he ogled, lust-struck, over her curvy shoulder at the blistering strokes of Lucky’s fur-flying fuck frenzy.

He had only started to feel a strong urge for sex and started wanking himself off just recently, but as he watched Lucky fucking the happy little female dog wiggling around and squealing whilst she squealed all the while, he was more than able to imagine how good it must feel to fuck a nice, hot, juicy little pussy for himself.

“What are you doing that for?” asked his sister, suddenly making Jacob’s senses return from a lust fogged reverie.

“What do you mean?” he asked, not realizing that he was playing with himself.

“Why are you rubbing the front of your pants?” Megan asked innocently, full of curiosity all of a sudden..

“Because I’ve got a hard-on,” he told her.

“Like Lucky has?”

“Yeah,” Jacob said with a grin, lustily rubbing his erection through his pants.

“Can I see it?” his sister asked.

“Of course not,” he answered, getting more and more excited as he watched his Aunty Linda’s dog fucking his big, red-hot cock into his new bitches, hot, juicy hole.

Megan was just as excited as her brother at that moment. The sight of Lucky’s big, juice-smeared doggy-cock hammering away at a female’s pussy, had made her all hot and itchy between her legs. She couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have his big prick zipping in and out , throbbing away inside of her own wet, little cunt. His cock looked awfully gross and slimy, and pretty big as well, but from the way the female dog was acting, it sure must feel good, she imagined.

Staring at the horny dogs fucking, thinking about hot tight cunt, Jacob could feel his own hard boner throbbing in his pants as well.

The girl dog was obviously out her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling, she was passionately slamming her hairy haunches back, trying to force more and more of Lucky’s big dog-cock into her fiery cunt. She panted and yelped, passionately rotating her hindquarters, her hot little dog-cunt, around the steaming length of Lucky’s plunging prick.

Watching and listening to the horny dogs, both kids individually decided that a good hard fucking must be the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. Little Megan was getting hotter and wetter in her pussy as she watched, Aunt Linda’s lab slammed his dog-balls against the females furry butt, trying to get even more of his big, thrusting prick into her steamy canine cunt.

The twins’ eyes almost bugged out of their heads as they saw the female’s slippery juices spurting out around Lucky’s thick, plunging cock.

Frantically increasing the tempo of his strokes, Lucky was feeling a glorious buzzing sensation deep in his canine balls as his climax was only moments away.

The bitch was raising her ass higher in the air, exposing the full creamy length of her quivery pussy sheath to his pounding prick.

“Fuck yeah. I bet she’s gonna cum soon!” Jacob muttered, having learned slightly more about the topic of sex from his school buddies then his less informed sister had so far. He was stroking at his cock through his jeans even harder now, as he wondered about how good a girl’s pussy would feel, bumping along his cock-shaft, back and forward.

The delicious ecstasy the bitch was experiencing was fervently imagined their teenage minds, as they both observed Lucky continuing to drive his fantastic boner, slamming deeper and deeper into his furry little fuck-buddy’s cunt, the rigidity of it sawing gloriously inside her throbbing doggy tunnel.

“Ooooooher!” Megan hummed absent mindedly, her own little cunt creaming hotly at the sight, while imagining what the female must be feeling at that moment.

Just then, the little bitch exploded into a wild climax. She howled and yipped pitifully, as hot fuck-cream gushed out of Lucky’s big, exploding cock-head, filling her knot sealed fuck-hole with his cum.

Shuddering violently, the twitchy little bitch was frantically screwing her spasming cunt back tighter around the thick base of his belching cockshaft. A huge amount of his cum was pumping into her squirming pussy as the casual canine couple got there fetid doggy rocks off together.

The kids waited until Lucky finally plopped his shriveling cock out of the bitch and sat down to lick his stinky cock and balls clean of her secretions. Then Megan decided to go out and bring him inside before a mean old dogcatcher could come along and drag his furry butt off to the pound.

Knowing Aunty Linda would be coming home from shopping shortly, the twins scurried into the living room to watch TV, dragging Lucky with them as they went.

Shortly thereafter, the twins’ very attractive Aunty Linda arrived home just in time to start preparing dinner for them all. She beamed a stunning smile at the kids, before disappearing into her bedroom to change into something more comfortable for around the house.

Meanwhile, the twins tried to focus their attentions on the cartoons they were supposed to be watching. However, their fevered young minds were on what they’d seen the horny dogs doing on the front lawn that afternoon. Though they didn’t say anything to each other about it, that’s all the children could actually think about.

It didn’t help Jacob’s aching young balls when his lovely Aunty passed back through the lounge room on her way to the kitchen again. She was wearing an almost see-through pink negligee ensemble, under an almost gossamer thin house coat.

Aunty had already explained to the children that since her husband had died, she’d gotten used to her privacy and getting about the house dressed as she pleased. Still. Jacob’s young eye’s had been constantly fighting his otherwise polite attempts to keep them from roaming all over his gorgeous Aunt’s buxom body during the week the twins had stayed with her already.

Despite admitting to being a little lonely lately, Aunty Linda was a really fun loving, free living woman in her early forty’s, with an awesome, fully padded out, female figure. The twins had loved staying at her place for weekends and holidays ever since they were really little.

But now as a developing teenage boy, Jacob felt his cock twitch in his Levi’s as he ogled at her big, round, bouncy tits and nicely rounding ass, as she wiggled her way past him. Damn! She’s a sexy old woman! Jacob told himself as he caught a horny glimpse of her scanty white nylon briefs and clinging d-cup bra, beneath the flimsy, floating garments she was wearing.

Jacob found himself imagining how nice it would be to hook his thumbs into Aunty Linda’s panty waistband before stripping her panties slowly down her full-swept thighs. He imagined her spreading her legs for him and sighing as he began licking at his beautiful Aunt’s hotly oozing pussy; tasting her nice hot cunt as it leaked hot fuck-juices into his naughty young mouth. God. It gave him thrilling shivers all over when he though about perverted shit as that. He wondered guiltily what his mom would say just now, if she knew her horny little son was thinking about fucking and sucking with her own, sexy elder sister.

During dinner that evening, Jacob kept glancing at his Aunt and sister, vividly recalling how exciting it had been to watch Lucky’s big hard dog-cock fucking into the stray bitches pussy. The kid had been walking around with a hard-on since that afternoon, and the aching feeling in his jiz filled balls just wouldn’t go away.

As the evening slowly dragged along, Jacob kept secretively glancing at his voluptuous Aunt’s, hot womanly body, when ever he figured she wasn’t looking. He couldn’t get his mind away from the fucking action he’d witnessed, and as soon as he went to bed, the horny kid began excitedly beating his teenage meat. He was almost on the verge of busting a nut when the door opened and Megan tiptoed into the room. He pulled up some covers when he realized it was only his sister, but he still got a funny feeling in his cock when the light from the hall silhouetted her naked body through the thin material of her nightie.

“Are you awake bro?” she whispered, padding over quietly and sitting her cute, little round ass down on the edge of his bed.

“Yeah,” he grinned, turning on the bedside lamp. “I can’t get to sleep at all.”

“Nah, me neither,” giggled Megan. “I keep thinking about the dogs fucking.” She admitted with a little blush.

“Me, too.”

“Jacob,” she asked, her face slightly flushed with embarrassment, “did you really have a hard-on when you were rubbing the front of your pants today?”

“Fuck yeah,” he grinned.

“What does it feel like when a boy gets a hard-on?”

“Awe shit sis, it’s really good and bad at the same time. It gets so achy and hot, that’s why I was rubbing it, I just wanted to make it feel better.”

“Do you have a hard-on now?” his sister asked excitedly, while peering down at the blanket to where his crotch was.

“No,” he answered honestly. He had quickly lost his erection when Megan had unexpectedly walked into the room.

“Jacob.” She hesitated. “Will you show me your cock?”


“Well,” she giggled. “I remember seeing it when we were younger, but I’d like to see it now that you’re bigger.”

“Fuck.. No way sis.” He blushed. “Dad would kick the shit out of me if I did, and he wouldn’t be happy with you very much either!”

“He wouldn’t know about it, I wont tell anyone!” she assured her brother as she decided to throw in a little deal sweetener in for her brother.

“If you’ll show me your cock, I’ll show you my pussy if you want. Ok?”


“Sure.” The cute little redhead grinned. “We could sort’a trade looks, I’ll let you look at my puss, and you show me your prick.”

“Okay,” Jacob agreed, throwing back the covers. “Here it is.”

The young boy always slept in the buff and Megan’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she first saw her brother’s prick. She’d expected to see a big vein covered thing, at least as big as she’d seen Aunty Linda’s Labrador dog fucking his bitch with. So she was stunned when she first saw her bother’s adolescent cock, dropping down at rest. It was about as long as her middle finger, only thicker.

“Gee,” she gasped. “It sure isn’t very big.”

“It gets a lot bigger when I have a hard-on,” he explained.

Feeling slightly let down, she just stared at the pale, blue-veined prick that ended with folds of uncircumcised skin over the head. It seemed strange to her that there was only a light growth of red fuzz around the base of his limp dick. Her brother’s little ballbag seemed so pink and hairless.

“Is it all right if I touch it?” she whispered.

“Sure.” He grinned. “I’d like that a lot Sis.”

When his sister nervously placed her trembling finger on his limp prick, he couldn’t get over how nice it felt to have her touch him down there.

Her hand was so soft and gentle, that her touch made him shiver with excitement.

Megan’s warm exploring fingers moved down onto the spongy surface of his young balls. Thrilling his quivery young dong as she smoothed her hand down its silky, skinned shaft. Cupping his balls tenderly then, she squeezed them, feeling the warmth of the crinkly skinned scrotum and the hardness of his cum jism filled balls inside.

“What do boys call these these?” she whispered, excitedly feeling his balls.

“Oh.. They’re my balls, or my nuts,” he explained. “They store up the cum I shoot out of ’em.”

“Gee, boys are funny,” she giggled, still gently fondling his youthful, grape-sized balls. “I like touching you. My pussy is getting all hot and wet while I’m doing it.” She confided with a blush, while sipping panty little breaths.

“I’m glad you like it Sis.” He grinned. “It really feels really good to me when you do it too.”

Releasing his balls, she began tenderly caressing his limp prick with her loving, curious little girl’s hands. She couldn’t get over how nice and warm the velvety skin felt against her trembling fingers. His cock reminded her of a warm, fat worm in her palm as she closed her fingers around his prick. Giving his cock a loving squeeze as she instinctively pulled back on his loose foreskin, she was pleased and excited to see the end of his pink, cock-head peeking out.

“Hey, do that again,” her brother urged, loving the way his sister was fondling his cock. “Pull the skin on it back and forth.” He advised her.

When Megan did as he suggested, he could feel the wild pleasure streaking up and down his cock as she popped his cock-head in and out of his foreskin rhythmically. Shit, it felt a million times better than jacking himself off. Getting hornier by the second, Jacob could feel his cock starting to twitch and swell. His veins stood proudly against his sisters cool, fretting young hand as she marveled at her brothers impressive penile transformation.

“Hey!” she giggled, as his cock started to throb and swell in her gently wanking hand.

“It’s moving. What’s going on?”

“I’m gettin’ a hard-on again, ok,” he said, excitedly, not wanting her to stop. “Just keep doin’ that.”

Remembering how hard the dogs cock had looked, Megan stared in amazement as Jacob’s prick swelled bigger and bigger in her hand. His cock continued throbbing and growing until his prick was standing up stiff and straight in her grasp. His cock wasn’t as huge the dogs maybe, but it still looked awfully big and hard to the excited little girl.

“Does it feel good to have a hard-on?” she asked, thrilled by the way his hot erection was throbbing in her hand.

“Shit, yeah!” he exclaimed. “But it would feel a lot better if you’d slide the skin back and forth even fast now.. ok!”

Trembling with horny excitement, the little girl took her brother’s loose foreskin between her thumb and forefinger and began peeling it back; using nibbling little pinches to work it over and down, back and again, across and over his fat, puffy cock-head. Her eyes became larger and larger as the shiny pink flesh of his protected knob began to appear redder and stickier. She stared at the little hole on the end of his gleaming cock-head.

“Is that where your pee comes out?” she asked in an awed voice.

“Yeah.” He grinned. “And my jizz shoots out of there too.”

Nothing had ever felt so good to him as his sister’s fingers sliding his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head of his prick.

As the intense pleasure streaked up and down the length of his hard, young cock, thick bubbles of cum began oozing out from its end.

“Is that jizz?” his sister asked excitedly.

“That’s just the wet stuff that leaks out when I get horny,” he explained.

“Oh.. Is it like the creamy stuff that oozes out of my little trickle when I get horny?” asked the wildly-aroused youngster.

“Is stuff leaking out of you now?”

“Shit, yeah!” Megan giggled. “But I’ve never been as hot and juicy down there as I am right now.”

“Wow. Can I have a look please Sis?” Jacob panted at the naughty thought of checking out his own sisters little cunt. “You promised to let me see your pussy if I showed you my cock remember?”

“Okay,” she giggled, standing up and quickly removing her nightie.

Jacob’s prick began throbbing more hungrily as he stared at his sister’s naked little body. She looked so cute with her slim waist, softly rounded, almost-flat belly and creamy smooth young hips. Her tits were nothing like Aunty Linda’s big, heavy knockers, but his sister’s two cute little lemon-sized titties were capped with hard, quickly reddening little nipples, standing out from crinkly brown areola that made his mouth water. His sister’s proud young tits were perfectly formed, standing out beautifully, and pointed from her chest.

Letting his eyes move on down over her body, they came to rest on the sweet, puffy lips of her immature, but passively inviting young cunt. The creamy flesh around them had a wispy covering of soft, red curls. Her moist little pussylips were gleaming with a slippery coating of cunt-juice that was oozing out from between them. Compared to Aunt Linda’s sexy body, his sister didn’t have much, but her juicy little cunt and pointy tits were driving him wild all the same.

“Geez Sis,” he panted. “You’ve sure got a pretty little pussy.”

“D’ya wanna play with it for a minute?” she giggled, snuggling onto the bed with him and getting herself more comfortable.

“Shit, yeah! ..Fuck I’d love to.” Her brother blurted, as his prick bounce even more erect at the idea.

When Megan spread her naked body out on the bed next to him, Jacob almost shot his wad. He couldn’t believe his sister was really going to let him play around with her cunt. He’d never even touched a naked girl before.

Reaching out, his trembling hand first touched the inside of her thigh, just below her little red-fringed pussy. He could feel her entire body shivering as his hand slowly moved higher. The smooth flesh of her naked thigh was soft and yielding, and the closer his hand got to her pussy, the hotter her skin felt.

Megan was holding her breath in anticipation as his fingers moved closer to her horny little thirteen-year-old cunt. It was a naughty and exciting feeling to know that a boy was going to fiddle with her hot little pussy for the first time.

“Jacob,” she panted. “When you play with my pussy, would you please pretend like we’re girlfriend and boyfriend?”

“What do you mean Sis?” he asked.

“You know.” She blushed. “Kiss me and stuff… You know.. With your tongue in my mouth.. As if you love me.. I’d really like it better if you did.. please?”

“Ok sure.. If ya want me to!”

With his finger almost to his sister’s crotch, he put his other arm around her and pressed his hot open mouth to her softly parted lips.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, feeling his tongue gliding in around her own.

Probing around in the hot wetness between her legs, the tip of his finger found the damp fluff of soft red curls that surrounded his sister’s dripping little cunt. This was the first time Jacob had ever touched a girl’s pussy, and a wild thrill raced through every nerve in his body when the tip of his finger reached the hot, slick flesh between his sister’s juicy little cunt-lips.

“Oooooooh!” Megan squealed with delight when his finger wormed into the slippery hotness of her oozing cunt, brushing against the sensitive little clit at the top of her slit.

“What’s wrong?” he panted, quickly pulling his finger out. “Am I hurting you?”

“Shit, no,” she giggled. “It feels really nice…You can do whatever you want to it.. I don’t mind..ok.”

When he screwed his finger back into her horny little cunt. Megan let out another little squeal of delight as her hot juices boiled around his invading, diddling digit. With their mouths locked in a deep, passionate kiss, Jacob began fingering the little girl more wildly.

Moaning and squealing with excitement, Megan was writhing delightedly, her naked body wiggling all over the bed, as her hot little cunt creamed around her brothers plunging finger. Megan had sensed the pleasure of the female dog when Lucky was fucking around with her on the lawn, but she couldn’t believe anything could feel this FUCKING GREAT. As her brother continued fingering her squishy, seeping cunt, the little redhead got hotter and hotter.

With her knees spread and pushing with her firmly planted feet upon the bed, Megan was arching her hips now, hotly writhing her slippery little cunt up around his wildly-plunging finger. As his finger zipped in and out of her heavenly tight little pussy, he was eliciting soft squeals of delight from deep within his sister’s gulping throat, and causing the randy little bitch to fuck his finger even harder.

Completely overwhelmed by these wild, new sensations, the ecstasy was building and building in her uninitiated body. She instinctively knew it was a naughty thing they were doing, but she’d never felt anything this good in her whole life. Nothing else seemed to matter except the fantastic tingling sensation in her overheated little slit.

She was frantically arching her hips, trying to fuck her cunt back up around Jacob’s poking finger, as he enjoyed his sisters horny display of female fuck-lust.. The intense pleasure between Megan’s legs built and built, until she was aware of nothing but the screaming ecstasy that was jolting her entire young body. As the searing heat radiated from between her legs to the tip of her toes, her naked body began tensing, and then suddenly exploded into a wild, jerking climax.

“Eeeeeeggghhh! aaaaaaaaaaahhh!” she moaned, not fully realizing what was happening to her as she writhed through her very first orgasm. Squealing and lurching all over the bed, she was unconsciously squeezing his plunging finger with her climaxing pussy, coating it with her hot, orgasmic juices.

“Oooooh, shit! oh, shit!” she screamed. Babbling and moaning, she glued her hot, open lips to his as her young body lurched and climaxed all over the bed. When the last delicious tremors finally subsided, she fell back, completely exhausted.

“Oh, god,” she panted, smiling dreamily at her twin brother. “That was so fuckin’ excellent!”

“What did it feel like sis?” he asked excitedly.

“I just can’t describe it,” she panted. “But it was so fuckin’ awesome.”

“Megan,” he whispered a few minutes later when his sister had recovered from her orgasm. “Will you play with my cock again now, please?”

“Ok , fuck yeah…I’d love to,” she giggled, “But.. Only if you’ll suck on my little titties while I do it, ok?”

“It’s a deal,” Jacob grinned , anxious to get his lips around his sister’s nice, hard teenage nipples.

Facing him on her side, Megan wrapped her fingers around the hard, hot meat of her brother’s stiff prick. A lot of tingles rippled through her young body as she stared down at he throbbing cock she was clenching. Moving her hand up and down, she was thrilled by the feel of his soft foreskin, sliding over his rigid prick.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered sexily.

“Shit, yeah!” he panted enthusiastically.

Still unable to fully believe she was actually playing with a boy’s hard cock for the first time, she began moving her hand a bit faster now. With his prick throbbing deliciously in her grasp, Megan could feel it growing even harder, and thicker as she pumped it.

“Gee,” she giggled, reaching down and cupping his nasty little balls in her free hand. “Cocks are FUN to play with.”

As his sister continued deliciously jacking him off, he gently grasped one of her firm little tits in his hand.

“Oh, yeah!” she whispered hotly. “Please.. Suck it for me a bit?”

Lovingly stroking his hard prick-meat, Megan watched her brother’s mouth moving toward her tit until his warm lips closed with sucking pressure over her ripe little nipple. Her stiffening nubbin enjoying the young boys rasping tongue strokes, as it coned to full erection between his pecking lips.

“Mmmmmmm!” she whimpered. “That feels so good, Jacob”

With his lips sucking and pulling on her nipple, he flicked the quivering bud from side to side with his tongue, sending delicious chills streaking through her hot, young flesh. Parting his lips further, the excited boy sucked more of her hard little lemon-sized tit into his mouth. All the while, she kept fretting on his hot erection, within the naughty little fist-fanny of her hand.

“Oh, Jacob,” she whispered. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

After sucking on her spit-soaked tit for several more moments, he finally popped his quivery mouth off it with a smack.

“Awe.. Please don’t stop!” she squeaked with disappointment.

“Do you like how I’m doing it?” her brother asked, hungrily licking his lips.

“Shit, yeah.. You’re making me shiver,” she giggled, squirming around to get her other tit near his mouth. “Now do this one as well.”

Megan let out a soft moan of satisfaction as he quickly gobbled her other horny little nipple into his mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, stroking his hard prick a bit faster as his lips and tongue worked on her quivering nipple. Rapidly sliding his foreskin up and down, over his bloated cock-head, she could feel his entire body trembling from the intense male ecstasy he was feeling.

“Oh, fuck yeah.. That’s it.. God.. Oh fuck!” he suddenly panted, rolling onto his back when he felt his climax rapidly approaching. “You’re gonna make me bust a nut, Megan! keep pumping my cock.. Don’t stop.. ok.”

“What do you mean?” asked the confused little girl.

“I’m almost ready to shoot my jiz out!” he gasped.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, giddy with excitement.

“Just pump faster!” he panted. “Pump faster!”

Realizing that she was really going to see a boy shoot his juice, she stared expectantly at his winking pis-slit in the end of his cock as she rubbed his red-hot rooter rapidly.

“Aim my prick at your tits!” he begged heatedly. “Let me squirt my cum on your tits.. Pleassssse!”

Excited at the thought of boy jizz shooting onto her tits, she quickly leaned over him so he wouldn’t miss.

“Pump faster!” he squealed. “Bring me off! bring me off..fuck..its so fuckn’ nice Sis!”

Megan’s aim wasn’t as good as it might have been, and when the boy’s stiff prick exploded, his thick, white jizz shot out all over his sister’s face and neck. Still, she was mightily impresses with his hot, guyish gunk geyser all the same. It felt so naughty, and delicious as her brother’s sticky chowder continued to splatter on her skin, squirt after gushy, gooey squirt.

The twins had been thoughtlessly making a lot of noise all this time. Certainly enough to attract the attention of their Aunt’s curious old dog Lucky. While they had been busy jacking and finger-fucking each other, he’d already climbed the stairs from the living room to find out what the fuck was going on.

The two children were spread out naked on Jacob’s bed when Lucky walked into the room. Having just finished bringing each other off, the twins were too exhausted to pay much attention to the dog. He wandered nervously around the room, excitedly sniffing the air, inhaling the unmistakable scent of hot, ripe pussy.

Megan’s eyes were closed as she lay back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Floating on a rosy dream-cloud of ecstasy from her recent orgasm, she was completely unaware that Lucky was sniffing up between her legs.

Suddenly, she felt the heat of his humid breath on her pussy, Megan opened her eyes to see the big animal’s furry face between her thighs.

“What do you want boy?” she giggled innocently , completely unaware of what the dog already had in mind for her creamy little cunny.

Lucky had licked and fucked their Aunty Linda enough to know what to do with a woman’s juicy pussy, and this cute little red-fringed cunt was the best thing he’d ever sniffed.

“Don’t!” Megan giggled when he suddenly pressed his cold wet nose into her fluffy, little bush of red pussy curls.
She was just about to push the pesky mutt away, when his tongue flashed out and swiped bumpily, up along the full length of her sweet young slit. The youngster’s entire body shuddered from the intense pleasure it instantly gave her.

“Oh, Lucky,” she cooed excitedly. “You’re a naughty little doggy, but that sure feels fuckin’ nice.”

Before the youngster fully realized what was happening, the big animal drilled his long, pink tongue into her slick little cunt. The incredible feel of Lucky’s tongue slipping into her hot little pussy, sent jolts of frenzied sparks through every tingling nerve in her naked young body.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with joy, hungrily writhing her juicy cunt up against his snout as the animal’s hot, wet tongue, as it swirled deeper and deeper into the tasty depths of her deliciously-scented twat.

“Is he hurting you?” Jacob asked excitedly, when he realized his horny little sister had the naughty old doggy, rooting around between her lovely young legs.

“Fuck, no!” Megan panted . “He’s licking my pussy.. It feels real good too!”

“He’s lickin’ your cunt just like he’s you’re boyfriend or something.” Jacob laughed.

“I know!” Megan squealed delightedly. “God. He’s making me fuckin’ horny!”

In fact, the cute little youngster was almost hysterical with giddy, girly pleasure, her breathless squeals filled with passion. Grabbing at the dog’s ears, she forced his mouth further into her open slit, thrilling to the bristles of his fuzzy, doggy chin, prickling at her twat. The joy of her very first tongue-fuck was filling her cunt with an almost excruciating pleasure.

“Ooooooooh…Aaaaahhhhhh!” whimpered the horny little girl, writhing her dripping cunt up around the big dog’s corkscrewing tongue.

Howling in blissful agony, the cute little redhead couldn’t believe the exquisite pleasure she was feeling for the first time in her life. Watching the animal’s broad nose and mouth burrowing hungrily up between her wantonly spread legs, snapping into her gaping wet fuck mouth with sticky lip-smacking sounds. Megan was grabbing at his face now, trying to force more of his incredible tongue into her little, hotly flowing pussy. Her entire young body was filled with a lascivious warmth, as the beautiful animal feverishly licked into her naked young cunt.

The big yellow Labrador licked deeper and deeper into her fresh-tasting cunt, as her delicious juices oozed out, spreading a frothy film over his nose and mouth. Lucky plunged and twisted his tongue around, deep in her steamy little pussy. Lucky’s cock throbbed violently under his furry belly.

“Ooooooh! yesssssss!” she squealed, her entire body tensing as she thrilled to the feel of his tongue gliding in and out of her hot, slick channel.

Her adolescent body aflame with lust, the youngster began unconsciously rubbing her cute, hard nippily-tits, as Lucky hungrily licked and tongue fucked the velvet-soft flesh of her drooling little cunt. Half crazed from the feelings his wonderful tongue was causing in her pussy and the hotness of his animal breath against the tingling flesh of her flowering cuntlips, she passionately writhed her cunt up around his tongue.

“Oh, god!” she blubbered, almost beside herself from the intense pleasure she was feeling. “It feels so fuckin’ good!”

“D’ya think he’ll make you come?” her brother asked excitedly.

“Shit, yeah!” she gasped. “I’m almost there now!”

Squealing with joy like a wanton little whore, Megan was grabbing at the dog’s even harder, trying to force his doggy-tongue even deeper into her sopping, squelching cunt-hole. Feeling the animal’s tongue drilling into the hot slickness of her frothy little twat, Megan’s long, red hair was flailing wildly around her face as her head whipped from side to side. Excitedly writhing her drooling cunt up against his snout, the horny youngster was wriggling her cute, white ass all over the bed, her sweet young body lurching nakedly as her hotly-aroused pussy-lips sucked passionately around Lucky’s laving tongue.

“Ooooooh, you good fuckin’ doggy!” she moaned with joy, as the intense pleasure built and built within her giddy, girly guts.

Her excited young body lurched violently as the dog’s hot, pink blade whipped around in her horny young cunt like a windshield wiper, the rough, wet surface sending a million delicious sparks flying through her pussy.

“Oh, shit, Lucky!” she gasped. “You sure know how to lick a cunt!”

Never had the little girl experienced such thrilling sensations. Closing her eyes, she could feel the pleasure radiating from between her legs to every part of her little, adolescent body. She could hear the obscenely moist sounds of his tongue slurping on her swampy puss while the tip of the dog’s tongue teased her quivering little clit. The delicious sensations were building and building in her loins. The youngster realized that it was depraved and perverted to let a dog lick her pussy, yet it was filling her with the most intense joy she’d ever experienced.

She knew she should push the animal’s mouth away from her cunt, that what she was letting him do to her was filthy and obscene, but some how, that just seemed to make her pussy even hornier, she completely surrendered to the overwhelming bliss that was flooding through her body. Sure it was depraved, especially to be doing shit like this in front of her own brother, but she didn’t give a shit about that just now, as her tingling flesh responded to the fantastic tongue-fuck she was getting. And besides, she figured her horny twin brother would be getting off on the fucking perverted good show she was giving him.

“Oh, yeah.. Lucky.. Eat my horny little cunt,” she whimpered as the heavenly ecstasy continued building in her pussy. “Eat me good you dirty little fucker.”

Reaching down with her fingers, she spread the fleshy lips of her cunt farther apart to allow his swirling pink probe, even greater access to her little lust-swollen pussy. The youngster was completely overwhelmed by these wild new sensations as the intense pleasure seemed to increase.

“Oh, you hot-tongued little fucker!” she babbled insanely. “Don’t stop lickin’ me.. Oh fuck yeah!”

Deep in her mind, the horny little redhead knew she was committing a depraved act, but she’d never experienced such joy in her young life.

Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter except her rapidly-approaching orgasm that seemed only seconds away. She writhed her crotch up against his face, trying to get more of his heavenly tongue into her steaming little cunt.

The intense pleasure between her legs grew and grew until she was aware of nothing else besides the electrifying sparks of sensation that were exploding throughout her body. An ecstatic tension gripped the youngster deep in her cunt and she seemed to freeze. Holding her breath in her hot, scorched lungs, she waited… Waited…And then suddenly exploded.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she blurted to her brother’s obvious delight, his lust glazed eyes were riveted on his perverted little sister’s soppy, dog licked cunt.
“I’m coming…Coming!”

Squealing in ecstasy, Megan twisted and thrashed, frantically writhing her spasming cunt up around his hotly-licking tongue.

“Oh, shit, Jacob!” she shrieked. “I’m coming again! pull him away from me! I can’t take it any more!”

Wanting to protect his sister, Jacob grabbed Lucky by the collar and pulled the animal out from between her legs.

“Holy shit!” Megan swore a few moments later as she sat on the edge of the bed slowly recovering. “That was really fuckin’ hot shit.”

“Did it feel real good?” her brother asked, still holding the trembling, frustrated dog back.

“Fuck, yeah,” Megan giggled. “It was awesome!”

Suddenly Lucky broke free from Jacob’s grip, he lunged forward and began frantically humping his cock against the little redhead’s leg.

“What the hell’s the matter with him?” gasped the startled girl.

“I think he wants to fuck you!” Jacob grinned, seeing how hard Lucky’s prick was, as he rubbed it against his sister’s leg in a wild, fucking motion.

“Do dogs fuck people?” Megan asked in a shocked voice, as she stared at his long, red cock flouncing about.

“Fucked if I know sis,” Jacob laughed. “But he sure looks fuckin’ horny over you!”

“Do you think he’d really try it if I gave him the chance?”

“I don’t know.”

“D’ya reckon I should give him a chance an see?” she giggled naughtily.

“Geez sis.. That’s up to you I guess,” he answered.

“Ok, I’m gonna try it,” Megan decided, wondering hotly how the dogs hard, red prick might feel inside her cunt.

The horny little redhead dropped to her hands and knees on the floor. Lucky had fucked Linda enough to know what this position meant.

Slowly inching forward, the dog began sniffing around Megan’s juicy cunt while his bone-hard cock speared out from under his belly.

“What’s he doin’?” Megan whispered to her brother as she felt the dog’s hot breath on her bare ass.

“Just smellin’ your pussy,” Jacob told her, already rubbing his own hard prick at the lewd sight of his hot sister’s nicely upturned buttocks, waving around tantalizingly in front of the hungry looking dog.

Without any further warning, the dog let out an excited whimper and hurled himself onto Megan’s kneeling body. Throwing his big paws over and around her wasp-like waist and nice plump hips, he drove the full length of his fiery, red cock up into the youngster’s little virginal cunt in one fowl swoop. Pinned down under the huge animal, Megan was surprised that she felt practically no discomfort at all, as he began rapidly spearing his hot, slippery cock in and out of her previously unused pussy.

The youngster hadn’t known what to expect, but as the deliciously-wild sensations mounted between her legs, she slammed her little ass back to give the rutting animal complete access to her slippery cunt-buttered fuck-hole.

“Holy shit!” she squealed to her brother. “I’m gettin’ dog-fucked! Can you believe it?, I’m really being fucked by a dog!”

The youngster’s entire young body was charged with electricity as the animal’s super-hard prick vibrated rapidly, rasping to and fro inside her fuck furrow, and bumping nicely against her screaming clit. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog’s thrusts were almost driving the youngster out of her mind. Digging her fingers into the carpet as she knelt, Megan could feel Lucky lustily drilling his hard boner in and out, making her young tits bounce crazily beneath her.

“Yes! yes!” she wailed, her cute ass wildly wriggling as the animal feverishly fucked into her hot, little cunt. “That’s a good doggy!”

“How does it feel?” her brother asked with a lust thickened throat, as he watched the deliciously perverted spectacle of the dogs nasty black balls bouncing off his sister’s cute, cunt cleft, repeatedly below her quaking white ass-cheeks.
“Does it hurt?”

“Shit, no!” she grinned, between rasping gasps. “It feels fuckin’ excellent.”

Her entire young body was tingling with pleasure as Lucky’s rigid cock blazed in and out, stimulating every slippery inch of her sweet, little pussy.

“Ooooooh, yeah!” she whimpered, creaming all over his fantastic dog-cock as she shook and wriggled her ass. “That’s the way, you horny fuckin’ doggy.. fuck me like your bitch!”

As she kneeled with her ass in the air and her little freckle-dusted face resting on her arms, the big dog violently fucked her body with his cock.

Her little pointy tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as his furry hips drilled his hard, red prick in and out of her sizzling cunt. The youngster was almost out of her mind from the intense joy of it all, thoroughly enjoying the erotic slurping sound of the animal’s stiff prick as it deliciously fucked into her.

“Oh, good boy, Lucky!” she encouraged. “I love your fuckin’ doggy-cock!”

Kneeling beneath the feverishly fucking animal, Megan was slamming her sweet, young ass back to meet every thrust of his rapidly plunging spike. The lips of her frothy cunt sucked and pulled ravenously on his rigid prick, trying to get even more of the dog-cock into her little adolescent cunt-tunnel. The hot juices that oozed out from between her prick-squeezing cunt-lips were splattering all over his furry belly and running down her vibrantly quivering young thighs.

Little Megan had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. Each deep thrust of the animal’s bright-red prick, was carrying her to new heights of obscene ecstasy. A wild grin covered her flushed face, and her eyes rolled around crazily in her head as she clawed at the carpet with her fingernails.

“Oh, Lucky!” she bellowed suddenly, wildly waving her ass around. “I’m coming, doggy! oh, fuck, I’m cooooming!”

Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt contracted and spasmed around the length of the animal’s plunging cock, little Megan was swept up into the wildest orgasm she’d ever had. The pleasure of her fantastic climax was intensified when she felt the dog’s scalding hot cum shooting into her quivery young womb.

When the dog finally pulled his limp, wet prick out of her cunt and curled up on the floor, little Megan crawled back up on the bed and collapsed in her brother’s arms.

“Goddamn!” Jacob praised, excitedly rubbing his hard boner as his sister slowly recovered. “That sure looked like fun.”

“Do you wanta try me too?” she asked.

However, the kids hadn’t realized their kindly Aunt Linda had been peeking in at the torrid sex action from a crack in the bedroom. Like Lucky she had heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking and snuck upstairs not long after Lucky had. Linda had been shocked yet tantalized by the filthy antics her little niece had just gotten up to with her pet. Still, she was also totally wet and horny now between her legs, as she saw the children start to fuck each other.

She waited till the twins were squirming around nakedly on the bed together. The girl was spread out on her back and Jacob was kneeling between her legs, trying to get his hard little prick into her cunt.

“What are you kids doing?” she demanded as she entered the room without so much as knocking first. Both kids nearly jumped out of their skins with fright.

“Nothin’,” they muttered nervously, as Jacob quickly pulled away from his sister.

“Don’t lie to me.” Linda grinned, amused by the sight of Jacob’s hard young cock. “Why were you trying to put your cock into your sister’s pussy Jacob?”

“He was gonna fuck me,” Megan admitted.

“What do you kids know about sexy stuff?” Linda asked, smiling knowingly.

“We started doing stuff a few days ago,” Jacob said, surprised that their Aunt didn’t seem to be mad at them.

“Who taught you how to do it?”

“No one.” Megan grinned. “We sorta figured it out for ourselves.”

“I’m very proud of you,” their horny Aunt said with a smile. “But there’s a lot more to fucking than just pumping a cock in and out of a girl’s pussy you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Linda answered, starting to feel hot and wet between her legs again, as she stared at Jacob’s cute, hard cock. “There’s a lot of different ways to fuck.”


“Of course.” Their Aunt smiled, unable to take her eyes away from the little boy’s stiff young cock. “There are so many different positions.”

“How can we learn them?”

“Well,” Linda whispered, reaching down and lightly running her fingers across the sensitive head of Jacob’s stiff cock. “Why don’t you let me give you some lessons in fucking?”

“What are you doing?” gasped the little boy, startled that his Aunt would touch him down there like that.

“Playing with your cock,” Linda giggled. “Do you mind?”

“I.. No.. I guess not.”

There was something extremely erotic about the feel of his hard young cock, and Linda was getting even wetter between her legs, as she gently fondled his hard prick. The youngster’s cute cock was at least four or five inches long and was as hard as steel.

“That’s a real beauty,” she whispered. “I’ll bet you’d have fun fucking Megan with it.”

“Shit, yeah,” he grinned.

“Then let me get my clothes off so I can start giving you kids some lessons,” the depraved woman suggested.

When his Aunt had stripped, Jacob gazed ardently at her gold-fringed twat.

“What are you staring at?” Linda giggled, seeing the obvious look of excitement on his face.

“Your pussy.”

“Do you like it?”

“Shit, yeah!”

“Would you like to fuck it?” she asked, gently taking his cock in her experienced, stroking hand.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Then let’s do it,” Linda whispered, lying down on the bed and spreading her legs for him. “Megan can watch this time, and then you can fuck her next.”

Trembling with excitement, the little boy moved up between her legs, and grasping his hard prick, he guided it toward her juicy, gold-fringed cuntlips. After Jacob had made two clumsy attempts to insert it, Linda gently took his hard young cock in her hand and nosed the head of it into her hot, drooling cunt.

“Oh, jeez!” panted Jacob, feeling the soft hot flesh of her juicy cunt closing around his sensitive, immature cock. When his young prick was completely buried in his Aunt’s cunt, he could feel the slippery, warm tissues of her talented cunt walls, expertly squeezing around the tingling length of his throbbing boner.

“Oh, honey, that’s sure a nice, hard cock,” Linda whispered enthusiastically, wrapping her shapely legs around his body and preparing to get a fuck rhythm going with his boney little hips.

Jacob realized that Aunt Linda’s pussy wasn’t as tight as Megan’s, but the way her experienced inner muscles milked, sucked and pulled on his cock, was the wildest thing he’d ever experienced. He imagined his cock was being pummeled around inside a squishy pink washing machine. It gave him shivers from the tip of his cock, to his winking little asshole, and all over his fevered young body.

“Now let’s fuck,” his Aunty whispered, firmly grasping his hips as she began guiding his prick in and out of her slippery pussy. “Stay up high so the top of your cock rubs my clit.”

“Like this?” he panted, raising up slightly on his knees.

“That’s the way, baby,” she whispered. “You’re gonna be a top-notch little fucker when I’m finished with you.”

The young lad was soon drilling his prick in and out of his Aunt’s deliciously-hot twat, with no further assistance from her.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Linda panted, a delicious pleasure filling her loins, as the top ridge of his steel-hard cock-hat vibrated against her tingling clitoris. “Megan’s gonna love this too.”

The feel of his Aunt’s hot, slippery cunt-flesh rubbing and squeezing against his thrusting boner was almost more than the young boy could stand.

Crazed with the joy of these delicious new sensations, the youngster was pumping his hard cock in and out of her pussy with a quickly increasing tempo.

“Is this the way you’d like to fuck Megan?” Linda giggled.


“Well, slow down,” she grinned. “You’ll pop your nuts before she’s even ready to come.”

Taking his Aunt’s advice, Jacob began slowly moving his hard prick in and out.

“Now that’s much better,” she whispered. “Just take it nice and easy for awhile. A girl wont run away from you if you’re fucking her real good.”

Unable to control his excitement any longer, he suddenly began pounding his cock into her pussy again with the same impatience he’d shown only moments ago.

“Stop that. Slow down,” Linda panted. “You don’t jack-off in a cunt, you just fuck it slow and sexy.”

“I can’t help it,” her little nephew gasped. “It feels so good when I fuck it faster.”

“All right, baby,” she giggled. “Roll over on your back, and let me show you how it’s done.”

Reluctantly pulling his hard little tool out of his beautiful Aunt’s juicy cunt, Jacob did as she suggested. Spread out on his back with his stiff boner spearing straight up in the air, he watched Linda face him and straddle his loins, lowering her hot, slippery cunt, down over his rock hard cock.

“Aweerh.. That feels excellent!” he spluttered with excitement, watching his cock-head disappear into his sexy Aunt’s juicy pussy. The heavenly feeling of her hot, grasping cunt walls slipping down over his throbbing hard-on was almost more than the excited boy could stand. Once the length of his virile young cock was completely buried in her steaming slit, the woman began lewdly rotating her hot, juicy pussy around the base of his tingling cock.

As she rubbed her own little oozing twat, Megan stared at her Aunt squatting on Jacob’s rock-hard prick. It was driving her crazy to see the joy on her sexy Aunt’s face as she slid her hot, slippery cunt up and down over her brother’s stiff prick. Megan could hardly wait for her turn to come.

In the meantime, Jacob’s fingers were playing with Aunt Linda’s hard nipples as she continued slowly moving her hot, sucking pussy up and down over his slippery pink cock.

“Shit, this is awesome!” the horny little boy whispered hotly .

Finally stopping the up and down movement, Linda reached back and, bracing her hands against his knees, she began sliding her cunt from side to side over his rigid prick. First she’d slide slowly to the left until only the head of his bent cock remained in her, then she’d slide quickly to the right, bringing squeals of delight from the horny little boy. Each rapid motion forced the top ridge of his hard young boner to rub deliciously against her wildly aroused clit.

He was only a kid with a five-inch dick, but Linda was almost out of her mind as she frenziedly rubbed her tingling joy-button back and forth over his steel-hard prick. She was no longer fucking him with the slow, sensual rhythm she’d used earlier. Now she was frantically sliding her cunt back and forth over his jerking cock with a maddening urgency. Realizing that Jacob was almost ready to shoot his wad, Linda rolled him over on top of her with his prick still deeply embedded in her sizzling cunt.

“Now fuck me how you want to, baby!” she panted, clutching him tighter in her arms. “Just fuck ME like a bitch!”

Spreading her soft thighs farther apart, Linda grasped the cheeks of his tight young ass and pulled him deeper into her hot, juicy hole. As he began excitedly drilling his cock in and out of her slippery pussy, she continued clutching his lean ass-cheeks, pulling him more violently into her. Wanting to give the cute youngster an extra thrill, Linda began teasing her naughty fingertip around the sensitive ring of his puckering little asshole.

Feeling his pretty Aunt’s finger tracing lightly around his sensitive butt-hole, Jacob began pounding his cock in and out at an ever faster tempo. Then feeling her finger slipping into the opening of his ass, the boy drilled his prick deeper into her hot, juicy cunt.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she shrieked with joy. “That’s the way to use a cunt, you hot little fucker!”

As his beautiful Aunt lewdly massaged his fiery asshole with her finger, Jacob frantically fucked his hard tool in and out of her cunt at an even quicker pace.

“Eeeeeeeeggghhh!” she squealed, thrilled by the way his hard cock was sawing and vibrating against her clit. “Oh, shit, that’s good! Fuck me, honey. Fuck me good!”

As the youngster’s steel-hard prick drilled into her at an ever increasing speed, Linda could feel herself rushing toward a wild climax.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m coming!” shrieked the woman as she was engulfed by an intense orgasm. “I’m coming, baby, coming!”

Then as her spasming cunt sucked and pulled on his cock, she felt his hot load gushing into her writhing pussy.

“That’s it, you horny little bastard!” squealed Linda. “Shoot me full of cream, baby! Squirt it into me baby!”

They clung desperately to each other until the very last drop of cum dribbled out of his slowly-shrinking prick.

“Now it’s my turn!” Megan giggled excitedly when Jacob finally pulled his limp dick out of their Aunt’s jizz-drenched pussy.

“You’ll have to wait until I get another hard-on,” said her brother. “But that won’t take long.”

“Awe , I want a turn with him now.. Aunty Linda! Isn’t there some way to hurry him up! Megan blurted, feeling as horny as all fuck right now, due to the horny incestuous fuck action she’d been watching

“Now now Megan. Boys aren’t like us girls sweetie. They have to wait a while after they cum. Still. I could take care of you if you’d like?”

“W.. What do you mean?”
“Well.. I can suck your pussy off for you.”

“Gee. I dunno Aunty Linda. Isn’t that a bit.. creepy?’

“Hey! I saw you fucking with Lucky a little while ago. That’s pretty ‘creepy’ too.. but you liked it didn’t you?”

“Er.. yeah I guess so..”

‘Well then.. you’ll love another girl sucking you. Girls know just what to do. Watch I’ll show you how good it is.”

Aunty Linda moved to where she was facing her sweet young niece and quickly dropped to her knees, right in close between the little girls spreading thighs. Smoothing her loving hands gloriously over her little niece’s silky thighs before gently pushing them apart.

“Oh Megan, I can see why you want your brother to fuck you so bad, you naughty little girl.” Aunt Linda swooned as she viewed the lush pink swirl between Megan’s glistening, wet pussylips, “You’re completely drenched down here,” she pouted, whilst lightly running a finger tip along Megan’s tight-lipped slit, and then bringing it, tantalizingly to her mouth and sipping it between velvety red lips

“Mmm, tasty… just like mother used to make,” Aunt Linda giggled, as she winked playfully up at her hotly quaking little niece.

“Spread your legs honey. I’m gonna eat you out ok?”

“Ok!” Megan giggled back, as she did what her voluptuous Aunty told her. Linda bent in and start licking and gobbling up the thirteen-year-old’s bubbling cunt-sauce

Linda was so busy going down on her niece’s tasty cunt in fact, that she didn’t notice Lucky slinking towards now her form behind. Seeing his mistress kneeling between Megan’s legs, the dog moved around to face her lovely butt. His cock quickly inflating into a throbbing, hard erection as he sniffed around her juicy cunt and asshole from her rear.

“Eeeeeeeeggghhh!” Linda shrieked, completely shocked when the horny animal suddenly, and without warning, mounted her nice round ass and speared his long red cock into her cunt within a single, piecing prick thrust.
Linda always enjoyed her dog’s fantastic prick, and feeling it burrowing into her, the cunt-sucking blonde, eagerly urged him on.

“Ohhher.. Good boy Lucky!.. Fuck it to me!”

Still licking feverishly on her niece’s little pussy, the woman began slowly grinding her hips in a circular motion as Lucky worked his cock deeper and deeper into the hot slickness of her writhing cunt. The sex-crazed woman was filled with a wanton ecstasy as her bawdy dog’s hard boner slowly filled her tingling pussy. When Lucky had buried the last hard inch of his canine-cock into her juicy, overheated slit, the feverishly-aroused woman lewdly writhed her creamy smooth ass back against his hairy haunches.

“Oh, goddamn it, Lucky!” she gasped, momentarily removing her mouth from the youngster’s little red-fringed pussy. “That big cock feels so fuckin’ good in my cunt!”

With the beautiful Labrador’s heavenly prick buried deep in her horny pussy, Linda once more lowered her face into Megan’s hotly oozing crotch. The deliciously-fresh aroma and taste of the girl’s sweet young cunt seemed to get better and better as the dog began fucking his cock in and out of her pussy more rapidly. Her entire body trembling with excitement, the kneeling woman thrust her tongue deeper and deeper into her cute young niece’s hotly-leaking cunt.

Hungrily sucking the tasty juices from Megan’s little pussy, the depraved woman was acutely aware of her dog’s fantastic cock plunging in and out of her seething cunt. Even with the animal’s furry weight on her back, Linda was almost oblivious, conscious of nothing but the delicious warmth of the slippery, red pintle zipping in and out between her legs. Pile-driving his rigid cock into her with the blinding speed that only a dog can achieve, Lucky had her cunt deliciously tingling from the hot friction, bringing wanton squeals of lewd rapture deep within the debased woman’s throat. With his forepaws wrapped firmly around her naked waist, the insanely aroused animal was pounding his long, red boner deeper and deeper into Linda’s writhing cunt while she feverishly sucked and licked on her sweet young niece’s pussy. Buffeted by the wildly-fucking dog, her big, full tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly beneath her. The hotly-aroused animal’s hard cock sent wondrous sensations churning through her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Lucky dog.. give it to me you dirty fucker!” Linda whimpered, once more, removing her mouth from Megan’s cute young pussy long enough to bang her hot ass back against his furry belly, almost matching the rapidity of his blazing, fucking prick strokes.

“God, how I love the way you fuck!” the heavenly friction of his slippery dog-cock speeding in and out of her lust-slickened cunt was driving Linda wild. Passionately sucking on her cute niece’s juicy, hot pussy, the horny woman’s entire body was on fire as Lucky’s long, hard cock reamed out her sizzling cunt from the rear. The woman’s slippery cunt juices were flowing all around the hard length of his prick, thickly coating the dog-cock, and spattering his jostling black balls with her frothy, feminine discharge.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she oozed hotly into little Megan’s hotly-oozing cunt, as the feverishly aroused animal’s strong forelegs gripped her deliciously naked body and pulled her creamy ass back against his furry belly, working his long, red cock still deeper into her cavernous, clutching cunt.

The heavenly pressure of Lucky’s hairy body, bristling against her soft bare ass sent a searing heat scorching through her scalding pussy. The woman’s body began writhing more passionately as the awesome pleasure increased. It was the heavenly height of depravity to be sucking on the cute little youngster’s adolescent pussy while her beautiful, big cocked dog, fucked into her obscenely-exposed cunt from the rear.

Still trying to work her tongue even deeper into Megan’s tasty young pussy, Linda’s lust-crazed face was saturated already with the young girl’s hotly oozing juices. Sucking feverishly on the youngster’s teenaged cunt, Linda was becoming further aroused by the lewd sound of the dog’s cream-slickened cock, pumping noisily in and out of her passionately, palpitating pussy.

As Jacob sat on the edge of the bed watching, the boy marveled at how his Aunt could possibly enjoy the hammering fuck the dog was giving to her. The animal’s savage fucking was virtually knocking the breath right out of her lungs.

“Oh, Lucky, baby!” the woman panted. “Give me more of that beautiful doggy cock!”

Linda had never been so completely aroused in her life. It was pure heaven to be sucking Megan’s juicy little twat, while her own brother enjoyed the most perverted show he’d ever seen, as her dog’s magnificent prick slid in and out between her hotly sucking cuntlips.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she moaned, her mouth ravaging her niece’s juicy cunt. “Fuck me good, you horny bastard!”

She was passionately sucking on Megan’s tasty quim, Linda was almost beside herself with the sweet agony of Lucky’s hard boner fucking into her writhing pussy.

“Oh, yes, Lucky!” she squealed. “That’s the way to fuck meeeeee!”

With the dog’s prick driving recklessly into her steaming cunt, Linda was sucking out the hot juices from Megan’s tasty pussy as Megan bucked her little pussy, fucking her Aunties pretty face with her own sopping pussy. Lucky was fucking his mistress into an ass-shaking frenzy as he savagely pounded his boner in and out of her sizzling cunt. The beautiful animal was holding nothing back as he brutally slammed his hard prick into the woman’s slippery pussy-channel.

“Oh, god!” Linda sobbed into Megan’s juicy little cunt-hole. “You sweet fuckin’ dog!”

The beautiful animal’s cock made slippery, meaty sounds as it squished in and out of the depraved woman’s snug pussy. Whimpering and moaning in ecstasy, Linda could feel Lucky speeding up the tempo of his thrusts as he rapidly approached his climax.

“What a cock!” she suddenly screamed, momentarily pulling her face out from between Megan’s legs.

“I love it! I love it!”

Before once more stabbing her tongue deep into Megan’s tasty little pussy. She let out a moan of cunt-loving delight and wriggled her soft ass around Lucky’s plunging cock. Almost out of her mind with the joy she was receiving from the dog’s fantastic prick, Linda was sucking even more vigorously on Megan’s flavorsome young flange.

“Oh, Lucky, honey!” the woman panted, slamming her ass back to meet every delicious thrust of the animal’s hard, red prick.

“You’re really fuckin’ me good now!”

“Don’t stop suckin’, Aunt Linda!” little Megan suddenly screamed. “I’m gonna CUM!”

Burying her face deeper into the squealing youngster’s cunt, Linda was completely lost in the depraved ecstasy that was flooding through her kneeling body. She could feel her climax rapidly approaching as Lucky continued pumping his blazing cock into her juicy pussy with even quicker thrusts.

“Ooooooooooh! ooooooooooh!” Megan suddenly squealed.

“I’m coming, Aunt Linda! I’m coming…Coming!”

The woman began sucking more heatedly on the little girl’s oozing cunt, wanting her to have an unforgettable orgasm.

Suddenly feeling her dog’s cum gushing into her own cunt, Linda exploded into one of the wildest orgasms she’d ever experienced.

“Yes! yes!” she shrieked, writhing her horny cunt back around the animal’s spurting cock. “Cream me good, Lucky! fill me with your jizz!”

As Megan fell back on the bed and her Aunt collapsed on the floor, an exhausted silence fell over those in the room. Moments passed.

“Aunty Linda?” Jacob asked, stroking his now throbbing hard erection once again. “Can I fuck Megan now.. please?”

“Oh you KIDS!” there naughty Aunt replied. “We’ll need another holiday when this ones’ over, at the rate we’re going!”

They all giggled as Jacob and Megan moved lustily into each others arms, and Aunty Linda began to teach them how to fuck.