BBC Cuckold Sniffer’s Dream

I have been a panty sniffer for many years with my first experience starting in high school. I sniffed my friend’s sister’s panties and I practically came in my pants within the first 15 seconds. This story comes about 5 years later.

I was visiting a friend of mine for a day on the water and we started early so we could finish and go out to the bars later. When we returned home, his older brother and his girlfriend, Bre, were visiting. I had a crush on Bre for a while as she went to college with me and was in the hottest sorority on campus. I had cleaned her bathroom as a pledge and I had seen her shaven pubes on the toilet seat and in the shower…this made me rock hard and I knew I needed to sniff her blonde pussy! I would have given anything to smell her sweet college pussy and I longed for the chance and I finally had the opportunity!

Once I saw her, I immediately planned how I would steal her panties and smell her gusset. I made an excuse to go change and shower and made my way for her suitcase. I snuck into her room and unfortunately only found clean panties. I knew I would be staying at their house for a few days so I took her panties to jack off in, in hopes she would wear them and that my cum would mix with her wet pussy. I placed her striped thong that had two buttons on the front back in her suitcase and waited. Unfortunately she left the next day and I never got the sexual confirmation I longed for! My sexual desire only felt stronger and I longed for good pussy. Since she left, I thought I was screwed and would be left watching BBC cuckold videos just waiting for another blonde slut to appear in front of me…

Earlier this summer, I was visiting a friend of mine for a day on the water. We started the day extremely early so we could finish by mid afternoon and still make it out to the bars later. We all went out to a BBQ during the day and as my friends got drunk, but I had one thing on my mind. It was staying sober enough to wait and steal the sexiest panties around! When we returned home, his older brother and his girlfriend, Bre, were visiting. I had a crush on Bre since the day I met her. She went to college with me and was in the hottest sorority on campus. I had done her boyfriends laundry as a pledge and a pair of her panties got mixed in one time. I inhaled it for hours and must have jacked off to them at least 4 times. I placed them back in the wash and finished my job. Not a day goes by I don’t regret not keeping those panties. I knew I needed to experience her again! I wanted to smell her sweet pussy and see how it had changed over the years. Was she getting wetter? Was she working out more? Could there be pubes in these new ones? Now, I finally had the opportunity!

After a day of planning my adventure and casual drinking at the BBQ, we all returned home and everyone settled in downstairs. I waited a few moments and relaxed as to not arise suspicion before making my move. As everyone watched TV, I made an excuse to go change and shower and get away from the group. I skipped upstairs brimming with excitement and made my way for her suitcase. I snuck into the room and already hard and leaking precum. I searched high and low for a pair of her most intimate clothing items but with no luck. I knew I would be staying at my friend’s house for a few days so I would have another chance, but I took a clean pair anyway just to make sure I had a memento to remember her as I might not get the chance again. I snagged a nice orange and white striped thong with two buttons on the front right above where her clit would rest. After a few hours of pondering how to get a worn pair of Bre’s panties, I began imagining what she did in them and how they would smell and what they would look like. I became too aroused and decided to jack off in the ones I stole earlier and place them back in her suitcase. I hoped she would wear them and I could see a peak of the whale tale or a small glimpse from an upskirt and I would know that my cum would mixed her wet pussy.

I settled into the bathroom and I ran the faucet to maintain my excuse for going upstairs to take a shower. I wrapped the soft panties around my already rock hard cock and began my kinky endeavor. After about 2 minutes of reimagining all the sexiest outfits Bre had worn in college and the drunken escapades she had with the other guys I knew, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I let out a small gasp and coated her clean gusset with a thick, massive load! I let my cum settle and seep into the her panties for about 10 minutes and put the thong back in her suitcase and waited. However, I thought about it and realized the only way to make sure my cum would coat her sweet opening would be if she had no other panties to wear. I tore through her bag finding only 1 other pair which I hid in her bag below all the other clothes she brought so she would be forced to wear my cum filled ones. After putting my plan in motion I decided it was time to patiently wait.

I returned downstairs still aroused from my encounter but something began to bother me. I had a piece of Bre’s most intimate clothing which gave me the most intense erection I had felt in a while, but as I jacked off, I was only thinking about her with other men. I had pictured her with my friends and co-workers and even guys I hated while at school. Why didn’t I picture myself fucking her? Despite my uneasiness and curiosity, I knew continuing to think about this would eventually arouse me again so I decided to let it go and just enjoy the rest of the day.

As the day wore on, my friends began to fall asleep and nap in preparation for our night at the bars. I tried to get some rest like everyone else but my thoughts from earlier were still bothering me. I began to research if imagining girls you like fucking other men was normal and things like that. I kept getting results filled with the word cuckold. I was immediately disgusted and thought what kind of man could enjoy that. I would never let someone else fuck my wife or girlfriend or anyone I liked. I reworded my searches and still got the same answers. Annoyed at my newfound discovery about my behavior, I thought back to when I was masturbating with Bre’s panties. It was mere hours ago so my memory was still fresh. Maybe I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t a cuckold or maybe I was trying to convince myself I was jacking off to something else besides watching another man fuck a girl that I had longed for.

In one single moment everything clicked. I became filled with shame, lust, and embarrassment as I realized the exact thought I had when I blew my load. I came to the thought of Bre getting fucked from behind by a big black cock. BIG BLACK COCK. BBC. Almost immediately after reimagining her beautiful body being speared by this massive dark man I had another raging boner. I was so aroused I couldn’t believe it. Still in disbelief from my discovery I scoured the Internet for “symptoms” of a cuckold, trying to find a checklist or anything that I could use to justify my behavior. Much to my dismay my results only came back confirming what I was trying to deny. I was a cuckold and worse, it was for black men. Not only did I want girls I cared about to fuck other men, I wanted them fucking the biggest, strongest, darkest men I could think of and after reading up on it, I knew that this fetish had a lifetime of humiliation in store for me. I would need to get used to the idea of watching a black man fuck my women.

My searches sent me around the web and I found a few videos in order to continue my BBC cuckold research. My arousal reached an all time high and I had to nut soon. I imagined Bre being abused and filled with black cum and I finally spilled my load while watching a BBC addiction video. From this moment forward my position was solidified as a cuckold and I could not change it. I finally fell asleep after my intense investigation and decided that I would need to wait longer to uncover more about my fetish.

We all awoke from our naps and sauntered downstairs groggy and hungover. My friends continued drinking but I didn’t feel like it. I had something entirely different on my mind, Bre and BBC. Trying to not be obvious, I asked my friend where her brother and Bre were and he responded saying that Bre had returned home and would not be back. Upon hearing this, I realized I would never get the sexual confirmation of seeing the panties I came in pressed to her tight lips. I felt a little annoyed, as well as horny, and I faked not feeling well so I could stay at the house and dive deeper into my fantasies. As my friends got ready and went out, I realized since Bre had left I was screwed and would most likely spend my night watching BBC cuckold videos just waiting for another blonde slut to appear in front of me…

Just as I had given up hope, I heard my friends mom talking on the phone downstairs. Bre might have left but now I was provided with a new, better opportunity in my friends MILFy mom, Rachel. She was a sexy blonde fitness freak with a fat ass and a huge bust. She had a tight hourglass body with those thick MILF hips which just screamed that she had a fertile, sweet pussy. Rachel played tennis everyday as well as worked out religiously so her body was perfectly sculpted. As I came back to reality after becoming lost in her body, I tried to eavesdrop on her conversation and I thought I heard her say she was leaving shortly. If she left I would have the house to myself to search for panties and feed my needs. I started to imagine how amazing her panties would smell and my dick felt like it was going to burst through my zipper. All of the cleaning, walking, bending, and squatting she did on a daily basis had to leave her panties coated in sweat and pussy juice. And just like every other house mom, her activities during the day left her with a lot of time to free time to herself and I was sure her mind wandered a lot!

I vowed I would smell her panties by the end of the night and so I formulated a plan. As my friends were out for the night and Rachel was downstairs in preparation for another night on the town, I snuck around upstairs. I snooped through her closet in search of the gusset gold mine. My first 10 minutes were unsuccessful and I felt defeated. Just when I was about to give up I heard feet ascend up the stairs. I was sure Rachel left but apparently I was wrong! I sprinted from the closet into the master bathroom to hide.

As I hid in the walk in shower, fully erect and exposed, thinking I was caught, I hear the footsteps pass to the 3rd floor. I finally exhaled realizing the danger was over. My dick was still growing and I was hungry for panties. Much to my delight I looked to my right and saw a huge laundry basket piled high. I had never been happier or harder in my entire life. I looked through the basket and it was full of workout shorts, yoga pants, skinny jeans, and of course Rachel’s panties! I finally was alone with the prize of my dreams. Rachel’s treasure chest of worn undies had me oozing precum into my boxers before I even sniffed a panty. It was at that point that my desires took over. I wanted to enjoy every scent and every type of panty I could get my hands and nose on!!

Before I began my adventure into the hamper I decided I wanted to enjoy this experience forever and I thought of some ways to improve this experience. I remembered how hard I came when I used my friend’s younger sister’s Victoria’s Secret Pink lotion to blow the largest load I had shot in my life. While scouring her armoire drawers, I came across something that made my cock harder than it had ever been before. I found Rachel’s 10 inch black dildo! I not only found the perfect MILF panties to sniff but she also loved big black cock. I was beyond words realizing that my two ultimate fetishes could intertwine and that I could sniff the panties of a black cock craving MILF.

I compared the massive toy to my fully erect white cock and it had me beat by 4 inches in length and at least an inch in girth. I immediately began thinking about how huge and wet Rachel’s pussy would have to be to take a dick of this size. I fantasized about her taking load after load of black cum in her pussy while I watched in horror and excitement. I imagined her putting me in a cock cage and draping her panties over my face so I could smell the pussy that her black lover was destroying. Knowing my friends mom loved big black cock made me want to smell her panties so much more!

After marveling at the jet-black dildo in her drawer and watching some intense interracial porn, I opened the next drawer and I continued my search for lotion. I found the perfect lotion for my adventure and drizzled some on my throbbing cock. With the line of lotion dribbled across my dick I dove into the hamper. I pushed through pink thongs and blue boy shorts and red satin bikini bottoms until I found a black thong with a gusset so stiff it could have held up a building! All I could think of was how big the black man was that fucked her to make her panties this messy. I hoped and theorized that he had to be at least 12 inches long and 2.5 inches wide to make her panties as sweet and creamy as he did. As my cock hardened and the lotion stretched along my shaft I buried my nose into the gusset inhaling the best smelling pussy of my life!!

It smelt of sweat, cum, and Rachel’s love of big black cock. I also detected the slight smell of ass along on the back end which stiffened my rod to its fullest!! I stroked my cock, aggressively inhaling her cunt and feeling my cock grow harder and harder while I imagined a huge black stud pounding her sweet white pussy! Just when I was at my peak, I licked the gusset and tasted the salty sweat of her tennis workout while I imagined her black bull filling her up with cum. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I unleashed the most intense orgasm of my life. I couldn’t help but let out an enormous moan as ropes of cum shot out of my cock. After cumming for what felt like an eternity, I got up and used Rachel’s toothbrush to wipe the last of my load off my cock. It was so hot knowing she would unknowingly put her cum coated toothbrush in her mouth and taste my seed.

When I turned back around my stomach sank. I realized I had come on every piece of the clothing in her hamper with my massive cuckold load. I also heard the steps descending down the 3rd floor. Perhaps I screamed louder than I thought. I could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer and seconds later Rachel entered the room. Rachel saw me standing there with her huge black dick, her lotion, her panties, her toothbrush and a laundry hamper full of cum coated clothes. I was frozen in place and could do nothing but stare right at her.

After her immediate shocked scream, we both fumbled for words and we tried to grasp the situation at hand. I tried to explain but before I could get out more than a few words, Rachel cut me off. She reprimanded me for how inappropriate this was and wanted me to leave the house. I tried to explain but again she cut me off. I put her toothbrush down, dropped the panties, and began to pull my pants up.

She angrily asked me what I was doing in a rhetorical tone and I’m not sure if it was my shock or my arousal but I answered honestly and told her “I was wiping what was left of my load on the bristles of your toothbrush.” Disgusted, she stormed up to me and berated me for being a pervert and a weirdo. I’m not sure if it was the smell of my cum or the compliments she felt I was paying her through my actions but she stopped abruptly and apologized for screaming. She sympathized with me for a moment and recognized how embarrassed I was about being caught in such a compromising state.

I left the bathroom and walked down the hall to get my backpack and leave. After packing up I realized I had left my phone in her bathroom. Obviously the last thing I wanted to do was look her in the eyes as she was cleaning up my cum, putting away her lotion and dildo ask her if she had seen my phone. But I swallowed what was left of my pride and walked back towards the bathroom. I hesitated at the door way and looked through the crack in the door to see if maybe Rachel had left and I could sneak in and out undetected. Upon looking through the door, what I saw blew my mind.

Rachel was laying spread eagle on the bathroom floor with her dress hiked up and her panties pulled to the side watching the porn video that was still going on my phone from earlier. Her pink lips were moistening and her white pussy looked so pretty with her black thong pulled to the side. It was a black cock gangbang compilation and the scenes were aggressive and rough to say the least. At that moment she picked up her massive black cock replica and began to rub the cum from my thick load all over the shaft and tip. Although most had soaked into the clothes hamper at this point, my bust was so powerful that an almost bigger amount was shot across the tile floor and the bathroom cabinets. As she lubed up her massive dildo with my load, I realized I was going to be inside Rachel. While trying to undo my pants, I accidentally bumped the door giving away my position.

Rachel covered up and scolded me again, I explained to her I needed my phone and I was leaving. She embarrassingly looked at my phone and knew I saw her pleasuring herself to my black cock porn. Figuring the damage could not get worse and I had embarrassed myself past the point of return, I asked her if I could watch her finish watching the video. I don’t know if it was her horniness or pity but she obliged me and pressed play on the video and unmuted it.

Out of my iPhone speakers I finally heard the words I was dreading all day “Take this black dick, bitch.” The words echoed in my head as I watched Rachel insert the black rod deep in her pussy. I stood there watching in amazement as Rachel gazed at the black pole sliding in and out, pounding the innocent white girl who would have no choice but to scream in ecstasy now that she had felt a real man. As the girl in the video became a black cock addict, Rachel let out an erotic moan. At that moment, she turned to me and said, “Your tiny bulge could never satisfy a real woman!” She was playing directly into my cuckold fantasy. She made me remove my fully erect 7 inch cock from my pants and compare it to her black dildo.

After analyzing my small, thin white dick, Rachel laughed and hit my shaft with her fuck toy leaving a touch of her pussy juice glazed on my throbbing member. She continued to humiliate me, fuck her dildo, and drool over the black dicks in the video. Before I could even protest, Rachel was cramming my erect penis into a tiny cock cage. For those who don’t know, cock cages are supposed to be placed on a flaccid penis and suppress a full erection, which leads to intense pain and buildup in the man being humiliated but it also leads to an amazing cumshot. She was trying to put my rock hard cock into a 3 inch cage! I screamed and tried to push her hand away but Rachel scolded me saying “If you want to be a real cuckold you might as well start now.” She closed the cold metal on my dick and continued to stretch her tight hole with her glistening black toy.

The video was reaching its final minutes that included scene after scene of different black on white gangbang creampies. These images became too much for Rachel to bear and she began furiously fucking her pussy to the thought of load after black load. Between the video, the feeling of being cuckolded by this MILF, and her clear desire to be impregnated with black seed, I could hold back no longer. With a painful grunt and a simultaneous moan from Rachel, my cum began to pour out of my restrained cock while Rachel’s thighs clenched and her lips tightened in orgasm around the black cock inside her. I leaned forward and dribbled my creamy load onto her tits and face as she stared up at me with her greedy eyes.

Before I was even done cumming, Rachel said I did not have her permission to cum yet and flicked my throbbing cock as punishment. She exclaimed that real cuckolds do not cum until the woman allows and that he especially does not cum on her while she is experiencing superior black dick. Rachel then had me clean my load off of her and suck her cum off of her black dildo that I got the privilege to name. I named it Jamal and she nodded in agreement. It was getting late now and my friends would be home soon and so would Rachel’s husband.

With my cock cage still on, I cleaned up the mess like a good cuck as Rachel relaxed. After completing my task I asked her for the key to my cock cage and was met with an outrageous laugh! She told me I was not allowed to remove it until she said so and that it was part of my job as her new cuckold. Rachel then removed her soaking wet black thong and draped it across my face forcing me to inhale her sweet aroma. The sweet smell of cum and sweat was too much to bear and my caged cock leaked out the smallest excuse for a load as I came for the 3rd time today. I was allowed to keep her panties as a souvenir and she sent me to my room with my small cock still caged.

I awoke the next morning and got dressed. My friends were already awake and eating breakfast, which I assumed was part of Rachel’s plan. As I put my shorts back on I noticed a note inside my pocket that read “My husband does not know about my BBC fetish. As a result, you have the chance to be my cuckold. You will not cum unless I say and you will not think about me unless I say. I love black cock and will always need black cock. You have two choices, 1) be my cuckold and you get the privilege of watching black dick satisfy me while you watch from the sidelines or 2) make the mistake of convincing yourself you aren’t a cuckold and you forever lose the chance to see my sweet body be owned by black studs. If you choose “2”, the key to your cock cage is on the dresser and you will wake up every morning imagining me taking black dick and never get to see it. If you choose “1”, leave the cock cage on and put on the panties I have placed below your pillow. Choose wisely 🙂 Your Black Cock Whore, Rachel!”

I think we all know which option I chose. It has been 2 weeks since I have seen Rachel in person. I haven’t cum since that night and I am under strict orders to watch black cock porn for an hour every day. The buildup in my balls is excruciating and my cock longs to be freed. I hope Rachel find a bull up to her standards soon so I can begin life as a cuckold.