Brandy Returns to the Ranch


I never shared this with anyone before because it is the only experience that ever embarrasses me, but due to the number of requests I received I am going to share it anyway … so we return to the ranch for an experience that will be with me for a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Brandy. I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a waxed pussy … yes, I got tired of shaving last week and waxed myself damn that hurts. I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while. I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom. If you’ve read my some of my other posts about my journey finding out who I am and what my needs are, I hope you enjoyed it; if not let me repeat a little of the intro. My OBGYN once asked me how often I liked to have sex and I told her at least 2 hours a day. She seemed to have misunderstood and asked how many days a week and when I said every day she paused, wrote something in my chart and told me I was “oversexed”. I asked if that was a problem and she said only if it interferes with your life. I almost laughed as it is my favorite part of my life and told her it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t ask any more questions, but I suspect she realized that explained the various marks and bruises in private areas of my body.

I have several Doms I see often and even now two Femdoms that I visit infrequently. But I like variety and my sexual appetite is almost insatiable so I need to see different people for different experiences. I am upfront with them and my Doms all know about the others. Everything in my life was fine until one of my Doms contracted COVID-19, so I had to quarantine for 10 days and get tested regularly; well guess what even though I had no symptoms I tested positive which means I had to remain in quarantine until I had 3 negative tests on three separate days. Good news, I’ve now had 3 negative tests now so I’m free again ! I’ve asked 3 Doms and a FemDom if they would get tested and as soon as their tests come back negative I’m going to spend an entire day visiting all of them so I can work off all this pent up sexual frustration. If you’ve been reading my other posts you know I’ve been sharing some of my more unique experiences as a Sub. After reading the wonderful and thoughtful comments people left me on my prior posts, I am so happy you enjoyed them. I must say reliving each of these experiences as I write them has been cathartic for me. I post on several websites, but until my last post I never really looked to see how many people had read them and was shocked to see that altogether over 100,000 people have read my posts with an average positive approval rating just above 93%. You can’t imagine as a Sub how wonderful it makes me feel to have pleased so many people.

I met one Dom right after I graduated college that was exceptionally strict. Another Fem Sub that I knew told me about him and said he was too strict for her, but she thought he would be a good fit for me. She was definitely right about that. He trained me very well, including training me to cum only on command which let me tell you is not a course I’d recommend to anyone not able to handle a lot of punishment over a long period of time. My Doms all know about this now and use it to ensure I cum when, and only when, they want me to. But this is not what this post is about. Since this may be my last post, at least for a while so I can take time to get back to my Doms and finally be able to orgasm again, I decided I would relent and tell what many people have been asking me to write about which is “what was my most extreme experience”. Note that any names are made up but the story is true. Also, I’ve intentionally omitted all of our tattoos and piercings so that everyone I write about can remain anonymous.

I’ve not written about this before because out of all of my experiences for some reason this is the only one that I’m embarrassed to share. But as I said, since you were all so supportive of me in my time of need I’m going to share it now. If you’ve read the post “Brandy’s Summer at the Ranch” you’ll know a lot about the beginning of this experience, but this return visit was by far the most extreme I’ve had from my perspective. For those of you who haven’t read that post, I’ll start at the beginning to give you a little background. Note that this is a fairly long post and the part that embarrasses me is toward the end.

My father’s cousin Lisa married a man who owned a horse ranch and every two or three years Lisa and Greg would invite me and my sister to spend a few weeks with them and their son Billy. My sister and I always called them aunt Lisa, uncle Greg and cousin Billy even though we were very distant relatives. I loved our times at the ranch and Lisa taught both of us how to tack and ride horses. Greg and Lisa bred and boarded horses; now I don’t know anything about the business side of ranching but it must be very lucrative because they became quite wealthy from it. My sister and I learned 3 things about a ranch when we were growing up : everyone on the ranch works at least part of the day, everyone in the family had a horse that you were assigned when you had time to ride, and my least favorite part was everyone is up before dawn. The last time I had visited the ranch I was given a beautiful male palomino that was somewhere between 15 and 16 hands tall I would say. He was gentle, but loved to bolt and gallop making my heart race when we were in a wide open field. During that visit I got very “close” to Butch and also spent every night for a week “playing” with Billy down by the swimming hole.

Well now it was 5 years later and Lisa had called asking if I wanted to spend a couple of weeks at the ranch. I thanked her very much and said I would love to come and spend time with them. When I arrived everyone was out doing chores, so I just went upstairs and unpacked my clothes. I put on my work clothes, came back downstairs and saw Billy standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. He turned around and said “I saw you pull up and wanted to come say hello”; I ran over to him, threw my arms around him and kissed him deeply then whispered “hello” in his ear. Billy and I were both 5 years more mature now but he looked like a full grown man and as strong as he was before he was even more muscular now. I wanted him right there and right now so much, but knew we would have to wait. We agreed that we would meet at the swimming hole again that night, then left the house separately so as to ensure we didn’t raise anyone’s suspicions. Billy went back to doing chores and I went to find Lisa to see what I could do to help out on the ranch during this stay.

The day seemed to go on forever, but finally after helping Lisa clean up the dinner dishes it was free time for anyone who had energy left from the day’s work and I went upstairs quickly to change into my jeans and a t-shirt. I had asked Lisa if I could ride “Butch” while I was there and she smiled saying you do love that horse don’t you, oh if she only knew how close Butch and I had become years before. I went straight to the stable and opened Butch’s stall door, he too had grown into a mature horse and was larger now. We were looking straight into each other’s eyes; Butch walked over sniffed me and put his head down. I was excited, he remembered me and I kissed his face and stroked his head like I used to. I brought Butch out of his stall and tacked him; then I threw a saddle bag over him and put the ropes that I had brought with me and stashed in the stable into one bag putting a towel and small electric lantern in the other bag. I had forgotten the chaps that Lisa always made us wear, but I was too eager to go back for them so I just mounted Butch and rode toward the far end of the ranch where the swimming hole was.

Before I got to the swimming hole, I pulled up on Butch’s reigns to stop and removed all of my clothes putting them in the saddle bag with the towel. I planned on giving Billy a little surprise preview when I got there since he always somehow managed to be there before me. It was only a short distance left to the swimming hole but I leaned forward as I rode and the exquisite feeling I got from my pussy and clit slapping on the saddle each time made my clit swollen and my pussy very wet by the time I got there. However this time the surprise was on me because Billy wasn’t there when I arrived. I dismounted Butch and tethered his bridle to a tree near a picnic table and benches that people used to eat and drink when they came here to swim. This part of the woods was not on Greg and Lisa’s property and I didn’t know who owned it, but I’d never seen anyone else use it except me, Billy, and my sister even though I heard it was a popular party place. It was a very warm night and I was hot from the ride over, so I took the towel and mini lantern from the saddle bag put them on the picnic bench and went over to jump in the water. The cool water felt nice against my hot skin and I swam around a bit then just floated there, waiting for Billy to arrive. What I didn’t know was Billy wasn’t coming tonight because after dinner Greg told him some parts they had been waiting for their truck had arrived and he needed Billy’s help to work on the engine which took them all night until it was time for them to go to bed.

I had cooled off and was ready to get out of the water, but as I approached the edge I heard voices and saw lanterns coming toward me. I got down low in the water to watch and see who was coming. In a couple of minutes three young men arrived carrying two full size lanterns and a cooler which I found out was full of beer. They had probably planned to drink and play poker, but I was about to abruptly change their plans. They stopped talking as they approached the bench and saw the lantern, a towel, and Butch tethered to a tree nearby. I heard one of them say, “hey guys” we’re not alone and called out “who’s out here?” I am not at all a bashful person when it comes to displaying my body and stood up out of the water, walked over to where my towel was and began to dry myself of simply saying “hi guys”. Up close I could tell they were younger than I thought and the sight of me naked had stunned them into silence.

I was careful not to let them see my pussy as I dried off, but they could of course see my breasts and just stood there staring at me until I broke the ice. I asked them questions about themselves and found out that two of them were 19 and the other 18; that they had just graduated high school in the spring; had been members on a lacrosse team (they were very proud of this and boasted their winning record); and had just come here to play poker and drink beer. I thought about it for a minute, they were old enough but probably very inexperienced with sex, they were athletes, and they knew how to support each other as a team. I decided they had potential and for whatever reason Billy clearly wasn’t going to be here tonight, so after I finished drying my hair the best I could took my towel, walked around to the other side of the table where they were standing and put the towel on the bench then sat down with my legs together and my small lantern beside me. They had introduced themselves as “Buddy” (but he said everyone called him Bud), “Randy”, and “Tom”. They each were holding cans of beer and asked if I wanted one and I replied yes thank you. He went to get me a beer out of the cooler and walked over stood in front of me looking down at where my legs came together, but as he started to extend his arm to hand the beer to me I spread my legs wide apart. The beer literally dropped from Tom’s hand and I quickly grabbed it as it fell. I opened the beer and took a drink as the other two moved closer and all looked at my shaven pussy, by the looks on their faces I was guessing they were even less experienced than I thought. I asked them, “do you know what it means to be a submissive when it comes to sex?” and they all shook their heads replying “no”. So I explained to them that a submissive, also called a Sub, needed to be dominated by strong partners while having sex; sometimes even being tied up and/or whipped gently. They were still staring at my pussy and I could see the bulges in their pants, but they were listening intently. I told them that the person who dominates a Sub is often called a Dom, and then told them that I was a very obedient Sub and asked if they wanted to be my Doms tonight. So as to drive the point home, I said that means you get to have as much sex tonight as you want and I will do whatever I’m told to please you. They didn’t hesitate and replied “yes” almost in unison.

There was one last thing I had to tell them and although I was hesitant to, if I was going to get what I needed tonight they needed to know. So I explained to them that they didn’t need to understand why, but I could only orgasm if one of them commanded me to; then I asked them if they understood since this was important and they replied “yes”. I put my beer on the table and because Tom was closest to me slid my hand up the bulge in his pants and grabbed him by the belt pulling him closer to me, and asked “how may I please you?” Tom asked “would you hold my dick ?” I replied, remember you’re a Dom now you give commands and you don’t have to ask me what I want because I’ll do whatever you tell me to. He then said “suck my dick Brandy” and I smiled, that was more like it he was starting to catch on. I opened his belt, undid the button on his jeans, unzipped them and pulled them along with his underwear down to his ankles. I put my hand on his cock which was a little shorter than average but made up for it in girth as he was probably going to be a full 3 inches thick fully erect. His cock was already mostly hard, so I pulled the skin back to expose the head of his cock and slid it in my mouth sucking gently on just the head flicking my tongue at the sensitive area just underneath while I moved my hand up and down the shaft. It didn’t take very long until I could feel him start to move back and forth and I let him fuck my mouth as I sucked hard rubbing him faster. He came very quickly and I stopped sucking and rubbing and just squeezed his cock with each shot of cum that went into my mouth; I could feel him shaking and he kept coming much longer than I expected. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and savored the taste of his cum then swallowed it all.

As soon as Tom stepped back Buddy stepped in front of me, pulled his pants down and said “suck my dick” and I replied “yes, Sir” even though I was considerably older than them I wanted to make sure they knew they were in charge. His cock was circumcised, about average length and width, and already fully erect. I took his cock in my mouth and repeated the sequence I used on Tom, making Buddy cum even more quickly filling my mouth with that tasty juice which I savored then swallowed. Now I was starting to get very aroused, I could feel clit harden and my wet pussy start to swell so the lips were now slightly parted; I could see the three of them watching this intently which made me even more aroused. Lastly Randy stood in front of me and said “suck my dick”; they were not being very imaginative and I was starting to think they didn’t understand the power I had given them over me.

Randy’s circumcised cock was very long probably close to 10 inches but about average width and he was also already fully erect; I decided to do something slightly different. Before I guided his cock into my mouth and began to suck on it like the others I told Randy to grab my hair which he did gently, then I took my left hand and wrapped it around the back of his thigh, pulling his cock all the way into my mouth until it was partially down my throat and then pushed his thigh back so he slid back into just my mouth. I had long ago been trained to suppress my gag reflex and as long as I took a breath before his cock went down my throat I could do this indefinitely. I kept my hand on his thigh, but he seemed to have gotten the message and started pulling my hair to thrust his cock in and out fucking my mouth and throat rhythmically. I used my right hand to reach down and slide two fingers deep in my pussy until I hit my g-spot and rubbed it hard which made me moan loudly. This went on for only a few minutes until Randy was now fucking my mouth hard and fast, pulling hard on my hair which was now grabbing tightly. Suddenly I heard Tom say “cum Brandy” and I eagerly slid my fingers up to rub my clit hard and fast as my hips arched upward I started to cum. I grabbed Randy’s thigh at the same time, dug my fingernails into the back of his thigh and pulled him deep into my throat as I came. This was too much for Randy and he let out a yell as he came at the same time as me; I could feel his cum shooting straight down my throat. I held him there until my orgasm subsided then relaxed my grip and he pulled his cock out of my mouth saying “fuck. that was amazing”. Breathing very hard I replied, “thank you Sir”.

They were all standing there not knowing what to do next, so I thought it was time to take them to the next level. Tom clearly was starting to stand out as both a quick learner and the leader, so I was going to concentrate initially on him. I got up, picked up my towel and spread it on top of the picnic table then walked over to where Butch was tethered. I removed the ropes from the saddle bag and my riding crop from the saddle; then walked back over to where the three guys were standing. They had taken off all of their clothes now and I could see they had strong athletic bodies; they weren’t what I’d call handsome but they were all decent looking and I found them all attractive enough to become very aroused. I knelt on one knee in front of Tom handing him the ropes and crop saying “I know it’s not my place to say Sir, but might I suggest you tie my hands over my head and tie my legs so they are spread wide apart for you so you can fuck me ? Also, if I don’t do what you tell me to I’d suggest you use the riding crop to punish me, but not hard enough so that it breaks the skin.” I got up and walked over to where my towel was on the table and sat there with my legs together. Tom did take the lead and handing the riding crop to Randy came over and told me to lay down with my hands over my head which I obediently did. Tom bound my wrists and then pulled the rope tight securing it to the legs on the other side of the table. All three of them were in front of me now and Tom took two ropes binding one to each of my ankles and said “spread your legs wide”. I ignored him to see what they would do and it was only seconds before I felt the sting of the riding crop hit my thigh sending a jolt of painful pleasure through my body. I spread my legs a bit wider and was struck again by the riding crop. I said “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll do what you told me to” and spread my legs wide exposing my full pussy right at the edge of the table. Tom then secured the ends of the ropes binding my ankles to the benches on either side of the table. I was now completely helpless and could feel my pussy get wet as I tilted my head up and saw the three of them with full erections standing in front of me.

They were all standing around the table staring at my body and one of them started to rub my breasts, then each probed my pussy with their hands and fingers; I was moaning softly and my pussy was now dripping wet. Randy wasted no time he put the riding crop Tom gave him on the table next to me then grabbing my hips and pushing his long cock inside me making me moan louder. Holding my hips he fucked me like an amateur, but that was OK because his long cock was hitting my g-spot both when he thrust in and out making me moan loudly. Randy was fucking me fast and hard; then with one deep thrust I could feel his cock start to pulse as he came deep inside me. When Randy was cumming someone had the presence of mind to say “Brandy cum” and before Randy finished I felt my hips arch forward and came with him as I cried out with waves of a wonderful orgasm. Buddy was up next and fucked me fast and hard just like Randy had; my clit was hard now and I moaned loudly with each thrust. Buddy was breathing hard but managed to say “cum Brandy” and when I did he thrust deep inside me; I could feel his cock pulsing filling my pussy with cum as my hips thrust hard against his body I cried out with each thrust. Tom was up last and I cried out as he pushed that thick cock of his into my tight pussy stretching my pussy wide. His cock was so thick that it pressed against my clit so hard that he rubbed it whenever he moved inside me. He too fucked me fast and hard and my clit began to throb with every movement; I was crying out wanting to cum so badly. I didn’t have to wait long until Tom was breathing really hard and thrusting deep; someone said “Brandy cum” just as Tom thrust deep inside me pressing hard against my throbbing clit filling my pussy with his cum. I closed my eyes as they rolled back in their sockets and I screamed out in ecstasy as my hips thrust forcefully forward over and over with intense orgasmic spasms. When the spasms started to subside I opened my eyes and saw Tom was still holding me tight against his body with his thick cock deep inside me, watching me cum with a look of amazement.

When my body relaxed Tom pulled his cock out of my pussy and stood back with the other guys who were standing there watching me. I could feel their cum mixed with my juices start to drip down my thighs. I regained my composure pulled my head up and looking at them said “thank you Sirs. If you want to you could turn me over and fuck me up my ass.” Tom unbound my ankles and told me to roll over which I obediently did facing down now on the table; I could feel the rough wood scratching my hard nipples as I pulled my legs together and stood with my upper thighs pressing against the table. Tom said “spread you legs wide again”, but I didn’t because I wanted to feel that riding crop on my butt.

My head was turned to the side and I saw Randy pick up the riding crop lying next to me; he then struck my butt hard and I cried out as the wonderful painful pleasure coursed through me. I shuffled my feet a little but still didn’t spread my legs and Randy said “spread your legs like Tom told you to” striking me again. Randy whipped my butt with that crop until I could feel it start to burn, then I said “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll do what I’m told” spreading my legs wide. When I spread my legs Tom tied my bound ankles again to the benches on each side of the table. I said “Sir, it will make it easier for you if you wet your cock in my pussy before putting it in my ass” and Randy put the riding crop down again, spread my butt cheeks apart and thrust that long cock of his deep inside my pussy once. I moaned as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and then slowly pushed it deep into my ass. He kept pushing until it was all the way inside me; his cock was too long for that and I cried out in pain but that didn’t stop him and he started to fuck my ass as he had my pussy. I needed to make him cum quickly, so each time he thrust forward I clenched my ass on his cock which made him start to moan. It didn’t take long before I could feel his cum shooting in my ass as I clenched his cock with my ass each time he ejaculated. Buddy was up next, I couldn’t see them but I could tell by the size of his cock. Buddy repeated what Randy had done, fucking my ass hard only this time when he gave that last thrust he said “cum Brandy”. The pain from being fucked hard twice in the ass, the table scratching my nipples, and the pain from my thighs being pressed hard against the rough wood of the table was enough for me and I moaned loudly as I came at the same time I could feel Buddy’s cum fill my ass.

Now it was Tom’s turn, but he decided to forego fucking my ass and instead grabbed my hips and started fucking my pussy from behind. This was a good thing for me, first because his cock was so thick it would have really hurt in my ass, and second because that same thickness made his cock press against my clit making me moan loudly with every move he made. Tom seemed to have gained a little more control of himself this time and he fucked me less forcefully but lasted much longer before he was ready to cum. My clit was rock hard and throbbing; I was ready to cum long before Tom was but obediently waited for his command. Finally Tom said “Brandy cum” and thrust deep inside my pussy pressing hard against my clit; I could feel his cock throb as it filled my pussy with cum and despite the pain my body shook with orgasmic spasms again slamming my thighs into the edge of the table as I cried out loudly in ecstasy. Tom waited until my body spasms stopped and pulled his cock out of me; my whole body was trembling from that orgasm and I sighed deeply with the feeling of the waves of pleasure still present. I lay there face down wondering what was going to happen next as I could feel their cum dripping all the way down my legs now.

Lying there I heard Butch snorting and pulling at his tether. I heard Tom tell Buddy and Randy to untie me and have me sit on the edge of one of the benches. After Buddy and Randy untied my ropes they told me to get up which I obediently did and they put my towel which was now soaked with cum mixed with my juices down on the bench telling me to sit. I obediently sat down with my legs together and then saw that Tom had untied Butch’s tether and I said “please Sir, leave Butch alone” but Tom had a lantern in his hand and lowered it so I could see underneath Butch. I saw Butch’s cock was hard and almost fully erect; Tom said “I think Butch wants his turn with you”. Tom told Randy and Buddy to move the bench away from the table and turn it at an angle; then Tom led Butch over to me until my horse was standing right beside me with the left side of his belly pressing against my head and shoulder. Tom commanded me to rub Butch’s cock; now I had done this once before so I was going to go along with it after all I had made them my Doms for the night, but I was beginning to wonder if I’d given them too much power over me too fast and might regret having done that.

I reached down, took Butch’s cock in my hands and placed it in my lap; then started to stroke his cock from the bottom to the head carefully pressing the head with my hands and stroking back downward. Butch let out a snort of approval and stopped shuffling his feet as I stroked his cock feeling it swell to full size. Tom told me to suck on it and although I really didn’t want to, I obeyed and lifted Butch’s cock pressing the head against my mouth. There was no way I could actually get his cock in my mouth so instead I continued to stroke the shaft, then licked and sucked on as much of the sides of the head and top of the shaft as I could get in my mouth. The three guys were watching this intently and Tom said “spread your legs Brandy”, which of course I didn’t which was met with multiple strikes from the riding crop on my thighs and back until I relented and spread my legs lowering Butch’s cock until it slipped between my legs with the head less than an inch from my pussy. Tom said “rub Butch’s cock against your pussy” and I knew they would keep striking me until I obeyed so I did. My pussy was now engorged to the point the lips were already partially open, dripping with cum, and when I pressed Butch’s cock against it I was surprised to see how far the head was able to penetrate the outer edges of my pussy. I pulled back and forth on the shaft of Butch’s cock, pressing the head hard against my pussy and clit I started to moan loudly. I barely felt it when Tom slipped a rope around my right ankle, then threw the end over the top of Butch where he went around and bound my other ankle pulling the rope tight so my legs were wrapped tightly around Butch and my hips were pulled upward; Butch’s cock now pressed even further into my pussy. When Tom pulled on the rope I fell backward onto the bench and moaned very loud as I felt Butch’s cock pushing so hard against my pussy.

I was still pulling on Butch’s cock from a lying position when Tom said “Brandy, fuck Butch” but I replied “I’m sorry Sir he’s too large to fit inside my pussy”. However Tom had a solution for this and struck Butch hard on the rump with the riding crop causing him to lurch forward. When Butch lurched forward with my legs tied tightly wrapped around him it caused his cock to thrust forward from between my hands and pushed all the way into my pussy. I screamed out in pain and saw a flash of light as I felt like my pussy was being torn apart as Butch’s cock continued to slowly slide deeper inside me. Tears ran down my cheeks from the pain, but Tom ignored this and said “there we’ve taken care of that problem, now Brandy fuck Butch”. I was breathing really hard and still had my hands on Butch’s cock; I realized as much pain as I was in that I had to try to relax so the pain would not be as intense. I was helpless tied up so I obeyed Tom’s command and started to push and pull Butch’s cock inside my pussy. I was able to relax a little and although the pain was still excruciating I was fully aroused with Butch’s enormous cock in my engorged pussy constantly pressing hard against my throbbing clit and g-spot. I started moaning as I looked up at Butch and was even more turned on at seeing this magnificent beast standing there, my legs wrapped tightly around him, fucking me as my stud. Butch started to shuffle his feet again and I knew that meant he was getting ready to cum; so I moved his cock faster inside my pussy. Suddenly Butch thrust forward pushing even deeper inside me and I heard Tom say “Brandy, cum”. With a single snort Butch exploded inside my pussy and I could feel my lower abdomen start to bulge from the amount of cum he was pumping into me; at the same time I came hard with a screaming orgasm, my body thrashing uncontrollably. Butch came so hard it not only filled up every spot his cum could go inside of me, but also started to squirt out the sides of my pussy. I was so caught up in the experience I lost all track of time and don’t know how long this went on.

Eventually my attention came back into focus and as I looked up at Butch I told him I loved him; I had dreamed about him to fucking me for 5 years and now despite the pain it caused, my dream finally came true. I looked over and had completely forgotten for a few minutes there were three guys standing there watching me; two of them had gotten their phones and were recording the whole show I just put on for them. Tom came over and loosened the ropes that were binding my ankles, being careful to let my legs down slowly because somehow he knew they had become numb. Getting Butch’s cock out of me proved just as difficult as getting it in; it took all three of them, one holding me under my arms pulling backward and the other two pulling on Butch’s reigns pulling him away from me. Finally with a pop his cock came out of my pussy and hung down underneath him again, while massive amounts of his cum seeped out of my pussy. Tom led Butch back over to the tree where he had been before and tethered him to it. When he came back he said “if you ever tell anyone about what happened here tonight we’ll post that video where everyone can see it” and I replied “yes Sir, I won’t say a word” and then asked “did I please you Sirs ?” My question was met by a hearty laugh from all of them and each said I had pleased them in their own way. That made me happy.

Tom said you can get cleaned up now if you want and I took my towel down to the swimming hole and waded in until I was chest deep washing myself thoroughly and soaking the towel. It took a while for me to clean all of the cum out of my pussy, but when I was done I got out and wrung the towel as dry as possible then used it to dry off as much as I could. I went straight to where Butch was standing, took my clothes out of the saddlebag and got dressed. I really just wanted to leave, but I had to go back and get my ropes, crop and lantern. I walked over to the picnic table where the three of them were sitting quietly drinking beer. I picked up the ropes from the ground and reached for my small lantern, but Tom grabbed my hand gently and said “thank you Brandy for teaching us what a Sub is” which the other two echoed, I replied “it was my pleasure Sir”.

It was late and I had to get back to the house, untack and stable Butch, and somehow sneak into the house without anyone seeing me. I had to ride slowly because my pussy was so sore it hurt every time it pressed against the saddle. I did make it back to the house and was able to get to my room without anyone seeing me. I got undressed and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep even though I was exhausted. I just kept remembering Butch on top of me fucking me with his huge cock inside my pussy, then us cumming together; imagining myself doing it again and how I might try letting Butch fuck me in different positions. This post is already too long so I’m going to end here, but the two weeks I spent on the ranch this time was my most extreme experience.