By a Country Road

Kate and I enjoyed a few sexual adventures when we were younger. We’ve been together as a couple since college, and in those college days we were quite promiscuous. We shared threesomes occasionally and later, after we married, we enjoyed wife-and-husband swapping foursomes with other couples a few times. We never really went looking for these adventures, but we were always happy to take an opportunity that arose. I guess we both have a bit of an exhibitionist/voyeur streak. Like many men I found it incredibly arousing to watch my wife being fucked by another man, and she always loved me to watch her being taken and for me to take her in my turn.

But things settled down a lot as we grew older, what with work and kids and all that. As we passed our mid-30s the opportunities for such adventures no longer presented themselves, and we were too busy, and I guess not sufficiently motivated, to go looking for them. We still had a great sex life together, but we’ve kept it between ourselves.

Except for once, when something rather extraordinary happened out of the blue, without anyone planning it, or expecting it, or intending it.

It happened one spring morning as we drove back to town from our place in the country. We made an early start, as it was a Monday and we both had meetings scheduled later that day. After quick showers we climbed into the car and headed off at first light.

Kate was driving. The road back to town passes through long stretches of open, undulating country, with big farms and few houses. After about an hour I was getting a bit drowsy, and Kate suggested I should have a nap. It was a good idea, as I needed to be fresh for my meetings that afternoon. I adjusted the seat into a reclining position, stretched myself out and settled down to try to sleep.

A minute or two later she had another suggestion.

“Feel free to masturbate if you like – you’ll sleep better then.” I was not surprised at her suggestion, because we quite often masturbated to pass the time as we did this drive, and on this morning we were both still nestling in the warm erotic afterglow of a long loving leisurely fuck we had enjoyed the night before.

“Good idea,” I said. I undid my fly, pushed my pants down and began to fondle my cock. In a few seconds it was erect and I started to stroke.

As I did so Kate glanced across at me lazily. She likes to watch me masturbate. After a minute or two, she said “Do you want some encouragement?”

“Oh yes please”, I replied.

“OK.” She slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her bra. The gesture seemed to confirm that we had not quite finished what we’d started the previous evening. I reached across and massaged her breasts through her bra with one hand as I stroked myself with the other. She purred and mmmmed appreciatively.

Soon she spoke again. “Undo it,” she said huskily, and leaned forward in her seat. I reached around under her shirt to unfasten her bra. Her beautiful breasts, heavier now than when she was a college-girl, but still superbly shaped and lovelier than ever, swung free. She still had her shirt on, so I couldn’t remove her bra. I just pushed it up to leave her breasts more fully exposed to my hands. Most women love to have their breasts stroked and fondled, but Kate really loves it. It arouses her very quickly. Back in college she used to say that any guy who got as far as running his hand over her bare tits was sure to get to fuck her.

We drove along for a while, me stroking her breasts and she watching me masturbate. There was very little traffic, and we doubted that passing drivers would notice what we were doing, but the chance that they might added a distinct frisson to our fondling. But Kate was starting to get impatient. She was squirming in her seat and reaching down now and then to rub her pussy rather roughly through her pants. It was clear she was seriously aroused.

“OK, what are we going to do? I want you to fuck me, and I can’t wait till we get home,” she said.

“Well, we’d better take the next small turn off and find a quiet bit of side road,” I replied.

“Right, let’s just do that then”.

The next turnoff came along a few minutes later. It was a small single-lane dirt road, heading up over the rolling hills across open grassland. Kate took the turn fast and followed the road for a few minutes. We drove up over a hill and into a little hollow out of view of the main road. She pulled the car over.

“Will this do?” she asked. I looked around. The hollow shielded us from anyone coming along the road from either direction until they got right to us, but the road itself was very narrow. Even pulled off to one side our car still took up half its width. Anyone who came past would have to slow right down and then could see into the car very easily. I was a bit uncertain about that.

“Well, we’d be well and truly on display if someone comes along here while we were doing our stuff,” I said.

“Sure, but this road is deserted, and we won’t be long – this is going to be a quickie,” she replied.

“Yes, but what if someone does come along?” I asked

She rolled her eyes at my caution. “Let’s just deal with that if and when it happens. Depends how good they look I guess,” she said with a laugh. Just a joke, I thought, and so did she.

And with that she turned off the engine, and we got down to it. Kate scooted the driver’s seat right back and tilted the seatback down about half way. She undid her jeans and pushed them down, along with her panties. She slipped off her sandals and pushed her jeans and panties off over her feet, leaving them in a tangle on the car floor. Then she lay back, her shirt still hanging open, her bra pushed up and her breasts deliciously exposed. She spread her legs as far as the space in the car would allow and opened her cunt to me.

Kate seldom comes while we are actually fucking, so our ‘usual’ quickie is for me to either lick her or finger her to orgasm and then we fuck till I cum in her. The geometry of the car precluded cunnilingus, so fingers would have to do. With one hand I reached over and run my fingertips up and down Kate’s slick, wet, warm welcoming cunt-slit, thrumming her clit and sliding my fingers in and out of her vagina. With the other I fondled and squeezed one breast while leaning across to kiss and suckle the other.

‘Bite me’ she said in a thin high voice. At times when she was really aroused, as she was now, she liked to have her nipples gently bitten, so I gladly nibbled away. I meanwhile still had my jeans down around my ankles and Kate was squeezing and rubbing my cock in a very pleasing way to keep me happy till my turn came.

It never takes long to bring Kate off this way, and before long she was starting to moan and squirm in what I knew to be the lead-up to a big orgasm, when suddenly we both heard the noise of an engine, and it was approaching fast. Some acoustic trick of the landscape had concealed the sound till it was almost upon us. We both looked up sharply to see, through the car window, a young man on a quad bike appearing over the rim of the hollow just a few meters away. These bikes are used by all the farmers round there to get around their large properties.

The man on the bike was surprised to see a car parked in that hollow and braked hard, stopping a couple of paces from the drivers-side door. Then he was even more surprised by what he saw. He stared at us with a dumbstruck expression. No wonder. Kate was sitting spread-eagled on the car seat, her legs open and her lovely cunt, nestling in a luxurious bed of pubic hair, open to view with two of my fingers buried deep inside her. His jaw dropped and his face went blank.

Instinctively I sat up, pulling my hand away from Kate’s cunt. She quickly pulled her shirt across to cover her breasts, and took her hand off my cock. But she did not, I noticed half-consciously, close her legs. Her cunt was now, with my hand removed, fully revealed to our unexpected arrival. “Shit,” I said, and started to move, thinking about how to cover us up. But Kate sat quite still. She was looking straight at our intruder, and he looked straight at her. I paused and looked at him too. He was young – early 20s – dressed in the work-clothes that he’d clearly just put. He looked fresh and clean and ready for the day’s work on the farm. He was tall, well built, and definitely good-looking in a country-boy way.

Kate took all this in, and reached a decision. Still holding his gaze, she grabbed my hand and tugged it rather roughly back towards her cunt. “Keep going,” she said huskily, urgently, even curtly. “I want to give him a show.” She didn’t wait for my response. She sat up straight and shrugged off her shirt and bra, balling them up and throwing them over the back seat. She was now completely naked. Then she half turned towards him, arching her shoulders to show her breasts off to him. She cupped them in her hands, lifting them slightly and easing them forward as if offering them to him. He took the hint. He got off the bike and turned the engine off, and stepped closer to gaze at her through the car window.

“Come on,” she said, lying back against the seat again. She reached out for my cock, and I pushed my fingers back into her cunt. She was caressing her breasts, squeezing and lifting them, thrumming her nipples with her fingers, all the time keeping her eyes on our intruder. She was making it very plain that he she was inviting him to watch us, and after a few seconds he took the hint, unzipping himself and opening his pants, pushing them down a little and pulling out a fine, strong, well-curved penis nestling in a mat of ginger pubic hair. It was fully hard and erect, and stood out awesomely from under his shirt. He placed his feet a little apart, and thrusting his hips forward he started to masturbate himself, one hand sliding up and down his cock and the other cradling his balls. His cock was only a few feet away from Kate’s face through the car window.

This part of our show didn’t last long from this point. In barely a minute Kate was bucking and writhing in a big orgasm, but even in her ecstasies she kept her eyes open and locked on the face of our intruder, as his was on hers. Then it was over. As she came down from her orgasm she turned and gave me a big, wet, deep, sloppy kiss.

“Now for part two,” she said.

I sat back into the passenger seat, and in one remarkably graceful move Kate clambered over the gearshift and sat herself facing me, straddled across my knees, her cunt resting on my cock. She looked back at our farm boy. He bent down to look through the car window, still masturbating. Kate held his gaze as she raised herself up on her knees, reached down between her thighs and grabbed my cock.

She has a little trick of rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit a couple of time before drawing it into her cunt, and she did this now, then settled down onto me, driving my cock deeper into her cunt and reaching around to fondle my balls, then rocking back and forth gently. I reached up to stroke her breasts and lent forward to nuzzle and suck them.

Kate was still looking across at our man, who remained standing by the driver’s side door. She jerked her head, signalling him to come around to the passenger side to get a closer look. He did this, clutching his pants awkwardly with one hand and holding his cock in the other, coming around the front of the car and stopping close to the passenger door. Kate half turned her upper body towards him, showing off her breasts at their best as she sat upright on my lap with her shoulders squared, one hand on the headrest beside my head and the other reaching done to fondle my balls as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

Our intruder was now masturbating himself energetically, while we fucked for him. Again it didn’t take long. My cock was up her cunt all the way, her moist muscles caressing it along its length, her rocking motion pulling me closer and closer to ejaculation and orgasm. I didn’t not try to hold back. Everything about the situation – and not just the thought of another person appearing along the road – made me think that this should be short and sweet. As my climax built I encircled Kate’s waist with both arms, clinging on to her as I ejaculated, long and strong, deep within her vagina. As I recovered, panting, she leaned forward and kissed me. Then she turned my head a little and spoke close to my ear.

“Mmmm, that was yummy,” she said. Then a pause. Then her breath, hot and moist and sexy in my ear, as she spoke again.

“What do you think? Do you think he’d like to take his turn with me? Should we ask him if he wants to fuck me?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure…yes, yes, yes” she said, her voice now a kind of panting growl of sheer lust.

“So am I.”

“You ask him, then. I’m shy,” she giggled. Then she turned to look at our intruder again. He was still standing by the car window, just a foot away from us, with his cock in his hand. He’d stopped masturbating as he watched us talking, perhaps wondering what we were saying, and hoping what might come next. He took an awkward half-step back as I buzzed the window down and spoke to him for the first time since he’d appeared. Kate was still on my lap. My cock was still in her cunt, my semen and her juices were seeping out of her body and down onto my lap. I was still very hard and I was moving gently inside her in that quiet, cozy post-orgasmic way. He watched us intently as the window went slowly down.

There seemed no point in beating around the bush

“Umm, hi! Would you like to have a go with her? Would you like to take your turn to fuck her?” I asked.

He looked a little uncertain. He glanced from me to Kate and back again. There was a long pause. It was clear he wanted to hear it from Kate. Kate stepped in, and said the words that every man longs to hear.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

His answer came more as a long release of breath than as words “Yes oh yes fuck yes…”

Kate moved fast. First, ever the practical one, she grabbed her sandals from the driver’s side and slipped them on her feet. Then, otherwise entirely naked, she opened the car door and stepped out into the warm spring morning. Next she turned and, gently but firmly, she closed the car door. It was a small but eloquent gesture.

“You sit there and watch,” she said. “I am his now, for the next few minutes, until he’s finished with me.”

So she wanted me to watch, not join in. She didn’t want a threesome, fucking two men at the same time. She wanted to be fucked by two men, one after the other, which is not at all the same thing. Once she’d closed the door she turned back towards me and, leaning through the open car window, gave me another lovely wet kiss. Then reaching down she squeezed my cock quickly. “Enjoy this,” she said. As she bent over to do this our intruder’s eyes were glued to the splendid view she offered him of her wet, engorged and semen-dripping cunt.

Then Kate turned to him. He looked a little uncertain about what to do next, but as Kate took a step towards him, he stepped forward towards her and took her in his arms. She turned her face up to his and kissed him hard and deep, her hand on the back of his head, his hands on her bare back and her bare buttocks, gripping hard. Then she broke the kiss, stepped back a little, and took his cock in both hands and squeezed it gently,

Keeping hold of it and taking a step backwards she drew him towards the car and then turned herself around and, with her feet splayed well apart, bent herself over, resting one hand on the bonnet of the car just in front of the passenger seat while the other draw this young man’s cock towards her open cunt. As his cock touched her cunt she did with him, as she had with me, that little play of rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her pussy-lips a few times before drawing his cock into her body. .

Kate is a small curvy, full-breasted woman, no longer a teenager but with the erotic power and strength of experience and confidence. Her long thick hair was by now flying loose in the spring breeze. Our young man had probably never encountered a woman like this before, with such powerful mature sexuality. As his cock began to enter her he seemed to loose control. He reared up over her and thrust right himself into her up her cunt, swiftly and hard, not cruelly but urgently and unstoppably. She seemed small and fragile beneath him. He flexed his strong bare legs and arched his back and pressed his loins forward to drive his cock into her cunt as deep as he could go. He was ‘mounting’ her, absolutely a horse or a dog or a bull mounts a female of their species, driven by the most primal of animal urges.

Kate doesn’t mind that kind of thing at all. Far from it. It helped of course that her cunt was very well lubricated, both from her own juices and from the semen I had spurted into her just a minute or two before, so she was able to take our man’s urgent thrusting cock smoothly and easily. But more than that. Kate likes to be in control, but she also often says to me that she likes sometimes just be taken like that, to be the passive object of a man’s pure animal urges. She was certainly liking it this time. Her face, a few feet from mine through the windscreen, was a picture of lust. Her eyelids were fluttering, her jaw hung slack, and her tongue lolled lasciviously out of her half-open mouth. She too, like that, looked a lot like an animal on heat, just as the man behind her with his cock inside her did. And she looked quite lovely. They both did.

After the first few animal thrusts the man regained some kind of control and began to pay a bit more attention to Kate. His pace slowed a little, he reached around and caressed her breast with one hand. Kate took the other and led it down to her cunt. ‘Stroke my slit,’ she said, happy enough now to be back in control again. She rocked her hips back against his thrusts. I had a perfect view of his cock pulsing in and out of her cunt from where I sat in the car. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, and licked her lips theatrically to let me know how much she was enjoying her roadside coupling.

Then she closed her eyes again and settled into the pleasant rhythm of a great fuck. Once he looked over to me a little uncertainly and I smiled at him, and he smiled back. After a minute or two his fingers, strumming on her slit and clit, sent Kate into a very pleasing small orgasm, of a kind I knew well, that drew from her a little series of high-pitched meows in time to a slow undulating bucking of her hips. As it subsided she looked round at me and smiled.

Then I think she decided that things needed to be brought to their natural conclusion. After all someone else might come along that road at any moment. She reached back between her legs and cradled the man’s balls in her hand, just as she had done mine a few minutes before. She juggled and caressed them softly. This always drives me to the edge and it had the same effect on him too. His pace increased, and animal his urges took over again as they had in those first few thrusts. With his arms around her body as he fucked her from behind, he pushed Kate forwards onto the bonnet of the car.

Her face was now just inches from mine through the widescreen. He reared up over her, one hand on her breast beneath her, the other on her shoulder, pinning her down and pulling her into him with real force. Her feet, it seemed to me, may well have been lifted off the ground by the pressure of his body. In his last few shuddering stokes he slowed down, pulling almost all the way out, pausing for an instant and thrusting all the way in, uttering at each stroke a kind of hard grunting growl… “Urghh, urghh, urghh, urghh, urghh.” It seemed to go on forever. Kate’s face pressed sideways on the car bonnet returned to that slack-jawed, lolling-tongued animal look, her eyes now half-open but quite unseeing. She was absorbed utterly in what was happening where this man’s erect cock was embedded deep inside her body.

I glanced up at the man as he reared over her, he too now utterly oblivious, eyes wide open and staring, his mouth set in a rigid line, his whole being focused on the urgent drive to spurt his sperm into her. And finally, it came.

I have always found that watching another man orgasm, especially when he is inside a woman when he cums, is incredibly arousing and in way rather moving. So much of a man’s most essential nature is involved. The man who was fucking Kate came hard and long in her cunt, holding her tight and bending at the waist with each spasm as his sperm pumped into her. At the end he uttered not harsh grunts but something more like a gentle cooing sigh – “Oooh, oooh, oooh.” – and then he was still.

They stayed that way for a few long seconds, breathing hard and not moving, his cock still embedded right up her cunt, one hand on her shoulder, the other curling under her body on her breast, but gently now with no pressure. His face looked drawn. Kate’s looked peaceful in repose. I sat motionless and watched.

After some seconds Kate’s eyes flicked open and looked straight into mine. She smiled – grinned really, a mischievous grin – and rolled her eyes as if to say “Wow!” Then she did say, mostly to herself “Wow! That was nice.” She started to move, wiggling her hips a little from side to side to enjoy the feeling of our man’s cock resting peacefully now inside her. She looked up and around to see our man as he still stood behind her, and said it again. “Wow! That was very nice indeed! Thank you!”

The man seemed a bit dazed and nonplussed by such pleasantries. He looked down and nodded silently, then said “Yeh. Amazing.” Kate then stated to wriggle some more and he got the hint, stepping back, allowing his now slightly flaccid cock to drop out of her cunt, and his semen to start oozing out and dribbling down her thighs. He stepped awkwardly back and, shy now, swiftly pulled up his trousers. He seemed now, looking a little lost. Kate stood up too and turned to him, taking him rather gently in his arms and kissed him, twice. Once full and wet on the lips, then tenderly on his cheek. He then cupped her face in his hands and looked at her gently, brushed his lips against her cheek, and turned away.

He reached down to pull up his pants, and as he began to zip them up he turned to me and said, quite casually, “My mate will be along any moment.” It wasn’t clear from his tone whether he meant it as a warning… or a suggestion. Kate gave a little yelp and scampered around the front of the car to get to her clothes, which were still lying scattered on and under the driver’s seat.

But before she’d made it to the driver’s-side door, the acoustic trick of the landscape did it again. With no warning, another quad bike appeared suddenly over the rise and came to a screeching halt next to the first man’s bike. Its rider stared open-mouthed at my wife as she stood naked between him and the car, and then across the car at his mate still tugging his jeans closed. It didn’t take long for him to work out what had been happening, and his expression moved swiftly from surprise and confusion to amusement and lust.

“Maaate, what have you been doing?” he asked. While the first man stumbled for an answer, the new arrival turned his gaze back to Kate, who still stood frozen with shock at the car door. He began a long, leisurely, leering appraisal of my just-twice-fucked wife standing naked before him.

“Been having a nice little roadside fuck, eh? Lucky you,” he said to his mate with a laugh.

This second man was a bit older than the first one – late 20’s or early 30’s I’d guess – and a lot more worldly and self-assured. He was a bit rougher too, a little overweight and with a couple of days’ stubble on his chin. He was very obviously weighing his chances of fucking my wife himself.

I opened the passenger-side door and stepped out of the car. The new arrival hadn’t noticed me until then, and was a little startled. Then he saw that I too was fumbling with my pants.

“Wow, two of you!”

Kate was still standing naked by the car, just a few feet from this man as he sat astride his still-idling quad. She looked steadily at him as he gazed at her. Then she turned and looked at me, her expression a complex mix of embarrassment, fear and …something else. Instinctively I started to move around the car to protect her, while still trying to do up my jeans.

Then Kate made the smallest of gestures, just a quick turn of her hand as it hung by her side. But its meaning was clear. She was telling me to stay where I was. I searched her face for clues about what she meant, and what she wanted. She looked back at me a little blankly. Then, as she reached her decision, she raised her eyebrows, opened her eyes wide, and shrugged.

She turned back to the new arrival and said again the words that every man longs to hear.

“So do you want to have a turn? Do you want to fuck me too?”

Without a word he turned off his engine, swung himself off his bike, stepped towards Kate and undid his jeans and stepped towards her. By the time he reached her she had already turned around and bent herself forward over the bonnet of the car. Her legs were spread and her cunt was presented to him. He pushed his jeans down just far enough to allow his already-erect cock to spring free. It waved lewdly in the air from under his shirt as he took the last step towards her. Then he grabbed it with one hand, while the other snaked around my wife’s waist. Holding her firmly, he guided his cock into her cunt and slid himself smoothly inside her and began to fuck her.

He was a lot taller than her, and he had to bend his knees to get his cock into her cunt as she lay spreadeagled over the car bonnet. He was half-crouching behind her as he swung his hips back and forth driving his cock into her, and his hairy bum was thrust out obscenely behind him. He looked even more like a rutting animal as he fucked Kate than the other man had looked a few minutes before.

Kate’s face was resting against the car bonnet as he entered her, but after the first few strokes she drew her head up until she was looking straight at us – me and the first man – as we stood watching on the other side of the car. She shot me a glazed, distracted lust-filled glance.

Then her eyes moved to the other guy. I followed her gaze and saw that he had his fly open again and was stroking his cock as he watched his mate fuck my wife. I pushed down my still only half-fastened jeans and began to masturbate too. Kate smiled.

The man fucking Kate was also looking at us as he thrust his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Enjoying the show, are you?” he asked breathlessly. “Who is she? Is she his wife?” he asked his mate. The he looked at me “Is she your wife?”

“Yes”, I replied. “You are fucking my wife”.

“Well, she’s fucking gorgeous, whoever she is. Her cunt feels fucking gorgeous on my cock. She’s tight but slippery as hell. I guess that’s because her cunt’s all full of your guys’ cum. It’s gonna to be full of my cum soon too.”

Kate gave a little lascivious smile as she heard all this. He now had both arms around her waist. He fucked her steadily, rhythmically and silently. He didn’t thrust into her faster or harder as he approached his orgasm, nor did he make any sound except for the slapping of his loins against her flanks on each stroke as he drove his cock as deep into her cunt as it would go.

And then, with a soft ‘Ooh’ that was almost a sigh, and a little quivering of his lips, he paused with his cock buried completely inside her, and ejaculated into my wife’s vagina. She obviously felt the warm gush of his semen as he pumped it into her. Her head came up swiftly and she looked me straight in the eye, and held my gaze as the man inside her relaxed from his orgasm. After a second or two he withdrew his cock and stepped away from her. Straight away he began to tuck his cock into his underpants and pull up his jeans.

She threw a quick glance over her shoulder at him as she lay still spread-eagled over the car bonnet. Then she stood up and wiped her hand swiftly between her legs to clear away a bit of the stream of semen which was now flowing out of her vagina and down her legs.

“Let’s go,” she said to me. As the two men who had just fucked her did up their pants and climbed back on their quad bikes, she grabbed her clothes from the driver’s seat and hurriedly dressed herself. Then she headed for the passenger side. “You drive,” she said, and threw herself into the passenger seat. I dived into the driver’s seat. She looked briefly at the guys as they sat on their bikes while I executed a swift U-turn. and drove away. It was less than a minute since I’d watched the second guy ejaculate into her.

She was quiet as we headed back to the main road. I looked across at her and wondered a little anxiously what she was thinking and feeling. I waited for her to speak. After a minute Kate turned to me and said: “Umm, I hope you are OK with that. Did you enjoy watching it?”

“Oh yes, I did,” I replied. “But how about you? Are you OK?”

“Well, I’m still processing it all…the first guy was great… I can’t believe I asked that second guy to fuck me… but it was great…I loved you both watching as he fucked me and hearing him talk about me to you like that…”

“Was he a bit rough with you?”

“Umm, yes, a bit…but it was fine… the first guy was a bit rougher actually, in a very nice way…”

“Are you sore?”

“A little… but none of you lasted long and I was very well lubricated, so not too bad.” And then, with a sly smile, she added “Why do you ask? Do you want to reclaim me? Take me while those guys’ cum is still inside me and smeared all over my pussy?”

“Oh yes, yes,” I replied. “But only if you’d like to. I’ll quite understand of you’d rather not.”

She looked at me quietly for a second. “Oh no, I’d like you to reclaim me,” she said. “Let’s find a motel in the next town.”

We were both very late for our meetings.