Cherry (chapter 1)

Cherry the Cheerleader

Chapter 1

No one grows up to have the exact life they had imagined for themselves as a kid. In my youth, I always imagined that I would marry my high school sweetheart and make a fortune working as a fireman. I couldn’t have been more wrong. But then again, perhaps I wasn’t so far off the mark.

High school, for me, was a chore. I knew what I wanted to do with my life and it didn’t include college: I wanted to be a fireman. To me, it was the ultimate real life “superhero” job. I wanted to be the one to receive the call for help and rush in to save the damsel in distress, caught in her worst nightmare. And since I’d spend so much time at the firehouse and eating there, I’d save my paychecks and I’d be rich in a matter of a few years! Again, I was wrong about that.

Not long after I finished school, I was hired as a full time fireman. The fire chief pulled me aside on my very first day on the job to give me a piece of advice. He said, “Listen kid: you are going to get a lot of advice over the next few years from these guys. Some of it will be good; some won’t be worth a shit. But I’m going to give you the one bit of advice that you had better take.” He just looked me dead in my eyes to let me know how serious he was. I simply responded with, ‘ok’… He continued, “Get you an outlet.” I didn’t understand and it must have shown on my face. Elaborating, he said, “This job…it can slowly eat you alive. You are going to help a lot of people, of course. But there will be some that you can’t help. The ones that are gone before you get there aren’t the ones you’ll see at night; it’s the ones that die in front of you that will haunt. And it’s not as bad when it’s some ugly fat guy like me—it’s the kids that die that will make you want to rip your eyes out at night.”

I began to understand what he was talking about and was pondering his advice. Then he said, “If you don’t find an outlet—something to do with your time off to get your mind off of this job—an outlet will find you. You don’t want that.” Then he whispered to me in confidence, “Look at Brian over there; he didn’t find one, so alcohol found him. And Garry over there; gambling found him. That’s why we call him ‘Flush’; it’s after the poker hand and what he’s doing with his life—flushing it down the toilet. You understand?” I nodded in complete understanding and asked, “What did you find?” He smiled slightly and said, “Me? I found fly fishing! You’re a good kid, rook—find something soon.” I knew I was going to take that advice…

For reasons I could never figure out, I was never very successful with the ladies. Not to ‘blow my own whistle’, but I am better than just average looking; I’m in perfect shape since I am a firefighter, and I was always really nice to everyone. But perhaps I was TOO nice, because it was always the same thing: “I just think of you as a good friend.” I’d had a girlfriend here and there and sometimes it would last a few months, but there was never one that I felt like she was ‘the one’.

But surely at some point I’d rush into a burning building or pull someone out of a wrecked, burning car moments before it exploded and save the hot young woman from certain death and she would fall in love with me. Yet again, I could not have been more wrong. Indeed, most people I helped rescue were elderly, extremely obese, ugly, married, or MEN. The guys at the house were merciless with me because they knew what I wanted to happen; making fun of me after I pulled granny out of her burning car—giving her CPR to save her life—I became “Lucky Mann” (my name is David Mann). Of course there was the occasional hot girl that would need help, but as I learned, when a person is having their worst day ever, the last thing on their mind is, ‘Hey, who’s the cute guy that pulled me of the fire?’

It took several years of being a fireman before the dream began to fade. I still loved my work, but I slowly realized that it wasn’t going to find me love. I started going out to the clubs and bars, but that seemed like a dangerous road: I still had not found my outlet and I didn’t want alcohol to ‘find me’. Besides, I could never find what I was looking for at the club—they were full of gaggles of married women having a ‘girl’s night out’ or single mom’s looking for a father for their kid and an income. And that was something else that hadn’t worked out as planned—my bank account balance didn’t exactly have a lot of digits in front of the decimal point!

It was a Thursday night and I was not on call. I had gone to the gym as per usual and put in a quick 2 hour work out before going back to my small apartment. After getting a shower, I decided to kill some time by going on line (which meant I was going to surf some porn, rub one out, and go to bed). As with many guys in their mid 20’s, this was nothing unusual, but I was getting bored with this routine. Instead of going to my typical sites, I began looking for something new.

I realized that porn wasn’t what I really wanted; I wanted interaction with someone—someone real. Not knowing where to start, I decided to check out an online dating site. I couldn’t believe I was resorting to a personals site, but at least this way I didn’t have to get dressed and spend (waste?) what little hard-earned money I had on drinks.

The site was offering a ‘free trial’, but you still needed a credit card to prove you were of legal age. I had no problem with that and set up my account, thus beginning my life of meeting on line with strangers. I felt a little disheartened at where my life had gone in the ‘romance’ department, but there were worse things in the world. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that a lot of people are not at all who they say they are, and I was quick to learn how to weed them out from the honest ones. Good rule of thumb: if they ‘don’t have a camera’ or ‘the camera is broken’, then it’s probably a dude.

I kept my search area to somewhere I could drive in less than 15 minutes because I didn’t want to waste gas on meeting someone that would likely be a ‘dead end’. In retrospect, I guess my optimism was not all that high. After several weeks of checking messages, making contacts and being disappointed, I started to check less and less frequently. But then one day, I had a note from someone I had not seen before.

Her user name was Cheerry4fun and she had been a member for over a year. She didn’t have a picture posted, so I figured there was probably ‘something wrong’ with her. But I opened the note anyway out of sheer morbid curiosity. Her profile gave all of her stats: Age, Sex, Location, Likes, Dislikes, and etc… She was 19 and located about 30-45 minutes away (which is why I never saw her before) and we seemed to have the same tastes in most things that dating sites seem to think are important—music, movies, politics, religion… It wasn’t hard to believe that she was 19; her note to me was full of things like ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’, ‘AWESOME’, and so on. At the same time, it wasn’t annoying the way she had written it. Rather, it was more like she had a really fun nature and I was intrigued.

I sent Cheerry4fun a note back, telling her a bit more about myself and she replied within moments. We emailed back and forth a few times and I learned her name was Cherry. After many emails and both of us feeling some kind of connection, we set up to meet in a chat room and, once there, we decided to go on camera to talk. I was bracing myself for the worst as the screen went from black to blurry and then focused on her. When the picture came in, I was absolutely floored. Cherry was drop-dead-gorgeous! She had beautiful light red hair that flowed in lazy curls down her shoulders and she had a face like a porcelain doll. There were a few freckles across her nose, green eyes and the nicest set of lips I had ever seen! Her eyebrows matched her hair and that gave me some less-than-pure thoughts.

Cherry smiled wide as she sat back from her camera and said, “HI! It’s nice to finally see you, David!” I sat in stunned silence, unable to respond. Finally she asked, “Can you hear me?” Her question about a possible technical problem with the computer brought me out of my trance just enough to answer her. “Oh, yeah; I can hear you,” I said. She asked if the camera was working and I told her it was working perfectly. She started to look a little uneasy and I realized I probably looked like a chained, starving dog with a steak that was just out of reach. I snapped out of it and apologized. “I’m sorry: you are not exactly what I was expecting to see…and I mean that in the best possible of ways!” She laughed and returned the compliment to me. I said, “You are beautiful: why don’t you put your picture up on your profile page?” She replied, “That’s why I am on line to begin with. Most guys look at me and the only thing they see is a possible opportunity to get a piece.” I said, “Yeah, well, guys are pigs. What can you do?” She laughed and our conversation took off from there.

We chatted for what felt like 20 to 30 minutes when I realized the sun was coming up—we had been up all night! I told Cherry that, regretfully, I had to go to work. She said it was ok because she had to go, too and, before signing off, we said we would look for each other again later.

Having gone all night without sleep, I should have been a wreck at work, but surprisingly, I was rejuvenated. I went about checking the gear—making sure everything was ready to go if a call came in—with a spring in my step as they say. I didn’t even have to be entirely focused on what I was doing; I was more or less on autopilot after doing the daily routine so many times over the years. It was around mid afternoon when the chief came up to me and asked, “So, what did you find?” I was deep in thought about Cherry when he’d asked me, so it took a second to understand what he was asking me. After a few seconds of a blank stare from me, he said, “You are different today—better. You must have found an outlet, yeah?” Suddenly realizing what he was talking about, I said, “Oh, that; Yeah. Well, maybe—it’s too soon to tell for sure.” Chief laughed as though he’d heard that line before and said, “Well, don’t you go putting a ring on her finger too fast! Not just any woman is cut out for this life!” I just smiled and nodded, surprised that he could read me so easily, but then figured he’d been around for a while so he knew what he was talking about.

The day passed with nothing more than a minor accident that we were called out on as a precaution. I got off work and couldn’t wait to get to my computer. The moment I signed in, I saw that I had several messages from Cherry. Each of them said the same thing in different words—she just wanted to know if I was on line yet. I sent her reply to the third one and moments later she responded. We met up in our chat room and went about telling each other about our days.

After talking for a while and still hitting it off well, I asked her if she wanted to meet. She was a little hesitant at first which took me a little by surprise. I started to back pedal a little to keep her from being embarrassed for me asking so soon, but she assured me that wasn’t the problem. She explained her car wasn’t running right and had dropped it off at the shop and had to rely on a friend for a ride. She didn’t say it, but I was sure she wasn’t ready for me to show up to her door yet. We were getting along great, but we were still strangers over the ‘net, after all.

I asked when her car would be ready and she said it should be done that Saturday. I said that would be perfect since that was my next day off and offered to meet on ‘neutral ground’—a shopping mall approximately half way between us. She agreed to the mall and I let her pick the time and exact location. We exchanged cell phone numbers (just in case) and we both agreed to cut the conversation “short” (since it was already 2:30am) because we needed to get SOME sleep. I couldn’t believe I’d been talking to her for over 6 hours again!

I decided not to call Cherry on her cell phone until after she called mine. I didn’t want to come across as another one of the ‘pigs’ that I mentioned to her. That night I was on call all night, so I wasn’t able to chat on line. She called me later in the evening to see if I was ok (wondering why I hadn’t logged on) and I explained about my work schedule. She apologized and said she would talk to me later. Before she could hang up, I told her that it was ‘ok’ and that I could talk to her on the phone—it wasn’t a problem. She said, “That’s really sweet of you David, but you are at work. What you do is really important and you don’t need me distracting you while you are working. Someone’s life could depend on it. Ok?” I told her that she was ‘probably’ right (knowing full well how right she was) and thanked her for understanding. We said our ‘good-byes’ and hung up.

I turned around and Chief was standing right behind me, eyeing me knowingly. For a big guy, he was stealthier than a cat with ninja training. “Was that her?” he asked. I answered, “Yeah, Chief; that was her—said we shouldn’t talk since I’m on call…” He just nodded approvingly.

Not ten minutes went by and, sure enough, we were called out on a structural fire. As soon as we heard the first part of the street address, we knew where we were going. It was a local restaurant with a ‘gimmick’—it had an actual clay oven that they used for all of their cooking. The only problem was the damn thing was always catching the roof on fire—we had been there MANY times, but never to eat. No, every time we went to this particular restaurant, it was on ‘business’.

We rolled up and saw immediately that this call was going to be a little different. The place was fully involved. Usually we’d get there and there would be a ton of smoke billowing out of the one end of the roof near the oven. But this time, the flames could be seen through the windows as we rounded the corner. We were all a little surprised to see it going up like it was, but we had our game faces on and got to work. It took a while to get it under control and the place (what was left of it) was still smoking in the morning. The owner said it got out of control this time because the insurance company said that if there was another fire they would cancel his insurance, so they tried to put it out on their own first. Chief just shook his head and said, “Damn insurance companies…” However, once we left the owner of the pile of ashes to clean up his mess, Chief ‘changed his position’ and said, “What an idiot: trying to put out a roof fire with a garden hose and a couple of CO2 bottles—What’d he think was going to happen?” We had a pretty good laugh at that, but mostly because we executed our job perfectly and nobody got hurt.

We got back to the firehouse and went through the routine of prepping all of our gear for the next call before getting a much needed shower and even more needed sleep. The rest of that Friday was quiet and my shift ended without another callout.

I went home and couldn’t wait to call Cherry. It was around noon when I tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. Instead, I got a text from her that said she couldn’t talk at the moment, but she would call in a few hours.

True to her word, she called me back just before 3:00. We finalized our plans to meet at the mall the next morning and decided to keep the conversation short so we wouldn’t end up talking all night and be too tired to actually meet!

That night was one of the longest nights ever for me. I wasn’t nervous about meeting Cherry; I was overly excited. We had not even met face to face yet and already I felt some kind of strong connection to her—we just seemed to ‘click’. I forced myself to go to bed early, but everything kept me awake: a dog barking; the refrigerator running; the whir of the ceiling fan; the constant thumping of my heart…

I got up early and took another shower, just in case there was still any residual smell of smoke on me. I barely noticed it anymore, but sometimes others could tell if I’d been to a fire recently, so it didn’t hurt to shower again. When I got out of the shower, I saw that I had only killed 30 minutes and it was still hours before I was to meet Cherry. But I knew that sitting around my place was going to drive me crazy, so I headed to the mall.

When I got there, it was still so early that the mall wasn’t even open yet and, other than people that actually worked there I was probably the first customer to show up. I circled around to find the food court since we had agreed to meet there and parked. Soon enough, others started to show up and a small crowd of about a dozen people gathered outside the doors. I just sat in the car, waiting for them to go inside.

After an eternity, the doors opened and everyone started filing in, so I got out and ‘joined’ them. I looked at the time and saw that it was going to be another hour before Cherry would be there, so I just walked around the mall to familiarize myself with the layout; besides—I was too excited to just sit still. I grabbed a coffee, even though I didn’t really drink it that often. I figured I could probably use the caffeine.

Thirty minutes before we were due to meet, Cherry called me to make sure we were still on for meeting at the mall! I said, “Um, yeah; of course!” She paused for a second (presumably listening to the background noise) and asked me, “Are you already there?!” I admitted that I was but then said, “I just got here a few moments ago.” It was a flat-out lie, but I didn’t want to seem more eager that I already did. Cherry laughed and said, “Ok, I’ll be there in a little bit!”

I was on the edge of my seat but trying to keep myself looking as relaxed as possible (which isn’t easy to do on a chair in the food court). I kept my eye on the door, waiting for Cherry to walk in. After about 20 minutes, I heard someone behind me question my name, “David?” I spun my head around and saw the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen: it was Cherry. I had seen her on the web cam, but in person Cherry was a fine work of art. She was absolutely gorgeous and she was dressed very casual—I couldn’t imagine what she would be like if she were going formal or ‘sexy’. She was wearing a black pair of yoga shorts and a simple tank top that showed no small amount of her amazing cleavage. Cherry was about 5’5” and she had a very tone body—I couldn’t help but check her out. Her legs were athletic, but not so muscular that they looked manly. Her hair was virtually glowing in the light; slightly darker than a strawberry blond and flowing down to her shoulders. If Cherry had been around in the days of Leonardo De Vinci, no one would have ever remembered Mona Lisa…

I stood immediately and we hugged each other hello.

I said, “Hey, Cherry! I didn’t see you come in; it’s so good to finally meet you!”
Cherry said, “Yeah, I parked on the other side of the mall where I usually park—it’s good to meet you, too! This is my friend, Olivia.”

Before she mentioned her friend, I didn’t even realize that she had a friend with her. But I wasn’t put off by her bringing her along since she didn’t really know me yet. Olivia looked like she was at least two years younger than Cherry—probably still in high school is what I figured—jail bait for sure. She was a little shorter than Cherry, but had the same tone body. However, her breasts were nowhere near as impressive as Cherry’s. I told Olivia that it was nice to meet her as well, before turning my attention back to Cherry.

We set about walking towards our ‘non-destination’ (just walking around the mall) while talking and getting to know more about each other. The more we talked, the more I liked Cherry and I could tell she was feeling the same way. Everything I said she thought was funny or the most interesting thing she’d ever heard. And honestly, I felt the same way about what she had to say. It was like being in middle school again!

We decided to stop for lunch and Cherry looked at Olivia—nodding her head to one side (the universal sign of ‘would you mind taking off and leaving us to ourselves?’). Olivia asked Cherry, “You ok, then?” Cherry just nodded ‘yes’ and Olivia gave Cherry a hug before she dismissed herself.

Once Olivia was out of the picture, I said, “She seems like a good friend for you. How did you guys come to be friends?”
Cherry asked, “What do you mean?”
I said, “Well, she’s got to be 2 or 3 years younger than you; are you neighbors or something?”
She said, “Huh? Oh, yeah: we’re neighbors… and we have the whole cheerleading thing in common.”

That explained the shape they were in! I said, “You didn’t tell me you were a cheerleader when you were in school.”
Cherry said, “Yeah: I’ve always loved cheerleading, so…”
I said, “That’s cool: I’ve always had a thing for cheerleaders!”

She knew I was just making a flirtatious joke and she playfully hit me in the arm. Even though she was playing, it was still a solid hit—I’d have to go easy on the teasing jokes, I thought.

We sat down to eat and I felt like I was staring at my future in front of me. I knew so much about Cherry, but I wanted to know more. I asked her to tell me about her life growing up.

She said, “Well, I was basically brought up by my mom. My Mom and Dad never married and that was probably for the best. He seems to just kind of tolerate her for my sake—when he’s actually in town, that is. He’s ‘ok’ when we spend time together, but with him being gone so much, it’s like we never really connected. You know?” I nodded in understanding.

I said, “Yeah, I kind of know what you mean. My Father used to travel from time to time as well; not as much as it sounds like your Dad did, but he was gone at least a half dozen times a year for a week or two.”

Cherry said, “But, where my Dad fell short, my Mom came through. She has always been there for me and has always been in my corner. She’s like my best friend.”

She continued telling me all about her childhood; how she got into cheerleading as a little girl and stayed with it through high school. I asked if she could still fit in her high school cheerleading uniform and she said, “Yeah, of course.” I told her that I wasn’t surprised; she was still in amazing shape. She just smiled and looked down sheepishly, seemingly embarrassed by the compliment. Keeping her face turned down, she looked up into my eyes, still smiling and I was suddenly aware that I was falling in love with Cherry.

I said, “Listen, Cherry: I don’t want to freak you out and send you running for the hills or anything, but I have to tell you—I really like spending time with you. And before we leave here today, I want you to know that. And I’m hoping you feel the same way.”

Cherry seemed to become more bashful and just nodded her head ‘yes’. We spent the next several minutes just looking at each other in silence; smiling like school kids. I found it hard to believe that Cherry hadn’t heard compliments so often that she’d become bored with them. But as she explained, most guys were clearly just trying to get a piece of ass from her and she could tell that I was not just one of ‘those guys’.

I broke the completely comfortable silence by asking, “So, when can I see you again?”
Cherry asked, “Does this mean our first date is over?”
I said, “No, but I like that you said ‘first date’… No, I just can’t wait to know when we can do this again.”
She smiled at me and said, “Soon; I’ll have to look at the schedule and I’ll let you know—but soon.”

I knew she must be working and needed to look at her work schedule. For that matter, I needed to check my own. But I was content to know that she was just as anxious to go on a second date as I was.

We finished lunch and started walking around again. But this time Cherry took my hand in hers as we walked and that simple gesture sent charges of electricity through my body. I started to notice other guys checking her out and I could tell they were jealous of me. It’s amazing what a beautiful girl on your arm can do for the male ego!

We must have walked for miles through the mall with absolutely no actual shopping agenda. I knew I was going to kiss her before we parted ways, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to broach the subject—do I just go in and kiss her, or should I ask her permission first? How does she prefer the first kiss to be handled? I just didn’t know yet.

As if she were reading my mind, she stopped me, turned to face me and said, “If you don’t kiss me pretty soon, I’ll never forgive you.”

Without skipping another beat, I leaned down to her as she went up on her toes, lifted her face to me and we kissed for the first time, right there in the middle of the mall. That kiss was perfect in all respects. We weren’t ‘making out’ with our arms and hands all over each other while jamming tongues in the other’s mouth. Instead, it was sweet, soft and tender; mouths just barely open. The best fireworks in China didn’t compare to the display going off in my head at that moment. The kiss lasted for about 5-7 seconds and I felt her begin to melt and fall. Before she could, I caught her just as her legs failed her. A second or two later and she regained her composure but was only able to say, “Wow”, blinking as though she had just awoke from a dream. I agreed, saying, “Yeah—me too.”

When Cherry was again steady on her feet we began to walk again and her phone alerted her with a text. It was Olivia saying she had to get going soon. Since Cherry was her ride, I knew that our first date was coming to an end. But it was ok because I knew there would be many more to come!

I assumed we were walking towards Olivia but instead we went down one of the long hallways that led to the restrooms. Before going in, Cherry whispered in my ear something that didn’t make much sense at first. She whispered, “Wait until the coast is clear.” I didn’t know what she meant until she went in the bathroom marked ‘family’ with the male and female figures on it… She wanted me to join her once there was no one else around!

It didn’t take long before there were no more witnesses and I knocked on the door. The lock clicked open I went inside. Cherry pulled me in past the door and closed it behind us, locking it once more. We kissed again, but this time there was more passion to it. She held on tighter this time and soon we were making out! She broke our kiss to ask me a question.

“Will you promise to not think I’m a slut if I want to try something?”

I loved the set up question! And I certainly didn’t think she was a slut. I wanted her just as much as she apparently wanted me. I said, “Of course I won’t think of you as a slut! What did you have in mind?”

She said, “Well, I really like you—a lot. But I’m not ready to have sex with you yet. But, I’d think I’d really… like to…try…” She seemed to become shy again as her words trailed off.

I asked, “Like to try what?”
She looked up at me and couldn’t bring herself to say the words, so she just pushed her cheek out with her tongue while raising her eyebrows to ask a question.

My dick was answering her ‘question’ before I could (we were in agreement, anyway). She felt the growing bulge in my shorts and began to attentively open my fly. She pulled my shorts and boxers down together and my now raging cock was ready.

She looked up at me and said, “I’ve never done this before, so…”
I said, “What? On a first date or in a public bathroom?”
Cherry said, “No; I mean yes; I mean both. I’ve never done this before—ever.”
I said, “You mean you’ve never gone down on a guy before?”

She just shook her head and I told her that I could coach her through it if she wanted, but I thought it would be better if she just did it the way she felt was right for her. Cherry smiled, nodded and said, ‘ok’.

Cherry knelt in front of me but the tile floor hurt her knees. I took my shirt off and folded it up for her and she admired my chest and abs. She put my shirt under her knees before she took my dick in her hand and just looked at it for a few seconds, studying it. She stroked it a few times gingerly and brought her face up close. My dick had never been so hard in my life. She looked up at me and smiled again, her eyes shining bright. Ever so slowly, she closed the distance until the head rested gently on her beautiful lips. She kept her lips closed and moved her mouth side to side, rubbing my dick on her lips like it was a large obscene lipstick.

Cherry pulled back to look at my raging boner again and I thought if it got any harder it would split the skin. She stroked it a few more times and then she gave the very tip a gentle kiss. I could see a trace of her lipstick on the tip and I was in agonizing heaven. Cherry stuck her tongue out and licked the underside, almost as an experiment. For a first timer with no directions, she was off to an amazing start. She kissed the head a few more times before finally opening her mouth and taking in the head. She looked up at me and I had a hard time to keep from blowing my wad already. With her mouth wrapped around my cock head she asked, “MMM?” I said, “Oh, yeah: that is amazing!” My hand went reflexively to her head, but I didn’t push her down on my cock. Instead, I just stroked her beautiful hair; running my fingers through it. Cherry slowly took in more of my dick and I quickly had no problem believing she was a first timer—not because she wasn’t good (she was GREAT), but because her gag reflexes were sensitive. She was only about a third of the way down when she choked and saliva flowed from her mouth. I told her to take her time to get used to it. There was no need for her to push herself. She backed off and stroked my shaft a few times while recovering her breath. She sucked my cock back in past her gorgeous lips and began to bob up and down as much as she could. After 20 to 30 seconds of bobbing, she would push down a little further and hold herself there for several seconds.

It didn’t take long before she could regain her breath without taking my dick out of her mouth. Her eyes were glassy from the gag reflex, but she was sexy as hell when she looked up at me like that! Each time she recovered, she went down harder and further. When she was just over half way down, I felt my dick touch the back of her throat and she came up coughing.

I said, “You don’t have to impress me; you can take it easy if you want—I want you to enjoy it, too. You are amazing!”
Cherry said, “I AM enjoying it! Seeing your reaction is the most fun I’ve ever had!”

I had been with a few girls in my life, and sex was always good. But not one of them was as good as Cherry. In fact, all I could think about as she made my cock disappear in her mouth was that if I never had another sexual encounter for the rest of my life it would be ok as long as I remembered this moment with her!

My orgasm was building fast and I warned her. I figured it would be pretty rude to just blast a load in the mouth of a first timer.

She asked, “What will it taste like? Is it gross?”
I laughed a little and said, “Well, from personal experience, I don’t know! Some say it’s good, others say it’s awful. But everyone says it’s usually pretty salty.”
She said, “Yeah, I think I tasted some a little while ago.”
I said, “You probably did. But there will be a lot more when I cum and it will be much more salty.”
Cherry winked at me and said, “I like salty things…” as she went back down on me.

Cherry’s red hair was bouncing as her head bobbed up and down my shaft. She was holding on to my hips—using just her lips and tongue on my engorged cock. A ring of her lipstick formed around my cock at the point she couldn’t go past and the vision was too much to bear. My balls flexed and my orgasm struck hard. The first blast was a direct hit to the back of her throat and was never to be seen again. She pulled back instinctively and the second blast splattered all over her now closed lips and chin. And the suddenness of the second blast shocked her so much that she opened her mouth in surprise—just in time for the third round to shoot inside her mouth. By that time, she knew what was going on and just held her mouth open while my orgasm finished. After the third shot I lost count of how many ropes of cum I shot in and around her mouth, but I’d bet it was at least seven.

Seeing her porcelain, doll-like face with my cum all over it was so amazingly hot that I didn’t ever want to stop cumming. I was staring at her in awe and she said, “Take a picture: it will last longer.” She meant it as a joke, but I reached down, grabbed my phone and pulled up the camera app. As I did this, she put the head of my dick back in her mouth and looked up at me while pushing some of my cum past her lips to collect on my cock. I took several pictures and she did her best to smile. Cherry pulled off of me and used her finger to wipe a big dollop of cum off of her upper lip and made a production of putting it in her mouth before swallowing it. I took at least a dozen pictures of her doing it, too.

Just then, her phone buzzed. “Olivia?” I asked. She looked at her phone and said that it was and that she had to go. Cherry thanked me for the wonderful time and I told her that, of course, the pleasure was all mine. But I wanted to make it up to her next time…

Cherry cleaned herself up and I got dressed. We didn’t have a way to know if anyone was outside, so we just took our chances and walked out together. There was one guy that saw us walk out together—he was on his way into the men’s room. He looked at her, looked at me, and gave me a slight nod up as if to say ‘way to go, dude’. Cherry didn’t even look back at him.

We found Olivia, said our ‘good-bye’s’, and kissed each other, thus ending our first date. As I we parted ways, I overheard Olivia say to Cherry, “I can’t believe you kissed him on the first date! You are such a slut!” She didn’t mean it in an insulting way; it was more of how female friends talk to each other and they both laughed at the faux insult (and for different reasons).