Cherry (chapter 4)

Chapter 4

After my evening with Cherry, I was about as happy as I’d ever been. I went about the apartment, cleaning and putting things away while humming some song I couldn’t put a title or group name to. My thoughts drifted back and forth between the time spent with my Cherry that night and the time that I would be spending watching her at the upcoming game where she would be cheering.

It was getting late, so I decided to get a shower and couldn’t help but recall when we showered together that morning—just before I took her to school. That shower was sexy as hell, even though there was nothing sexual about it. I pictured her stepping in the shower once I told her the water was hot and how the water turned her hair a much darker shade of red as it became soaked. She had stood where I was now with her back to the shower head; running her fingers through her hair with her eyes closed as I helped soap up her incredible body. All I could wonder was: ‘how did she get to be so soft and yet so firm at the same time?’ But the most amazing aspect of it all was that, as hot as she was, I did not look at her with lust. Rather, it was with awe and Love that I viewed Cherry. Time seemed irrelevant with her: we’d only been together for a short time, but there was something there that just said we were meant for each other and that’s all that mattered to us.

The bathroom was beginning to get pretty steamy and I knew I was just wasting water at that point. I turned off the shower, dried off, and put on a pair of boxers. Before going to bed, I hung Cherry’s gift to me on one corner of the headboard; sort of an R rated ‘dream catcher’. I flopped myself in bed and could catch Cherry’s light, sexy scent from time to time. I slept soundly.

Cherry and I were walking on a nature trail, hand in hand. She was talking about something, but it was as if she had started the conversation without me. When I realized I didn’t know how we got to where we were or how we got there, I knew on some level that I was dreaming. Knowing on that same level that this dream was better than the last, I fell into the dream.

Apparently, the dream was about ideas she was coming up with on ways for us to get together without her mother finding out. She had a lot of ideas and I was just there listening to them. Her voice was sweet and melodic. I could just barely detect her perfume in the light, cool breeze. Cherry wrapped her arm around my waist and I put my arm around hers; resting my hand on her hip as we walked side by side.

We continued coming up with ideas on how we could sneak some time together as we walked. After a particularly good idea, there would be a break in the conversation as we attempted to dream up another good plan to try. It was during one such break that Cherry moved her hand from my waist to rest it on my shoulder. The pain was unexpected and I cringed slightly. Understanding what she had done, she moved her hand back to where it had been. As she did, her hip seemed to change; becoming a bit thinner and a bit higher. Her hand also seemed smaller on me.

“David?” The voice came from next to me, and while it was a pretty voice, it was at least an octave higher than Cherry’s.

I looked over to find Katie walking with me; her arm around me and my hand on her shoulder. Startled, I jumped back a step or two and she stopped in her tracks; holding out her hands to me. She was a little different this time. Her eyes were still wide open and showing nothing but pupils, but she wasn’t a bloody mess like she was before. Her leg was still broken and bone was still exposed, but she stood on it like it had always been that way. Katie’s hair looked like she had tried to comb it with her fingers and instead of the tattered clothes she had before, she wore a bright yellow sundress.

“David,” she pleaded, “I can’t see. Please don’t leave me here. I don’t know where I’m going!”

Reaching out with a bit of uncertainty, I took her hand in mine and she closed the distance between us before we continued walking.

“David?” her tiny voice began again. “What happened that day—when we met?”
I said, “You were in a car crash, sweetie.”
She said, “Yeah; that’s what I thought.” After a few moments of thought she said, “It was so scary in there. Why did you get in the car? Weren’t you scared?”
I answered, “No. I wasn’t afraid of the car. I was only worried about getting you out.”
She thought for a moment and asked, “Are you a real superhero?”
I laughed out loud and said, “No; I’m just a normal guy.”
Katie though for a few moments again and said, “There were lots of people there, but you were the only one that got in the car with me. That means you were a hero to me.”
“Thank you,” I said, “but I don’t feel like much of a hero. A hero would have been able to do more.”
Katie said, “But if it wasn’t for you, I would have been scared and all alone in the car when I died.” Reflecting on what she just said she asked with some hesitation, “I… died, right?”
Nodding my head slightly, I said, “Yeah. I’m so sorry, Katie.”
Katie seemed to accept that and then added, “Momma died, too, huh?”
I confirmed, “Yeah; Momma, too.”

Katie just nodded without much surprise to the news about her mother as we continued walking. The conversation quickly dwindled and I was soon simply reflecting on what Katie had said. I turned to ask her a question, but she was gone.

I awoke from the dream with a sense of oddity while thankful it wasn’t the full blown nightmare I had before. These dreams were so vivid and detailed that for the first few moments after waking it was hard to know for sure if it had been a dream or an actual encounter with Katie’s spirit. After thinking about it for a while, I decided it was most likely just my own projection of what she might have said to me if she were able. At the same time, though, I wondered if perhaps a person’s actual spirit could haunt another by using dreams as the medium. Ghosts and haunting were things I’d never believed in before, but the dreams were so real it made me question those beliefs.

In attempt to rid my head of these thoughts, I shook my head quickly and made a conscious effort to think about something else. I wondered for a moment if I should try going back to work to keep my mind off of Katie, but then I remembered Chief’s words to me and decided against it. I had never realized how much time I spent at the firehouse until I was forced away from it. Searching for something to occupy my time, I found a small stack of bills that had piled up over the last several days and decided to take care of them.

As the last bill was being sealed, my phone rang. I knew it was Cherry before I even picked up the phone—I could just feel it was her (or maybe it was because I had just looked at the clock and knew she was getting out of school). Cherry shared the details of her day with me; I just listened with enthusiasm and amazement at how little things had changed since I was in school. It was the same drama; even some of the names were the same! But since it was about her day, I wanted to hear all about it.

We alternated between talking and texting for most of the night until she had to go to bed and the day ended uneventfully. The next day was more or less a repeat of the previous day—spent not getting much done and thinking about Katie and Cherry (in no particular order).

When school let out on Thursday, Cherry called to remind me about the upcoming football game (as though I could have forgotten about it) and asked if I was still coming to watch her. I told her that, of course, I would be there and her voice went up an octave in excitement.

Cherry said, “I can’t wait to see you: it seems like forever since I saw you!”
I laughed but agreed with her saying, “I know what you mean. It’s only been about 48 hours since we saw each other, but it feels like 48 hours of torture.”
“More like 48 weeks of torture! I don’t know if I’m going to make it until tomorrow!” she responded.
I asked, “Is there any way you can get out tonight; make up an excuse for something?”
She said, “No; grounded—remember?”
I said, “Oh yeah; that’s right…damn.”

Then I had an idea. I wasn’t sure how well it might work—if at all—but I figured it was worth a shot.

I asked Cherry, “What is your address? I want to look you up on Google Earth. If I can’t be with you, at least that might make me feel closer to you.”
Cherry said, “Aww, that’s sweet,” and she gave me her address before saying, “I’m going to look up you apartment, too.”

We talked for a few more minutes and then had to cut the conversation short since her mom was there to pick her up and take her home. From that point, we resorted to texting for our communications. I looked up her home as I had said and saw that it looked like an average community. The lots in her area seemed a bit larger than some places and there was no shortage of trees or bushes. Seeing her place did help me feel closer to her—for a while anyway. But then I felt like I was teasing myself. It was like going to a strip club and looking at the girls you can never touch; it’s ok at first, but before long you want more.

As the afternoon turned to evening, Cherry and I continued texting almost non-stop. I noticed a few times that I was actually pacing while waiting for her texts to come in and each one was like the next present to a kid at Christmas. It might sound like just an obsession, but it was more than that. We had connected on multiple levels, never running out of something interesting to talk about, and I knew that I had fallen completely in love with her.

Before I even realized what I was doing, I was in the car and driving towards the love of my life. It seemed like a ‘stalker’ thing to do and I didn’t know what I was going to do once I got there, but I couldn’t help myself; I just had to be closer to Cherry.

It was getting late when I pulled into Cherry’s neighborhood. It looked like most of the community was home for the night; cars in driveways and no one out on the sidewalks. I turned onto her street and quickly found Cherry’s home but knew better than to stop in front of her place. I parked a few houses down the street.

Cherry and her Mom lived in a Ranch style home that had a lot of large trees and shrubs for landscaping. I only saw one light on in the house and since I was still texting her, I figured it might be Cherry’s room. I walked back towards her place as though I belonged in the area while being careful to look and make sure no one was peering out of their windows at me. Just as I was about to pass her place, I took one more look around and ducked behind some bushes and texted Cherry.

“What are you doing?”
She texted back, “Nothing. You?”
“Just sitting here. Wishing I could see you,” I texted back.
“Yeah, me too,” she replied.
“Is your mom still up?” I asked.
“No. Why?”
As I made my way to what turned out to be her window, I explained, “I want to play a game. Are you interested?”
She replied, “Oh that sounds like fun. What kind of game do you have in mind?”
I said, “It’s a game of pretend; I want you to pretend that I’m there and you are putting on a show for me.”
Cherry said, “Ok; what kind of show would you like?”
Not wanting to limit her options, I said, “It’s your choice. But the only rule is: whatever you say you are doing, you have to actually do it—no cheating!”

Cherry agreed to the terms of the game, locked her bedroom door, and began giving me a full narration of what she was doing. Completely unaware that I could see her every move, she put on some music and said that she was doing a slow, sexy dance while pretending it was me she saw in the mirror. Her hands explored her body; occasionally slipping under her t-shirt and yoga shorts. A few minutes later, she was slipping the t-shirt over her head. Until that point, I had thought she was wearing a bra because of how her magnificent breasts were standing—but they were standing proud without assistance! Cherry told me she was now topless and that she was playing with her nipples. So far she wasn’t breaking any rules! She continued her sexy dance for me and turned around to stick her cute butt out towards the mirror. She was almost facing me, but I could see the reflection of her hot ass. Her hips began to gyrate in large, slow circles as if she was using a hula-hoop in slow motion. Her thumbs hooked into the waist of her skin-tight shorts and she inched them down while slowly spinning around. Her lacy panties came into view at an agonizingly slow rate. They were low-rise with the wide sides that turned into a thong while still covering the top half of her butt. Eventually, her yoga shorts were bunched up at the top of her legs and just under her ass cheeks. Cherry stuck her butt back at the mirror and, while looking over her shoulder at her reflection, she smacked her ass so hard she hurt her own hand a little. She turned back around and I could already see a bright red hand print on her cheek as she continued quietly narrating her strip tease. The yoga shorts were wiggled down and discarded in a pile with her t-shirt and she began teasing with her panties. Before long, they were sliding their way down her sexy legs and added to the pile. She was now completely naked except for the necklace she wore and still looking/dancing in her mirror.

I said, “I can’t believe how incredibly sexy you are.”
She said, “I just wish you were here—right now.”
I said, “Oh? What would you do if I was there now?”
Cherry answered, “I’d want you to touch me…”
I asked, “Where?”
She placed her hands between her legs while she squeezed her thighs together and used her upper arms to squeeze her tits and said, “Right here!”

I was long since turned on by her show, but now I just wanted to jump through her window and take her right there in her bedroom!

I said, “Why don’t you get on your bed and pretend I’m there with you?”

Cherry did as I suggested and lay down on her bed which had at least a dozen various stuffed animals on it. She opened her legs wide and began to masturbate right in front of me. I had a great view, but I wished I was even closer.

She said, “Oh god, David; I wish you were here. I loved feeling you inside of me! It was so warm and smooth. And I loved how it felt as it glided in and out and how slippery it was. And when you came in me—so hot and wet…MMMM…. But my favorite thing was how I could feel your heartbeat as your big cock throbbed inside my pussy. That was so sexy and amazing!”

The fingers of Cherry’s right hand were dancing around her clit while her left hand massaged her breasts. Her hips were thrusting up off of the bed as she continued narrating to me and trying to get herself off.

I couldn’t take much more and asked, “What would you do to have me there right now?”
She answered without hesitation, “Anything! I’d do anything to have you here right now!”
Unable to resist I said, “What if I told you that all you had to do was open your bedroom window? Would you open it?”
Not understanding what I was telling her, she answered, “I’d open it in a flash…”
I held back my laugh and said, “Then open it; open your window!”
Cherry stopped masturbating as my words began to register and could only muster, “Huh?”
I said, “Knock-knock…”
Thinking I was telling a joke, she asked the next part, “Who’s there?”
I replied, “I am.”
“I am, who?” she asked.
I said, “It’s not a joke: I’m there; I’m here!”

Cherry leaped from her bed and was at her window in an instant. She pulled the curtain back and the light from her room illuminated my face. She gasped in shock.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?! What are you DOING here?!” she asked in a whispered yell as she opened her window.
Crawling through the now open window I said, “Yes I’m crazy—I had to see you!”
She said, “Oh my god! We have to be quiet! If my Mom wakes up…”
I shook my head and whispered, “Don’t worry: I’ll be like a mouse in church—promise!

I half expected Cherry to grab her clothes and put them on ‘just in case’ her mom woke up and busted us—at least then she could say that she had no idea I was coming over (which would have been true). But instead, she began taking my clothes off of me! My shorts and boxers were around my ankles before either of us remembered that I had shoes on. I began kicking them off and Cherry got to work on stripping my shirt over my head. I still had one shoe on (and nothing else) as Cherry pulled me onto her bed on top of her. We kissed deeply like we had not seen each other in years as I attempted to kick the other shoe off. Finally succeeding, it landed on the floor with a thud and we both froze at the sudden sound. Figuring it out I said, “shoe,” and we were back at it.

Cherry’s legs wrapped tightly around me but my cock was pinned between us and the shaft pressed firmly into her swollen clit. I began to thrust back and forth over it to keep it stimulated and Cherry moaned into my mouth. She broke our kiss just enough to whisper, “Now—put it in me now!”

Not one to make a young lady beg, I moved back, lined myself up to her dripping wet vagina and pushed forward. Cherry exhaled in relief with a hushed ‘YESSSSSSS’ as my cock slid into home base. She had her arms around my back and smiled bright as she looked into my eyes. A few hairs were running down her face; I brushed them behind her ear with one hand and traced her jaw line to her chin before kissing her again. Our bodies rocked together slowly to make sure her bed didn’t make any ‘obvious sounds’ that would wake her mother.

Cherry broke our kiss and said, “You are crazy; you know that right?”
I nodded my head and said, “Crazy about you…”
She said, “Thank you for coming to see me…” Then something entered her thoughts. “OH SHIT!” she whispered.
Startled, I looked around to see no one there and asked, “What—what’s wrong?”
Cherry explained, “You can’t cum inside me!”
Thinking I understood why I asked, “Is it your fertile time of your cycle?”
She answered, “No; it’s not that—my period is only three or four days away.”
“Then what’s the problem?” I asked.
Cherry said, “It’s my Mom: she does the laundry. If she finds a big cum stain on the sheets, she’s going to know what happened!”
I agreed with her, “Shit… What do we do?”
She said, “I don’t know. I want to feel it squirt inside of me so bad!”

Suddenly I had an idea. I grabbed my shirt from the floor, folded it a few times and placed it under her ass before resuming our position. Cherry seemed satisfied with my plan and quickly forgot about the sheets. As my cock glided back inside of her, Cherry let out a slow hiss that lasted until my balls pressed into her ass and we continued our slow, passionate love making. We locked eyes as we quietly made Love and I noticed how Cherry’s hair moved against her pillow with each of my snail-paced thrusts into her. Her face was positively radiant with her broad smile and I could see her eyes sparkle—even in the darkness of her room.

I kissed my way down to Cherry’s breast to take a nipple in my mouth while gently massaging her other breast with my hand. In doing so, My cock backed out of her until just two or three inches were left inside of her. I was making short strokes in and out while licking and sucking on her nipples. In this new position and as luck would have it, I found her G spot! I could feel the head of my dick rubbing against it with each short stroke. Cherry’s legs shot out to each side of me; putting her in a full split on her back. She was quickly going into ecstasy and was biting her lower lip in attempt to stifle her high-pitched squeals and moans. Her incredibly tight vagina began to clamp down tighter on me and I could feel pulsing on the top side of my rock solid cock. I knew she was having an orgasm and that brought on my own. I quickly pushed in as deep as I could go and blasted her cervix with cum from point-blank range. Cherry screamed at the sensation like a mouse being attacked by a cat before she grabbed the stuffed bear next to her, jammed it into her face and finished her orgasmic scream into it.

Before our orgasms were even finished pulsing, Cherry whispered, “Don’t move—stay still for a minute…”
I did as she asked and she said, “Can you feel that? I feel your heartbeat inside of me!”
Vaguely aware of it, I nodded and said, “Yeah, I feel it, too.”
“I love that feeling so much!” she whispered. Then she continued, saying, “Almost as much as I Love you!”

Cherry was making a reference to the first time I told her that I loved her just a few days ago and I picked up on it immediately.

“Really?” I asked. “You love me?”

Cherry just nodded emphatically and smiled so wide that it turned into an overjoyed laugh. That was the first time she actually said the words to me and I was in heaven.

“I’ve never been in Love before you; you are the first one I’ve ever said that to,” Cherry confessed.
I said, “I know I’m in Love with you.” Then I teased her by asking, “But if this is your first time being in Love, how do you know it is real Love?”
In complete seriousness, Cherry whispered, “Because: I can feel it right here,” and she pointed to her upper stomach. She said, “It feels funny—warm and tingly—right here when I think about you and I think about you all of the time. When I’m with you my heart races for no reason and nothing in the world matters and time stands still. But when we have to part, it feels like we were only together for a few seconds. And every second we are apart feels like an hour—or even a day. Each minute I have to wait to see you is an eternity. That’s how I know.”

Unable to say it any better myself, I said, “That’s exactly how I feel about you,” and I kissed her again. My dick was still just as hard as it ever was and still buried to the hilt in her, but we were both just resting that way. I checked to make sure my shirt was still in place under us (and it was) before I pulled out of her. I grabbed the shirt and caught what little of our juices dribbled out of her and Cherry rolled to her side as I repositioned to spoon behind her. She spotted the clock on her dresser.

She whispered, “I didn’t realize it was so late; we’ve been making Love for hours!”
I said, “Wow, you’re right; and you have school in the morning. I hate to, but I should probably go so you can sleep.”
With a sleepy voice she asked, “Not yet? Can you put it back in me again? I want to fall asleep with it in me. Don’t go until I’m sleeping? Ok?”

I agreed and she lifted her leg slightly so I could re-enter her before she let her leg rest again. Cherry turned her head to look back over her shoulder at me for a moment and I kissed her goodnight. My arm was under her head and she used it for a pillow while I wrapped both arms around her to hold her tight to me. Cherry’s hair was in my face and I made no effort to move it; preferring to enjoy the light, fruity fragrance of her shampoo.

I was barely aware of precisely when Cherry fell asleep as I was almost asleep myself. I elected to wait a little longer to make sure she was fully asleep so that I wouldn’t wake her when I attempted to move my arm out from under her head. I suddenly became strangely and vaguely aware of my Mom telling me it was time to get up. That was really bizarre because that was something that had not happened since I lived at home with my parents. I was trying to make sense of it when, in an instant, I was flying through the air as though I’d just been hit by a bus. My arms and legs instinctively shot out in attempt to grab on to something to catch me, but found only more air. I first hit the wall and then the floor. It was only then that I realized there was entirely too much natural light in the room for the middle of the night and Cherry was hushing me before I could utter a sound. Clearly I had fallen asleep and it was morning! Cherry’s Mom was waking her for school and wanted to know why her door was locked. I (along with Cherry) was at a new level of panic!

“Just a second!” Cherry yelled to her Mom through her door.
“Cherry, you open this door right now!” her mom demanded.

A shoe hit me in the head moments before another landed on my crotch followed by my clothes. The dead are not as silent or still as I was at that moment. I was certain, however, that the world could hear my pounding heart!

“Cherry Chastain: if you don’t open this door this instant–!”
“OK MOM! Just a second! JEEZ!”

I could see Cherry’s feet from under the bed and I knew that she was still naked. In full panic, she unlocked the door and opened it just enough to poke her head around from behind the door. Her Mom wasn’t satisfied with that and pushed her way into the room.

“What the hell, Cherry? Why are you naked? And why does it smell funny in here???” she demanded.
“MOM! Get OUT, PLEASE?!” Cherry said almost at the same time.
“Answer me! What are you doing?”
Thinking quickly, Cherry said, “Fine: if you MUST know…I was…UGH! I was….you know!”
Her mom said, “No I don’t; what are you doing in here?!”
Cherry groaned, “I was…masturbating. THERE! Are you happy now?”
“Oh, for Christ’s sakes, Cherry! Knock it off and get ready for school!”
“OK! Can I just have some privacy? PLEASE?” Cherry nearly demanded.
“Fine; you have an hour before the bus comes. You’re not a little kid: act like it and keep an eye on the time! I shouldn’t have to tell you this!”
“I know Mom…I got it…”

With that, Cherry’s Mom left her alone to get ready. I was unable to move. I heard the door lock again and Cherry jumped on the bed, peering over the side to check on me.

She whispered, “I’m glad you are still here, but WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!”
“I fell asleep—sorry!” was my only pleading defense.

Cherry stretched down to me and kissed me good morning before taking my hand to pull me up from my hiding place. It was only then that it dawned on me that she was ‘the bus’ that hit/shoved me, sending me flying through the air. I crawled over her bed and we were both still naked.

Cherry put a finger over her lips and whispered, “Come on; let’s get a shower.”

She opened what I thought was a closet door and it led to her own private bathroom; her closet was on the opposite side of it. I was relieved to know that I was going to get to use the bathroom because I was about to burst! I lifted the toilet seat and Cherry stopped me in my tracks.

She silently yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ARE YOU INSANE?!”
I whispered back, “What? I have to pee!”
“Have you ever heard what you sound like while peeing standing up? You can’t pee standing up!”
“Oh, yeah—right…”

She shook her head and rolled her eyes at my near stupid mistake and turned to brush her teeth. As I sat on her toilet to pee, Cherry’s tight ass, complete with a light bruise the size and shape of her hand, was right in my face, swishing side to side as she vigorously brushed her teeth. I finished before she did and stood right behind her with my hands on her hips. She smiled at me in the mirror with her mouth full of foamy paste. Everything she did was sexy to me—including something as mundane as brushing teeth! My dick was getting ideas on where it would like to be and I was powerless to stop it. Feeling the growing shaft raising to the occasion between her legs, Cherry got up on her toes and leaned forward to accommodate my growing cock. I pushed into her pussy and she pushed back on me. She rocked her hips slowly as she continued vigorously brushing her teeth. Once she was done brushing, she spit and asked if I wanted to use her toothbrush; all without ever ceasing to grind on the rigid cock inside of her. I said ‘sure’ and she handed it to me over her shoulder. Cherry stood up-right and walked off of my dick, allowing it to slap me in the stomach as she made her way over to the shower. I didn’t even bother to rinse the toothbrush off before using it myself; I just put a little more paste on it and started brushing.

Cherry started the shower and got in while I finished brushing my teeth. Once I finished, I joined her in the shower—standing behind her. She was still rinsing down and I reached for her shampoo. I poured a generous hand full of the fruity, fragrant goo and began massaging it into her hair as the water cascaded down her chest, stomach and legs. Soap bubbles formed and I watched as they ran down her incredibly sexy back. Some bubbles (the ‘lucky’ ones) ran right down the crack of her ass. When she felt like her hair was clean enough, she turned around to face me, handed me a pink bar of soap and began letting the water rinse her hair. I knew what the soap was for and it wasn’t for me. I washed her from top to bottom; paying extra attention to the areas that needed it after last night!

She noticed my still raging hard-on, grabbed it and whispered, “Oops. Did I do that?”
Trying to keep the talking to a minimum, I just nodded my head, ‘yes’.
She said, “Well, we can’t leave it like that, now can we? I’ll make you a deal: you put conditioner in my hair, and I’ll take care of this. Ok?”
I whispered, “Deal!”

Cherry Turned back around and pushed her butt right back into my cock. While I put the conditioner in her hair as agreed, she was grinding her sexy ass against my cock. I thought I might give her a sperm tramp stamp if this lasted much longer, but she had other ideas. We traded places in the shower; the water was at my back while the conditioner in her hair was being given time to ‘soak in’. Cherry put her hands on my shoulders and lifted one knee up to my waist. I hooked my arm under her knee with my hand on her hip. Then she held on to my neck as she jumped up to bring her other leg up and I caught it the same way as the other. I raised her up enough to get my cock lined up before lowering her back down on my rigid and slippery pole.

Even before her ass came to rest on my pelvis, Cherry said almost too loud, “Oh god that feels so amazing—so deep!”

With her weight being supported by her knees over my forearms and my hands holding her ass, I was able to penetrate her like never before. I could actually feel her cervix rub against the tip of my cock with every move we made. Cherry’s mouth hung open as she gasped for breath with sharp squeaks; both in and out. She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself forward and up to help relieve some of the pressure on the entrance to her womb while using her legs to control the pace and depth of our thrusts. She began moan much louder and I kissed her deeply to try and mute her building orgasm. It wasn’t working too well and I feared her Mom would hear us for sure; but there was no way we could stop now! Cherry’s head began to vibrate and she could neither breathe in nor out. Her eyes were as wide open as her mouth as she stared into my eyes. Just seeing her beautiful, wet face in the throes of sexual bliss had my orgasm on edge. I thought about how she said she was in Love with me and it was no longer possible to hold back the flood gates; I lowered her down until my cock head crashed into her cervix again and once again blew a tremendous load right on it. Her pussy contracted almost violently as she began a loud string of hums consisting mostly of the letters ‘N’ and ‘M’. A gush of fluid erupted from her, pooling momentarily between our conjoined pelvises before slowly draining down my legs.

“Oh god; I’m so sorry,” Cherry whispered some-what horrified.
As quietly as I could I asked, “Why?”
Cherry said, “I think I just peed on you.”
I laughed and explained, “That wasn’t pee; you had a major orgasm!”
She thought for a moment and said, “It did feel really good—a lot better than peeing…”
I said, “Trust me: it was your vagina squeezing out built up fluids while you had your orgasm.”

Cherry leaned in to kiss me again as she moved to pull herself up and off of me. We rinsed off again under the still hot, running water. The sight of her naked in front of me was doing nothing to get my swollen dick to return to its normal state, but it was time to get out of the shower. She turned the water off, pulled the curtain back, and handed me a towel.

I whispered, “Won’t your Mom wonder why there are two wet towels?”
She said, “I always use two,” and pointed to her body and then her hair.

We dried off; she made due with using one towel before resorting to the blow drier to finish the job. I was completely dressed while she was still naked and drying her hair. I loved watching her go through her morning routine—even though my presence was a major change to it—I was still getting an idea of what she did every day. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and sat down on her vanity stool. Knowing what she was about to do, I wanted to ‘help’, so I went to her and took the lotion from her while kneeling in front of her. Cherry smiled and extended one leg out to me as I poured a generous amount of lotion into my palm. I rubbed it into her skin with pleasure; enjoying every square inch of her firm, shapely legs. The lotion had been absorbed long before I finished massaging her legs and feet.

She stood and winked as she passed by me on the way to her closet. She selected a basic pair of cotton panties and put them on. Then she put on a sports bra that was unusually tight like the one she wore at practice; it squeezed her large tits in so much that it was a wonder the bra didn’t tear from the pressure. I wondered why she was selecting these items to wear, but then she pulled out her cheerleading uniform on a hangar. I looked at her quizzically.

She said, “Rival game tonight; big pep-rally during school; we wear our uniforms today.”

I nodded in understanding as she began to don her uniform. The uniform was red and white with the large, block letters ‘MHS’ across the chest. Like most guys my age, I’d fantasized about watching a cheerleader striping out of her uniform; I’d never considered how sexy it might be to watch her put one on until now. Cherry finished getting dressed and bent over at the waist while flipping her hair up and putting it into a ponytail high up on the crown of her head. She stood straight and pulled the ponytail tight; checking her work in her mirror. Satisfied with her hair, she began to apply some light makeup. She was beautiful without makeup, but she became like a super model with it. I watched as her red eyelashes became black with her mascara—not sure which way I liked them more. She applied some eyeliner and lipstick and she was ready to stop traffic! She put on some antiperspirant and some perfume before a pair of ankle socks and white sneakers completed her ensemble. She stood, feet together and presented herself for my approval which I gave readily.

“Do I look ok?” she asked.
I said, “In a word, you look gorgeous!”

Cherry smiled and gave me a kiss that lingered longer than I thought it would (and I was NOT complaining). Our kiss was interrupted by her Mom yelling from the kitchen.

“Cherry, you are going to be late! Get it moving!” her Mom yelled.
As we broke our kiss, Cherry yelled, “I’m almost ready! I’ll be right there!” Then she whispered to me with a sad face, “I have to go…”
I nodded in understanding and asked, “How am I going to get out of here without your Mom catching me?”
She said, “I’m going to have her drive me to school. I’ll text you when it’s safe to leave; just leave out the back so no one sees you.”
She was inching towards the door when I said, “Hey—before you go: I Love you!”

Cherry seemed to spring from her spot and leaped into my arms in one movement; wrapping her legs around me. The suddenness of the move had me off balance for a second. She seemed not to notice as she grabbed my face and planted a deep kiss to my lips. Our tongues found each other and slowly danced together.

Cherry broke our kiss to whisper in my ear, “I Love you, too, David.”

Knowing it would only be moments before her Mom was yelling for her again, Cherry got down, went to the door and waited for me to hide again before she opened it to leave. I was surprised that she didn’t close the door behind her, but figured maybe she never closed it and didn’t want to ‘tip her hand’ to her Mom. I could hear the conversation between the two of them.

“Mom, I need you to drive me to school today.”
“Oh for crying out loud! Why did you wait until the last second to tell me? Why don’t you get a ride with Olivia?”
Cherry explained, “I was going to, but she had to leave earlier to go and pick up Lacy”
Her Mom said, “Well, if you weren’t messing around in the shower, maybe you would have been on time to get a ride with her!”
“I wasn’t messing around in the show—“
Her Mom interrupted, “Oh don’t even try, Cherry! I could hear you in there masturbating again! You think I don’t know what it sounds like when a girl is getting herself off?!”
“MOM! Can we NOT talk about this?”
Cherry’s Mom wasn’t too quick to drop the subject, but tried to change the direction of the conversation. “It’s ok to masturbate: everyone does it. You just need to be more responsible with WHEN you do it.”
“Gee, thanks Mom. Now can we invite all of the neighbors over and tell them all about it, too?” That would complete my embarrassment!”
“There’s no need to be embarrassed about masturbating!”
“MOM! Can you stop SAYING THAT?”
Her Mom asked, “Saying what? Masturbate? What else am I supposed to call it?”
“I don’t know! Call it ‘personal time’ or ‘private time’ or something; just don’t say…THAT!”

I could hear their voices fading as the front door opened and then closed behind them. The conversation became muffled and then muted, but I knew it most likely continued all of the way to Cherry’s school. A few minutes after they left, I got a text from Cherry.

It said, ‘Good morning! How was your night?’
I laughed while understanding it was both her signal and a cover in case her Mom saw it. I texted back and said, ‘Good morning to you! I had a great night! You?’
She texted, ‘pretty good’ and added a face icon with its tongue sticking out—an indication that she was being far less than serious.

Not wanting to waste any time in making my getaway, I emerged from my hiding place and opted to go back out through Cherry’s window. The surrounding bushes gave me a better chance at not being spotted. I closed the window behind me and looked around to make sure no one was in the area before stepping out into the side yard. I made my way towards the street and a guy spotted me. Clearly, he knew I didn’t belong there.

Thinking quickly, I looked away from him and yelled, “Jackie! Here girl!” and began to whistle for my fictitious dog. I asked the guy, “Did you see a little Jack Russell Terrier come running through here?”

He said, “No, sorry,” and I said, “My daughter accidently let her out—KIDS!”
The guy agreed saying, “Tell me about it—I’ve got three. Good luck, buddy”

I thanked him and said that it wasn’t the first time and the dog always comes back—but you have to go look anyway. He laughed in understanding and I walked towards my car without saying another word. As I got close to my car, I looked back to make sure he wasn’t watching me. The guy was nowhere to be seen, so I got in my car and headed home.

Once I was in the car, I began to reflect on my amazing night with the Love of my life. It was the best, most exciting and simultaneously scary night of my life, but something was bothering me and I didn’t know what it was. I knew it was something that was said, but as I went over it in my head, nothing was ‘jumping out at me’.

I entered my apartment and went to get a change of clothes; still unable to shake the thought that something was ‘wrong’. I was thinking about how we didn’t use any birth control, but that shouldn’t be a problem since she said her period was four days away at the most. Four days isn’t long enough for an egg to be fertilized and implant itself before her period comes; so that wasn’t it.

I changed and flopped down on my bed; lost in thought. I could still smell Cherry’s scent on me—her perfume was so light yet sweet. But I could also smell her sex on me. That was strange since we both had a shower already. Then I remembered something: her panties hanging on my headboard. That’s when the missing pieces clicked into place. Unprotected sex when four days away from her period is fairly safe, but SEVEN days is pushing it! Especially when she is still in her teens—girls her age often have a ‘wider window’ for being able to conceive and have a viable pregnancy. And if she was off her schedule even by a day or two, we would have a serious problem!

The thought of pregnancy was of no real concern to me when we first had sex because I didn’t know then what I knew now (after the conversation with her Mom). I had mixed emotions at the possible predicament we could be facing. My first thoughts were of how awful it would be for Cherry to have to face her entire school as they watched her stomach grow; telling the story for her about the details of her personal life. Her true friends would be supportive, but so many more would ridicule her and say nasty things behind her back (or even to her face). She would have to quit the cheerleading team that she loved so much. Of course, she would have my complete support! I would do anything and everything to make sure she and our baby were taken care of. And I couldn’t imagine anyone I’d rather have as the mother of my child—it was just not the right time.

I was wrestling with my thoughts all day when I got a text from Cherry. I hadn’t even realized it was mid-afternoon.

Her text said, ‘Just got out of school. What did you do today (besides me)? LOL’
I texted back, ‘Just thought about you all day.’
Cherry sent me a smiley face and a heart.
I sent back, ‘?4U… You said 3 to 4 days away, right?’
‘?’ was her response.
I replied, ‘until you get your…’friend’’.
Understanding she texted, ‘Oh, yeah. Y?’
‘Because 3 days ago…!’

Instead of a text, my phone rang. Seeing it was her, I answered saying, “Hey…”
Cherry’s voice had a smile to it as she said, “You are so crazy! Did you forget? Three days ago was my first time!”
Not understanding what her point was, I said, “What does that mean?”
She explained her logic, “You can’t get pregnant when it’s your first time!”
My heart sunk to have to tell her, “Cherry—babe—you absolutely CAN get pregnant your first time. It happens all of the time.”
Still neither convinced nor worried, she asked, “Are you sure?”
I said, “Yeah; I’m sure.”
Cherry thought for a moment before saying matter-of-fact, “Well, if I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant. And hopefully Mom will wait until after I have the baby before she kills me! Seriously, though: don’t worry about it for now. We’ll know in a few days and we’ll go from there. OK?”

I just said, “Ok,” not sure if she was simply putting on a brave face or if she was truly not worried. Either way, I admired her for her reaction.

Changing the subject, she asked, “Are you still coming to the game tonight?”
Almost laughing I said, “YEAH! Of course! I wouldn’t miss it.”
“The game starts at 7:00, but you can show up earlier if you want. It’s $5 to get in.”
I joked, “I think I can come up with that much cash on short notice. I’ll sell some of my stuff if I have to…”
“Funny guy… Oh, here comes my Mom; I gotta go.”

We quickly said our ‘goodbyes’ and told each other ‘I Love you’ before ending the call. Once off of the phone, I was already anxious to see her again. Even though I knew it was too soon, I got ready for the game and left.

I parked roughly in the middle of the school parking lot. There were plenty of open spaces a lot closer to the gate ( I was one of the few cars in the lot), but I didn’t want my car to start catching the attention of Cherry’s Mom—I figured that by the time she came to get Cherry, the lot would be full and my car would ‘blend in’. And just in case her Mom dropped her off, I stayed in the car so that I wouldn’t be standing out by the ticket stands when she drove by. Trying to make time pass quickly while sitting alone in a parked car is difficult, but it helps if you have a smart phone with a few stupid games on it.

Sometime later, the parking lot was about 20% full and I received a text from Cherry.

‘I’m @ school. When can you get here?’
I texted back, ‘I’ll be there in…two hours ago!’
‘???? R U here?!’
I sent her a smiley face with a big grin, indicating ‘yes’.
She replied, ‘OMG! Where?!’
‘Right in the middle of the parking lot.’
‘I C U!’

Seemingly out of nowhere, I saw Cherry running the way only a girl can run when she is excited—more of a trotting, skipping run with her hands hooked together—towards me. I couldn’t contain my grin while I watched as her ponytail bounced and flew in the air rushing past and how her short uniform skirt mimicked her hair. She didn’t even slow down as she got close to my car. Electing to use it to stop her momentum, my rock rocked to the side with a thud as Cherry attempted to tackle my car. I was still reaching for the door handle when Cherry beat me to it and opened my door. She helped pull me out of the car and planted a firm kiss on me for a few seconds before she broke it to look around. She explained that “PDA” (Public Displays of Affection) was not allowed while in her uniform and she was making sure no one saw her.

We walked back in the direction she came from and sat on a bench to talk.

She said, “Last night and this morning was amazing. And I’m glad you fell asleep with me; that was so romantic.”
“YOU are amazing. And I was sure we were going to be busted when your Mom woke you up and wanted you to open the door. Nice cover story, by the way,” I said.
Cherry agreed and said, “UGH! That was SO embarrassing! I wasn’t even masturbating!”
I said, “No, but it was the perfect, acceptable explanation and she bought it. Besides, it was better than telling the truth!”
“Yeah, well, you didn’t hear the conversation after I left you in my room!”
“I heard the first part of it… You two were still talking about it on the way to the car,” I laughed.
She asked, “You think that’s funny? That conversation was still going as we sat here in the parking lot! She is STILL bringing it up!”
I said, “Oh my god, I’m sorry. But you have to admit it is kind of funny.”
Cherry elbowed me and offered, “Why don’t you spend tomorrow talking to your Dad about jerking off and come tell me how funny it is, funny guy!”
I laughed and said, “Yeah, I see your point. I’m really sorry.”
Cherry said, “It’s ok: Mom just thinks I’m flicking my bean now.”
“Flicking your bean?” I asked having never heard that particular phrase to describe it.
“Yeah, you know: double clicking the mouse; petting the kitten; Jill off…”
Before she could continue, I cut her off and said, “Oh, I get it—I just never heard that one before. ‘Jill off’; that’s a good one, too.”
Cherry was silent for a few moments before she put her head on my shoulder and asked reflectively, “Why am I so comfortable with you, David? I can say anything to you and I’m not even a little embarrassed.”
I said, “It’s probably the same reason I’m so comfortable with you: Love—plain and simple.”
Agreeing, she nodded her head against my shoulder and said, “Yeah, that’s why.”

We sat in silence for a while, just enjoying being close to each other. Then she broke the silence.

“What are you thinking about right now?”
I said, “I was just thinking about how much I’m enjoying this moment with you. I’m just as happy doing this as I was last night and this morning. What were thinking about?”
She replied, “I was thinking about what you said earlier—about if I might be pregnant.”
I thought for a second and asked, “Are you worried?”
She said, “No… A little maybe… Yes. I don’t know.”
I said, “It’s ok: I understand. I’m the same way. There are some things that I’m worried about, too. But whatever happens, just know that I’m going to be right there with you; I won’t leave you. Ok?”
Cherry nodded her head saying, “I know.” After a few more moments of thought, she added, “I just thought I’d be a little older when I would have my first baby.”
“I think you are getting ahead of yourself, Babe. We don’t even know if you are pregnant or if you COULD be. Couples often have to have sex multiple times a day for days on end to get pregnant. It’s actually kind or rare to conceive after a single encounter.”
Cherry said, “Really?”
“Sure,” I said. “You ever hear of a couple that tells people that they are trying to have a baby? Well that’s what they are doing: having a lot of sex every day until they succeed.”

Cherry seemed to reluctantly buy what I was selling her. I felt bad for bending the truth to such an extreme to her, but I didn’t want her to worry.

A few moments later, Cherry stood and pulled me up with her. She took my hand and said that she wanted to show me around her school. Of course, I went with her and she gave me the ‘grand tour’; pointing out where her classes were and she showed me her locker. Thoughts of pregnancy and babies seemed to have vanished from her head. She had a spring to her step and her voice was her usual cheery tone. We made our way back towards the front of the school and she could tell by the level of activity outside that she needed to make her way to the field. I got in line at the ticket stands and she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. Before I realized what she was doing, she told the guy collecting tickets ‘he’s with me’ and he waved me in. Cherry saw the look of disbelief on my face and she just smiled and winked at me.

I said, “Wow! It really pays to have a hot girlfriend in a cute cheerleading uniform!” Cherry smiled again and I added, “It paid $5 in this case…” That comment earned me a swift punch in the arm! But it was worth the bruise that was sure to result.

The rest of the team was already setting up their area and Cherry went to join them while I took a spot along the fence near them. They had a little meeting and I presumed they were going over routine schedule changes or something. But for all I knew, they were talking about the latest Hollywood gossip.

As the clock got closer to 7:00, the stadium (which only covered the length of one side of the field) filled to capacity and there were almost as many spectators on the grounds around the field as in the stands. The marching band played a lively cadence as they marched to the end of the field and the football team began making their way to the field. Cherry and the rest of the cheerleaders held up a large paper banner on the field that had a football player sporting the opposing team’s colors in the ‘set’ position. The banner (of course) called for ‘our’ team to tear the visitors to shreds. The game announcer introduced the football team and they tore through the banner in a symbolic gesture of what they hoped to accomplish that night.

Cherry’s squad took position in front of the capacity crowd and started their opening cheer. They had everyone alternately shouting the home team’s colors of ‘red’ and ‘white’ and soon the spectators were electrified ( I was, anyway).

The game started and I barely noticed; focused on my sexy girlfriend. The squad would pay attention to the game for a few minutes before turning back to the stadium to lead them in giving oral support of the players on field. I was mesmerized by Cherry as she cheered; her genuine smile, bright eyes, and level of energy were almost incomprehensible. She would shoot a glance over to me and smile periodically, perhaps just pleased that I was watching her and not the game. The guy standing next to me apparently noticed that I was focused on Cherry.

He nudged me and said, “Forget it, dude.”
I looked at him for a moment before returning my gaze to Cherry and said, “Forget what?”
He elaborated, “You’re staring at the redhead, aren’t you?” It wasn’t a question as much as it was a statement.
I said, “I’m looking at an angel on Earth.”
He said, “Well, do yourself a favor and look away. A girl that hot—you’d have to be a millionaire to snag her.”
I didn’t want to burst his bubble and said, “I’m far from being a millionaire, but hey, you never know.”
“Trust me,” he said, “you don’t have a chance.”

I was enjoying this little conversation and decided to mess with him a bit.

I said, “I think I might have a chance; as much chance as anyone else.”
He scoffed, “Yeah, just like you have a chance of winning the lottery! If she even talked to you, you’d be smart to go buy a ticket!”
I said, “I’ll bet you the price of a lottery ticket that I can get her to come over here and talk to me before this game is over.”
The guy nearly choked on the toothpick in his mouth and said, “Oh, you’re on! I’ve been coming to all of these games and she never talks to any guys.”

We shook hands on the unfair bet and he said, “You just made a sucker’s bet, buddy.” He was right about it being a sucker’s bet; he was just wrong about which of us was the sucker.

A few minutes later, the stadium roared to life and I looked up just in time to see one of our receivers catch the ball in the end zone to score a touchdown.

The guy next to me said, “OH! Watch this!” But I saw nothing unusual before he said, “Oh, she didn’t do it. That’s odd.”
Not knowing what he was talking about, I said, “What?”
He said, “Normally she does this ‘thing’ when we get a touchdown. I can’t describe it but it is pretty killer.”

I looked over at Cherry and she had a slightly worried look on her face and the other girl’s were talking to her. It looked like she was reassuring them and they were one by one giving her some space.

Then the guy I made the bet with said, “Maybe she’s not feeling well. She’s holding her stomach.”

The moment he said that, I knew what was on her mind. She was worried about doing something that might jeopardize her possible pregnancy. It was only then that I realized she had been holding her stomach in idle moments since she took the field. Like an idiot, I’d thought she was simply adjusting her uniform before.

The guy next to me said he’d be back after he went to use the bathroom and while he was gone, I motioned to Cherry to ask if she was ‘ok’. She ran over to me to see what I wanted to say.

I asked, “Are you ok?”
She said, “Yeah, why?”
I explained, “Well, the guy that was here a minute ago said you weren’t doing something that you normally do when they score. And I saw you holding your stomach, so…”
Cherry said, “No, I’m fine. I just don’t want to…risk anything. You know?”
I motioned for her to come closer and I whispered in her ear, “Babe: you don’t have to worry about that. If it’s true, it’s nothing more than a single, fertilized cell. You can’t hurt it by anything you could do out there—believe me—it is safe!”
She asked, “Are you sure? What if—“
I said, “I’m 100% positive. You could go racing dirt bikes over large rocks and not hurt anything at this stage!”
She said, “Ok; if you are sure,” and turned to rejoin her squad.
Before she got far, I called her back and said, “Do me a favor? When the guy that was here before comes back, pretend we are strangers and play hard to get with me but then give me your number before the game is over?”
Cherry looked at me strangely for a second and asked rhetorically, “What HAVE you two been talking about?”
As she turned to skip back to the rest of the squad, I said, “Thanks, Babe! Love you!”

She turned around and stopped at the same time and puckered her lips at me before joining her friends. Two minutes later, my ‘buddy’ was back.

“Did I miss anything?” he asked.
I lied and said, “Nope; not a thing.”

After our little talk, Cherry’s self consciousness seemed to vanish entirely. She was no longer holding her stomach, at least. About ten minutes later, any question I may have had about where her mind was melted when our team scored again. I was looking towards the end zone to see who scored when the guy next to me said, “Oh! There she goes!”

I turned my attention immediately back to where Cherry had been, only to find she was running at full speed towards the end zone. I knew instantly that, in a race, there was NO chance of me keeping up with her! I had no idea what she was doing, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out. When she was near the 30 yard line, she took a long skip through the air and came down into a perfect cartwheel which turned into at least two or three more, followed by a no-hands cartwheel, rotating in mid air, and she began doing so many fast, back hand springs that I couldn’t count them if I was watching her in slow motion! On the last back hand spring, she LAUNCHED into the air and did at least two flips and who knows how many twists before executing a perfect landing facing back towards the stands. The crowd went nuts!!!

I stood there like I was brain-dead; mouth hung open, unable to believe what I just saw. The rest of the squad was still running after her and periodically jumping and doing splits in the air as she skipped her way back to them.

As the volume of the fans returned to normal levels, the guy next to me said, “Can you believe that shit? THAT is talent!”
I just shook my head to the first question before nodding to the second.
He continued, “And look at that ass! Damn, what I wouldn’t do for a piece of that!”
I wasn’t sure if I should have been proud or pissed at that point. But I played it down by saying, “Take it easy: that’s my girlfriend you’re talking about.”
Not realizing I was telling the truth, he said, “Your girlfriend? Hell, she’s my future wife; I saw her first!”
I looked at him for a second and said, “You can’t call ‘dibs’ on a girl you have never talked to. I’m getting that number tonight, so you’re shit-out of luck.”
He laughed so hard he almost fell down. “You think you are getting HER number?! You belong in the nut house—no offense!”
Without looking away from Cherry I said, “Double or nothing I get her phone number tonight.”
He was shaking with laughter and said, “Four dollars? Ok; I’ll even give you 10 to one odds!”
I looked at him and he continued, “You pull that redhead’s number and I’ll give you forty bucks. You fail like I know you will, you owe me four dollars.”

We shook on his ‘sucker’s bet’ and I had to bite my tongue to keep my composure.

After Cherry’s gymnastic tumble, she didn’t look in my direction very much; clearly playing ‘hard to get’ like I asked her to do. My ‘buddy’ kept laughing about how I was ‘never getting that number’ and that I should just go ahead and hand over the four dollars. Every once in a while she would look in our direction and I’d motion for her, but she would just look away like she either didn’t see or wasn’t interested. Each time ‘buddy’ would start laughing at me again.

It was late in the fourth quarter and the home team had long since secured the win. Thinking of a way to signal Cherry that it was time for her to come and help me complete my charade with this guy, I reached into my wallet and pulled out a random business card and held it up for her to see. I think the card was for a car wash place, but it didn’t matter. Cherry got permission from Olivia to come over and when she reached the fence in front of me, ‘buddy’ was paying close attention.

Cherry said, “Yes?” as she took the card. Before I could say anything, she handed me the card back and asked, “What’s this?”
Taking the card back I said, “This? This was just to get you come over here.”
She asked, “Why?”
I said, “I needed to put a voice to the woman.”
Cherry said, “Oh, please—can’t you do better than that?”
She turned to leave and I said, “Wait! You’re right; that was stupid to use a cheesy pick up line on you. I’m sorry. The truth is…”

Cherry looked at me like I was a stranger and she was ready to shoot me down once and for all.

I continued, “The truth is: you captivated me tonight. And while you are very beautiful and talented, it wasn’t even that which captured my eye. It is how full of life and how spirited you are.”
Cherry replied, “Well, I AM a cheerleader…”
I said, “No: those girls over there are cheerleaders. You are more than just a cheerleader. There is something special about you that I’ve never seen in another person. I guess I was just hoping maybe we could meet for coffee or something and talk; get to know each other…no pressure.”
She was quiet for a moment and said, “Ok. Sure. What the hell?”
I said, “If you feel uncomfortable with giving me your number, I can give you mine so we can set up a time and place.”
Cherry smiled and said, “Such a gentleman—it’s ok—hand me your phone and I’ll add it to your contacts.”

I handed her my phone and she pretended to add her contact info (which was, of course, already in my phone). As she handed my phone back to me, she stuck out her hand and ‘introduced herself’.

“I’m Cherry, by the way.”
“David; It is a pleasure to meet you, Cherry,” I said while shaking her hand.
“Nice to meet you, too. I’ll see you later, then?”
I agreed, “See you later.”

With that, Cherry smiled and ran back to her squad. My ‘buddy’ was no longer laughing; standing in shock at what he just saw transpire.

“How the FUCK did you do that?”
I said, “You saw for yourself: girls like that, you have to talk to them like they are a person and not just a ‘piece of ass’.”
He said, “Well, shit. I saw it and I still don’t know how you did it. But, a bet is a bet.” Handing me the payout from the sucker’s bet, he said, “It was worth it just to see it.” He stuck out his hand and said, “Name’s Jim, by the way.”
Shaking his hand I said, “David.”

A few minutes before the game ended, Jim left and I watched my knockout girlfriend in peace as the game wrapped up. Once officially over, Cherry came over to me and asked how she did.

I said, “You were spectacular! I had no idea you could move like that! Where did you learn to do that?”
Cherry said, “I used to take gymnastics before I started cheerleading. I love doing gymnastics, but I don’t like all of the competitions with the behind-the-scenes politics, fighting and bitching. Competitions are very rigid with how you have to act and it just sucks the fun out of it. With cheerleading, I can still do the tumbling and let the real ‘me’ show.”
I said, “Well you were nothing less than incredible tonight!”

Cherry thanked me with a hug and we went to collect her things. She checked her phone and saw she had a text message from her Mom.

“UGH. Mom will be here in a few minutes,” she said.
“When can I see you again?” I asked.
Cherry said, “I don’t know. Coming to the house is way too dangerous on the weekend and I’m still grounded, so….”
I sighed in resignation and said, “I know—it’s ok: we’ll think of something.”

The crowd was quickly filtering out into the parking lot leaving few of us left in the stadium. Cherry led me to an area on the far side of the stands that were deserted and we found a small area that afforded a reasonable amount of privacy. I assumed she wanted to give me a quick kiss goodbye without fear of getting in trouble. I fell short with that assumption.

She said, “Quick: we don’t have much time,” as she reached under her skirt and pulled her bloomers and panties to her feet in one swift move.
I asked, “Are you sure?! Here? Now?!”
“Yes, now!” she said.

I hastily dropped my pants and pulled my already growing dick through the fly of my boxers. I picked Cherry up as I had in her shower that morning, but when I tried to lower her onto my cock, she nearly jumped out of my arms.

“Wait: I’m not wet enough yet—it hurts.”

Without a word I set her on her feet and kneeled down in front of her. Facing me, she leaned up against a wall and put one leg over my shoulder as I started to lap at her pussy like a starving kitten with a bowl of milk. Her fine wisps of hair above her clit tickled my nose as my tongue darted in and around her vaginal opening. With my head under her skirt, I placed both hands on her ass cheeks to force her crotch into my face as I moved my nose from side to side; flicking her clit back and forth. Before I knew it, both of her legs were on my shoulders and her knees were splayed wide to give my oral assault full access to her moistening vagina. I wanted to continue licking her for the foreseeable future, but time was something we didn’t have a lot of at that moment.

“Ok; that’s good—do it now,” Cherry said as she pulled her legs from over my shoulders.

I picked her up again as before and set her down on my skyward pointing cock. This time it slipped inside much easier. The moment my dick head touched her cervix, her phone buzzed and we both knew her Mom was in the parking lot—waiting for her. She had her hands hooked on the back of my neck for support and we started humping like sex-starved bunnies. Our eyes were locked together and I could see Cherry’s pony tail bouncing like she was jumping on a pogo stick. Her orgasm wasn’t coming fast enough for her, so she pulled her top and sports bra off at the same time, leaving her wearing nothing but her cheerleading skirt and her socks and sneakers. Cherry straightened her back and pulled herself in close to me; putting a nipple in reach of my mouth. Needing no direction, I sucked it in hard and did my best to give her a hickey on it. A few seconds later, I switched to her other breast and gently, yet firmly, bit her nipple before rapidly licking away the minor pain.

“Oh, fuck yeah! That feels so good,” Cherry said; her voice echoing in our hiding place. “Don’t stop. I want it harder and faster!”

I increased my thrust speed and stroke length and she began to vibrate and hum out loud. The impact of our bodies was making a very pornographic slapping sound that would have been unmistakable if anyone happened to walk by. We didn’t care.

Cherry’s phone began to ring with a call the moment my load busted free from seemingly deep inside me. Her pussy suddenly gripped my cock and she squeezed me with everything she had; legs, arms, hands, and vagina. Her orgasm had her gasping and exhaling heavily through her open mouth as her phone rang insistently. Cherry reached for the phone on the ground and I squatted down with her while our mated parts continued to glide and convulse together. She picked up the phone and answered it.

We’re wrapping up now, Mom. Be right out in a minute.”
I could hear her Mom say, “What’s the hold up? Let’s go.”
Cherry said, “Um, something came up that I had to take care of—I’m coming right now.”

I leaned back and pushed my cock even harder inside of Cherry. My cock head pushed hard against her cervix, causing Cherry to gasp sharply before saying “ouch!” at the pressure.
I heard her Mom ask, “What’d you do?”
Cherry said, “Oh, nothing: I just got poked by something. I’m fine.”

She placed her free hand on my stomach to steady herself as she rose up a fraction of an inch to relieve the pressure. She ground her hips back and forth on me. I had both feet and hands planted on the cement and I was in the ‘crab walk’ position while Cherry bounced on me like she was riding a trotting horse.

Her Mom said, “Ok. Hurry up—I want to get home,” and ended the call as Cherry did the same before dropping the phone.

I said, “Well, you didn’t lie to her: we were wrapping up; and you are coming right now!”
Cherry said, “SHH. Don’t move…” She waited for a few moments and said, “There it is…” She was feeling my heartbeat again.

Our orgasms were barely finished when she dismounted me; first sliding forward and then back over my cum-soaked cock. To my surprise, she pulled my goo covered shaft into her mouth and cleaned it off.

Once it was clean she said, “MMM; salty and sweet! We taste great together!”
Stunned, I said, “You are my QUEEN!”

My boxers were soaked at the crotch and her pussy was in a similar state. Not having thought that part through, she was forced to resort to using her panties to wipe herself clean. But she couldn’t put the wet panties on under her uniform, so she gave them to me (she couldn’t take them home when they were soaked in bodily fluids). Cherry grabbed her sports bra and uniform top and started getting dressed. With my own pants back on, I found the remaining item of her uniform and held it until she was ready for it.

Handing them to her I said, “Here’s your bloomers…”
She looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I just said. While taking them from me she said, “Oh my god, you did not just call these ‘bloomers’.”
I asked, “Isn’t that what they are called?”
Cherry remarked, “Oh thank god you didn’t call them that in front of the others; I would have never heard the end of it.” As she stepped into them and began pulling them up to cover her bare ass she said, “These are called kick pants. You could also call them ‘lollies’ or ‘spankies’. You could even call them ‘bundies’. Just don’t ever call them bloomers: those are ‘granny panties’.”
Enlightened, I said, “Ok; kick pants—got it.” I noticed she had something stuck to her top and said, “You have something on your top; I’ll get it…”
Cherry groaned.
“What now?” I asked.
Cherry laughed and said while pointing to the top part of her uniform, “This is called a shell. If it had sleeves, it would be called a liner.”
Not wanting to make another naming error, I tugged on her skirt and asked, “Ok: what’s this part called?”
Cherry looked at me in disbelief and answered with an implied ‘duh’, “That’s my skirt.”
I said, “Of course it is,” before asking rhetorically, “What else would it be called?”

She made adjustments to her uniform to make it feel and look ‘correct’. She had to keep adjusting her kick pants; evidently unable to get them to feel right since she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She called the fight on fixing their feel against her crotch and presented herself to me for approval—mostly to make sure she looked presentable to the public.

Once dressed, you couldn’t tell what we had just done. For the first time, the action of what we did was that of a quick and simple fuck session. But we both knew that it was based on a much deeper Love for each other. We kissed passionately for a moment and said we would be counting the endless seconds before we could see each other again and parted ways.

I stayed put until she texted me as a signal that it was safe to come out from our hiding place. On the way home, I couldn’t imagine being any happier. That made me wonder why I was still not sure if I was ready to go back to work (which meant I wasn’t ready). What was I missing? There was still something wrong; but what was it?

I got home and didn’t even bother to shower before going to bed. I hung Cherry’s panties on the head board with the other pair she gave me as a gift and went to sleep…