Craiglist Memories


My first time with a pregnant woman, and I was very surprised by how great it was.

Well it has come and gone. A great, free way to chat and meet other married or single individuals looking for a lot of fun. To be honest, I didn’t understand why people did this till I started using it. But after years of marriage, and a very boring sex life, I found myself drawn to it. So, in the memory of the “Casual Encounter,” I figure I tell some of my best stories.

So, first of all, I am not a stud or in shape. I have a shape, and it’s round. But I do have 7 inches, and I love eating pussy. So that’s how I always tried to sell myself as it were. I say, “Married Seeking pussy to lick,” or “Oral Lover,’ to see if I get a real bite. And of course, there is always the mountain of fakes, posers, and a couple gay guys looking. They are hoping I am desperate, I was never that desperate. I even put some ads out there for couples, and yes, I got a few fun stories there too. But I figure I start with one of my first fun, wild ones.

Pittsburgh seems to be the city of fun, because I did start in another place close by but for some reason the sexy, wild, and just insane fun was in Pittsburgh. For some reason all the frustrated, outgoing, and wild ladies need a lot of attention. And well, after years of the same thing again and again, this married man need to get wild.

So, this occasion I put an ad for “oral lover,” meaning I will orally please a woman and only tend to her needs, so my cock stays in my pants. Well after all the fakes, and a few gay gentlemen sending dick pics, I found a very beautiful, and very frustrated young lady. Young to me since I am in my 30’s, but she was in her 20’s. She was an ebony goddess, 5’4, short dark hair, dark eyes, and had a few tattoos to handle the soft curves. She was not overweight, in her picture, she did tell me that she was 6 months pregnant. and we talked; why was I cheating on my wife, why was she cheating on her boyfriend, and realized for the same reasons. So, she was very happy to meet me for a late night at my place.

She drove up in her beat-up SUV, and when she walked, well, I was surprised at how pregnant she was. She smiled at, “Look I told.” I smiled back, “yes you did, and you still look beautiful,” I said as I hugged her. That was true, her belly was big but she had soft curves, big breasts, and very full lips I could not wait to kiss.

So, she walks inside, I took her coat and hung it up, “so in here or upstairs,” she says with a smile on her face. Very upfront with what she wanted, “I figure the bedroom upstairs, guess you don’t want to chat first?” I said with a sly grin. “Hell no, just eat my pussy out,” she said as she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. I motioned for my bedroom, and she was happy, “oh thank god a king size bed, I love a lot of room.”

She turned around and met my lips with hers. I felt a rush over me as I felt how soft, and full her lips where. I love how her tongue played with my, and how she wrapped her arms around me. I turned her around and kissed he neck as I slowly rolled her sweatpants off, seeing that she was not wearing any underwear. “Wow, you really are ready for me,” I laughed as I kissed her neck. “I need my pussy licked, so you better be good,” she moaned as I lift her sweat shirt and off and pulled off her bra. I turned her around and cupped her breast in my hand, sucking on her nipple as my other hand massaged her sexy, round ass.

She moaned, “OK stop teasing, god I am dripping.” I laughed as I ran my fingers over her pussy, she was not kidding. I tasted my fingers, and they were so sweet. She licks her lips as I run my fingers over her pussy again, and this time I feed them to her. She moans as I move her to the bed. She gets on it, spreads her legs wide, holding them, and just smiles at me. I lean down and roll my tongue over her clit, sucking on her pussy lips. “Yes, that’s it. And lick that asshole too baby. No poking, just licking though,” she demanded as I rolled my tongue over her asshole, darting my tongue in and out. “Fuck yeah, just like that,” she moaned. She was very much a talker. Never stopping to let me know how it feels, or what to do, just the way I love it.

Her fingers ran through my hair as I sucked on her clit, tasting her sweet juices. “Oh, mother fucker you got a fucking awesome tongue, don’t stop,” she cries out as I flick my tongue over her clit. I roll my fingers over her pussy, getting them wet and slowly pushing them in. “Fuck yeah, fuck that pussy,” she said as her eyes grew wide looking down at me. My fingers with to work, curling up till they felt that magic spot and did the come-hither technique on the g spot.

Her body is shaking now, “Fuck Fuck Fuck, don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she cries out as her eyes roll back into her head. With one last moan, a gush of juices explodes out of her pussy. Her body shaking, a wave hit again and again. I pull out and rub her clit furiously to keep the sensation going. “Oh fuck,” she laughs, “sorry about your bed.” “It’s alright, at least it was for the right reasons,” I smiled at her as I bent down and licked her pussy clean. She pulled me to her and kissed my lips, our tongues moving against each other as I squeeze her breast. “God, I needed that, can I have more?’ she asked.

I smiled and kissed her again, then rolled her over and put her ass in the air. “My fave,” she said as she smiled and put her head down on the bed. Her ass was that perfect round you love to see on a woman, firm and soft. Perfect for spanking, which I did. “Yes, that’s your ass tonight, “she moaned as I smacked it again and again. I let a drop of saliva hit her asshole as I held her cheeks open, then rubbed it in with my tongue as my fingers began rubbing that clit again.

“Fuck, I guess I found the right ad because you are hitting all the right buttons,” she moaned as I darted my tongue in and out her asshole. Her pussy was dripping at this point, and the more I rolled my fingers over that clit the wetter she got. “Right there, right there, yes, yes, YES!!” she cried out as her body shook again and another explosion of juices, this time hitting my face as I lick her ass and rub her clit. “Mother Fucker, you are too dam good, “she cried out as her body shook.

She got up and kneeling on her knees rushed to kiss my lips. We make out, her tasting her juices all over my lips and tongue. She looks down and see that I am supporting a very nice piece of wood. Her eyes widen, “god I love to feel that in my pussy right now,” she hinted at me as she grabbed it, feeling how hard I am. “It Is your night, I am good with what you are needing to be pleased,” I smiled at her as the feel of her hand on my hard cock sent wave of excitement through me. “Do you have any condoms?” she asked, pleading with me with her eyes to have some. “Yes,” I replied. She kissed me passionately and bent her self back over just presenting her pussy to me, begging to be fucked.

I smacked her ass and wrapped my cock in that condom. I smacker her again as she bounced that ass up and down, “that is fucking hot,” I exclaimed. “Fuck me, please,” she begged. I licked her ass, “I love it,” I said as I ran my cock over her pussy, “do you want it?” I asked. “Please fuck me, fuck me now,” she begged as she shook her ass. I smacked her clit with my cock, then pushed it deep into that pussy. “That’s it mother fucker, fuck me,” she moaned as I grabber her hips and begin to pump my cock inside her. I go fast at first, and then catch myself. I slow down and get to a slower rhythm. “You almost came didn’t you,” she laughed. “Fuck yeah, your pussy is tight, “I moaned as reach underneath and grabbed her tits. “I know, right,” she said as she pushed against my body. I grabbed both arms, holding her up as we hooked arms together and began to pick up the pace. I was soon hearing the sound of my balls slap against her pussy as she moans louder and louder. “FUCK ME,” I heard her as I let go of one arm and pulled her hair back. “That’s it, fuck this bitch,” she cried out as I begin to pound her pussy faster and faster. “YESSS!!!” She screamed as I felt her walls squeeze the life of my cock, forcing me to slow down and let her down.

“Why you did you stop, you had me cumming so hard,” she groaned as she pulled her up towards me. “I am so close to cumming myself, and I am not down with that pussy.” I said as I laid down on the bed and moved her on top, “now ride this cock baby,” I commanded as she slid my cock inside her pussy. I loved watching her eyes roll back as she slides up and down on my shaft, “Fuck I love bouncing on the hard cock,” she said as she leaned over and kissed my lips.

Her hips were very talented, as she moved them to rub her pussy the right way inside and to keep me from popping so fast. She moaned in my ear, kissing me deeply. I lifted her up and sucked on her nipples. “Oh baby, don’t stop, you’re going to make me pop again,” she cried as her hands rubbed my chest. I pulled her back down and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks as I took over and begin to pump into that pussy. Going slow and deep at first, then picking up the speed. “Cum all over my cock baby,” I whispered in her ear. She moaned louder and louder, “Cum with me, fuck please come with me,” she cried out as her body shook more and more. “YES!” I screamed as I exploded in the condom. The feeling of my cock convulsing inside her brought a big smile to her face. “Damn, I love Craiglists,” she said as she laughed, kissing me deeply as I rolled her on her side.

“Fuck,” I replied as I catch my breath, feeling her juices drip down my legs. “I think you got my bed wet again, “I laughed as I sat up. “I am not sorry, that was fucking amazing,” she replied. I go and clean myself up, and come back, laying next to her. She cuddles into me, “for a moment I thought you were going to kick me out, “she sighed. “Oh, hell no, just don’t like to have the condom on afterwards,” I smiled as I held her close. “Well I can tell you the baby liked that, and so did I. So, am I going to see you again?” She asked look up at me. “Uh, yes, I have the summer free so how about you email me when you want to hook up.” I said. She kissed me, “and next time I’ll show you my other skill,” as she licked her lips.

So that is just the beginning, hopefully you like and if you know of an alternative to CL, leave a comment.