Cucked by BFF

“I’m sorry to hear that, man,” Jason said. Alex, his best friend since high school was on the other end of the line and was audibly angry as fuck.

“Don’t need to be sorry,” Alex answered. “It’s not your fault she’s cheating on me.”

No, it’s yours, Jason thought. Whereas Jason had maintained his lean, muscular physique since college, just complimented by his almost flawless black skin, Alex didn’t do that good of a job. His equally lean and muscular body slowly gained weight, and by now, only ten years later, a noticeable white beer gut protruded in front of him.

“Anyway, how did you find out that she’s cheating?” Jason asked. Meanwhile he couldn’t help but suppress a moan from escaping his throat. He looked down at the gorgeous blonde kneeling before him and sucking his big black cock with great expertise. Still, he tried to focus on Alex. He just couldn’t let his best friend hang in times of need.

Alex growled. “Well, it was last Sunday. I came home from the grocery store a little faster than usual, and the moment I walk in, I hear Tiffany talk to someone on the phone. I wanted to surprise her with her favorite chocolate and sneaked towards our bedroom, where her voice was coming from. Then I started to understand what she was saying. Yes, of course I will take you all the way down my slutty mouth. And it continued: Fuck, just you describing it makes my pussy gush. And then: Of course he doesn’t suspect anything. Can you believe it?”

“Shit!” Jason said, one word with multiple meaning unbeknownst to Alex. One, he felt for his bro, and two, the gorgeous blonde had just deepthroated him. Jason mouthed to her: “Suck my balls” and a moment later, a warm tongue bathed his black balls in saliva.

“Do you think she’s too young for me?” Alex complained. “I mean, I’m thirty and she’s barely legal.”

Well, she’s not to young for me, Jason thought with a grin.

“Well, why would she have chosen you in the first place then?” James asked his buddy.

Alex sighed. “Seems it was, what I first thought when she approached. The money.”


“You see, man, most people in our age range with your amount of cash start collecting trophy wives.”

“So you’re saying she’s just a gold digger.”

“Depends,” James answered. “Did she buy or expect some fancy shit from you? Did you give her a car?”

Alex went silent for a moment. “N-no … Nothing in that regard. So why is she cheating on me only a few months after we got together?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Jason said.

Well, I do know, he thought.

“Sorry to interrupt, man, I have some business to get back to. I know it sucks, but maybe tonight you could take her out and try to make her feel loved again. Maybe she just thinks you don’t appreciate her anymore.”

“Well, if you say so … ,” Alex agreed halfheartedly.

“Sure. See you.” With that Jason hung up.

All the while talking go Alex, the bombshell of a women between his legs had worshiped his cock. “Fuck, you suck my dick so good!”, he moaned, as her tongue slid around his swollen tip.

She came up to talk. “Well, it’s much bigger than my boyfriends.”

“Really?” he grinned. “By how much?”

“Well, this has to be 10 inches,” she joke-measured his dick with her fingers. “And his is about half — if it’s a good day.”

Jason lay his head back as the blonde sucked his cock back into her expert-mouth. “Wow, didn’t know Alex had such a tiny dick.”

His large hands gripped Tiffany’s hair tightly and then he started to facefuck her. He felt her throat contract around the tip of his big black cock with every thrust he made. By now it was shiny with her spit, a slick thick dark pole going in and out of her perfect ruby lips with a frantic speed.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, his orgasm approaching fast. He didn’t know how she did it, but he felt her tongue sticking out of her mouth and on every down stroke his balls would feel her warm licker for a moment.

Her surprisingly strong hands pushed his away, only to go farther down his cock than he would’ve believed possible. Her glossy lips touched the base of his shaft and her throat contracted tightly around his crown.

“Arggghhhh!” He howled and put his hands back on her head, holding her in a death grip tightly to his pelvis.

His hips jerked uncontrollably, his vision fading in and out of focus.

White goo erupted from his dark member, right down her throat. She gulped it down greedily.

After his senses returned, she was sitting on her heels, stroking his thick, softening pole slowly. “Wow, that was a load if I ever got one. How can your balls even hold so much cum?”

A smug grin appeared on his face. “Well, they’re huge.” He winked at her, which made her laugh.

“So, you’re going to fuck me, hunk?” She expectantly turned around and shook her gorgeous ass in his face.

He gave her a firm spank. “Sorry, not today. I have to meet a business partner. And he isn’t one to wait.”

She pouted, reaching for his cock and stroking it. “Even if you tell him you just had the fuck of his life?”

Jason laughed. “Not even then.”

* * *

“You really want to do that, Tiffany?” Jason looked at the bed skeptical, then back to the beautiful blond beside him.

She nodded. “Why not?”

“Well, it’s one thing to fuck a guy other than you husband in his apartment … but in your own marital bed?”

Tiffany smiled. “Wow, marital bed. Didn’t know you were such a conservative guy?”

“Oh, conservative,” Jason mused. “Was it conservative to fuck you in the ass while calling your father-in-law to ask about their vacation planning?”

She smirked mischievously. “Well, one can always up the ante.”

Tiffany bent at the waist and lightly licked the sides of his already freed cock. Tonguing the sensitive underside of his dick, Jason whimped. “Fuck, whatever. Just let me stuff you, little whore.”

With a smile, a hand on his very erect prick, she led him towards her and Alex’ bedroom.

“I like it when you call me a whore. But don’t call me little.” She grinned and tossed herself on the fresh bed sheets.

“Well, you seem pretty small compared to the big fuck stick that is about to enter you.” Jason positioned his cock head on her entrance and pushed.

“Fuuuck,” she moaned. “Just like Alex’ cock seems small compared to my pussy hole now you stretched it out so much.”

Jason raised an eyebrow, simultaneously slamming his hips hard against hers. “Really?”

“Well, at least his cock is half your size, so is it really — ahhh — that unbelievable?” Tiffany arched her back, presenting her full round tits to Jason’s hungry gaze. He didn’t waste another second and leaned forward, taking her sensitive nipples in his mouth.

Sucking and fucking the gorgeous blonde before him, he really had to pat himself on the back for giving in to her flirting a few months prior. There was no two days since they hadn’t fucked — and he was so glad about that. It was almost as if he became addicted to her sweet aroma, pussy, tits and her skill when it came to handling his big dick.

Jason had been with quite a few girls before, but Tiffany was the most skilled lover he had the pleasure to share a bed with. They had the best fucking connection — pun intended — he could have ever hoped for. And that she was his BFFs girlfriend … well, it certainly didn’t make it better, but oh well.

By now she had put her legs on the bed, squatting over Jason, while he now pounded into her from below with reckless abandon. She could only whimper with pleasure as the huge piece of man-meat filled her needy pussy with a staccato rhythm.

“Oh fuck, ohhhhh, ahhh!” Tiffany moaned while receiving one of the most intense pussy poundings she ever had.

Meanwhile, Jason felt the cum in his big black orbs starting to boil over. Her sexy body, firm bouncing tits and ever increasing moaning just did it for him.

“Oh shit, baby,” he grunted. “I’m gonna nut any moment now. You know where I want it to go, Tiff.”

The bouncing blond bombshell didn’t need to be told anything more. Since they first started fucking Jason had made it very clear that his cum belonged inside her mouth — or to be exact, in her stomach. So she let his dick slip out of her and hurriedly scooted down to take his black rod inside her oral orifice.

“Here it comes!” With a primal cry of ecstasy, Jason jerked his hips forward and slid his dick another inch or two past her full lips. Stream after stream of white goo erupted from his groin, shooting past her tonsils and down her esophagus.

Smacking her lips, Tiffany pulled free from his thick black cock. A grin of pure sexual satisfaction spread across her cheeks. “Next week, same time?” she asked.

“You bet your beautiful ass on that!”