Daddy’s Rum Punch Sleepover


The last time his daughter had a sleepover, Mike wished he could have heard what the girls had talked about. This time he was going to make sure he was part of the action. Also, he thought it might be fun to spike some punch and see what he could get them to do.

The last time his daughter had a sleepover, Mike wished he could have heard what the girls had talked about. This time he was going to make sure that didn’t happen again. Kayleen had a great many books on the shelf in her bedroom and Mike waited until she went to school to place a webcam and microphone amongst the books so that it would not be easily seen. It also pointed towards her computer, so that he could at least partially monitor what she was looking at.

His wife worked midnight’s and on Friday he remembered that his 14-year-old daughter was going to have her best friend Ana Leigh over, by herself . . . for a sleepover. After her previous party, he had checked out her hard drive and noticed the teens had gone to various sites that showed the male genitalia. This time he thought it might be fun to spike some punch, maybe have them smoke a joint or two and see what he could get them to do . . . to satisfy his carnal cravings.

Mike had recently been caught by his daughter . . . smoking a joint outside their house after she had officially said goodnight. He often lit up, after his wife went to work, and enjoyed reading and watching porn. He had forgotten that her window was open . . . on one of those phantom 85 degree days in early spring, and the distinctive aroma traveled into her room. When she came outside to check, he was honest about what he had done, and indicated maybe when she was older, he’d smoke a joint with her. He just asked that she NOT mention anything to his wife. She winked at him, and said her lips were sealed . . . but that he “OWED” her . . . for her silence.

Moving ahead to Friday, his wife Carol left for work about the same time, and Ana Leigh was dropped off by her mom. The girl’s mother thanked Mike for having her daughter stay over and left. Earlier that afternoon, he had made a special rum punch, that he was curious whether the girls might enjoy. After they had been in Kayleen’s bedroom for a half hour or so, he politely knocked on the door and asked if the girls were thirsty. Ana Leigh answered the door. She was wearing a pink top, with the logo “Little Bitty Titties Inside” on the front, a pair of blue jean short shorts, white socks and athletic shoes.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked in a flirty tone.

“That depends upon . . . how daring you’d like to be,” flirted back Mike.

“Kayleen and I LIKE to be dared,” said the cute little 15-year-old blonde as she made no bones about looking at her friends Daddy like he was on a dessert platter at a party. In the background, he heard his daughter chime in “We sure do”. It appeared she was bringing up something on the computer, while her friend answered the door.

“Well . . . Can I trust you two, to keep things to yourself?” Mike asked, now looking at the girls’ spaghetti strapped pink top (with the previously monogrammed message on it) that appeared to have small bare breasts hidden underneath. She hesitated to answer, but was enjoying having him feast on her little orbs that were beginning to come alive . . . as the nipples began to spike.

“Of course you can Daddy,” said Kayleen, leaving the computer and waltzing over to the doorway. It appeared one of them had their tops made, because Kayleen was wearing the same advertisement for small titties.

“Good. Let’s go to the kitchen and see what you think of the rum punch I made up for you earlier.”

“Awesome,” said Ana Leigh. “I only had booze once before . . .at my cousin’s wedding,” she said as the threesome navigated their way down the hall towards the refrigerator.

“So what did you drink while you were there?” asked Mike, now enjoying the company of the girls on either side of him.

“I think my brother called it a “spiked punch with whiskey sour” or something like that,” she recalled. “All I know is that he found a pitcher and when my parents were socializing at the tables, he and I downed the whole thing by ourselves. It must have been pretty full of alcohol, because about a half hour later, when I got up to dance . . . my head was like spinning and floating and it made me . . . all horny too!” What revealing words came out of her mouth, he thought. He took the large pitcher out of the refrigerator, pulled down three supersize glasses and began to pour out the cinnamon flavored drink.

“Well . . . we better get started. I think you two might enjoy this. Mom and I drank something similar to this recipe on our cruise over Easter. So, Ana Leigh . . . what do you think made you so HORNY at that wedding?” he asked curiously.

“Daddy, that’s way TOO personal,” she protested for her friend, beginning to sip what was in the glass. She looked at Ana Leigh for some agreement but was surprised by her response.

“No . . . that’s alright,” said the girl, pausing to slam down about a third of the glass. “This stuff is SO GOOD! If we are going to keep things to ourselves, I don’t mind sharing. Anyway . . . even though you’re not suppose to like other members of the family, I have this cousin, who is maybe my age or 16 and he is a FOX. He’s the younger brother of the guy who got married. The more I drank that stuff at our table . . . the HOTTER he looked. And then he freaked me out . . . and asked if I wanted to dance with him.”

“REALLY? So didja?” said Kayleen, envious of what was being shared and also liking the taste of the punch and gulping it down . . . like it was Kool-Aid.

“Uh, huh,” said Ana Leigh. “It was a slow dance, and he pulled me close and for the first time . . . and I am sorry if I embarrass you Mr. Johnson, but you’ll see . . . I just kinda say what’s on my mind . . . I felt a boy’s . . . uh . . . penis all HARD up against my stomach.” Mike had been silent up until then, actually getting off by hearing her daughter’s friend tell the specifics, so he decided to jump into the conversation. He also took the opportunity to fill up the girls’ glasses, in hopes they would just keep on talking and drinking. Neither one of them was even 90 pounds . . . and he knew the alcohol would soon start taking its effect on their minds and nubile bodies.

“If we’re going to say what’s on our minds . . . us guys like to call OUR stiff things . . . COCKS. So don’t hesitate to call them that girls, okay?” Both girls busted out laughing, not ever hearing any adult say anything like that before.

“Calm down ladies,” he said after a few minutes of them giggling and still reacting to his comment, “and drink up!” he said raising his glass for a toast. “Here’s to us having a great evening of fun . . . and acting HORNY with each other!” he joked, hopefully setting the stage he wanted everyone to play on.

“Awesome DUDE!” joked Ana Leigh clinking her glass to his, and then to Kayleen’s.

“Here’s to everyone acting HORNY!” said his daughter, whose eyes had begun to show signs of the rum punch. This remark surprised her Dad, but he clinked his glass against hers and said, “The ONLY way to act!” which started the girls giggling and laughing all over again. Over the next half hour or so, he was able to get the girls to finish the rum punch as he took the pitcher to the sink and realized standing up just how strong he had made it. Looking at the clock, he realized they would have many hours together, and was strategizing how he could best get them out of their clothes . . . for a much closer . . . intimate inspection.

“Why don’t we go downstairs in the basement,” he suggested.

“That’s where Daddy keeps all his porn stuff,” joked Kayleen as they began moving downstairs, which all of a sudden was not as easy as it looked. Ana Leigh stumbled and placed her hand around Mike’s waist.

“Sounds good to me,” she slurred. “Maybe you got some real dirty stuff you’d like to share with us?” she suggested.

“Oh, I can think of MANY things I’d like to share with you both . . . in fact one in particular,” he said, thinking about the growing cock in his pants. They walked into the family room portion of the basement, which had an almost old school “shag-like” carpeting.

“This carpeting is so awesome and soft,” said Ana Leigh leaning down and feeling the texture. “I think I am going to sit right here,” as she planted herself in front of a Lazy Boy chair.

“Me too,” said Kayleen sitting next to her, and definitely feeling the effects of the punch. Mike elected to sit in the Lazy Boy with the girls on the floor in front of him.

“So what would you two like to do?” asked Mike already having his own carnal agenda in mind.

“Well, first to be honest . . . I feel like I did at that wedding, so anything about sex . . . would be fine with me,” admitted Ana Leigh . . . looking at her friend.

“You got any stuff we can look at on the screen, Daddy?” she said pointing to the 8’ X 6’ projection screen in front of them.

“Uh huh,” he said, reaching for the remote and turning on the projector and than a hard drive hooked up to it. “If I am not mistaken, you girls were looking at boy’s cocks . . . at your last sleepover,” he reminded the two. Kayleen turned scarlet on being reminded.

“How did you know?” she asked nervously giggling. Mike accessed a menu and clicked on one called, “Getting Off”.

“Let’s see if this is what you had in mind,” he asked . . . as all three of them looked at the screen. A camera followed what looked like a guy’s hand as it reached for a jar of Vaseline and then opened up the top. Next, the camera panned over to the person’s thighs and then their crotch. The individual had on a pair of blue jeans and soon a hand was seen slowly pulling down the zipper. Both girls stared transfixed . . . looking at the action.

Once the zipper was pulled down, the same hand slipped into the fly opening of the pants . . . and carefully grasped the waiting semi- erect shaft that was hiding inside. Slowly the dark purple cock head was pulled out and then the remainder of the shaft. The girls looked at each other, very surprised, almost as if they didn’t know whether to be looking or not. Next, the guy reached over and grabbed the jar, placed it to the left of his growing cock . . . and then dipped his fingers into the open container.

Pulling out a large portion of the gel, he first meticulously coated the head of the organ and then liberally oiled up the lower pink shaft. After several seconds of lubing, the fully erect cock now glistened and the guy closed the jar and put it aside. Subsequently, he gripped the shaft at its base, and then slowly moved his hand up to the top and then back down. The girls continued to be mesmerized by what the guy was doing, since neither of them had ever seen a guy do what was pictured. They also realized that what was originally around 4” or 5”, had now grown to 8” or more.

“Holy shit!” said Kayleen. “Look at how big that thing is!”

“I’m telling ya . . . how do boys hide those things in their pants?” asked Ana Leigh.

“You mean cocks?” he asked as a smile creped across his face . . .as he watched HIMSELF begin to masturbate on the screen. He had filmed it a few years back, but was truly aroused to be so close to the teen girls as they watched his naked cock in all its glory for the first time. Nothing was said for the next few minutes, but the horny father remembered he had deliberately NOT ejaculated for a full week prior to this video.

Soon the girls watched the guy’s hand move rapidly up and down the slippery organ, until it was almost a wanking blur of action. Suddenly, a burst of cum was ejected from the slit at the top of the shaft and a long rope of cum shot straight up beyond the scope of the fixed camera. At the same time, they heard a man’s voice literally scream . . . “I’m cumming for YOU!”

As the second, third and fourth stream of hot thick slippery cum continued to belch forward, almost like mini geysers, he wondered what thoughts went through their minds. As Mike watched the girl’s reactions, he noticed Ana Leigh’s hand had slipped in between her legs and it was obvious her fingers were rubbing her hidden clit. As he looked at his daughter, she had elected to grasp her breast through the top she was wearing and her nipples were spiking outward as she watched the action. Soon the orgasm ceased . . . and the video went to black.

“So did you enjoy watching that girls?” he asked, adjusting his own shaft so as to not expose his excitement.

“I had no idea . . . that’s what guys do,” admitted Kayleen, quickly moving her hand down from her chest.

“I knew about it . . . but that video was awesome. That guy must have REALLY been excited,” said her friend, noticing Kayleen un-cupping her breast, and pulling her hand from between her legs. Both girls looked aroused, he thought, so it was time to get things moving.

“You both said you liked to be DARED,” he stated. The girls smiled and looked at each other as they nodded with a twinkle in their eyes.

“Well, I like to play something . . . much quicker than Truth or Dare.” He reached into the coffee table close by and brought out a deck of cards. “Here are the rules . . . I am going to deal out three cards. Whoever has the highest card, gets to dare the lowest card. If there is a tie for the highest card, those two get two more cards to see who does the daring. If one person has the highest card and the two others tie for the lowest, the one with the highest card gets to dare BOTH people. Understood?”

“Awesome idea,” said Kayleen.

“Let’s get started,” said Ana Leigh with a wide smile on her face. “And I don’t feel right calling you Mr. Johnson . . . or even Mike . . . so how about . . . just Daddy for tonight?”

“Cool,” said Kayleen, reaching across and holding her friend’s hand, “but you gotta come down here on the floor with us DADDY!” Mike slipped down off the chair, in between the girls, still looking straight ahead at the screen that had now turned to black. The girls moved over on either side of him, unclasping their hands.

“You deal, Ana Leigh . . . you are our guest,” he said passing the deck to her. Both father and daughter marveled at the way Ana Leigh expertly shuffled the deck and then quickly dealt out the cards. Mike got a king, Kayleen a three and she dealt herself an ace.

“Awesome,” said the blonde beauty. “I dare Kayleen to kiss her Daddy . . . for 30 seconds, ON THE LIPS!” and she began to look at her watch. Kayleen turned scarlet once again, never having done that to her father before. They had pecked each other on the cheek at night occasionally, but nothing that romantic.

“Come on pumpkin. You’ve been dared!” he said offering his lips to his daughter. Kaleen took a breath and leaned forward and moved her lips onto his. Both daughter and father were tentative at first but as the kiss neared its ending, they were moving their heads and being much more emotionally involved in their passionate touch.

“Time!” said Ana Leigh, as she gave the cards to Kayleen. Her friend did not have the same dealing skills as she shuffled the deck, but soon each of them had new cards: Daddy had a 7, Ana Leigh had a 9 and she had dealt herself a jack.

“Okay Daddy . . . payback time. I want you to kiss her . . . but I want you both to French kiss.” His daughter must have read his mind as he looked sideways at the 15-year-old beauty with the blue sparkling eyes (although somewhat bloodshot from the punch) and long blonde hair down to her breasts. He placed his hand behind her neck softly, leaned forward and began to caress her lips. Almost immediately the nymph thrust her tongue into his mouth and began to wiggle it around. He closed his eyes and began to passionately kiss the young girl, much like he would a lover. She playfully sucked on his tongue, which added to the excitement they were both feeling. He fantasized about her doing the same to his stiff cock.

“Knock, knock . . . time’s up!” chirped Kayleen as she watched her Dad move his lips away from her best friend’s. She passed the cards to her dad and they waited their fate together. He dealt Ana Leigh a jack, which she smiled at . . . and then a second jack to his daughter which caused the girls to laugh and then the ace of spades to himself.

“Aw . . . no fair,” said Kayleen hoping she could direct the action a second time.

“Alright . . . I dare you to take off each others shoes and socks and to massage each other’s feet!” he said, having a slight foot fetish. The girls’ faces lit up at his command and they scooted closer to each other to accomplish his request. Mike watched as they unlaced each others athletic shoes and then with some difficulty pulled off their shoes and then pulled down the white pairs of socks they were wearing. Their arms criss-crossed as they each grabbed the closest foot and began to rub it, looking at each others’ eyes and experiencing the true satisfaction involved in this endeavor. He could have let them go longer, but he was more interested in OTHER . . . more lewd activities.

“Time’s up!” he called and the girls moved across the soft carpet back to their original positions on either side of Mike, who handed the deck to their guest. She quickly dealt out the three cards, and was happy to see her 9 was surprisingly the highest and Mike the lowest with a 2.

“Hmmm, ok Daddy Mike . . . I want you to take off your slippers . . . and I want Kayleen to lie on her stomach . . . and I want you to pull up her top and give her a back massage for one minute.” This again caused Kayleen to blush and for a moment become uncertain whether she should pull up her top and then lie down, or let her dad do this. She quickly laid down in front of her dad and he winked at Ana Leigh and then elected to straddle her body and sit on her tight little ass, but not entirely putting all his weight on her butt. Next he slipped his fingers under her top and slowly pulled it out of her shorts and then up towards her shoulder blades. Suddenly the top would not move any more.

“Lift up the top part of your body a bit honey, and let me move your blouse up to your shoulders,” he suggested. He knew Ana Leigh would probably be looking right at her naked titties for a few seconds, but maybe that was what she had in mind.

“Okay . . . you dirty old man,” said Kayleen as she placed her hands on either side of her head and then almost did a push-up to allow her top to be raised like he wanted. Mike took the opportunity to keep moving the top up past her shoulder blades. Then Ana Leigh surprised everyone with her suggestion.

“Here . . . let me help out and I’ll roll her top up past these little titties so that you can give her a REAL good back massage,” she said, with a wicked smile on her face.

“What are you doing?” asked Kayleen, still supporting her weight up and looking down as her friend grasped the fabric of the shirt and rolled it past her breasts. Once she was satisfied that her titties were bare she said:

“That’s better. Now you can lie back down,” but not before she tickled her friend’s breasts and stiff nipples with her nearby thumbs.

“Hey watch it,” joked Kayleen, but she was happy she could lay on her chest, because her nipples were now rigid with true excitement. Mike once again adjusted his legs so that he was straddling the 14-year-olds tight little ass. It was interesting looking at his daughter’s bare back, and he noted the tan lines where her bikini had left its marks. He began at her neck and gently kneaded the skin in that area. He knew his wife truly enjoyed having her back massaged, especially in the small of the back so he added pressure on her shoulder blades and downwards next.

Meanwhile Ana Leigh was looking at his crotch and had noticed a growing lump as he continued to manipulate her friend’s body. Soon the time was up and she told them to stop. She could tell Kayleen was embarrassed about sitting up with her chest bare, but when she reached up to unroll her tank top, Ana Leigh laid down the law.

“Hey, I didn’t say to cover up anything!” she said with a smile on her face. “Just turn around and face us. It’s your turn to deal anyway!” The young girl was about to object, but thought maybe the best way to get back at her friend, was to make her do an equally naughty dare as a pay back . . . or maybe have one done to her that was even more revealing.

“Fine,” said Kayleen, turning around and now displaying her bare breasts to her father for the first time in several years. Both Mike and Ana Leigh looked at the girls’ breasts . . . as she dealt the cards. Her small titties were like young apples sitting high on her chest. She was obviously aroused as her little cones stood out proudly with pudgy firm nipples in the center. Ana Leigh received a 5, her Daddy a 10 and Kayleen slapped down a king for herself.

“Hot Damn,” she said looking at her friend. “Daddy will help with your dare. Ana Leigh, I dare you to lean up against the Lazy Boy and spread your legs. Daddy, I want you to roll up her top, just like mine,” she said pointing to her rigid nipples. “AND I want you to massage her chest . . . NO BETTER YET . . . JUST HER TITTIES . . . like you did my back. And just for fun . . . you guys have 5 minutes. Now go for it!”

This dare was one step closer to where Mike was hoping they would end up and he winked at the young girl as she moved over in front of the chair. Ana Leigh must have been eager for this type of fondling to begin, because as she spread her legs, she also pulled up her top out of the confines of her shorts. Mike moved in front of her on his knees. Grasping the fabric on the sides, he slowly rolled it up showing off first her belly button and then the smooth soft surface of her tummy. He then switched his grip as he approached her young breasts.

Looking directly at the 15-year-old, he whispered, “Here we go!” The lower portion of her titties came into view and then he rolled the material up past the pink tips of her developing breasts. He was excited to see that her orbs were orange sized and slightly more developed than his daughters. And similar to the behavior Kayleen’s titties exhibited, her nipples were now stiff with excitement and anticipation.

He paused as the material bunched up slightly under her chin and now two cute firm breasts were waiting for his hand and finger play to begin. Only having a few minutes, he elected to go about it somewhat more differently than if he were making love to the girl. He cupped their circumference, allowing the rigid nipples to sit in the palm of his hand. He began to rub outside of the areolas with the tips of his fingers, making sure not to touch the more sensitive insides.

Then he wet the tips of his fingers and moved onto the areola, but did not touch her nipples. Looking at her expression, he knew this was frustrating to her, as she wished he would touch or even pinch her aching buds. Around and around he circled the tips of her breasts, until finally his moist fingers captured her firm buds and he immediately began to pinch, pull and twist them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck that feels GREAT!” she moaned, pulling her shoulders back so that her small breasts were thrust out for the horny man to manipulate more easily. He wanted to lean over and suck her tasty morsels, but decided that could wait for another round. All along, Kayleen had been watching and getting more aroused and excited as her Daddy felt and tweaked her best friend’s titties. Finally, she told them to stop, but reminded Ana Leigh to stay where she was with her legs wide open. It was Mike’s turn to deal and he dealt himself a queen, after dealing Ana Leigh a 7 and then his daughter an identical 7.

“Excellent girls. Kayleen I want you to sit next to Ana Leigh and spread your legs as well. I will be right back.” He stood up and went over to the refrigerator and placed a half dozen ice cubes into a bowl and then went into a drawer and took out two identical dildos . . . that could easily be mistaken for actual cocks, being flesh tone in color. . . and even having veins just below the acorn tips. The girls were quietly talking as he returned, but broke off their conversation when he approached them.

“It’s time to watch another short flick girls . . . and I brought along a couple of things to make your viewing pleasure even MORE exciting. Your dare goes as follows: Place this dish of ice cubes in between yourselves and as you watch the movie, I want you to place the ice cubes on your nipples. At the same time, I found two vibrating friends here to place in between your legs . . . right on your crotch. You are to turn them on, but NOT touch them as you view the movie . . . just let them do their magic. I think the movie will last about 5 minutes or so. Let’s get started!”

“Daddy, you are VERY NAUGHTY man,” said Kayleen. “How do you switch these things on?” she asked curiously inspecting the 8” cock shaped dildo in her hand.

“The switch is down here by the BALLS,” said Ana Leigh inspecting the phallic device and soon two simultaneous buzzing sounds were heard. Mike was curious how she knew what to do.

“Place them right over your little clits girls . . . close your legs slightly to capture their shape up against you. I think you will enjoy this toy immensely!” He watched the girls tentatively place the vibrating organs over their crotches, closed their eyes with desire and then realized the dildo would best stay in place, with their legs closed.

“Ohhhhh, wow . . .” said Kayleen. “This feels awesome!” as she reached for an ice cube. Both girls were now rubbing the ice against their nipples as they soon grew . . . to be very rigid. Mike pressed the remote and the clip began. The scene was in a normal middle school classroom, with two girls sitting at their desks . . . facing their teacher who was sitting on the edge of his desk. Then the teacher spoke up:

“My patience is gone girls. I warned you yesterday if you were late to class again, I would have to do something major to you both. I want no arguments . . . just strip down to your panties . . . RIGHT NOW! The girls looked at each other in surprise and then stood up next to their seats and began to pull off their tops. The camera panned first to the red-headed girl and once her blouse left her shoulders, her bare developing breasts came into view. Mike loved the cone–shaped orbs with the Hershey kiss-like tips on the girl, which reminded him of Ana-Leigh’s bare breasts.

He looked over at her and noticed Ana-Leigh’s hips were beginning to grind as the dildo vibrated against her pussy. Next, the same girl on the screen unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of it and the camera zoomed in on her cotton panties, which were obviously damp with excitement. Then the camera moved sideways to catch the blonde girl leaning over and yanking down her shorts. As she stood up, her breasts were similar in size, with two ½” stiff nipples sticking out towards the teacher.

“Now, lie down on the carpet, right here with your heads close to my desk (pointing downwards in front of him) next to each other,” hollered the teacher. The girls dutifully followed his commands and soon the camera angle was from above. You could see the two topless girls, looking up at their teacher . . . who had taken out his 8” cock from his pants and had began to fondle and manipulate it, right in front of them.

“You two sluts are going to get a taste of my cum!” he said, still sitting on the edge of the desk with his feet spread open. The camera angle switched to their point of view as they saw him continue to jack off his cock . . . a few feet above them. From his red face and increased breathing, you could tell the teacher was close to ejaculating. Then he let his feet touch the ground on either side of the girl’s heads and then a front angle watched him kneel down, causing his COCK to be within a few inches of their faces.

As he rubbed the cock tip . . . across their lips he moaned. All of a sudden, his motions increased and the first jet fired . . . the stream of hot cum shot forward and immediately sprayed the red-head’s face. As he kept wanking on his cock, he aimed slightly sideways and the blonde now had a puddle of his cum all over her mouth.

“Open up my little nymphs . . . drink up my cum.” Their mouths opened like little birds and load after load of his juices continued to spray all over their mouths and entire faces. When he had relieved himself, he slapped his semi-erect cock against their cheeks in lewd fashion. At that point the movie went to black.

“Time to put aside the ice cubes girls, and let me take the bowl out of the way,” he said looking down and being delighted that their breasts and nipples were firm and very stiff from the icy treatment. He sat back down across from them and handed the deck to Ana Leigh.

“What about the . . .you know . . . vibrating COCKS in between our legs?” she asked, showing true signs of being aroused. As he noted their sweaty foreheads and a distinct glow over the tops of their bodies, he reminded them that they must stay until another dare is made. Ana Leigh quickly dealt the cards and this time Kayleen had the high card and her Daddy had the low one.

“Ok, Daddy . . . you seem to have taken over for a while and its time to get you back in the game. I dare you to take off ALL YOUR CLOTHES except your boxers, then pull off Ana Leigh’s shorts and stick the dildo INSIDE her panties, right over her clit.” Mike was tempted to just strip naked, but thought teasing the girls with his shaft poking out the front of his shorts might work to his advantage.

He stood up and shed everything but his satin boxers and then eagerly had Ana Leigh stand up. Next he dislodged the vibrating cock from in between her legs, and unsnapped the top of her shorts. Placing the dildo on the carpet, he knelt in front of the pretty teen, unzipped her garment, and pulled it down. Knowing it might get tangled in her panties, he yanked it forcefully down which instantly gave him a quick peek at her hairless pussy lips.

Apologizing, he quickly slid two fingers up and down her moist slit, causing Ana Leigh to start to moan as she spread her legs for better access. His cock, getting harder, was now clearly visible through his shorts. Pulling the shorts . . . the rest of the way down her legs, he grabbed the dildo from the floor, turned it so that the tip was now over her bare clit and rubbed it back and forth. Slowly, he pulled up her panties over the dildo, so that the end was next to her tummy.

“Ohhhhh God!” I can’t take this . . .,” she moaned, electing to stand up, as the device continued to vibrate up against her crotch . . . being steadily pulled closer by the elastic of her panties. “Daddy, let me stay like this . . .it feels SO AWESOME on my cunny. I want you to deal for me,” she begged closing her eyes in exhilaration. Mike dealt the cards and this time he had the high card and Kayleen was low.

“Okay pumpkin . . .” he started . . . “First, I want you NAKED in front of your Daddy!” Kayleen was surprised, but looked forward to getting her top over her head, and out of her shorts and panties . . . that by now were drenched with her excitement. As he watched his daughter undress in front of him, his cock was now thrusting the silk out in his boxers, lewdly towards the girls. He wanted so badly to begin jacking off, especially when Kayleen pulled down her panties, and her hairless pussy was now fully exposed in front of him.

Meanwhile Ana Leigh was now bucking her hips, as the vibrator continued to fine tune her climax. Mike picked up his daughter’s dildo, and placed the tip to his mouth and liberally soaked it with his saliva. Next he directed the tip closer and closer to Kayleen’s moist virgin opening, and looking up at her, allowed it to touch her lower pink lips.

“Oh Daddy . . . that feels THE BEST!” Around and around he diddled with the tip, knowing the excitement this was causing to his 14-year-old. Soon he began to tease her by turned the device into her pussy lips . . . first only the acorn tip nestled its vibrating motion up into her tunnel and then as he watched her move her hips . . . downwards to accept more of the object, he began to fuck her with it . . . at least for the first slippery 2 or 3 inches.

Ana Leigh couldn’t take it anymore, as she ripped her panties off, and threw her top onto the Lazy Boy. Not needing any help, she began to follow Mike’s lead and drove her own dildo up into her moist valley, slipping almost half of its length . . . deep inside. Both girls’ moans were now growing in volume as they both neared climax.

Mike enjoyed fucking his daughter in this fashion, especially as she began to drive more and more of the shaft up into her body. It appeared both girls had either used a similar tool to lose their virginity in the past or had been visited by boys’ cocks . . . on previous occasions. He didn’t care at this point, as he watched both girls’ bodies shake and shiver with their first orgasm of the night. Screams were heard as they both delighted in total satisfaction. After several minutes, they both lay dormant on the floor, fully fulfilled.

He broke the silence as he dealt the cards out. While they were withering in climax he had made sure by stacking the deck, he would get the high card.

“Let’s keep going girls . . . times a wasting,” he said. He dealt out the cards and Kayleen had a 2, Ana Leigh a 3 and he had a 10. “Our Daring Game is over for now. Daddy is now driving the truck. Let’s start by you two kissing each other. Ever done that before?” he asked . . . curious how they would respond.

“Maybe,” teased Ana Leigh as she moved over to her friend, whose face went red, answering the rhetorical question. Without any hesitation the two girl’s lips met and they began to kiss. Mike took one hand and moved it to Kayleen’s pussy and the other went to Ann Leigh’s. He started to rub both of them and they both began to moan lightly. Their kissing became heavier and more passionate and at the same time, his cock grew much harder, since he always enjoyed watching girls kiss. Ana Leigh had moved her foot up to his lap and was now playing with his cock which was still covered by his boxers. As he manipulated their pussy lips, Kayleen reached down and started to rub his cock through the shorts and noticed her friend’s foot touching it as well. Breaking her kiss, she announced:

“Daddy needs to lose these boxers,” and she reached down, slipped her fingers into the sides and began to pull them down. Ana Leigh watched as Mike lifted his butt and allowed his shorts to be pulled off. He elected to lean upwards and take Ana Leigh by the back of the head and hold her mouth to his as their tongues danced in each other’s mouth. He immediately placed his hand over her tits and began to rub, pull and pinch them as they continued to kiss.

Kayleen started to stroke her Daddy’s cock with her hand . . . but elected to go one step further as she leaned over and started to lick the tip of his cock. A little hesitant at first, but soon she was licking it up one side and down the other. Next, she put her Daddy’s cock in her mouth and soon began to take in 2 or 3 inches of his shaft. Ana Leigh pulled her head up, and looked down between them . . . watching Kayleen swallowing his shaft.

“That’s so hot!” she exclaimed watching Kayleen’s antics and at the same time beginning to enjoy how Mike was now manipulating and fondling her breasts more urgently. Kayleen continued her oral assault on his rock-solid cock. Mike pulled Ana Leigh up so he could now suck on her breasts. They tasted so good, as he sampled each one, sucking primarily on the nipple that stood out.

After a few minutes of satisfying “tittie sucking”, the teen surprised him by crawling up to position her pussy, on his mouth. Mike stuck his tongue out as she lowered herself onto it. He sank his tongue deep inside her warm crease. Absolutely enjoying what he was doing . . . he pulled his tongue out and passionately licked her clit a couple of times . . . and then stuck it back inside. From her moans, he knew she was truly enjoying herself.

Then he felt Kayleen’s mouth leave his cock . . . and after a few seconds of re-positioning her body, she crawled up to sit on his crotch. As she sat down, she pressed his cock against his stomach. She began to grind back and forth. Mike could feel her juices dripping onto his shaft. Ana Leigh knew her friend was doing something different, and for a brief moment, lifted her pussy off of Mike’s lips.

“Daddy . . . lay on your back,” said Ana Leigh, which also necessitated Kayleen moving. Mike followed her instructions and laid flat on the soft carpet.

“I want to watch you FUCK your daughter Daddy, while you finish tonguing my twat. I’ve been thinking about seeing you FUCK her since I got here . . . so I am going to face the other way, so that I can see EVERYTHING.”

“OK,” he said enthusiastically. She started to grab her nipples and finger her snatch as her friend was straddling his stiff shaft.

“Ride him Kayleen. Drive that cock deep inside your pussy. Oh yes Daddy . . . keep stuffing that tongue of yours inside my twat. We’ve got hours to keep switching off. But leave some hot cum for me. That shaft of yours will be fully drained . . . by tomorrow morning!”