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I quickly noticed after her taking the first few Xanax pills that when she woke up her memory was almost completely blank with the added bonus of her being in an extremely deep sleep all night long. Friday night rolled around so despite a stern warning not to mix the medicine with alcohol we decided to have a few drink. Within forty-five minutes to an hour she was going into an unbelievably deep sleep and easily steered to the bedroom then stripped nude. I figured a trial run could be extremely valuable not to mention what was the best sex I’d had for the past 7-9 years of our marriage. My wife’s 5’8 frame laid nude in front of me with her 38D tits and shaved pussy were all quickly being added together leading me to the realization of having a toy with endless possibilities at my disposal.

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The next weekend couldn’t come quick enough. Wednesday rolled around so I posted on Craigslist searching for guys to use my wife. Friday finally arrived and we drank a few extra shots this time while I watched for sings that the mixture was taking effect I suggested to her she’d not taken her medicine an watched as she quickly doubled the dose that had brought so much enjoyment the last time. We end up in bed playing around till she’s laying in bed nude an unconscious waiting to be used. For extra measure I decided I would blindfolded her in case she woke up and used zip ties to secure her hands to the bed rails.

I contacted the 5 guys I had lined up anticipating some would stand us up or flake out. In no time the closest guy arrived so fast it had me experiencing a euphoric body high from the excitement of watching this guy stroke himself hard then positioning his body an 6.5″ cock between her open legs an with one quick lunge he mounted my wife and I watched what was a sensory over load trying to take in their bodies rocking in unison with the grunts and moans of him enjoying her pussy after 20-30 minutes he was finished with her and left as quickly as he arrived. I checked the time an was beyond excited when I seen how much time was left in the night, so I fired off another email to one of the men while lusting after thoughts of reliving what I’d just whitenessed and jumped in bed to claim her used pussy for a quickie.

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