In my recent story Seduced By Kelly, I recounted how at the end of our tryst Kelly told me, “You and your man should meet two friends of mine, Erika and Dane, they are very good and around fifteen years younger than you. Would you like me to arrange it next time I am in town Sarah? My only request is I want to watch,” Kelly tells me as she shows me some pics of them on her phone. “I have had both of them at the same time. They really are impressive performers.”

A few weeks later at two on a Saturday afternoon my man and I are full of sexual anticipation when we arrive at their expensive and beautifully furnished condo.

Very relaxing and seductive night jazz music is playing as Kelly ushers us into a room with full length mirrors on all the walls and ceiling and introduces us to Erika and Dane. Kelly is wearing a black leather outfit with killer heels. Skin tight slacks, the zipper on the matching jacket is almost completely undone and her cleavage looks fantastic. The when she turns for the first time I notice at the same moment as Roger her slacks have a clip on panel which she has removed. And her naked ass does look very appealing to four other people. I have a similar pair which I must wear again soon.

Erika and Dane are both stark naked and oiling each others impressive and very sexy bodies. He already has a huge erection, he must be bigger than my man’s eight inches though perhaps not as thick I muse, immediately turned on as I ogle his erection.

She has a drop dead gorgeous hour glass figure and barely any pubic hair, a look that mirrors mine – I like it and very good tits with erect nipples on her slim body, 34C I muse as my man and I ogle them.

“Kelly has told us lots of good things about you two, we are to pleasure and be pleasured. Oral sex only is your preference she told us, that’s fine. And she wants to watch, that’s even better, we love an audience. Kelly told us you like sex with an audience Sarah. Is that true?,” Erika asks.

“Yes it is, I do like being watched and being an exhibitionist while having sex and turning others on while they watch.”

“What would you like first Sarah?”

“I want to watch your man undress me.”

Very exciting for me as a fifteen years younger naked man with a huge erection removes my white silk blouse with two other females and my man watching as he licks my erect nipples.

“Love your tight leather slacks Sarah,” Dane tells me as he undoes the zip with my encouragement and slides them down to my ankles as Erika helps me step out of them and I put my heels back on.

“Oh wow, you have a fabulous ass Sarah, it looks magnificent in that tiny black g-string,” Dane tells me as he licks and kisses both cheeks of it and slides my g-string down to my ankles as I pose with my hands on my hips and revel in the attention my naked body is receiving from four people.

“Do you like three other people watching me kiss your glorious ass Sarah?”

“Yes I love it, don’t stop,” I whisper as I put a hand on his erection, very pleased at the attention I am receiving from a much younger man.

“What would you like now Sarah?”

“I want your lady to lick my nipples while you kiss and lick my ass.”

“That is a huge turn on for me Sarah, licking your nipples while my man is kissing and licking your ass, what do you do to keep it looking like that?” Erika tells me as we tongue kiss. Then the sensation of her nipples on mine as we kiss with her man kissing and licking my ass with Kelly and my man watching is very exciting for me. Wonderful foreplay.

“I want to watch you undress my man Erika while your man uses some of your oil on my ass.”

“Wow he is thick and almost as big as my man,” Erika enthuses as she removes his shirt, trousers and his tiny male g-string.

“And now Sarah?”

“I want to be licked and teased, really teased.”

“Dane or me?”

“Can I have both of you at the same time? Your oily naked bodies have really turned me on and I can’t keep my eyes off of that huge cock. I want Erika to lick me while I suck Dane’s cock.“

“What about your man?”

“I will look after him, while both of us watch you pleasure Sarah, and you can have him later,” Kelly chimes in.

“You really are a very exciting woman Sarah,” Erika whispers as I position myself on a very comfortable chair with arms in front of one of their wall length mirrors. The chair is lower than normal but I quickly realise just the right height for someone sitting in it to suck on an erection.

She is standing being behind me teasing my very erect nipples with a fingertip with Dane, Kelly and my man watching intently. “I want to watch you pleasure my man’s erection before I lick your cunt lips Sarah,” Erika whispers obviously very turned on as I reach out for Dane’s throbbing erection and lick and kiss it as I fondle his balls. Size really matters I muse while I am relishing Erika, Kelly and my man watching as I help Dane slide his huge cock between my pursed lips.

“Wow, awesome, kiss me while Sarah is sucking your cock Dane,” Erika tells him. “Now watch me lick her cunt lips while she is blowing you,” Erika tells him as she kneels between my legs and licks her way up my thighs to my cunt lips.

The sensation of her tongue licking my cunt lips as I pleasure her man’s huge cock with my fingers, tongue and lips is sexual bliss for me as she teases my nipples with her fingertips at the same time. Even better Kelly and my man are watching and enjoying. I can see Kelly teasing the underside of my man’s erection with two fingers.

There is another chair similar to one I am sitting in close by at a forty-five degree angle which Kelly sits in as Roger stands close by. “These chairs are perfect for blow jobs while the man stands. Most men have a better orgasm standing. I am going to lick and kiss your erection just as your lady Sarah did to Dane, then I am going to give you a blow job to remember while you watch Sarah being pleasured by a man and a woman. I have had them pleasure me just as they are doing to Sarah.”

“A few weeks ago I gave you a blow job while Sarah watched after I had her. She told me she was very turned on watching her man having his cock blown by me. She told me I was very adept and she learnt some new techniques. I watched her tease her cunt lips with a fingertip while I was blowing you. She had another huge orgasm in sync with us and squirted again.

“Anything special you would like today Roger?”

“I would really like to fuck you, but Sarah’s rules, oral sex only.”

“You can fuck my pursed lips like it was my cunt lips while you watch Sarah’s double pleasure, put your hands on my shoulders and do it for me.”

“Tell me what Sarah is doing Roger, I can’t see while I am sucking your raging erection,” I can hear Kelly say as I glance at Roger sliding his erection between her tightly pursed lips.

“This is a real turn on, watching side on while my lady is blowing a huge cock while his lady is licking her cunt lips. Even better while another lady is blowing me.

“She is licking and sucking just the tip of his erection with one hand cupping his balls. She has three or four inches of him between her lips now, awesome. And Erika is licking her engorged clit. Sarah has an oversize clit and she loves it being pleasured my men and women.”

“Do you like watching another hung man being pleasured by two women Roger? One of them is your lady. Do you like fucking my pursed lips while you watch?,” I can hear Kelly ask.

I am determined to pleasure two men even more as Erika has me on the brink of my first orgasm. I am very aroused and will be disappointed with myself if I don’t manage six today.

My first orgasm comes quickly watching my man having his cock sucked while another much younger woman is licking my cunt, she is very good, while I am blowing her man. Then my second one, and a third one as Erika does wonderful things to my cunt lips with her tongue. At her age I had never had another woman, silly me I muse as I cum again and slide my pursed lips along Dane’s shaft. A man with a longer cock than my man is an eye candy bonus for me and perhaps for Kelly as well.

“You didn’t answer me Roger. Do you like watching another hung man being pleasured by two women Roger? One of them is your lady. Do you like fucking my pursed lips while you watch?,” Kelly asks again.

“Yes and yes, purse your lips tighter for me around my erection, that is so good while I watch Sarah sucking a longer cock than mine.”

Sexual heaven for me, seven orgasms so far, as Dane commences masturbating for me, I love watching a hung man masturbate, as Erika has me on the brink of my eighth orgasm.

Dane’s masturbation technique is very subtle compared to my man. His erection is twitching and he is obviously very close as he runs a fingertip underneath his full length a few times. Then his lady does exactly the same and he blows a huge load.

I can hear my man describing all this in minute details to Kelly as I watch her pleasuring his erection with her pursed lips. “Watch me baby, watch me, you are a huge turn on,” he groans a hits the back of Kelly’s throat.

“Would you like to watch my man blow your man while we watch Sarah? You know he wants to, your man would be the biggest he has had, as far as I know anyway. He is almost as big as my man but thicker,” Erika asks as the five of us unwind seated in their huge combined sauna and shower. Dane is seated on my right with Kelly on my left while Roger is seated opposite next to Erika.

“Yes I would, very much,” I reply as I ogle the men’s flaccid though still impressive cocks. Ever since we showered and sat down there has been a frisson between the two men as they eye off each others cocks, made even more tense with three naked women watching them.

“Three naked women want to watch Dane give you a blow job baby. Erika told us you would be the biggest cock he has ever had. Would you like that?,” I tease as I run my finger tips along Dane’s flaccid cock and hold my man’s gaze.

Erika follows suit and runs her finger tips along my man’s flaccid cock while she holds her man’s gaze. “Three naked women want to watch you give Roger a blow job honey. Sarah told me he wants you to blow him while three naked women watch.”

I am pleased to see both men reacting immediately as they achieve partial erections. Like two trainers preparing their athletes for a contest Erika and I tell our men to stand so we can prepare them. Both of us rub oil over their torsos with lots of attention to their nipples and ass cheeks as the stand with their legs apart.

The sexual tension between the two men is electric as they watch each other achieve full erections with the help of each other’s naked partners. “Would you like to use one of these?”, Dane asks my man as he opens a large box containing a wide range of cock rings.

I am pleased to see him pick a black rubber one and very turned on as I watch Erika slide it down his shaft and fasten the clip under his balls. Dane offers several simple chrome rings and gives them to me. “I want one that is a tight fit Sarah, do it for me.”

“Happy to oblige, my pleasure,” I stammer as he approves the third one I slowly slide along his throbbing erection as the two men stand with their hands on their hips flaunting their erections.

Erika and I are wearing nothing apart from our heels as we hold our men’s hand and lead them back to the chair in front of the mirror, the same chair I was pleasured in by a male and female less than an hour ago. “Make it good for all of us honey, really good, his cock is almost as big as yours,” Erika tells Dane as she seats him, teasing his erection with a fingertip while I stand behind Roger and tease his nipples as Erika teases his raging erection with her fingertips.

“Love your cock ring, make him work for it baby, your cock is thicker than his,” I whisper to my man as I stand behind him and tease his nipples, then his full-on erection, excited by what I am about to watch.

“You have a thicker cock than my man Roger. My man is very good at blow jobs, do you want it while we watch?,” Erika teases. “You can watch me suck his cock at the same time.”

Incredible sexual tension as three naked women watch my man stand with his hands behind his head with his erection twitching before Dane licks my man’s throbbing erection and then takes it between his pursed lips as three women exclaim, “Wow, awesome,” simultaneously.

“How badly do you want it baby?,” I tease without any response.

Always exciting for me watching another man blow my man, this time is made more exciting for me as I watch the man blowing him having his erection sucked by his lady, and he really is longer than my man, an extra turn on for me.

“Look what Erika is doing to her man while he is blowing you. Looks good in all the mirrors baby,” I tell Roger.

“Kiss me baby, use your tongue and tease my nipples. You know what I like when another man is blowing me,” Roger tells me as I oblige with two other women watching.

“Is he good baby? As good as me? Do you like three women watching? Your cock is rock hard and very wet, the veins are bulging,” I tease as we tongue kiss.

“You are breathing very heavily baby, how badly do you want it?

“Tell me, I need to know,” I tease as I watch my man bending at the knees thrusting his erection forward with his hands on his head as Dane is sucking just the tip of it. Erika is doing exactly the same to Dane’s erection as she kneels in front of him with her hands on her ankles, the only physical contact is her lips wrapped around his long cock.

“Ask me again in five minutes,” he mutters as he soaks up the sexual pleasure and I continue tongue kissing him.

“Would you like me to lick your nipples for some extra pleasure Roger?,” Kelly asks without waiting for an answer.

“The second time today you have had your cock sucked baby, a new woman and a new man, you are a stud, you are turning on three women, me especially and a hung man fifteen years younger than you.

“You are breathing very heavily baby, how badly do you want it? Tell me, I need to know,” I tease knowing from experience he won’t hold out much longer. “A hung man and two women are working to give you a huge orgasm baby, make it good for us.

“How badly do you want it? Tell me baby, I need to know,” I tease again as Kelly is sucking and nibbling his erect nipples, something I often do to him to get him over the line.

I am watching closely and enjoying my man’s sexual pleasure, his body is trembling and shaking, as Dane alternates licking and sucking just the tip of his erection, then blowing on it, then sucking at least half of it. Roger is making all sorts of groaning noises as Dane takes his erection in two hands, applies a coating of oil and slides his tightly closed hands along the full length of his erection.

“I want it, I want it now Sarah, now, scratch my balls,” he is moaning as I comply and count the number of strokes Dane applies with his hands. I can see Erika doing exactly the same to Dane’s erection as Kelly is nibbling his nipples very hard.

I can hear Erika counting the strokes, “One, two, three, four, five.”

“So good, so fucking good,” Roger groans as his body shakes and trembles uncontrollably and spurts a huge load.

“Now you honey,” Erika tells Dane as we watch in awe. She has just tip of his erection between her lips and slides a finger tip along his full length. I count to five under my breath before we watch her swallow Dane’s load.

Roger and I abstained from sex on the day after all this. And the next. We were both temporarily satiated. On the third day my man was like a raging bull. “You have the most glorious ass, especially in those little black g-strings you wear, it turns on both sexes, I want it now, right now baby,” he growled as he lifted my skirt and kissed and licked my arse cheeks before he bent me over a table and fucked me, hard, really hard without saying a word, though I am sure we were both fantasising about our recent tryst and fantasising about our next one. An extra woman, an extra man or perhaps another alternative.