Frank and Friends

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the hottest it had been for a while. I always loved summer, the hot sun and barely anything on. As I potted around my apartment, I received a text from Frank my neighbour.

“Hi Toni. I was wondering if you weren’t busy, would you like to come for coffee.”

“I’d love too. I’ll just have a shower and come over.” I replied.

I quickly had a shower before drying myself and getting dressed. I put on a pair of pink panties and bra, and a pair of denim shorts with a white top. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. I caught the elevator up to Frank and Bev’s floor, and made my way to their apartment. I knocked on the door, and after a short wait the door opened.

“Hi beautiful.” Frank said, as he opened the door. “Come in.”

“Hi Frank.” I replied, as I walked inside.

I noticed two guys sitting on the couch looking me up and down as I walked into the lounge.

“Toni, this is Ray and Sean, good friends of mine.” Frank said, as he noticed the guys staring.

“Hi guys.” I said with a smile. “Where’s Bev.” I asked, as I turned looking at Frank.

“She will be back tomorrow; she’s visiting her sister.” He replied.

“Oh I get it, while the wife’s away Frank wants to play.” I said, staring at Frank with

a cheeky smile.

“She knows I was going to invite you over,; she was ok with it.” Frank replied.

As he walked into the kitchen, I sat on the couch chatting with Frank’s two friends, getting to know them. They were both in their mid-sixty’s, and by bulge growing in their shorts, I could tell they hard nice size cocks. After a few minutes, Frank returned from the kitchen and sat next to me on the couch.

“Are you sure Bev knows you were inviting me over.” I said looking at Frank.

“She does honey. She did say in return I had to let her have some alone time with you when she gets back.” Frank replied.

“I can live with that.” I said, with a smile.

I hopped off the couch onto my knees and crawled over to Frank’s two friends sitting on the opposite couch. As I made my way over, both guys removed their shorts revealing their hard erect cocks. I started stroking them before taking turns sucking them nice and slow.

After a few minutes, Frank helped me up off the floor. Standing behind me, he pulled my shirt up over my head before removing my bra. He then slid my shorts and panties down dropping them to the floor. Standing naked, Frank grabbed my breasts from behind as he kissed my neck. Both of the guys stood up, and as I closed my eyes enjoying the attention. I felt their hands exploring my body as Frank continued kissing my neck. All of a sudden, I felt both guys sucking my nipples as their hands explored my wet pussy. After a few minutes, Frank took my hand and led me to the bedroom as the other two followed. I laid on my back on the bed rubbing my pussy staring at the three stroking their cocks.

“So, who’s cock do I get to fuck first.” I said, looking at the three hard cocks in front of me.

Without hesitation, Sean laid on the bed guiding me on to his hard cock. He felt so good sliding deep inside me. As I rode him, Ray stood on the bed guiding his cock in my mouth.

“Oh fuck honey, suck it, god that feels good.” Ray said, as he softly moaned.

I started riding Sean’s cock harder and deeper as Ray held my head thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth. All of a sudden, I felt Frank’s hand pushing me down, laying me on Sean’s chest. As I stroked Ray I turned and noticed Frank oiling his cock. He moved in close slowly pressing against my arse.

“Ready for two cocks honey?” Frank said, sliding inside me nice and slow.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned, as I gripped the pillow.

As Sean and Frank’s cocks penetrated me nice and deep, I continued stroking Ray’s hard cock. The feeling was amazing, and I could feel my pussy ready to explode. I started to buck my hips harder against their cocks until I felt my body tense.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god don’t stop.” I screamed, as my pussy came all over Sean’s hard cock.

“That feel good honey.” Sean said, still driving his cock hard inside me.

“Oh god yes.” I replied, collapsing on top of him.

Both guys slid their cocks out and helped me up. I grabbed Ray’s hand and laid him on the bed before mounting him backwards, sliding his cock in my arse. I laid back on Ray’s chest, enjoying his hard cock inside me. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of oil on the bed and pouring a little in my hand. With Sean Standing close, I started stroking the oil over his hard cock.

“Ready to shove that cock in my arse.” I said, looking at Sean.

“Fuck honey, aren’t you a naughty little slut.” Sean said, as he hopped up on the bed.

I pulled my legs up as Sean’s cock pressed against my arse, joining Ray’s cock inside me. Both guys found their rhythm fucking me nice and slow.

“Aren’t you glad I invited you over honey.” Frank said, stroking his cock watching his friends fucking me.

“Oh, god yes.” I said, as I slid two fingers inside my pussy.

“Fuck that arse guys, looks like she about to cum again.” Frank said.

All of a sudden, I rested back on Ray’s chest feeling each cock sliding deep inside me as I started to moan. I could feel my body tense as I was about to cum again.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, harder.” I screamed, as I started to cum. “Oh fuck.”

My body trembled as both guys continued penetrating my arse. After what felt like a minute, I laid back catching my breath. Both guys slid their cocks out before Frank helped me up, laying me on my back on the bed. With my head laying over the edge, Frank knelt between my legs, sliding his hard cock inside my pussy. As he started to fuck me, Sean stood over my face stroking his cock. I started licking and sucking his balls as I watched his hand working his cock. All of a sudden, I felt Frank’s cock getting harder ready to cum.

“Oh god Frank, fill my pussy.” I said, as I continued teasing Sean’s balls.

“Fuck yeah, I’m cumming, yeah, yeah, oh fuck.” Frank moaned, as I felt his cum shoot deep inside me. “Oh baby.”

He slid his cock out of my pussy and sat on the bed watching on. Ray knelt beside me on the bed and grabbed my hand, placing it on his cock.

“God I’m going to cum, oh god yeah.” Sean said, as he quickly moved back shooting his cum all over my breasts and face.

As the last of his cum dripped on my lips, he slapped his cock on my lips before sliding it in my mouth. As I finished sucking him clean, he joined Frank on the bed. As I stroked Ray, I felt his cock harden as his body froze.

“Oh yeah baby.” He moaned, as he shot his cum over my face and in my mouth.

“God, I wish my wife would fuck like you honey.” Sean said, with a laugh. “Might have to visit you more often.”

“Frank knows where I live, don’t you honey.” I said with a smile, licking the cum from my lips.

After a minute, the guys got up and started getting dressed. I headed for the bathroom, hopping in the shower washing the cum from my body.

After finishing in the bathroom, I got dressed and headed out to the lounge.

“Where’s Ray and Sean.” I asked, looking around.

“They headed off honey, it’s just you and me.” Frank said, with a smile. “Why don’t you stay for dinner, I’ll cook us something.”

“Sure, sounds good.” I replied.

Frank prepared dinner and we sat eating and chatting over a bottle of wine. When we finished, we did the dish’s and cleaned up before taking our wine glasses and relaxing in the lounge. It didn’t take long before our glasses were empty.

“How about another drink honey, I’ll find us something stronger.” Frank said, as he got up off the couch.

“Stronger, you trying to get me drunk.” I said, as I hopped up and followed Frank into the kitchen.

“That I’d love to see.” He said, with a laugh. “Try this.” He said as he put a shot glass in front of me.

Frank picked up his glass and swallows it in one go. I picked up mine, and without hesitation, copied Frank swallowing in one gulp.

“That’s nice.” I said, as I put the glass down.

“Ready for another?” He replied, as he started filling the glasses. “Tell you what. If you get to drunk you can stay here the night.”

“Well, you better get ready and pour me another.” I replied, just before swallowing the shot.

After about five shots, I started to feel a little lightheaded. Frank grabbed the bottle and shot glasses and we headed into the lounge. As I sat on the couch, he put everything down on the coffee table before heading into the bedroom. A few minutes later, he returned with his camera.

“Are you up for a little photo shoot honey.” Frank said, as he pointed the camera towards me.

Still feeling lightheaded from the alcohol, I stood up and slowly undressed. I removed my top then bra dropping them to the floor. As my hands cupped my breasts, Frank clicked away on the camera taking pictures. Very lightheaded, I didn’t hesitate to remove my shorts.

“Kneel up on the couch.” He requested.

With my panties still on, I made myself comfortable on the couch, pointing my arse at the camera. As the camera clicked away, I felt my pussy getting wet. I slid a hand down between my legs and could feel the wetness through my panties. As I rubbed my pussy, the camera continued to click away. I slid my panties to the side and slid two fingers inside me. I turned and noticed Frank had removed his shorts, revealing his hard cock. All of a sudden Frank put the camera down and headed to the bedroom. He quickly returned with one of Bev’s very large dildos. He put it on the coffee table and poured another shot before handing it to me. Already lightheaded, I sculled it down. Frank took the glass then passed me the dildo. He headed over to the tv and put on a movie before picking up the camera. I hopped up off my knees and sat on the couch, staring at the TV while I teased my pussy with the dildo.

“I remember you saying, ‘the more guys the better’, so I’m sure this will turn you on.” Frank said, as he moved close, taking pictures of me teasing my pussy.

I laid back in the couch and slid my panties off nice and slow, staring at the TV. There was a woman on her knees taking turns sucking around ten guys. Just watching made my heart race and I was ready to feel the toy inside me. I spread my legs and slowly pressed the dildo against my pussy. As the head slid inside me, I let out a soft moan of pleasure. I worked the dildo nice and slow until my pussy was stretched and full.

“Bev, you’re home.” Frank said. Looking a little surprised. “I thought you were coming home tomorrow.”

“I decided to surprise you. Looks like I came home at the right time.” Bev replied, looking over at me.

Bev put her bag down and walked over to the coffee table, pouring herself a shot of alcohol before pouring another and passing it to me. I gulped it down and passed the glass back. My head was already spinning, and I felt nice and relaxed ready for them both to do whatever they wanted to me. Bev slowly undressed watching me toying my pussy before sitting on the couch opposite me. She spread her legs and while watching the TV and me toying myself, she licked her fingers before rubbing her pussy. As I watched her spread her pussy lips, I felt my body tense ready to cum. As I started to moan, Bev hopped off the couch and knelt down between my legs. Frank, still holding the camera moved in close still taking pictures.

“Yeah, yeah, god I’m cumming.” I moan, as I heard the camera clicking away. “Oh god.”

Bev grabbed the dildo from my hand and slowly slid it out. She moved in close and started licking the cum from my pussy. The touch of her tongue made my body tremble over and over.

“Honey, you taste so good.” Bev said, as she continued licking me.

After a minute, Bev helped me up off the couch, laying me on the floor. I was to turned on as I lay helpless as my head was spinning from the alcohol.

Bev knelt beside me spreading my legs wide apart. Her hand explored my body before spreading my pussy lips apart.

“God that’s beautiful.” Frank said, as he clicked away on the camera.

I guided Bev’s legs over my head burying my tongue in her pussy. Now with Bev on top of me, we both explored each other’s pussy as we lay in a sixty-nine position. Frank took a few more pictures before he put the camera down and stood stroking his cock watching. After a few minutes, Frank moved behind Bev positioning his hard cock against her arse. As his cock slid inside her, Bev let out a loud moan. He fucked her nice and slow as I teased Frank’s balls with my tongue. Bev started to moan over and over, and I could tell she was ready to cum. I buried my tongue in her pussy as I watched Frank’s cock sliding in and out of her.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, don’t stop, oh fuck me.” Bev screamed, as her body started to shake. “I’m cumming, god I’m cumming.”

All of a sudden, the juices from her pussy gushed over my tongue and lips. Frank continued pounding her arse, as I watched his balls slapping against her pussy while I lay enjoying Bev’s tongue between my legs. All of a sudden, I felt a rush through my body as my pussy was ready to explode.

“Oh god Bev, yes, yes.” I moaned, as my body shook.

As I lay still cumming, Frank pulled his cock from Bev’s arse and slid it into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Frank said, as I watched him penetrating her hard.

“Oh fuck.” Bev screamed, as he exploded inside her.

Frank gripped her arse tight as his body froze with his cock buried deep. He let out a deep breath before sliding his cock out and collapsing on the floor. Bev, still on top of me, rested her head still enjoying the sensation of Frank’s cock exploding inside her. As she lay, I licked her pussy tasting Frank’s cum oozing from her pussy. All of a sudden, I heard the click of the camera, as Frank captured the cum all over her pussy and my tongue.

After a few minutes, Bev and I hopped up and headed for the shower.

“It’s pretty late honey, why don’t you stay the night?” Bev suggested.

“You don’t mind?” I replied.

“I’d love you to.” She said, as she turned the water off.

We hopped out of the shower and dried ourselves before heading into the bedroom and laying on the bed. As we chatted, Frank headed into the bathroom for a shower.

“So, did you have fun honey?” Bev said, as she looked at me.

“I did, but I was a little worried that you weren’t here.” I replied.

“All good, I told Frank he could as long as I got to have a little fun with you.” Bev said, with a smile. “Looked like you were enjoying yourself when I walked in, naughty Frank got you a little drunk.”

“He did, but I enjoyed it. It made me very relaxed in front of his camera.” I replied, with a grin.

As we lay, Frank walked out of the bathroom naked. He turned the light off and joined us on the bed. Both Frank and Bev cuddled into me before we all drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I was woken by Frank and Bev softly sucking my nipples, as their hands massaged my thighs. As I let out a soft moan, Bev looked up.

“Good morning beautiful.” She said, before continuing to arouse me.

All of a sudden. Bev hopped up and headed to her dressing table and pulled out a Vibrator. She quickly returned and started slowly teasing my pussy. As the vibrator slid inside me, she turned it on. I threw my head back, enjoying the sensation inside my pussy.

“Honey, I want to watch you fuck her.” Bev said, as she toyed my pussy.

Frank laid on the bed as Bev removed the vibrator. I mounted Frank, sliding his hard cock inside me.

“Oh baby you feel good.” Frank said, as his hands grabbed my breasts.

I looked over at Bev as she watched me riding his hard cock while she fingered her pussy. After a few minutes, Bev grabbed the oil from the bedside table and squeezed it on my arse. As she rubbed it in, her fingers teased me. She slowly pushed me forward, laying on Frank. All of a sudden, I felt my arse being stretched as Bev slowly pressed the vibrator inside me.

“Oh fuck.” I screamed, as Bev slowly fucked my arse. All of a sudden, she turned the vibrator on. The sensation was amazing, and I could feel my pussy ready to explode.

“Yeah, yeah, oh god, I’m cumming.” I moaned, as I gripped the sheets on the bed. “Oh fuck.”

As my body started to relax, Bev slid the vibrator from my arse before Frank slid his cock out of my pussy and rolled me on to my back. Without hesitation, Frank laid on top of me sliding his cock inside me. As he fucked me, Bev guided my hand to her wet pussy. I started to rub her before sliding three fingers inside. With her hand, she pushed my fingers in deep and I could feel she was dripping wet. As Frank pounded my pussy, Bev started to moan over and over as her hips started to shake.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck her Frank, god fuck her.” She moaned, as she body shook.

Frank pounded my pussy a few more times before he started to moan. I could feel his cock getting hard, when suddenly his body froze.

“Oh fuck yeah.” He screamed, as he exploded inside me, shooting his cum deep.

Over and over his cock pulsated, flooding my pussy. When he finished cumming, he rolled off laying beside me. As I lay exhausted, Bev spread my legs apart, watching the cum leaking from my pussy.

“God honey, you filled her up good.” Bev said, staring at my pussy.

After a few minutes, I got up and headed for the shower. I washed myself clean before hopping out and drying myself. I headed back into the bedroom as Bev was licking the last of Frank’s cum from his cock.

“Thank you for an amazing night and morning.” I said, with a smile as I got dressed.

“I’m going to head home guys. Stay in bed, I can see myself out.”

I left their apartment and headed back to mine, ready for a relaxing day.