Fucked My Aunt Twice, No Idea If She Knows


A self confessed perverts account of his relationship with his aunt and how he manipulated his way to fucking her twice while she was semi conscious. Both the worst and best thing he’d ever done. I’ve never told anyone about this for obvious reasons, not even my wife and it feels good to share it finally. I changed a few details like names to keep it anonymous.

When I was a teen, maybe 15, my aunt from the Netherlands came to stay with us for a couple weeks. She was my dad’s younger sister, in her late twenties and super hot. Big natural teets, not short but not tall, maybe 5’9″, cute face and good round ass. For a teenager just discovering women and jerking off, she was perfection, bubbly and sweet, curvaceous and exotic.

She brought me some toys like I was a child since we hadn’t seen each other in a few years now, but quickly realized her mistake when she saw me. Or maybe when she saw me see her. I admit it, even though she was my aunt, every time she was near I was trying to sneak a peak at her well developed Ds. My hugs lingered. I was always nearby when she made a trip to or from the shower wrapped in a towel, dripping wet like my dreams for her each night. Especially outside, in the backyard in her tiny black bikini, I was shameless in trying to take pictures of her.

I would take pictures of flowers, my parents, the house, the sprinkler… anything to try and get her tanning in the background. The few times I felt bold enough to take her picture properly and she would perk up, striking a little pose for me, usually chest out and smiling. Later at night, stroking to those same photos, her tits hanging out in that skimpy string bikini just begging to be fondled, squeezed and sucked on, I would wonder if she knew what I was doing the whole time. The smile on her face, her eyes looking straight into the camera, even looking back on those pictures years later, she looks like she is posing for me to jerk off to, but maybe I’m seeing what I want to see. I couldn’t ask anybody if they agreed with me obviously. I just took my prizes where I could find them. Total perv shit, but if you could have seen her I doubt you’d blame me.

She was bratty too. I mean, warm and fun and friendly but she was dating this really rich guy Jorg (he paid for the trip) and she acted like a princess or daddy’s little girl, her brothers younger sister and all that even though she was almost thirty. That just added to the attraction for me. It was only fantasy after all, not a real relationship prospect, just teenage masturbatorial fodder.

I jerked off to those pictures for an entire year after she left. It was a standard after school each day when I got home before my parents arrived after work. I pumped hundreds of wads if not thousands before I got to see her again.


It was the next summer and this time my parents sent me to the Netherlands to stay with her for four whole weeks. I was ecstatic! My obsession with her was well developed by then. I was going to get new pictures and I couldn’t have been happier. I had no idea what I was really in for.

The first week was pretty much exactly what I had expected. She had a two bedroom apartment with an open plan kitchen/living space with four doors, front door, bathroom door, and the two bedroom doors connected by a shared closet. The living room had floor to ceiling windows that looked over a park. It was a really nice place. Probably something to do with her rich, now fiancé, who picked us up at the airport in a jaguar.

They got me a little summer job doing deliveries for his manufacturing company, I wasn’t really doing the deliveries. It was more a ride along with the real driver, all a ploy by my parents to get some real life work experience. So that filled my days, but on the weekends Anika would take me shopping to the mall and try on clothes in front of me. Bathing suits, dresses, jeans, not nude or anything weird or particularly scandalous on her part. She was European, so she didn’t seem to think twice about her thirty year old, busty body of perfection standing in bra and panties not two feet from a seventeen year old trying to play it cool and not the raging hormone I was. That was all I was living for, until I discovered her night time activities.

I wasn’t a child. I could stay at her place unsupervised in the evenings if she ever wanted to go out with her friends or fiancé. And she did, a couple times a week. Occasionally in the middle of the week, but mostly Fridays and Saturdays as you might expect.

The first night, when they came back, I was still up in the living room, watching TV. They were pretty drunk and obviously forgot that she even had a house guest. Clearly I was interrupting but I was too stupid to leave. Instead she said something about it being late and he excused himself, clearly disappointed. She hung out for a few minutes on the couch with me, head kind of bobbing around before she mumbled an excuse and teetered off to her room.

I was enthralled, hard in my pants watching her the entire night. She wore a tight miniskirt and a near see thru blouse with a black bra to contrast, with a few buttons undone to show off that deep cleavage. The most fuckable thing in heels I’d ever seen. I almost felt bad for her fiancé I could imagine how much he’d want to poke her after watching her dance and sweat in the club.

I knew she was pretty drunk when she was barely talking and bleary eyed and almost falling asleep sitting there. She lit the wrong side of her cigarette, before she decided it was time for bed. That wobbled legged stubble into her bedroom etched itself into my brain and I filed it away for the spank bank. I only realized five minutes later that she had left her door open.

When I looked in I could see that she managed to kick off her heels and remove the blouse before she just collapsed onto the bed face down, snoring gently.

I called out if she needed some help a few times but she appeared dead to the world. That’s when I noticed that her skirt had ridden up and with her legs slightly apart that I could see her pussy. What was more exciting; seeing my first real up close look at a woman’s sex or that she wasn’t wearing any panties to begin with! She could have also managed to take them off before she collapsed but that seemed unlikely and there were no underwear anywhere on the floor.

After a long a lecherous few minutes I gawked like a perv I decided that the gentlemanly thing to do, would be to get her to role over on to her back so she could breathe better and to put the blankets on her and if that meant I got to, also by happenstance, see her fun bags jiggle around a little, then so be it. Well in doing so one perfect beautiful titty fell out of her bra and into full view for a moment. She reflexively rolled her shoulder and it covered up again. I briefly did consider, getting a feel, as it were but decided it was too risky and so I just pulled her covers over her. Before I left, Aunt Anika muttered something about me being sweet.

Was she awake? I was so fucking ready the moment I got through our connecting closet to my bedroom. Pants off, cock in hand, pumping three or four times that night. Easily in my top ten jerks of all time.

The next night they were going out I made a big deal of how tired I was and pretended to go to bed before they even left for the club and sure enough if they didn’t come back just after midnight. They were giggling and trying to be stealthy but it was a total failure. I could hear their voices muffle as they began.

It wasn’t long before I snuck into the closet between our rooms and peaking through that door, had a front row seat to this guy doing what I wanted to do so very much. Fucking her hard and making her cum over and over again.

I actually thought he was a bit harsh with her, harder than I expected. He would grab her by the hair and fuck her face with his cock, but she didn’t complain. To see her in the throws of an orgasm was so good I came in my own pants at the same time without touching.

She groaned deeply and loudly, trying to muffle herself in the sheets. I wanted to tell her she could be as loud as she liked.

This becomes a semi regular pattern for a few weeks and then one night Anika and Jorg came back with another guy. I could hear two distinct male voices. From my vantage point in the walkthrough I could actually see out into the living room if the door was open.

They hung out for fifteen minutes drinking more and smoking a joint. It feels awkward and I notice Anika flirting with the other guy and in front of her fiancé. My mind was blown as she took HIM into her bedroom and serviced him. Dropping to her knees and sucking him, who again was just not as gentle as I was expecting. This was expanding my mind and my infatuation with my aunt as a sex object.

Once they were undressed and on the bed, she climbed on top and dangled her ripe melons in his face as she rode him. Then Jorg came in, naked, cock in hand and ready for battle. He closed the door behind him, thinking it gave them privacy, but through the crack in the closet door I was able to see all I needed to.

He said something I couldn’t catch. I was pretty fluent now but a lot of dirty slang that people wouldn’t say to me was a mystery.

She panted and said yes please something something and she bent forward onto the first guy.

Jorg immediately stepped up behind her and skewered her with his weapon. I couldn’t tell from the angle, honestly, if he was in her ass or not but they went to work on my Aunt and she clearly appreciated their efforts.

It was also clear this wasn’t the first time they had done this sort of thing. I was seventeen at the time but I wasn’t totally naïve and this was Europe, but hearing her guttural animal sounds and watching her back arch to purposefully make access easier, I was in awe of her.

Jorg came first, trying to muffle his grunts of completion, but their friend wasn’t done yet. Jorg lit a cigarette and retreated to the end of the bed to watch Anika pound flesh as she rode him to three more orgasms. He slapped her face and tits repeatedly, especially when she was cumming, before he pulled out and came in her mouth. It was like porn I had seen online; he just pushed her off of him and dragged her face to his cock by her hair and then aimed it in her mouth and blast off.

Afterwards I couldn’t risk staying long but she also lit a smoke and said goodbye to her guests. Jorg ducked a goodnight kiss I saw, before I scurried back to my room.

The next day was memorable too. I remember it was the first day I smoked weed. I just decided to ask. They had been smoking here or there around me, on the balcony, but keeping it unspoken, as if I didn’t know what was going on. After the previous night’s display I decided it was worth asking. Anika had been in a great mood, very cuddly all morning and quickly agreed. We sat on her couch and smoked this big cone. In Europe they mix it with tobacco so the size wasn’t as crazy as it sounds, but that was a great first trip.

The whole trip is a side story and non sexual so I will skip it, but it was obviously memorable for me on many levels.

Since she had no idea I had seen her fully satisfy two men at the same time, she was totally relaxed, but from my perspective it was like hanging out with your favorite porn star who happened to be your aunt.

This became a routine for the last few weeks of my stay with her. More often than not it was just Jorg, but one other time they brought home another guy, but a different guy than last time. This time Jorg fucked her face while the other guy fucked her from behind. My every primative instinct of what a woman with the body my Aunt had was meant to do with it was fully justified as she eagerly provided herself as sexual prop for obligatory use.

I was jerking off furiously for weeks and was thrilled. I honestly didn’t ever want to leave, but right before I left, a few days earlier on the Friday night I got a parting gift of sorts.

It started as a typical night of pre-drinking at the apartment. Anika and Jorg and a couple they were friends with. The girl was good looking but nothing compared to Aunt Anika. Still everything seemed normal enough, no extra flirting from anybody. After a few rounds of shots we all smoked a joint, me included now, and they rolled out the door. Again I made it very vocal that I was hitting this weed and then hitting the bed.

Hours went by until around midnight that they were back. From my spot I could see them shuffle in, straight to the bedroom, Anika, Jorg and some rando.

Before they even got into her bedroom, one of them had already got her shirt half off so that one titty was out and they actually had ahold of her arms to steady her as she seemed more incapacitated than usual. Lost in a fog, they put her on her knees and she instinctually began sucking off both men. But within minutes, her enthusiastic jerking and sucking became slower and her movements sluggish.

Jorg said something about giving her too much or she took too much of something. The new guy wasn’t phased though and instead just used her head like a wet hole mounted to a stand. With hands on both sides of her head he plunged his cock deep into her placid face, making little popping squelching sounds at the back of her throat. Her hands just hung off her arms, limp, exposed titty jiggling in rhythm. The only signs of life appeared to be when she sputtered for air. The rest of the time this guy was actually talking to her fiancé. Too fast and slang for me to catch it all, but I gathered at least some of it was a commentary on her, both physically and clearly also how fucked up she was.

Eventually they got her up on the bed and while it seemed she wasn’t going to be able to do much other than lay on her back, starfished out, that wasn’t looking to be a deterrent for these guys who just stripped down and took their turns.

She said few words but there were a few simple ones and she became vocal intensely if she came, which she did once or twice at the start. After both Jorg and this other guy had taken their turns, Anika passed out.

At first I thought that was the grand finale to my trip, but then there was a knock at the door and Jorg threw on his shorts to go answer. It was two more guys! One I recognized from early but now he had lost his girlfriend and he had brought some other guy. Even Jorg seemed surprised by the other guy who he didn’t appear to know either. He seemed to have reservations about friends of friends fucking his fiancé, maybe a strange place to draw a line, but then he also gestured toward the open bedroom door where they could see my well used Aunt splayed out naked on the bed, comatose. Neither guy even blinked and eventually Jorg gave them a strange sort of hand gesture invitation to come in.

I was shocked. Shocked for a guy who had spent weeks watching his sexy slutty Aunt getting railed in threesomes is a hell of a thing. They kept their voices down, stripped off and took their turns on her semi conscious body. I know this isn’t particularly detailed but there isn’t much to say about these performances. They just climbed on top of her and fucked her like meat, grabbing her tits and kissing and licking her, and at their most hardest peaks she would become semi aware and give a few appreciative moans never fully cumming but enough that they would.

The other guys waited out in the living room, smoking and talking until all four men had what they came for. By then it was 2:30AM and they rambled out the door leaving her there in the sticky sheets.

I ran out shortly after and locked the door behind them. Now alone with Anika I went to her side as she lay naked and covered in cum.

She was out, hard core. As a man with little to no restraint, I couldn’t let this moment pass. In this lifestyle she had chosen, what was one more cock? Why did she have to know? Who was I hurting?

Once I had decided to be a bastard, I turned off all the lights and got undressed. My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I reached out and started by fondling a titty. Jiggling them around, pinching the nipples playfully, not trying to wake her. I put her hand on my cock for a few strokes while I finger her for the first time. She is wet and still unresponsive aside from an occasional moan.

It was too much. Yes I fucked my Aunt. I pressed the tip of my cock right at her sloppy hole and slowly filled her inch by inch in one long smooth plunge. When my full length sheathed inside her to thd full hilt and my pelvis pressed against her, she nominally broke into consciousness with a word. Anderen? Or something that souded like it. It meant, “another?”

It was not a refusal or a denial at a fifth cock using her tonight. More like incredulity that she was going to let it happen. I tried my best to hold back, but that was near impossible.

I remember my heart racing and simultaneously wanting to fuck her as slow and for as long as I could but then also the overriding fear of her catching me and the over whelming reality of actually fucking my Aunt was a jerk fantasy come true. It was probably less than fifteen minutes. I came right inside her and squeezing onto her big titties.

The next day she was tired obviously but in good spirits, saying she had just partied too hard last night. We spent the afternoon hanging out and she drove me to the airport the next day.


Finale three years later. I graduated high school and started college. During the summer breaks I would work at this landscaping company. Nothing big, just running lawnmowers all day. Driving to different properties all day in trucks, smoking weed in the cab and mowing lawns stoned 90% of the time. The crew were mostly washouts and degenerates. The older they got, the worse it was, gambler, alcoholic, general fuck up. A bunch of musicians too, of course. One guy in particular, a crown douche named Max was almost inhuman in his debauchery.

Max played the lead guitar in a jazz band. He was good too, but Max was also a junkie fuck up. He was fine for long stretches but then disappear for a week and pop up again looking like hell. He was a charming degenerate, always sharing stories of his conquests and it was always self deprecating and yet totally confident. There were various sites we worked, in co-ops with plenty of single divorced moms where Max would vanish for a few hours and come back after a couple visits with a few of them.

He was a right bastard. And the moment my mom told me that Anika was going to be staying with them for a week or so and that she’d love to see me, I immediately thought of Max and knew how I could manipulate everybody to get what I wanted.

Her engagement with Jorg ended and all I could think about every day was that last night with her three years ago. I had that in the spank bank top ten ever since.

I just needed to put Anika, Max and a pile of drugs together in the same room. I could recreate the basic circumstances of her conquests with Jorg and then get my reward.

She was now midthirties, lost her meal ticket, desperate and flailing to find herself again. She had always been young and sexy before Jorg, now without his wealth, she was forced to downsize from her beautiful apartment. Anika never really held down a serious job before either. She was putting on a brave face but the sense that she was going through an early midlife crisis was evident. It was perfect.

I picked her up from my parents place, we smoked a joint and drove down to this seedy bar that Max’s band, the Accelerators, played at. I told her to dress up for a fun time and she didn’t disappoint. She wore, what to me, seemed like a very easily removable one piece, short dress with deep cleavage. It wasn’t shiny flashy, just an almost skin color beige, but hugging her body so tightly it made her body the flash and shine. I explained that she looked fantastic but a little over dressed for the crappy bar we were going to.

I wasn’t old enough to go out with her last time but now I was and this was my city. I tried to explain that my friend plays in this shabby bar but the music was really good. It didn’t matter anyway. What I considered a slum, she naively thought of it as the ‘art district’ and we were off to the races. We’d already had a few shots, predrinking after we had smoked that joint, but as we walked from the car to the venue and Anika wobbled briefly in her heels, my mind flashed back to that same drunken stumble she made on her way to bed that first night I saw here bare pussy. It felt like a great night was just starting.

Aunt Anika’s dress pushed her two best assets front and center so when she walked in those heels, her bounce was mindbreaking captivating. We found a booth and slid in near the band. They were halfway through their set. Max clocks her and I introduce them.

As soon as I introduce Anika as my Aunt I can see the wheels spinning in his head. He wanted a piece of that and she couldn’t be my date if she was my Aunt and how delicious would it be to fuck this guy’s Aunt that same night? This is exactly what made Max perfect for my plan and why he fucked up his life constantly. No impulse control at all.

I introduced the band as friends of mine but the truth is that I work with two of them but the other two guys in the band were strangers to me.

We kept drinking while the band finished their set. The music was really good and that helped Anika warm up to the guys more than she should have. They were very flirty and touchy with her, hand on the thigh, her hair, clothes while they stared at her. She clearly enjoyed all of the attention. It must have been a nice ego boost for her.

After a few hours of hanging out, Anika goes out the back door of the bar to have a smoke. Max gave me this little scummy grin before he got up and followed her, basically saying without words, “you can’t blame me for wanting to fuck that” and he would be correct. Even if he was an asshole.

I excused myself and decided this was the appropriate time to get a room. For the next part of my plan. It gave Max some time to try and slime his way into her panties. The bar was on the bottom floor of this old hotel in which you could rent rooms by the hour and so it was heavily trafficked by drug dealers and prostitutes.

When I come back I catch them making out. The band was sitting in the booth laughing, clearly aware of what Max was up to. Opening the door to the back I could see Max pressing her up against the brick wall, mouth on hers, one hand squeezing her big titty like ripe fruit and the other up her skirt already. I could see him working it in and out. They didn’t even stop when I stepped outside. I think maybe she was already gone, but I had to make sure.

“I think the bartender is going to kick us out guys,” I lied lamely, “I think we should at least get a room upstairs and take the party there.”

I jingled the keys to get Max’s attention before he would even remove his fingers from Anika. He wiped his hand on my shirt and took the keys along with some coke I scored from a guy in the lobby. I knew when Max locked eyes on it, that it was all over for him being control of anything.

Anika was having a blast, pretending to be a groupie for the band, thrilled to be the center of attention. She had more faith in them because she thought they were my friends. Meanwhile I slipped some drowsy sleep medicine into her last shot before we went upstairs. Her legs were already a little wobbly so I knew within forty minutes she would be a puddle.

The moment the door to the suite opened they had her clothes off, no pretense or manners. Everything for Aunt Anika was slowing down now, her reactions to how quickly circumstances were changing. In the end it was so familiar to her that second nature took over and for a good half hour she became a force of nature fuck machine and everybody took their turn and plugged her in every hole.

I guess I just blended into the background? Maybe her brain had switched off at a certain level of inebriation? Maybe she just didn’t care. I wasn’t about to ask.

Max and the rest had average cocks by my estimation. It wasn’t the size that was so stirring as much as it was the perversion of what they were doing. Max started them iof in the bed, taking her pussy and then her ass, but honestly I knew that he really wanted that little baggy to go up his nose, and that’s exactly what he did, the moment he finished he was chopping it up on a coffee table with his credit card and rubbing it on his gums as the next guy took his place. I’m not sure Anika would remember more than the second guy because after that she was just sort of there, pliable enough to get DP’d while sandwiched between two guys.

Now totally red eyed and coked out, Max provided the running commentary. It was annoying as hell, but I let him go. I’m sure they thought I was humiliated and ashamed of what they were doing to my Aunt, but honestly this was everything I hoped for.

By the time they had each finished with her, she was out like a light. I gave them all a baggy of coke I scored in the hallway on the way up and they skittered off happily into the night.

Locking the door behind them I turned out the light and stripped down to get my turn. This time I wanted to take my time.

I ran my hands all up and down her naked body, squeezing and plying my prize in all the right spots. Her cunt was slick from all the previous dicking she got from the entire band. I slide in easily. It was like coming back home.

At the root, when I was balls deep and gave her back wall a nudge she let out an audible groan of recognition.

She said something that sounded like Undress but I think was Anderes which meant “Another?” I grunted in affirmative and just continued with whatever I wanted.

With the lights out and all the drugs and drinks I felt confident enough to kiss her and in true slut fashion she met my every advance with willing half conscious enthusiasm.

I really enjoyed myself for the better part of an hour, fucking her deeply, making love to my Aunt, fucking her raw and making her cum. This time, in the pitch of the dark room and the fog of her mind I decided to put my cock in her mouth with some limited success.

More than half asleep, I was doing most of the work there too. Honestly, after the last few years and having one or two girlfriends, this wasn’t the best sex ever, but it would always be amazing because it was my Aunt. There was a thrill to knowing I wasn’t supposed to be doing this but was anyway. I slowed down a few times to make sure I didn’t bust too soon.

Her ass was soft and loose and I swapped between the two holes as though they were interchangeable and without protest. For how sloppy they were from the last few hours of raw fucking from ass to pussy and back again, both holes were now exquisitely indistinguishable. In those final moments I was bone deep from behind, her face in the pillows, my hands clamped onto her big teets as I drove my glory into her and pumped my last into her fuckhole.

Her grunts at the end gave me pause to wonder how much she might remember or if she knew it was me and just letting me take my turn.

I enjoyed both possibilities in my mind after I was finished, sitting in a chair watching her sexy naked ass, passed out in her own sticky sheets as I smoked a cigarette. What a great night. Everybody got what they wanted.

I washed up and after an hour, now early in the AM, I woke her and told her we should go now. I helped her into the shower and getting her dressed. She was still fucked up but not totally wasted now and mostly coherent although she seemed unfamiliar with the hotel room. Anika was getting a little too old to be this wild but this was her reality and rather than having any idea that I purposefully set her up with the booze and my “friends” and the drugs and the room and instead she was so incredibly grateful for me to be there for her when she woke up. She was embarrassed but still in good spirits considering her rude behavior.

We got to my car and drove back to my apartment and grabbed two coffees around the corner at 5am. She was still pretty fucked up so she just lay on my couch and we talked.

She wasn’t as embarrassed or apologetic as I thought she might be. Instead, Anika explained that she assumed I had heard or saw something when I stayed with her, but she hadn’t done anything like that since Jorg.

There was a moment where I thought about telling her that I fucked her too. I almost thought I had a decent shot at her admitting that she knew, but in the end I decided against it. Probably for the best. It actually brought us closer together for a short time.

I dropped her off at my parents a few hours later. We hugged goodbye and then I didn’t see her again for a long time. We kept in touch a little through emails but the language barrier and life just moved along.

She’s still in the spank bank and I have no regrets about this and I don’t know that she does either, but I guess we’ll never really know.