Fun my brother


This happened back in the summer when I was 18.

My name is Jake and my brother’s name is Mitchell.

This happened back when I was 18 and I would describe myself as slim with black hair, my height is 5′ 2, I’d say my best part of my body is my ass nice and bubbly, my dick size is average 5in.

So when the summer began I was home alone alot while my dad was at work, and I just do the regular sit and watch tv or eat something, play games you know normal kid shit. One day my dad came up to me and said I should get out more. He hated when I didn’t do anything, he would always nagg at me for not going out. So he was sitting in his chair looking bills or whatever while he was doing thst he had asked me.

Dad – “So what do you plan on doing today?” He asked.

J – “I don’t know, I was planning on cleaning today,” I replied.

Dad – “You should go out for a walk or whatever, I’m tired of you being in your room,” he said.

J – “Dad I don’t want to, there’s nothing to do,” in a whining voice. “And don’t say get a job. I’ve been trying.” I said irritatedly.

Dad – “Well you shouldn’t be sitting here on your ass all damn day.” He said angrily

J – “what will you have me do?”

Dad – “How about go hang with friends or come with me up north?”

I hated going up north with him! It was always so boring and it was definitely nothing to do up there. I’d rather stay home and do what I usually did, I had to figure out a way to get out of that.

J – “Dad no, please!”

Dad – “Well you’re not staying here by yourself for the week.”

J – “Where could I go then?”

Dad – “How about your brother, you stay with him.”

My brother is tall built, with short black hair and has tattoos and he is 5’11.

Know me and my brother got along with one another but he never really invited me to his place to hang or anything, which I was fine with but when my dad mentioned him I kind got excited.

So I said yes and texted him later asking if it was alright, and he said it was no problem, he let me know the he was going to me to come over anyway. He said we were gonna do crazy shit and have some fun, which amped me up even more because I’ve been bored since the beginning of the summer.

So the next day I packed all my stuff the week and he was coming to pick me up, so I patiently waited. When he had gotten at my house my dad had already left, he told me to tell hime he said hi and not to get me in trouble. My brother was kinda a trouble maker when he was younger.

He knocked on the door and he saw me and smiled and I smiled back. It’s been awhile since I had seen him and it was nice to see him looked different in a good way. Now you’re probably wondering if I’m gay, bi etc. I have now come to the conclusion that I am Bi but at the time I was just curious mean I’ve noticed guys and I miss that they were attractive, and the same thing goes with girls.

Before we went back to his house oh, he had to make a quick stop at the drugstore and I only take a couple of minutes. Then we had him back to his house which was about 20 minutes away. I got out of a car and take my things in up to the guest bedroom oh, he lives by himself so just going to be me and him.

J – “So what do you plan having us do this week?” I asked curiously, thinking I might help him do repairs on his car cuz he’s mentioned it before.

M – “I don’t know but we are definitely gonna have fun.” He said with a smile

I never noticed his behavior before and I’m not going to lie I did have a few thoughts about him, just never thought much of it because I didn’t anything would happen.

He went to the frig and grabbed two beers, and handed me one.

“I can’t drink that,” I said laughing.

M – “Dad has really made one of those goody two shoes, hasn’t he?”

J – “Well I don’t want to get in trouble.” I said in a laughing nervous voice

M – “Jake trust me you won’t get in trouble, promise, just loosen up.” He said again with thst same smile.

J – “okay,” I took a sip and it was gross, I’ve never had alcohol, but after awhile I got used to it.

The rest of the day continued and we had watched a movie before he ask if I was hungry and I said no cuz I ate before leaving. He got up and went to the kitchen and made something. I was still on the couch about to fall asleep it was 6:00pm, and I usually would stay up late but I guess doing something different from I usually did made me tried.

He sat back down and he asked me how I was and if I was excited to graduate next year.

J – “Yeah I am can’t wait to get out from dad,” I said laughing

M – “I was the same way, he was so controlling.”

J – “But hey now you’re out and you got your own place and your own rules.”

M – “Yeah hahaha,” looking at me with more interest.

Few minutes passed and I asked, “So do you have a girlfriend?”

M – “No I don’t, I’ve been waiting for the right time.”

J – “Yeah I get that.”

I was watching TV and enjoying myself, but I got a feeling that he was looking at, so I looked over to see him staring at me.

J – “You good,” I said giggling.

M – “Yeah just lookin,” he replied.

J – “Looking? Look at what?” I asked

M – “No need to worry,” he said with a grin.

J – “Okay hahaha.”

We sat there for a few more minutes until he asked me to go with him up stairs to do something, I had no idea what he was planning to do but I went anyway. But he was kinda nervous, I didn’t know how to take. I stood in the hall way for a min, while he was in his room doing something.

As I waited there I was kinda think of about how fun the week was gonna be, how I finally got to do something different from I normally did.

Then out of now where he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room, closed the door. “What’s happening?” I said nervously. He looked at me and grabbed my waste and pulled me in closer and kissed me.

I didn’t know what to think at first then I pushed back wondering what the hell.

J – “What are you doing?”

M – “OH come on you know you wanted me do it, I could see it your eyes,” he said with that same smile.

J – “We shouldn’t be be doing that,” I said shyly.

M – “It’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with some experimenting,” looking at me with his dark piercing eyes.

And I didn’t want to admit it but yes I did I want him to take right then and there. But I still was thinking how wrong it was, so I tried to walk pass him and he stopped me and turned me around so he was behind me, with me arms around my back as he started kissing my neck. I moaned and that just gave him more reason to keep going. He threw me on the bed and began taking off his pants, I was trying to think of a way to get out but then I looked and there it was hard as a rock. He was ready to go, he is 9,1/2 in and I was think about what to do with it, and what he was gonna to me.

M – “I see you are getting excited too,” looking down at my pants.

J – “Mitch I have these thoughts too but we shouldn’t act on them.” I said trying to get to stop because I knew if I had the dick my mouth I won’t be able to stop. I knew I was going to have fun but not this much, if only if I didn’t feel this guilty.

M – “Come over here, and taste my dick.” He said in kinda demanding way.

I reluctantly did nothing and just sat there, he then proceeded to grab my leg and pulled me towards him. Grabbed my head and pushed it down towards him, I struggled but then my fears and dreams came true. It entered my mouth and I can’t being to describe warm and delicious it tasted, going in and out of my mouth. I used deep throat bananas I don’t have a gag reflex so it didn’t effect me. But I wanted more and more as much I could get.

M – “Yeah you like thst don’t you! You little slut!” And him talking to me like that just made me more horny.

M – “Take that dick!” M – “You know you love it. Little bitch!”

He took it out which made sad really, he grabbed me and stood me up and kissed me more. “I wanna see the nice ass, your little boy pussy,” he said. He bent me over and pulled down my pants and smoacked my ass hard three times. He began eating me out and damn it fell so damn good, like one of the best feelings, as he did he smacked me more.

J – “Damn thst feels so good!” I whimpered.

He kept licking my hole and kissing it make the most sexiest nosies moaning and sloppy sounds, making it nice and wet for him to enter.

M – “You ready baby?” He asked

J – “Yes! Ooh please fuck me!”

M – “you bout to take this dick,” he whispered in my ear.

J – “Yes daddy,” I replied

M – “Yeah I’m your daddy now bitch,” he said.

He entered my ass and yes it hurt at first, but after I didn’t care because I was so fucking horny. He went in and out of my ass and then I told him to speed up, he took that as a challenge and rammed my ass hard, I was crying and meaning so loud , grabbed my neck and pulled me back and he whisper in my ear.

M – “Shut up little bitch,” he said.

J – “Sorry,” I said still crying and moaning.

M – “Who’s your fucking daddy now? Huh!”

J – “You are daddy, you arrrrrre!” I kept moaning and whimpering.

He he was going in and out, making me quiver. He kept kissing my neck, he touched my dick for a little and stroked it.

He pulled out and threw me on the bed and flipped me over on my back, he came in and pushed threw my tight hole and began fucking me again. Now when he is fucking me and got to kiss me too, I was stroking my dick trying to cum, he then slapped my hand, “You don’t get to cum until I say bitch!”

“Sorry daddy,” I said.

He was fucking me so good, I felt like I was just gonna bust without doing it. He told me to start rubbing my dick and so I did and as he was about to cum, so did I.

M – “Where you want it baby?” He asked

J – “My mouth daddy,” I said in a needing voice.

He pulled out and put it back into my mouth and face fuck me, he moaning louder and louder so I knew he was going to cum, then he did. He tasted amazing, the loads going down my throat, about 4 and it tasted so damn good and I wanted more damn it.

We collapse on the bed, panting and looking at each other giggling.

M – “Was amazing J,” looking at me.

J – “Yeah it was, I loved it.”

M – “Oh yeah, we gonna do it again tomorrow just so you know.”

J – “Okay :)” I said with the happiest look on my face.

We got dressed, he gave a me another kiss, and I went to my room to get ready for bed. All I could think about was his amazing cock and cum going down my throat, and what might we do tomorrow. Before I went to bed my dad called to check in to see if everything was okay.

Dad – “So how is it, having fun?” He asked.

J – “Perfect dad, I think it’s good be fun this week,” I replied in a joyful voice.

Dad – “That’s good, alright have a goodnight.”

J – “Night dad.”

As I was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep Mitch came in with a bright light from the hall, I looked and asked “What’s going on?”

M – “I’m going lay with you, I like to cuddle it’s been awhile.”

J – “Okay fine, I call little spoon.”

M – “Shit I’m okay with that, I don’t want your dick near my ass anyway.”

He came over to the bed and got under the blankets with me. He wrapped his big arms around me pulling me in tight, it felt so good to my held like that. He slowly kissed my neck, it made me fall asleep.

Hoped you enjoyed it, I will continue if you want me to, if you want more comment down below, give me your thoughts and opinions. Have good day.