Greenleaf adult book store

Hi, my name is Stephanie, I’m 38 years old, and I’m the mother of an 18-year-old daughter, her name is Katie. And I have never been married. I don’t even know who the father is.


My life-changing that Sunday afternoon, I was 17-years-old, My dad was having a poker game at our house with 7 of his friends. They were watching a football game on tv as they played. I was watching the game as well. The guys were in the dining room, at the kitchen table. Our house is an open house plan. So the living room, kitchen, and dining room were all one big room.

The subject of an adult book store came up. They were talking about the gloryholes in one of the adult book stores downtown.

”What is a gloryhole?” I asked.

The men looked at me like they had forgotten that I was in the room.

A guy named Jeff, he’s about 40, a big man, and a good friend of my dad said, ”its a hole in the wall.”

”What’s so great about a hole in the wall?”

My dad then said. ”Steph, is there any place you can go to, like a friend’s house!”

”No, I really want to know.”

”Steph, you’re too young.”

”Dad I’ll be 18 tomorrow.”

”Gary another one of dad’s overweight friends then said. ”just tell her Greg, she really wants to know.” he said smiling at him.

“Yes, dad please tell me.”

“Ok Steph, it’s where a guy would put his, om, his om, his thing in the hole, so someone can suck on it.”

“So, a guy would put his dick in the hole, so some guy would give him a blow job?” I asked.

“No, well yes, but most guys would want a woman in the other booth,” Dad said, and he looked embarrassed.

”But can’t you guys just get a girlfriend or your wife to suck your cocks?”

All the men were looking at me, all we’re blushing.

”One guy, I didn’t know his name said, ”my wife wouldn’t do that and most wives wouldn’t do it.”

”Why not, it’s fun.” I said before I realized what I had just said.

”Have you done that Steph?” Jeff said looking at me with lust in his eyes.

I decided to be honest and said, “yes lots of times.”

It was very quiet in the room. Dad then cleared his throat and said, ”ok guys we are here to play poker, no more talk about gloryholes. Stephanie, I will talk to you later about it, ok?.”

”Sure, Daddy.” I said as I played with my long blonde hair, with my blue eyes looking at the guys. If one of them would have asked for a blow job at that moment I would have given them one, I was so horny.


A couple of days later, dad and I had a long talk. I told him I been sexually active since I was 14. And I had sucked off lots of boys at school and have had sex with older men.

My dad then shocked me by saying, ”Steph, would you like to go to an adult book store to see for yourself what it’s like to be in a booth with a Gloryhole?”

”Sure, I would love to, when can we go? I would like for you to come in with me.”

”I will take you but I’ll stay in the car.”

”No, I want you to come in with me.”

”You are old enough to go in by yourself.”

”Daddy please I will be too scared to go in by myself, PLEASE Daddy!”


I had just turned 18, It was a Friday night. My dad and I walked into my very first Adult Book Store. To say that I was nervous would have been an understatement. I was anxious to see what these

book stores were all about though.

Daddy went with me, I wore my low cut, wrap-around dress with no bra or panties. Dad could tell I was not wearing a bra under my dress. My nipples were sticking out.

We entered the Greenleaf adult book store. There must have been like 10 guys browsing inside the store.

Dad and I went to look at the magazine and books. All of the magazines had graphic type pictures on them, such as women with big tits, which I did not have, mine is only 32B.

There were some other magazines that had women being fucked in the ass or pussy, some being gang-banged, and others with other women, there were some bondage magazines, my dad was looking at them. I wonder if he’s into that.

We browsed through a few when dad made a suggestion, “do you want to go back to the video booths, to see some movies.”

“Sure let’s go.”

We walked up to the counter to get some

quarters for the machines. I couldn’t help notice all

of the toys. There were dildos, handcuffs, nipple clamps, butt plugs, inflatable dolls, my pussy was getting wet.

The guy behind the counter asked me if I was old enough to be in here since I look like I was only 14-years-old. I showed him my driver’s license.

”Happy Birthday Stephanie.” the old man behind the counter said.

”Thank you.”

After getting our 5 dollars worth of quarters we stepped into the back.

We walked down a narrow hallway and we came upon a list of movies that were being played in the booths. After looking at the list, we then walked down the long hallway. we finally came to the booth that had the movie that we had chosen to watch.

We entered the dark booth and somehow dad found the slot to put the quarters in. This movie showed a girl, with big tits, and two guys. She was on her hands and knees sucking one guy’s cock while the other was fucking her from behind. After a couple of minutes of fucking and sucking, they climbed up onto the couch. With one of the guys laying down, she slowly sat on him, guiding his cock into her cunt. Once again they started fucking. The other guy walked up and started to rub something all over his cock and onto her ass.

About that time the movie stopped, so my dad put in two more quarters. As the movie resumed, the camera had zoomed into a close-up shot of the first guy’s cock sliding in and out of the lady’s pussy.

The second guy got on top of the girl. A close-up shot of the 2nd guy’s cock, as it slid into her ass. Even though it was thoroughly lubricated, it took some time before he finally had it stuffed all the way up her ass.

”Have you ever done that?” dad asked me.

”No.” was all I could say. The movie scene was turning me on. I started to play with my breasts, at first I was just massaging them through my thin dress, but soon I unwrapped my dress and

started to massage them, forgetting that my dad was right behind me.

It must have turned him on too because he pushed me forward, I had to put my hands on the wall to hold myself up.

Reaching down he swung my dress to the side exposing my naked body, and he then slowly put his cock into me. Dad and I never had sex before, but I was so turned on, I didn’t care that my dad was fucking me in an adult book store.

After a couple of minutes, the movie ended, and instead of putting in more quarters, dad pulled out of me, I was very disappointed. We then dressed. We then left the booth to find another one.

We quickly found another booth that dad had picked out. Dad inserted a couple of quarters into the machine. The second movie showed a guy fucking a woman in her ass, the lady had her hands handcuffed behind her back. After a few minutes the guy pushed her down onto her knees, and the girl then started to suck his cock that had just been in her ass.

”Have you ever been fucked in your ass?”

”Yes.” I said moaning.

”Have you suck a dick after it’s been in your ass?”

”yes, yes I have.”

The way dad was talking, and watching the girl in the movie, she was trying to deep throat his cock made me all excited. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and I pulled my dad’s cock free from his pants, it was hard, thick, and long.

The door to the booth was locked, and the room was dark, except from the light from the movie that was showing. I was on my knees on the stick dirty floor, and I was sucking my dad’s cock. I couldn’t see anything else.

As I continued to suck on

his cock, I allowed him to unwrap my dress and to

play with my tits.

Once again the movie ended and he inserted more quarters. As I continued to suck on his cock, dad reached for my hand and held it for a few moments, and dad whispered into my ear, ”don’t be afraid everything would be ok.”

Dad then pressed my hand against the wall, allowing it to rest against the cold wet surface. He then guided my hand lower to the floor and then I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it, I felt something hard and warm, peering through the darkness, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A hole had been cut out of the wall and sticking through it was a man’s cock. This cock was standing at attention, 7 plus inches long and very thick.

”It’s ok, everything is ok, do whatever you want to do.” My dad said.

I looked up at him and said, “are you sure everything is ok.”

Dad then put his hand on my head and had me bend forward so that I could start sucking on his cock once again.

His cock was so hard and I started to give him my best blow job, slurping up and down his cock the best way I know-how.

I reached behind me and slowly guided this stranger’s cock towards the slit of my pussy. Although my pussy was wet and slippery, at first I could take only a couple inches. As I slowly started to thrust back and forth though he gradually filled me completely. He soon started to pump me fast and furious.

My dad squeezed my nipples tightly as he came in my mouth, and as hard as I tried to swallow all of his cum, I couldn’t do it, some spilled from my mouth and onto the floor.

I then felt this strange cock pumping his cum into my pussy. I could feel his hot cum filling me up. After a couple of minutes, he slowly slipped out of my pussy and I could feel his cum coming out of me and down my legs.

A minute later another cock came through the hole. The movie stops so

dad pulled out another couple of quarters and he put them into the video player.

I squatted in front of the chair. I leaned forward and licked the tip of the man’s cock. It was slightly smaller than the first cock. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide. I took his whole length into my mouth and then gagged, quickly releasing it.

Dad said, “No, don’t go all the way down on your first time. Start off with just a few inches.”

I nodded. It was weird, dad was giving me blowjob lessons. I then returned to my task.

As I did, Dad whispered advice. “Careful with your teeth. Use your tongue on the bottom. Hold the base and jerk him off as you suck. Go a little faster.”

As I applied dad’s lessons, dad sat on the chair and watched.

Watching my dad playing with himself, as he watched me sucking off a strangers cock in a porn shop movie booth, was turning me on big time.

Without thinking I reached under my dress and rubbed my own swollen mound.

Seeing an opportunity, dad slid off the bench and moved behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, but I didn’t object. Dad reached between my legs and rubbed my aching pussy for me.

I then lost my balance and had to put my hand down on the wet floor so I wouldn’t fall over. After regaining my balance, dad used one hand to pull my right hand up to my mouth and he put two of my fingers into my mouth.

“What is that?” I asked as I sucked on my fingers.

“It’s a puddle of cum on the floor,” Dad said. He then put a finger in my ass.

“What?” I said, and I wanted to say more, but before I could get it out, the man’s cock erupted, firing blast after hot blast of his cum onto my face, and into my open mouth.

For having such an average size cock, I was impressed with how much

cum he was dumping onto my face and open mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I exclaimed as some if it got in my hair.

My dad pulled me back into his arms and turned me to face him.

I kissed him, not caring about my cum soaked lips. I wanted to get even with him for having me lick old cum off my fingers that were on the floor.

To my surprise, he didn’t resist, in fact, Just to show me he wasn’t angry, dad leaned forward and licked a final droplet of the salty cum from the cock. He then turned to me with his white-streaked tongue extended for another kiss.

”Get dress.” dad said. We then quickly dressed. I yet to have an orgasm and I need it badly. I thought that we were leaving for home.

As we left the booth, I noticed that there were several men hanging out in the hallway.

We walk past the booth where the unidentified men had been in, I noticed that the door was open and apparently the men had left. Was one of the guys standing there, the one who had fucked me? I guess I’ll never know.

As we came to the end of the hallway, there was a door that was locked. Dad pushed some numbers on the keypad and it opens up. I know now that dad had been here before.

Dad leads me down the stairs. When we got down the stairs, we came upon some more movie booths, along with the list that describes the type of movies that were in each booth. We paused for a moment to choose. Dad then chose a couple of BDSM movies. Now I know dad was interested in bondage, would he want to dominate me?

We walked down the hallway to look for the number on the door.

Near the end of the hallway, we entered a booth. This booth was much larger than the first two and in fact, had a bigger chair in it that I could sit in. As dad inserted the quarters into the movie, I quickly glanced at the walls and noticed that this one also had holes cut into the sides of the booth on both sides.

After a couple of minutes, I approached the hole in the wall and looking through the hole I could see that someone was looking at me. A second later a small hard cock came through the hole.

I slid down further so I could get in a better position. I got onto my knees in front of the small hole and leaned forward. I loved the fact that my dad was watching me.

I winked at dad as I took the small hard cock in my mouth. I could hear a faint grunt from the other side of the wall. The wall is very thin, maybe less of an inch.

I then took the cock all the way into the back of my throat, my lips brushed against the wall.

I worked on the cock vigorously, not using my hands except to balance myself in the booth. For the most part, I kept my eyes closed as I savored the unknown owner of the cock I had in my mouth, I then opened my eyes and found dad staring down at me. I decided to put on a show for dad.

I unwrapped my dress and took it off. I’m now naked, sucking off a cock I didn’t know through a hole in the wall in a porn booth, with my dad watching.

I know he was about to cum as I took the cock out of my mouth and held it at my lips. I stroked the length as I licked the head and underside. When I

felt the cock begin to pulsate, I opened my mouth and I looked up at dad.

Dad was watching when the first blast of thick white cream shot from the end of the cock and disappeared in my mouth and down my throat. I then extended my tongue to catch the second blast. The third shot splashed off my upper lip. Instinctively I closed my mouth and let the fourth and the fifth shot hit my lower lip and it dripped down onto my chin.

I took the man’s cock back into my mouth and sucked it until it was spent and only released it again when it was limp. The man on the other side pulled his cock back through the hole.

I then heard the sound of the door opening and he left.

I then used my finger and my tongue to clean up the cum that was dripping from my lips, and chin as I was looking into my dad’s eyes.

I heard a guy’s voice in the next booth whispering through the hole, ”can I join you in your booth?”

I asked my dad, ”would that be ok?”

My dad whispered back to me, ”sure, that would be ok.” I heard dad unlock the door, my heart started to beat faster, and I anxiously awaited.

When the guy came in, I realize I know him, it was Jeff, one of dad’s poker friends. Dad then locked the door. Jeff entered the room, he did not say a word but quickly knelt before me and slowly started to suck on my pussy.

My dad pulled out his cock and brought it to my mouth. Feeling the pleasure of the tongue on my clit, I started to suck on my dad in earnest.

Suddenly my dad pulled out and unlocked the door, fearing that he was leaving I started to get up, but I realized that he

was letting in another person.

It was Gary another one of Dad’s poker friends.

”Steph, it’s ok, and you can quit whenever you want to.”

I sat down in the chair. Jeff started to suck my pussy, moving his tongue inside my pussy. I lifted my legs on top of his shoulders and leaned back to enjoy. At that moment Gary brought his cock towards my lips and I started to suck him.

After a couple of minutes, I got on my hands and knees on the dirty floor. Jeff started to fuck me, slowly at first and then faster. He soon came inside me. Gary then got between my legs and started to eat my pussy, drinking all of Jeff’s cum. He then inserted his fingers into my moist cum filled pussy, he then started to rub his fingers into and around my ass


After a few minutes, he then started to play with my ass and inserted his fingers into my ass. My new lover then stood up and slowly started to fuck my cunt for a couple of minutes. Gary then Pulled out, he brought the head of his cock towards my ass, and I began to feel him pushing in me. I pushed backward toward him, Gary started to insert his cock into my ass.

Being slippery he entered

my ass easily and as he started to squeeze my ass cheeks he started to fuck me, and fuck me hard.

My dad, not wanting to be left out inserted his cock into my mouth and as I sucked and slurped on his cock he soon came.

Jeff wanting more took my dad’s place and I soon brought him back to life.

With one cock up my ass

and another in my mouth, I was feeling ecstasy. After

Gary, who was fucking my ass, came in my ass, Jeff pulled out of my mouth and came around, and he too started to fuck me in my now lubricated ass.

He started fucking me fast

and furious from the start. And after 4-5 minutes he too came once again in my ass.

After cleaning Gary’s and jeff’s cocks with my mouth, Gary and Jeff then got dressed and left the booth.

Then two more of dad’s friends came in. They fucked me in all my holes, and they came on my face and open mouth.

This went on for the next 3 hours until I had serviced all of Dad’s friends as my dad watched. I had orgasm several times that day.

Dad got dressed, so I started to get dressed too. Dad stopped me from wrapping my dress back up, he wanted me to leave it open. My dad and I soon left the booth. As we left the booth and started to leave the store I couldn’t help but notice all of the men watching me. With cum all over my face, and running down my legs. And my pussy and tits were on display, I wish I had more time, I would have loved to have served them all.

We got out into the parking lot and we were walking to the car. I then notice a lady in the back seat of our car, oh my God, it was my mom in the back seat of dad’s car. When we got to the car dad told me to get in the back. I did as I was told. Mom had her skirt pulled up and she had no panties on, and her legs were spread apart. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down to her hairy pussy, and I licked her all the way home as she pulled and pinched my nipples hard.

After that day I became mom and dads play toy and I loved it.


So that was my first time at an adult book store, but it wasn’t my last. And the Sunday poker games were a lot different.

Today is my daughter, Katie’s 18th birthday. I’m sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car, and I’m completely naked as per my dad’s orders. Dad’s car windows are so tinted you can’t see In. I have been waiting for over 3 hours for her to come out. I looked up and I watched my daughter and my dad walking out of the Greenleaf adult bookstore, and she looked happy and she is half undressed.

The End