Interesting evening with my wife and her young friends part 2


This is a continuation of Part 1 (please read that first). 

I went to get the girls water figuring at least Kassidy would be dehydrated given the soaking she just gave her friend. Walking back into the room with two cups of ice water I was pleased to see the girls both sitting up and softly making out again while exploring each other’s bodies. After they gratefully drank and had caught their breath a bit Kassidy got a wicked grin and said, “ok Lucy…my turn”. Now it was Lucy’s turn to be gently pushed back on the couch where Kassidy didn’t waste any time in pulling her panties all the way off and removing her own. Kassidy was beyond the teasing point and had her prize in sight, so she dove right in placing a long, wet lick with her full tongue from the edge of Lucy’s asshole all the way up to her plump and exposed clit. Now it was Lucy’s turn to moan and start gripping the couch fabric as her cunt was licked and probed. I loved watching Kassidy from behind as she used her fingers to spread Lucy’s lips open so we could both see that wonderful wet pink hole before she buried her tongue in it over and over.

Kassidy got up on her knees to give herself a better angle into her friends snatch and that put her own dripping cunt and sweet, tight little asshole on perfect display for me. I had watched long enough and moved behind my wife and slowly let her know I was there by tapping my cockhead against her opening. She moaned into Lucy’s crotch, looked back over her shoulder at me and said “I’ve always fantasized about getting fucked while eating out another women but never thought I would actually do it…please fuck me now!” Lucy chimed in “mmm, me too…fuck her good while she eats me out Tom”. Not wanting to disappoint the ladies with such a reasonable request, I buried by cock into Kassidy’s well lubed cunt. Lucy ran her fingers through Kassidy’s hair and directed her head to where she wanted it while I pounded away on her from behind, cock and balls slamming hard into her with those unmistakable wet sex sounds. “God dam this is so hot, I love the way you suck my cunt Kassidy, and it turns me on so much knowing and hearing you getting fucked at the same time”.

Figuring this was the opportune moment to live one of my fantasies I spoke up “Fuck yeah it is hot…actually maybe you should get a better view of the action while I fuck her and she eats you out…why don’t you ladies flip around and 69 with each other”. Being drunk, high and so deep into the passion of the moment, no one was going to say no to anything I figured…and I was right. We quickly rearranged ourselves with Lucy flipping around on the couch so Kassidy could get on top of her and lower he pussy onto her mouth while getting back to returning the favor with her own mouth and tongue again. I watched the spectacle of the two beautiful sexy young women utterly enjoying and pleasuring each other for a few moments before realizing I wanted some keepsakes of the events. “Mind if I take some pics and video of this so we can enjoy it later ladies?”. “Please do” said Lucy while Kassidy replied “oh yes, that will be fun to watch later” before they both dove back into their snacks. I quickly took a few photos from various angles making sure to get all the good shots before setting up my phone to video the couch for what would come next.

Kassidy lifted herself back up on her knees a bit, pulling her pussy away from her friend’s mouth so I could slide back into her more easily. I started slowly pumping her while Lucy watched from below enjoying the show and Kassidy’s tongue action from the new angle on her own pussy and clit. “Mmm, you guys look so hot fucking, I love seeing Tom’s hard cock slip in and out of you Kassidy” said Lucy from below. This seemed to turn Kassidy on even more as she moaned into her friend’s cunt and I could feel her pussy walls spasm around my cock. I guess the water helped because Kassidy started dripping again, this time all over Lucy’s face…Lucy just giggled and started trying to catch the sweet drops in her mouth like a girl catching snowflakes on her tongue. But Lucy also wanted more…”mmm, hey Kassidy, since I got a good taste of you already how do you feel about me having a taste of Tom as well?” Kassidy pulled away from eating our her friend’s pussy with a sucking smack and replied “So you want my husband’s cock in your mouth huh?” I could hear the devilish smile on her face as she spoke from between Lucy’s thighs “I’m not usually one to share, but I suppose in this case it would be only fair, why don’t you show him that trick of yours with your mouth Lucy”.

What the hell kinda trick are they talking about I thought just before looking back over her shoulder at me, Kassidy gave a wicked grin and said “Go ahead Tom, I’ll give you permission this one time so you better enjoy it, slide your cock into her mouth, see how deep you can go” with a wink she went back to work with her own mouth. Fuck me, I never expected Kassidy to go along with that, she has always half joking/ Half serious said she does not like to share when it comes to her man and her man’s cock in particular, that weed was doing a major number on all of our inhibitions (I will have to try to get some more!). I pulled my very wet cock out of Kassidy with a satisfying “plop” while Lucy leaned her head up and opened her mouth to give me access. I feed my cock down to her like a baby bird waiting to be fed. She started by slowly licking all around the head, cleaning off Kassidy’s sweet natural lube. As I pushed more of my cock into her mouth she willingly and eagerly sucked and swallowed as it went, giving affirmative “mmmm, mmmmhmmm” noises. She got about half way down my cock before I pulled back and started slowly face fucking her, by this time Lucy had got her hands involved and had reached between my legs to fondle my balls with one hand while holding my lower shaft with her other, helped to direct me into her mouth. Pulling her mouth off my cock for a moment, Lucy gasped for air, from both the continued assault on her pussy and having her mouth filled, to say “Give me more Tom, I want that whole fucking cock down my throat fucking my mouth hard”.

Pulling away from between her friends legs, Kassidy said “I want to see this show, Lucy always told me about her “trick” with Steve and past boyfriends, she has very little gag reflex and loves to be face fucked hard…so go for it, lets see how much she can really take”. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, like most red-blooded men I loved me a good BJ. Kassidy would definitely lick and suck my cock from time to time, and especially after a hard orgasm to taste our combined cum, but she had a pretty strong gag reflex that even after trying to “train” away would make deep oral just not work for her. Lucy quickly rolled off the couch to get on her knees in front of me as I stood up next to her and Kassidy sat back down, spreading her legs and pussy to start fingering it herself while watching the show. Lucy also being high, horny and drunk as hell went right for it, grabbing my cock again in her hand to guide it into her open mouth. This time she didn’t stop halfway and in one smooth action put both her arms around my waist to grab my ass and pulled my cock all the way into her throat. Once her nose was pressed against my pubic bone and she held me completely inside her for a moment, she pulled off and took a big gasp of air. Jesus, I have never had my cock swallowed so quickly and deeply before, the sensation was amazing feeling her tight mouth transfer my cockhead to an even tighter throat and just holding it there. Lucy pulled me forward again sucking and swallowing my dick completely into her mouth. This time at the base she spent a few moments forcing her tongue out of her mouth to lick my balls as I was buried in that beautiful face of hers, she was also humming which added another amazing layer to the sensations assaulting my most sensitive of nerves.

Kassidy seemed impressed and super turned on as well saying “Holy hell Lucy, you told me about your skills, and I believed you but seeing it in action is something else”. Kassidy was rubbing her pussy and starting to push first one, then a second, then a third finger into it. Lucy pulled off my cock again to give her friend a lusty smile saying “No complaints from Steve or any of the others yet…where do you want your husband’s cum, I can already tell he is close”. She had me there, I was about to burst from the first swallow and all the action I had already witnessed. As Kassidy continued to three finger fuck herself she looked to me to ask “Where do you want to cum baby?” While drunk and high myself I still sensed one of those possible women traps and replied with “Wherever you want it lover, this is your cock to command” Her bright smile and biting her own lip seemed to say I passed the test and gave a “right” answer. Giving a much more kinky and wild answer then I expected, Kassidy replied “I am about to cum and squirt again…I want you to face fuck her as hard and long as you can and let’s both try to squirt on her face”. Lucy moaned saying “Yes Yes please” while I almost shot my load right then, only squeezing my balls keeping it from flying out. We slightly repositioned so Lucy was on her knees in front of my cock but able to quickly shift to Kassidy’s pussy.

Kassidy has a bit of a masochist streak, liking to be spanked, blindfolded, nipples pinched hard when she cums…now it seemed she was bringing a little sadistic pleasure in as well as she told me “Go ahead Tom, I want to see you fuck her face hard and cum all over it for me”. Lucy was smiling and nodding while she opened her mouth wide for me to slip back in. So, I did as requested…after getting as deep as possible with Lucy’s head pushed up against my stomach I pulled out and started a rhythm. I grabbed Lucy by the head with both hands and just started fucking her as if I was fucking my wife’s pussy. Kassidy was grunting and moaning, saying “Yes, fuck her good…harder Tom, cum all over her” as she alternated between pinching her nipples with one and lightly slapping her clit before plunging now four fingers back into her very wet hole with the other hand. That was it for me, two more hard thrusts and I pulled out to aim at Lucy’s gasping, lust filled face. As she opened her mouth wide again my toes curled and my balls felt like they were exploding as the first shot went straight inside, dribbling down her lip just a bit. The second massive shot took her across the nose and left eye while I shifted to allow the third to hit her right cheek and chin. I think this is the biggest load I have ever produced, and Lucy was just covered in my cum that was already starting to drip down to her chest and tits. Lucy quickly shifted over to the couch where Kassidy was practically screaming “I’m going to cum again, get that face over here”. Just as Lucy made it between my wife’s legs again, she started slapping her soaked clit hard and squealed “noooooowwwww”. Her second squirt of the night came flying from her pussy and hit Lucy dead center of her face with a decent amount soaking the couch along the way.

My knees weak from the activities practically gave way as I flopped down on the couch next to my wife. Kassidy also had collapsed back as she came and just now lifted her head a little to smile at me and say “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and the most intense orgasms I have ever had, I love you baby”. “My god, me too hunny, I never thought I would cum that hard and you were a rock start, my sex goddess!” I replied. She laughed as she leaned up more to say “Lucy, get that drenched face up here so I can taste my husband’s cum on your lips”. Lucy was happy to oblige as she practically slithered her naked body up my wife’s, both covered in sweat and cum making it a slippery, sexy affair. As Kassidy licked and kissed our combined juices from her young friend’s face and lips I chuckled as I thought back to that night on the restaurant patio where it all started and said to the girls “yup, girls kissing…not really a big deal at all…”. We all laughed as we melted into the couch and caught our breath, savoring that post sex glow and high.