Is this what he wants, my secret desire Chapter 2


Husband wants to be a cuckold, his wife fucked by black men.

Is This What He Wants? Chapter 2

Mary couldn’t wait, she dialed the number and heard the phone ringing. “Hello?” she heard a deep voice. “Is this Theo?”, she asked. There was a short pause and then she heard, “Yeah, who’s calling?” Mary said, “I got your number from Jeremy.” Theo asked, “Why are you calling, what do you want?” Mary said, “I’ll be blunt. My husband and I want me to be fucked by a black man.” She heard roaring laughter and when Theo calmed to chuckling, he said, “Yeah, you are blunt all right. Do you have an email where we can chat?” Mary gave him her email. Theo asked her if she had any pictures she could send him. Mary said, I have pictures posted on an interracial hook up site. She gave him the URL and user name so he could look up her posting.

Theo asked, “Have you had many responses from your posting?” Mary said, “I’ve had a few, but they seem lame, no one exciting yet. My husband has seen them and nothing excites him either.” Theo said, “Well, I’ll warn you, I’ll wreck your pussy with my long, fat dick. Once you’ve had my black cock, you’ll call me for more.” Mary panties began to dampen as she had visions of her vaginal canal being stretched wide while her husband watched.

Mary said, “My husband wants to watch. Are you OK with that?” “Oh, a cuck,” Theo said, “I have a lot of married white sluts that have cuckold husbands. They get off watching.” Mary said, “I hope you don’t mind that I don’t like condoms.” Theo said, “I don’t wear rubbers, and I don’t pull out, so be prepared to have your pussy filled with my black baby seed. I insist cuck’s clean the cum filled pussy’s after I fill ‘em.” They hung up so he could check on her web site and send an email to her later.

After Mary hung up, she ran to the bedroom and pulled off her clothes. She laid on the bed and shoved her black dildo deep into her pussy as she closed her eyes and had visions of a black mans lips inching toward her own. She welcomed his passionate kiss. Her vaginal muscles kept constricting and expanding around her dildo as she was pumping it in and out of her body with extreme energy. Her body began to shake and she pictured her husband up close watching her receiving a huge black cock. Mary had a shattering climax as she remembered the deep voice that told her, ‘I don’t wear rubbers and I don’t pull out.’

Mary laid calming, the sweat pouring off her body as the black dildo rested deep in her pussy. She slowly pulled the dildo out and observed her frothy juices coating the black phallus. She rose up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. As the water warmed, she stepped in and sighed as the soothing water cascaded down her body. She closed her eyes as her hands caressed her breasts. Her mind went back to the erotic dream as her hand dropped to her pussy and soon the dildo was pumping into her canal again. Mary was feeling a climax building when she felt arms around her body. Allen was home early and had joined her in the shower telling her how beautiful she looked with a black cock in her pussy.

Allen began to ease his cock into her ass as she was fucking herself with the dildo. The feeling excited her and she knew that she would need double penetration from real cocks, large black cocks. Mary felt Allen’s cock swell and throb as he released his ejaculate deep in her bowels. Mary leaned back against her husband before his cock softened and pulled out. Mary quietly mewed, “Yes, that was so good. Allen, I love you so much, you give me strength and love.” Allen began to wrap a towel around Mary when he said, “I love you too, I want you happy. I love to see your eyes glimmer and shine with your smile.”

After a quick dinner, they both dropped onto the bed and it didn’t take long for them to fall asleep smiling. Around 1:00 am, Mary suddenly sat straight up, opened her eyes and excitedly jumped out of bed, she almost forgot. She needed to know if Theo left a message for her. Mary rushed to the den and turned on the computer and she cussed it, it seemed to be taking longer than usual for the machine to boot up and come to life. She felt her stomach churning as she waited, then, ‘ding’, there was a message waiting. Mary’s hand was shaking as she directed the mouse pointer to the inbox. It was a message from Theo with the subject: ‘white pussy’. She shifted on the chair as she began to read.

Theo wrote that he saw her pictures and verified that she was a ‘hot wife’ and her one photo with her spread legs was his invitation to defile her married white pussy. Mary was now releasing vaginal juices as her vaginal walls constricted to a mental image of the pressure of a huge cock entering her. Her body began to quiver as she read how Theo was going to reshape her pussy to where her husband would no longer feel her vaginal walls with his ‘little white pecker’.

Mary noticed that there were ‘attachments’ to the email and when opening them, her hands shook, her eyes widened and her mouth drooled. She saw a coal black monster cock, hard, fat and long. She felt her vaginal muscles spasming and squeezing. This was exactly what she wanted, her search was over, especially when she saw a full figure photo of a large, very black man holding that erect penis. Mary ran back to her bed and woke Allen, stroking his penis to full erection. Allen didn’t have time to fully waken when Mary straddled him and plunged her pussy down on his cock. “I found him,” Mary said as she bounced on her husbands cock. “Found who?” Allen asked. Mary said, “I found the black man that you are going to watch fuck me.” Allen smiled and knew he was going to be a cuckold.

Allen finished his shower and got dressed for work. Mary was light on her feet as she flitted around in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast for her loving husband. Allen noticed that she was only wearing panties again, and very wet in the crotch area. As he was ready to leave for work, Mary said, “I’m going to talk to my black lover. I will get a date and time so you can reserve us a motel room, hopefully as early as this Friday.” Allen seemed to have a sparkle in his eyes as she made her request. Allen said, “Better yet, I’ll get one in a nice hotel where there is a restaurant and lounge. It will be your…NO, OUR, weekend for total pleasure.” Mary gave her husband a long passionate kiss and reminded him that she loved him.

Mary sent an email to Theo outlining her plans and requested a date and time when they could meet. Actually she didn’t use the word meet, she used the word ‘fuck’. She then called her close friend, Constance. She asked Constance for an update on her black lover. She asked Constance if she told her husband yet and was he now a cuckold? Constance said, “No, my husband doesn’t know yet. When Bill and I are in bed, I keep telling him that I need to find a black lover for him to watch me fuck. It should be soon. JJ comes here every day when Bill leaves for work and we fuck for hours. He said he is going to bring a couple of his friends to fuck me. My pussy is leaking cum all day long after he leaves. I think Bill suspects when he gets home and he feels my soaked pussy, I’m sure he suspect it’s cum.”

Mary was excited over Constance’s update. She then told Constance what she had planned and that she was hoping that it would be this upcoming Friday. Mary described the pictures she had of Theo and the size of his black cock. Constance said, “Oh, my, he sounds bigger than JJ’s. JJ has a fat 9 inch cock. He has really stretched me, I wonder if Bill can feel my stretched pussy.” Mary laughed and said that Allen was looking forward to her black initiation. Mary said, “I’ll show Allen the pictures of Theo’s cock tonight.” Constance said, “Be sure to get a picture of Allen’s expression.” They both laughed as Mary thought of the idea.

Mary had a hard time trying to concentrate during the day, her mind on a huge black cock, she kept going back and looking at his pictures. She was finally able to get Theo on the phone and he assured her that he would be available Friday night. Mary quickly called her husband at work and told him to make reservations for the weekend. Friday night would be their initiation, she was going to be a black cock slut, and he was going to be a cuckold. It didn’t take long for Allen to call her back and confirm their reservation. Check in at 5, dinner at 6 , a little dancing and the rest of the night for an erotic party with a black man. Allen was finally going to see his wife taking a black cock, stretching and filling her pussy.

Allen told Mary that Saturday and Sunday would give her rest. Mary knew better as she and Theo had already made their plans. She sent an email to Theo on the time and hotel reservations. Another shower and dry panties were necessary as Mary pictured their weekend enjoyment, especially the plans made with Theo. She hoped the plans she made with Theo would be a pleasant surprise for her husband.

Friday afternoon, Mary went through her closet and picked out an outfit for seduction. The dress she picked loosely scooped deep to her naval, and plunged in the back to her ass crack, not designed for a bra. It was so loose in front, if she quickly turned, her breasts would be totally exposed. The hem was about two inches below her crotch, and she decided not to wear panties. A garter belt, nylons and 5 inch spike heels finished her outfit. She wanted her husband and black lover to have permanent erections waiting for the dress to drop to the floor.

Mary had already showered and was sitting at the dressing table working on her makeup when Allen arrived from work early. He quickly showered as the check in reservations were at 5 pm. Mary was only wearing her garter and nylons as she was carefully applying her bright red lipstick. As Allen was drying, he watched his wife stand and carefully pull the dress up onto her shoulders. Allen saw that if he pushed the dress off the shoulders, it would freely drop to the floor. She knew Allen would approve the dress as he was now sporting a fully erect cock as he pulled his trousers on. Allen watched Mary bend to put on her heels, he had a good view of her bare ass and pussy.

The check in was quick and they went to the seventh floor. After they entered and put down their bags, Mary hugged her husband and asked, “Are you sure you want this? You can change your mind, but it will be too late when his cock begins to enter my pussy.” Her husband said, “For many years, I have watched interracial porn and I see you as the white wife being turned into a slut whore for black cock. Yes, I’m sure. I love you and want you to have this opportunity to enjoy a large black cock.” Mary gave her husband a light kiss not to mess her lipstick, and said, “I love you, I will always love you, but you know I may be addicted to black cock tonight.” Allen smiled and took her hand and said, “Let’s get dinner before meeting your black lover. We’ll see what the future brings.”

Mary had a light dinner as her stomach was slightly churning with the anticipation. She did consume two glasses of wine as fortification knowing her pussy and ass will never be the same. As her vaginal fluids were beginning to flow, she wished she had worn panties to control the moisture. Mary resolved to disregard the back hem of her dress as a large wet spot was now going to be evident, she decided that she didn’t care if others saw the wet dress when she was dancing with a large black man. People would know what was on her mind and it seemed to fuel her desire to be fucked by a black cock.

They had finished dinner when the band began to play. Mary kept her eyes toward the door watching for Theo. There he was. She jumped to her feet and ran toward him and flung her arms around his shoulders as she gave him a long passionate kiss. She had to be on her tip toes to kiss Theo, causing the hem of her dress to expose her naked ass. Allen had risen and was waiting to meet Theo when the kiss ended. He noticed that many of the patrons were gawking as his white wife was kissing a black man passionately rubbing her body tight to him exposing her bare pussy.

Allen finally had a chance to meet Theo as Mary said, “We have sent emails back and forth with pictures and talked on the phone. I am so happy to finally meet the man that claimed he was going to stretch my pussy and ass.” Allen and Theo laughed and then Theo turned to Allen and said, “I hope you are alright with this, I warn you that your wife will be a new woman when I get finished with her body.” Allen said, “I have wanted this for her for a long time. I know she will be different, but we love each other and I’m sure she will be ecstatic to have this opportunity.” Theo said, “I have to tell you that I don’t wear rubbers and I don’t pull out. If Mary is not on the pill or other contraceptive, she will have a black baby when I finish with her.” “Yes,” Allen said, “We have planned this and she is safe. We both want her to have her womb filled.”

They all consumed a few drinks, especially Mary with her wine as she danced several dances with Theo. Allen watched them dance, with the two grinding their crotches together and several times Theo’s hands had been on her bare ass with others watching the overt sexual behavior. The short dress made her bare ass obvious to others in the lounge. Allen observed several white women in the bar with their hands actively in the area of their dress covered crotches. He wondered just how many women had secret desires to fuck black men.

After a couple of hours in the lounge, Mary said, “I want to go to our room, I need to go to our room.” She then said to Theo, “Let them know it’s room 721.” Allen didn’t understand why she said that. He then saw Theo make a quick call on his cell phone. Mary smiled and then took Theo’s hand and began walking toward the lobby as Theo placed a hand on her ass. Allen followed knowing everyone watching knew that a white woman was going to be fucked by a black man. They then made their way thru the lobby to the elevators.

Mary became excited as Theo walked her through the lobby to the elevators. He had the back of her dress up and his black hand was on her bare ass. Her vaginal juices were flowing knowing that people were watching and knew she was going to be fucked by a black man. She even tried to walk slower to let the people see her as a black slut. Mary enjoyed exposing herself to total strangers.

Mary’s sly smile turned to a full grin as she thought, ‘I’m so turned on and proud, knowing those strangers know I’m going to be fucked by a black man.’ Mary strode next to Theo as she felt proud to show her willingness to be with a black man. She thought, ‘It would be real exciting if this was a black club and all these people were black men looking at my naked ass, knowing I would soon have black cock deep inside me.’

Once in the elevator, Allen smiled as he watched Theo work his wife’s dress up to her waist and begin to strum her clit with his fingers. Mary began to moan as her eyes closed and her head tilted back. By the time they reached the seventh floor, Mary had an orgasm and her legs began to shake and buckle where both Allen and Theo had to support her. Mary held onto Theo as they walked the hall to their room, her dress still up around her waist. She and Theo began to kiss deeply as Allen was unlocking the door. The two remained in the hall, in a loving embrace and kiss before entering. Mary didn’t care if anyone saw them.

Mary then turned to her husband and asked, “Are you sure? You can change your mind now, but once my dress drops to the floor, it’s too late.” Allen said, “I want you happy, and I’ve longed to see you with another man, especially a black man.” Mary gave her husband a long loving kiss as she rubbed her hand over his crotch feeling his erection. Mary pushed Allen down on the chair as she said, “I love you, thank you. I want you to be happy too.” She then turned and walked to Theo as he was now unbuttoning his shirt.

Mary undid Theo’s belt and unzipped his zipper and began to open his pants. She looked at her husband and saw his smile giving her the authority to continue. She then slid his pants down and then pulled his boxers to his knees and gave a verbal, “WOW”. His half erect dark black cock was exposed. Her hands immediately wrapped around the phallus as she pumped it observing the increase of pre-cum. “What a beautiful cock”, Mary said, “better than your picture.” Mary then looked at her husband and asked, “Isn’t this a beautiful large cock? Do you think it will fit in my pussy?” She watched Allen rubbing his crotch as he said, “Give it the best try you can, I want to see it all the way inside you.”

Mary dropped to her knees and began licking the pre-cum, pumping his cock for more pre-cum as it grew harder. She looked up at Theo and saw his smile, then vacuumed his cock deep into her mouth. Mary slipped her mouth free to say to her husband, “Get your clothes off, I want to see your cock hard as he fucks me.” It didn’t take him long to shed his clothes and expose a hard cock. After looking at Theo’s cock, he was a giant in comparison. Allen heard Mary choke, pull back for a breath of air, and then charge hard and get that black cock all the way into her throat. She gagged a few times, but continued to fuck his cock into her mouth and throat.

Theo smiled at Allen and asked, “Is this what you want your slut wife to do? You want her to suck black cock and fuck black men?” Allen was stunned for a moment and then said, “Yes, she has wanted this for a long time. I want to watch her take black cock, to be filled with cum.” “Well,” said Theo, “You gonna see a lot tonight cuck. Your white wife is going to become a whore for black cock. After tonight, her pussy and ass will be so stretched out, you won’t ever feel her pussy if she allows you to fuck her.”

Allen saw his wife turn her head toward him as she was sucking black cock. Her eyes gleamed indicating a smile that she agreed with Theo’s statement. He knew that his wife had already agreed to be a ‘hot white whore for black men’, even tho she had not been fucked by a black man yet. Allen began to wonder what he got himself into, but he knew it was now too late. He had an erection watching his wife working to get a large black cock to penetrate her throat. He also knew his wife will want that same black cock to thrust into her pussy.

Mary gagged a few times and pulled back for air. She then thrust forward hard, gagging and inching forward slowly until Allen saw her lips against Theo’s balls. Mary pulled back for air and then thrust forward again getting the bulbous head of his cock into her throat as her cheeks caved in sucking harder. Allen then watched Theo’s head jerk back, his eyes widen and his legs shook. Theo was spewing his first load of sperm directly into Mary’s throat. She pulled her head back a few inches and kept sucking the huge cock until Theo moaned, “Oh, you’re a good cocksucker.” Slowly, Mary pulled away and turned toward her husband, opened her mouth and displayed the cum remaining in her mouth. She smiled and then swallowed what was left, licking her lips as she began to rise.

Mary was now standing in front of Theo as Theo began to move the material of her dress off her shoulders. Mary looked at her husband and asked,, “Remember what I said? When my dress drops to the floor, there is no turning back. I will be fucked for the first time by a black man.” Allen knew it was already too late and smiled as he watched her dress drop around her ankles. His wife was now standing in front of a black man in only her garter belt, nylons and heels. He could see her shaved pussy with vaginal juices trickling down her thighs. Allen watched his wife now removing Theo’s shirt as her black lover was stepping out of his pants and shorts. Mary sat back on the bed and spread her legs wide as Theo removed his shoes.

Theo began rubbing the inside of her thighs and then began to kiss and lick her thighs, inching his face toward her pussy. Slowly, he was causing Mary to moan and begin to shake with anticipation. Mary softly moaned, “Yes, yes, so good. I want you, please.” Theo continued to lick and kiss her thighs within a few inches of her labia. His fingers then began to flick and rub her clit as it seemed that an electric spark struck her. She arched her back and grabbed at his head. Mary was having her first orgasm as Theo began to strum her clit faster and faster. He suddenly thrush his tongue into her vagina, Mary screamed as her orgasm was overtaking her body.

Mary had two more ecstatic orgasms as Theo’s tongue worked her vagina and his fingers strummed her clit. Theo then looked up at Allen and said, “Get over here and guide my cock into your wife’s pussy, I want you to see her get a black cock.” Mary then said, “Oh, Allen, it’s so sexy to see you help. Please watch his black cock going deep in my pussy, what we have wanted.” Allen then knelt next to the bed and as Theo rose up to position himself over Mary, he reached out and touched another man’s cock for the first time. He marveled at the size as he helped Theo begin to enter his wife’s white pussy. Allen was astonished at the contrast of their bodies, black and white, joining together.

“Oh, my God,” Mary said, “It’s so fat. I love the feeling.” Theo said, “Enjoy my black cock, you are going to get it a lot.” Theo and Mary smiled at each other as they both knew the surprise Allen was going to experience. As Theo’s cock inched it’s way to her cervix, Mary was softly moaning as she stretched her head up looking at the black cock entering her canal. Her eyes glazed over watching and then she lifted her hips to rush the cock she craved to plunge fully into her. Mary quietly asked, “Allen, is this what you wanted, to see black cock in my pussy?” Her husband nodded and said, “Yes, baby, you look so good with that black cock.” Theo was deep in her pussy and then began to ease out, quickly thrust back into her cervix. He increased his speed fucking her. All that could be heard was Mary moaning, “Yes, yes…ugh, yes…so good, so big, yes, yes.”

Allen watched as his wife began to shake, her hands grabbed the sheets as her head rolled from side to side. Her guttural screams of her orgasm surprised Allen, he had never seen his wife have such an orgasm, one that seemed to last a very long time as Mary kept grunting, “Ugh, ugh, yes, ugh,” every time that black cock rammed into her cervix. He knew that he would never be able to satisfy his wife in the way her black bull was now doing.

Allen held Mary’s legs up around Theo’s shoulders as he was postioning his cock deep into her married white pussy. Mary was moaning, “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me…fuck me hard. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR BLACK SEED PUMPED INTO MY WOMB.” Allen was glad that his wife was taking birth control pills to protect her from pregnancy. She then screamed, “YES…I WANT IT, FUCK ME HARD…GIVE ME YOUR BLACK BABY.” Theo looked at Allen and said, “Remember, I don’t wear rubbers and I don’t pull out. I fuck these white whore’s.”

Theo thrust hard and held his groin hard against Mary and said, “Here it is whore, take my black seed.” “YES, YES,” Mary screamed, “GIVE MY THAT BLACK SEED, FUCK ME DEEP.” Allen saw Theo holding Mary tight as his ass twitched, pumping his sperm into her. They laid together, sweat shining on their bodies as Mary cooed, “Yes, so good. That was the best fuck I have ever had.” Theo asked, “Is this white pussy mine? My possession and you will be mine to fuck anytime?” Mary said, “I’m sorry Allen, but Theo owns my pussy now. I will do anything he wants.”

Allen was stunned, but he knew this could happen. Theo slowly pulled his cock from Allen’s wife and said, “Clean her up Cuck, get her ready for me to fuck again.” Allen then slid onto the bed and between his wife’s legs. He watched another man’s cum pooling in her pussy as he inserted his tongue into her vagina. He then heard Theo repeat, “You are my white whore now”. “Oh, God, yes,” Mary said, “My white pussy belongs to you.” Allen looked up and asked, “What about us?” Mary said, “I love you, you are my husband, but I only want black cock. Black cock is so good, white men don’t know how to please a woman. I’ll let you clean my pussy, but I only want black cock to fuck me.”

Theo said, “That’s enough Cuck”. He then laid on his back and ordered Mary to suck his cock back to life. Mary looked at Allen’s hard cock thinking, ‘It’s so much smaller, how did I ever get pleasure from his fucking?’ Once again, Allen’s wife took that black cock into her mouth. With oral fucking motions, she was able to drive his cock deep into her throat. Her moans were heard over the ‘slurping’ sounds made by her sucking mouth. Saliva built up on his black cock as it was exposed before she sucked it back toward her throat. Allen was surprised at how excited his wife was to suck cock, she seemed determined to please her black lover.

Theo pushed her head away and told her to mount him. Mary straddled his legs and then sank her pussy down on his cock. There was initial pain, but she then began to thrust her hips back and forth causing that black cock to stimulate her cervix. Mary threw her head back as her eyes glazed over. Her husband knew she was in the throws of another orgasm as he heard her gurgling moans as she sped up her fucking motion on Theo’s big cock. He had never seen his wife so energetic to reach her orgasms, wanting her goal, to have her womb filled with more sperm.

Mary was once again filled with sperm and Theo slowly pulled his cock from her used pussy. Allen saw cum begin to ooze and knew his obligation and buried his face in her wide spread legs. Mary moaned, “Your tongue feels so good. Theo and I are going to treat you to a surprise, your other desire.” As he cleaned his wife‘s pussy, Mary licked and cleaned Theo’s cock as Theo was on his phone. He heard Theo’s only comment on the phone of “it’s time” and then hang up. Allen thought he heard a faint knock on the door but returned his attention to sucking another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy.

He heard another noise and looked toward the door watching five black men entering as Theo was holding the door open. Mary smiled at her husband and said, “You said you would like to see me gang banged by black men. Well, here is your wish, a surprise for you.” Allen’s eyes grew large as he watched five more black men undressing. His wife laid on the bed with her legs spread wide inviting her new guests to use her body. Theo said, “Cuck, it’s only 11 pm, Friday and now your whore wife is going to be fucked until Sunday afternoon.

Allen saw one man hold up a video camera. Looking at Theo, he said, “No, no videos, we are not going to be blackmailed.” Theo chuckled and said, ”This isn’t for blackmail, we don’t do that. This video is for you, it will keep reminding you when your wife was blacked. You won’t have to look at porn, you can watch your own wife fucked by black men”. Theo then ordered, “Hold your wife’s head up so she can watch another black cock go in her pussy.” Mary said, “Oh, yes, yes. Fuck me, I want all your cocks, use me, I’m a whore for black cock.”

Mary was very vocal as she kept screaming, “MORE COCK, FUCK ME DEEP, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE.” Allen was amazed at the amount of cum that flowed from his wife’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Mary was on her knees as fat long cocks were fucking her ass, adding more cum inside her body. Theo then said, “All holes, fill all holes.” Mary was having constant orgasms as she was fucked in her ass, pussy and throat. Allen watched his wife with a black cock in her mouth, a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass at the same time. As she was being fucked, there were two other black men sucking her nipples as Mary pumped their hard cocks. Many times Allen was ordered to clean his wife’s pussy of the fresh cum before another cock fucked into her.

Theo kept the video camera capturing all the activity as he told Allen, “You are going to have a lot of interracial porn of your wife, a lot to jack off to.” Allen had already had several ejaculations while watching his wife in the throws of her sexual euphoria, her legs spasming, arms flailing and her head jerking from side to side as she screamed for ‘more black cock’. Allen remembered Theo telling Mary, “Oh, you are going to get more black cock whore. We have plans for your body.” Mary and Allen only thought that maybe more men were going to show up before Sunday.

By 10 am Sunday morning, Theo told Allen, “OK, it’s time you get dressed and go home.” Allen then said, “Mary, it’s time, let’s get ready and go home. We haven’t had any sleep since Friday night, we need to get some rest.” Theo then said, “Oh no, you are going to go home. Your wife is going to stay a little longer, we’re not finished with her pussy.” Mary said, “Oh, Theo, It’s been great, but I think Allen is right, I am tired.” Theo said, “No, remember you said you were my whore for black cock? You were going to do anything I said. You are going to stay with me. Your husband will go home and I will send him video’s of all your gang bangs. You are my whore, you’re not going with your husband.”

Allen reached for his wife’s hand and Theo slapped it away. Allen said, “Mary is tired and she needs to go home. Mary get dressed, it’s time we leave.” Mary didn’t understand what was happening. In order to calm her husband, Mary said, “Allen, go ahead and go home. I need to get a shower and I’ll get a cab home. I’ll see you soon, go ahead baby.” Theo said, “No, that’s not the plan. You are my white whore, you are going to fuck all the black men I will bring to you. Say good bye to your husband.” Mary, crying, said, “No, the plan was to have black men show up for a gang bang for my husband to watch. I need to clean up and go home.” Theo smiled and said, “No whore, you’re mine, you are going with me and my boys.”

Allen was confused as he asked, “What about her clothes, She will need her birth control pills and make up.” Theo said, “Remember, she said she was my whore, she won’t need her old clothes, and defiantly won’t need her birth control pills.” Allen, now more agitated asked, “What do you mean she won’t need her clothes or pills?” Theo said, “She won’t need clothes, she will spend her time naked, legs spread and accepting black cock. As for birth control, we plan to bred her. I’ll be sure to send you videos of all the fucking she gets and in about three months, pictures of her big tummy with her growing black baby.”

Mary was crying and screaming, “NO, NO, LET ME GO HOME. I LOVE MY HUSBAND, LET ME GO. PLEASE, PLEASE. I DON’T WANT A BABY.” Allen was shoved out of the room where he had to finish dressing in the hall. He then went to the hotel desk and phoned for the police for help. Allen waited in the lobby for the police to arrive.

As Allen was giving the information to the officer in the lobby, Theo and his group had vacated the room leaving only Allen’s bag. Mary was made to walk with them to the elevator in only her garter belt, nylons and heels. She was crying, covered in dried and fresh cum and with cum running downs her thighs from her gaping open pussy and ass. They went two floors up and she was led to another room where ten more naked black men were waiting. Mary saw the large erect black cocks and her libido kicked in and she bent over in front of them and began to suck their cocks.

Mary was lost in her new world as her vaginal muscles began squeezing wanting more cocks, fat long black cocks. Mary thought, ‘Is this what Allen wanted? I can’t help it, It’s so exciting, those black cocks, I need them, I want them, I have to stay with Theo for more black cocks.’ Mary’s body was in charge and she knew her life had changed. Mary spread her legs as she felt a cock slide into her wet gaping open pussy as she was busy sucking a nice black cock.

Allen and the police discovered a vacant room, the only evidence was a rumpled bed with wet cum stained sheets. The police dismissed his claims as the evidence only proved there was sexual activity in the room. Allen remembered Mary wanted to get a shower, but the shower had not been used. There was no evidence of more than two people had used the room. The police suspected that he made up the story that his wife had been kidnapped as a whore. They felt that Allen was feeling guilty, needed to confess his adultery, but they didn’t know why he needed the police involved.

Allen was stunned and dejected as he drove home without his wife. He frantically searched the house but couldn’t find any information or notes Mary may have left. No telephone number for Theo, or Jeremy, no notes of any kind. No clues to find his wife. Allen now knew what you wish for, doesn’t necessary mean you get that wish without complications. He did get what he wanted, his desire to watch his wife fuck black men. It just turned against both of them. He then began to cry when seeing a picture of his beautiful loving wife on the mantel. Would he ever see his wife again?

A week passed and when Allen got home from work, there was a package by the front door. A manila envelope with only the words, ‘Allen’. No addresses. When he opened it, there were four DVDs and a note, “Our whore at work.” No clue as to where his wife was or how to contact her. He watched the DVDs and cried as he saw how happy his wife was during her gang bangs with black men. The gang bangs seemed to cover the entire week, his wife was constantly being fucked by black men. His mind kept hearing her screaming, “GIVE ME THAT BLACK BABY, FUCK ME.” He didn’t understand, but while he watched his wife’s debauchery, he frantically masturbated.