Karen’s Story-7

I was flying high above Europe. Only an hour before my plane would land on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Finally home after being away for more than six weeks. But it had been worth it: I made a few bucks shooting an interesting film, getting laid most of the nights, fucking with the beautiful Dawn. God, my cock missed her already, although it only had been a few hours. We had said our goodbyes at the airport. Dawn was flying to New York, back home where she would see her best friend getting wed to some stockbroker. Although we had fooled around before while working together, this time it felt different. Dawn and I had spent a lot of time together, in bed and out of bed, and we really got to know each other. I must admit, I really liked the chick. But then, there was my girlfriend Karen back home.

Now Karen, she is something all right. While I was shooting film and shooting sperm into Dawn, Karen was having fun with her sister and brother. She had been fucking with her brother Peter before and once I even joined them. Later she had some lesbian sex with her sister and on one occasion she watched her dad getting a blowjob from the housekeeper. His wife had filed for divorce, so that was definitely the end of their marriage. Karen’s mum was staying at her sister’s in Paris and I guess she was there to stay. Stuff like this went through my mind while I took another glass of champagne. I was flying first class, feeling relaxed and enjoying the sight of the nice looking stewardesses around me.

I decided that when I got home, Karen and I would have to talk. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about Dawn. I wasn’t sure about Dawn and me, just as I wasn’t sure about Karen and me anymore. I knew I would make up my mind soon, and that I had to choose between Karen and Dawn: basically choose between two lifestyles. All those thoughts were pushed aside when the plain landed and Karen greeted me at the airport. We hugged and kissed each other. It was great to feel her nice body against me after all that time. I had really missed her.

We drove to downtown Amsterdam, to my apartment. As soon as we got in the place Karen got on her knees in front of me, unzipped my fly and took out my cock. It was semi-erect, but after she took my head between her nice lips and started to suck, it became hard and grew to its regular 8-inches. While her head bobbed up and down, sucking on my member, her bright green eyes were looking at me. Her face was glowing with anticipation. I stroke her long red hairs, enjoying everything in that moment.

She took out my cock, and licked the shaft. She moved her tongue from the tip of my cock head to my balls, cupping and teasing my balls in her hands. “Hmmm, you taste very salty today babe,” she moaned.

“Must be, I’ve been sweating a lot. Being in the plane and all.”

Her tongue moved passed my balls towards my asshole. The tip of her tongue barely touched my little hole, sending shivers down my spine. “Hmmm, your ass tastes salty too… love it,” she said. I had a hard time standing up, since my senses were going nuts, not to mention that my legs were stuck in my trouser legs, not making it easy to stay up. I started to fall down, and grabbed the coat-rack on the wall. I couldn’t hold on and fell on my ass. Karen laughed. Here I was lying on the carpet, my trousers down to my ankles, my cock standing up like a flag post.

“Come on, let’s get you out of these clothes,” Karen smiled. I went into the bedroom and undressed. My clothes were sticky from travelling. Karen was in de living room, making some tea when I stepped in the room, bare-naked.

She looked at me approvingly. “I like what I see.”

“I am going to take a quick shower, honey,” I said while kissing her cheek.

The water felt great, like it washed away all my sins. But of course it didn’t. Although I loved having Karen around again, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dawn’s lovely body and the fun we had had. When I stepped out of the shower, my cock was already hard thinking about it. I walked into my bedroom: Karen sat on the bed against the wall. Her legs spread wide, two fingers dipping in her wet pussy. “Ah, there you are. Throw away that towel and fuck my cunt honey. Quickly!” she said.

I jumped between her legs, but instead of shoving my dick inside her wet slit, I decided to suck on her clit first. So I lowered my mouth towards her little thingy and kissed it softly. I pulled up the little hood above, exposing her love butt. “Hmmmm, that feels nice,” she moaned. My tongue swirled around her clit, touching it lightly. My fingers opened her outer lips, and then I let my tongue slide from her clit to her wet hole, barely touching her inside. “Hmm, more honey. Suck me, more!” Karen pleaded.

Her cunt tasted fresh and juicy – like it was just washed. I loved the taste of her juice, it is one of the best pussies I’ve ever licked.

Karen had shaved herself thoroughly, leaving only a landing strip of hair above her cunt. She kept her red hair cut short. I moved my tongue into her cunt, fucking her with it. Swirling my tongue around her wet snatch. Meanwhile, I pressed my index finger against her asshole. I didn’t put it in, just gave some pressure against it. I moved my finger against her sphincter and then let go again. I repeated this a couple of times.

“Ooh, baby. I missed you. Missed you so much. Suck me, make me cum….oooh aaah, yeah make me cummmmm!” Juices started to flow from her pussy, drenching my mouth in her nectar. It was dripping from her cunt to her ass, covering her cheeks also. She released a lot of juice when she came this time. Because her asshole got wet, I could push my index finger in her without any trouble. I pushed it in halfway, and retracted it again, only to repeat the movement. I pushed a bit harder until my finger was up to the first knuckle inside her ass. I bit her clit while I did this, causing another climax raging through her body. Karen patted me on the head.

“Please, Robert. I can’t wait any more. Fuck me. Fill me up with that fat cock of yours.” She almost pulled me up by my hair. I decided to give her what she wanted. I moved up, touching her breasts with my nipples. I looked deep into her eyes, not letting go of this sight while I pressed my hard cock into her cunt. It sunk in like she was made of butter. Slowly I sunk in

deeper. No, as a matter of fact, her pussy-lips just sucked me into her. When my balls hit her ass, I knew I couldn’t go any further. I just held still that way, kissing her mouth furiously.

I felt the walls of her pussy all around my cock – one of the greatest sensations in the world. She was so fucking hot and wet, I wanted to stay inside her forever.

I just held my cock inside her, not moving my body. Her pussy walls started to milk my cock. It was sensational. She built up the pressure, until I couldn’t hold it any more. I started to retract my cock from her pussy, pushing it back in before my head left her lips. I couldn’t help myself and started to pound into her like a madman. Her tits were shaking. Karen was screaming at the top of her lungs. Then I came. I exploded spasmodically, my whole body was shaking. Hot torrents of cum shot inside her cunt, inside her womb – her womanhood. Karen held me tight, hugging me. Our sweaty bodies sticking together, like they were melted into one body. I lay my head on her breasts. She fondled my hairs, while her breathing slowed down to a steady pace.

She was the first one to speak: “Wow. You might wanna stay longer away the next time. If it means we’ll fuck like this.”

“Hm, yeah, it was rather wonderful, babe,” I replied. My cock was still in her pussy, but I could feel my little Hulk turning into Bruce Banner again. When I took it out, a nice slush sound came from her pussy. Karen scooped up some of the cum inside her and licked her finger. “Still top quality sperm.”

I smiled. Karen got up. “Just stay here, I get you some tea.”

While she walked in the hallway she yelled: “You really came a lot, it is dripping down my legs. I’ll just get some toilet paper, hold on.”

When she came back, she had cleaned her pussy a bit. We drank our tea on the bed, enjoying looking at each other’s body.

We chitchatted about stuff, but after tea a serious look came upon her face. She put the empty cups on the ground and sat opposite of me. Her hand started to stroke my now limp cock, getting it ready for action in no time.

“Robert, I’ve got to tell you something. I hadn’t told you on the phone, because I wanted to tell you in person. Please, don’t judge before you hear me out okay?”

I had heard that one before, but okay. What the heck. Karen started to tell me her story: This happened a few weeks ago, she said.

Her dad walked up the stairs, heading for Karen’s room. She wasn’t in. Her clothes lay scattered over the floor. “Karen?” he yelled.

“I am in the bathroom, dad.”

Her dad stepped into the bathroom, which was near her room. Karen was sitting on the edge of the bath, cutting her toenails. She only wore panties since she just had a shower.

“Dad, I am not dressed!” said a startled Karen.

“You promised that you would give me a backrub. My shoulders and back are hurting like hell again.”

“Can’t that just wait a minute?”

“Honey, it really hurts. And a short backrub will make it go away. Come on, your mother usually does this, but since she isn’t here. And Anne is having a day off so… Don’t bother getting dressed. I’ve seen your tits before. I made you, remember?” he said while walking across the hallway to his room expecting Karen to follow him that instant. He left the door open en lay down on the bed. “Are you coming or what?”

Karen sighed. Her dad was a man without patience. Might as well get over there or he would be wining all night. Karen went from the bathroom to her room, looking around for a shirt to wear, because she didn’t feel quite comfortable being topless while she massaged her father. She settled for a tank top that lay on the floor. She didn’t wear a bra. Oh what the heck, she thought. It was her dad.

She went to her parent’s room and saw her father lying on his stomach, waiting for her to rub his shoulders and back. He was only wearing his underwear. A pot of massage oil stood on the nightstand. Karen bent over to take some, her breasts only a few feet away from her dads face. Although he didn’t seem to care. Karen rubbed the oil in her hands, sat down on the bed next to her dad and started to rub his shoulders softly.

“Do it harder, hon. I can hardly feel it.”

“Alright you old whiner”, she thought, and started to press harder.

“Ooh, yeah, that feels absolutely marvellous. I can feel the pain slip away right now.” Karen massaged him for a while, but found she had a hard time reaching the shoulder on the opposite end without brushing her breasts against his back.

“What is it, Karen?” her dad wanted to know.

“Can’t reach the other side.”

“Just sit down on my back. That’s what your mother always does,” he said with a schmuck smile on his lips.

Karen sighed and got on top of him. Her ass on his lower back; her feet on both sides of his body. She resumed rubbing his shoulders.

“Yeah, that feels great. A little lower please…”

Karen massaged his whole back, which took her about fifteen minutes or so. She was very thorough and her dad was a demanding man. She admired her father’s back. It was very muscular. Her daddy didn’t look that bad at fifty, she thought. At a certain point she reached his lower back.

“A little lower please, but don’t get any massage oil on my briefs. It stains like hell, and is difficult to wash out.”

Karen tried to push the briefs down a little bit, but couldn’t because she would stain the fabric with her oiled hands. “Help me, dad,” she said.

Her dad took the sides of his briefs, and pulled them down further than Karen had anticipated. They were below his ass now and she could see her father’s hairy crack in all its glory. She didn’t move and wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Please Karen, go on, before the muscles get cold.”

Karen started to massage just above his ass. Her dad was moaning. She was doing a good job. She liked her father’s ass very much. She was tempted to touch it.

“You know, you’ve got wonderful hands, honey.”

Thanks dad.

“Tell, me do you ever massage Peter?” her dad wanted to know.

“That’s a curious question,” Karen said carefully. What the hell did the old man mean by that?

“He does massage you, right? Every once in a while I mean.”

“No sir, why do you think that? If I need a backrub, I’ll ask Robert. He’s pretty good at it.”

“I wasn’t talking about backrubs dear. I was talking about an entirely other area.”

Karen started to sweat. She held her hands still on his buns.

Her dad turned around, Karen sat next to him. She could see his cock was half erect.


Her dad looked her in the eye. “Karen, look in the drawer on your left. Karen dried her hands on the towel and opened the drawer. She saw what her dad was getting at. Her panties were lying in the drawer. Karen’s heart stopped.

Her father continued in a very dry voice: “You guys were having a good time last night, at least that’s what I gathered from the noises. I went down the stairs when I heard you guys fuck. Then after you were finished, I pretended to come down the stairs, so you wouldn’t freak out.

Karen didn’t dare look at her dad. She felt so ashamed. Why the fuck hadn’t they done it in Pete’s room?

Her dad touched her kindly. He sat up close to her, and touched her chin. “Honestly I don’t know what to think of all this. How long has this been going on?”

She looked him in the eye – he looked so calm and gentle.

“For a while now…”

“Does Robert now about this?”

Karen nodded.

“Really. That surprises me… You know your mother would never approve.”

“I know. It was just something that happened, you know…” Karen said.

Her dad nodded understandingly. “I guess I understand. When I was young, there was a time in which I desperately wanted to fuck my sister, your aunt Jenny. We almost did it, but she got scared. It never happened, but it could have.”

Karen looked surprised. She hadn’t seen this one coming.

“Jenny was beautiful in those days. Not the fat hog she is now, moving from one diet to another. Beautiful, just as you are, my darling daughter. I guess I cannot blame Peter for wanting you…” While her dad made his confession, his hand moved from Karen’s chin down in her lap, but when it went down, it briefly touched her nipples. This sent a shiver through Karen’s body.

“Tell me something, my lovely daughter. Are your nipples as sensitive as your mother’s?”

The answer was definitely yes, because the short caress had made her nipple hard already. It was clearly visible through her tight tank top. “Hmm, I guess so.” His hand moved towards Karen’s tit again and he caressed her nipple through the fabric.

Karen moaned quietly. This was her dad, touching her for Christ’s sake. And she loved it. Her dad placed his hand over her tit and started to mould her soft flesh. Karen’s mouth felt open.

“You like that, don’t you?” Her dad asked. Karen just nodded. In the corner of her eye she could see her dad’s prick growing. It was growing and growing, until it reached its ultimate size. It was bigger than any cock she had seen, bigger than Peter’s or mine, about 10 inches. Maybe more.

“That’s the look your mom gave me, when she saw it for the first time. She couldn’t wait to touch it,” her dad said in a horny tone.

Karen’s mouth was dry. Her heart beat in her head. She looked at her dad’s prick, (not at his face) and seemed to be hypnotised by its greatness. Her dad grabbed her other tit too and moulded both tits in his hands. Karen moaned again. This felt so good. Her dad pulled at her top, Karen let him pull it over her head. She was still watching his member.

“Touch it,” her dad said matter of factly.

Karen moved her left hand toward her father’s cock. She touched the head of her father’s cock. It was huge. It was circumcised. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip. Karen moved her thumb over the tip, spreading the pre-cum all over his head. Now it was her dad’s turn to sigh. She couldn’t get her fingers around the shaft, it was too big. However, Karen started to move her hand up and down his shaft. She loved the feeling of his cock. This one would never fit into her pussy she thought and instantly got wet between her legs.

“Yes Karen. Stroke it. Stroke my penis. Stroke it harder,” her dad panted. He had let go of her breasts and was leaning back on his elbows. He watched his beautiful daughter jerking his member. This was going to be a good day, he thought to himself. Karen continued her strokes while her dad checked out his girl. Beautiful perk breasts. Nothing as big as his wife’s or his other daughter’s, but perfect by themselves. He couldn’t wait to suck her little brown nipples. They looked very hard, like little doorknobs.

He wondered what her pussy looked like. His right hand moved towards her mound. He touched her underwear and immediately felt that she was wet. So, this turned her on just as it did him, he laughed.

Karen started to use both hands now. They moved up in unison.

“Yeah, baby girl. Stroke me, stroke me hard.”

Meanwhile, he pressed his fingers against her cunt., putting the fabric of her panties in her pussy. Karen sighed. Then her dad came. His cum spurted out of his dick. Thick ropes of his sperm landed on his legs, his stomach and her hands. “Lick it off, baby,” he demanded. Karen was hypnotised by his cock and without objections she started to lick the cum off her hands, then moved on to his stomach and even licked up the cum between the hairs on his legs.

He put his hand on her hair and started to stroke it. “Clean it up, baby. Everything.” He softly urged her head towards his penis and she obliged. She opened her mouth and licked his shaft clean with her tongue. “Good girl. Very good.” She liked the taste of her father’s cum. It tasted different than Peter’s though: more salty, and she could taste the tobacco of the cigars her father always smoked. When the cock was clean, she held it in her hands. Even half limp it was impressive. Karen lay down between her father’s legs. Her face near his cock. She looked him straight in the eye when she put his head in her mouth.

“Hmmmmmm, yeah baby. Suck me,” he said. Karen swallowed his cock down, and started to suck. His prick was growing to its original size, filling up her whole mouth. Karen started to choke, so she lifted her head a little bit. Then she got down to business and sucked him for the next five minutes. Because his dick was so big, her jaws started to hurt after a while. The room was filled with her sucking noises and her dad moaning from time to time. Sometimes he urged her on to suck harder although that wasn’t really necessary: his daughter was definitely the best cocksucker he had ever encountered. The muscles in her mouth and her tongue were working overtime to accommodate the biggest cock that she ever sucked and the fact that it was her dad’s dick, made it that more sexy to her.

“Okay babe, open your mouth as wide as you can, because I am cumming.” Her dad climaxed in her mouth. Thick spurts of cum landed on her tongue and went down her throat when she swallowed.
“Very good, baby girl. Very good,” her dad said satisfied. “You were taught well.”

Karen felt proud that she satisfied her dad. She loved the taste of his cum.

“Okay, run along now, before the others get home. We’ll continue some other time, okay?” her dad said businesslike. Karen felt a little bit disappointed, but went along with it. She left the room and closed the door. She went into her own room just down the hall. She slipped off her panties, jumped on the bed and started rubbing her engorged clit. She climaxed within twenty seconds. She lay on her back, staring at the ceiling. Enjoying her orgasm and savouring the taste of her dad’s cum in her mouth.

Karen finished her story. While she was filling me in on what happened her hand was constantly stroking my hard cock. Although it felt really nice, I didn’t need this extra stimulation to keep me hard. It was just like the first time she told me about Peter and her had fucked each other. The mental picture in my head of that encounter made me horny as hell. And now she had stroked and sucked off her dad. I would never have imagined that she would go that far.

“I am sorry, Rob. I guess things escaladed a little bit since you went away. But my daddy needs me, and I don’t want to disappoint him. I love him and my brother and my sister. I love them very much and…by God I want to fuck them. I need to fuck them all…”

She said this with such a sexy voice, my dick started to blow my cum in three big spurts – I couldn’t stop my dick from climaxing.

“I guess you like that..huh,” she said while she took my head into her mouth once more., sucking all the remaining cum out of me.

“Hmmm Karen. Listen, for me it’s very clear. I love to see you get fucked by Peter, and watching your dad penetrate you, stretching your tight cunt to the max, even the thought gets me horny as hell. I mean, when you think of it, it is so perverted, it is such a taboo to get fucked by relatives. Strange when you really think about it, because it’s all about love and having a good time.” I realised this thing was set in motion long ago, and I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to. Besides I meant what I said, I loved watching Karen getting fucked by her family. That didn’t make me a wimp, nor her a whore; we were just two people who knew what they liked, and made damn sure they got what they wanted. Of course, a lot of people wouldn’t understand our point of view, so maybe it was best if we kept it quiet. But then again, who cares what other people think? I’ve always believed that people should be able to live the way they want to. As long as it isn’t harmful to others what the heck? I realised the situation offered both of us endless opportunities. In my head I was making plans already.

“Listen babe, you will always be my number one dick. Just every once in a while I will be fucked by another one, probably my dad’s or Peter’s. Ever since he fucked me, its like a secret door inside my soul has opened, and I just love getting screwed by him and I’d love dad’s cock inside me too. Their incestuous sperm filling me up. Maybe it’s wrong, but it feels damn good.”

“So you haven’t fucked your dad yet?” I wanted to know.

“Nope. Dad said to wait until you got home. He wants you present when it happens. I’ve sucked him off a couple of times since the first time, but that’s about it. Jeanine caught me sucking dad once, and instead of freaking out, she joined me blowing him.”

“Fuck, I’d love to see that.”

“I am sure you will, babe.”

Karen gave me a big sloppy kiss on the mouth. Her tongue probed inside, sometimes slipping and sliding alongside mine. Then she rolled off me and went to the bathroom. I followed her and while she sat down on my toilet, peeing, I told her about Dawn. I told her that I met Dawn before and that we had screwed each other a couple of times on this shoot, and that it was really great.

Karen didn’t miss a beat and responded by saying that she was fine with it. “If I sleep around with relatives, I can hardly blame you for fucking someone you’re really feeling comfortable with. I don’t want to claim you anymore as you do me.” I got a warm feeling inside when she said it. I really loved this woman and I liked the way we handled things together. I kissed her once more, kneeling in front of her on the bathroom floor. I let my finger slip down to her pussy. Although she finished pissing a while a go, my finger picked up a drop from her cunt lips. I slipped the finger in my mouth, savouring the taste of my girlfriends piss.

“Hmmm,” I moaned.

“Maybe we should do some more piss sex. I really liked it when we did that with Peter. Maybe this weekend. You are coming over to my place, right?”

I nodded. I was coming over that weekend. It was going to be one hell of a sexy weekend, I can tell you and will tell you.

We drove to her parent’s house on Saturday morning. They had a big standalone house in a village. The house had a big garden that was sheltered from view by some trees.

It was a hot midsummer day and Karen wore a t-shirt and a short skirt. She wore open sandals and had painted her toes bright red, which made a big contrast with her usually pale skin. As soon as we got there, I felt a strange sexual tension. Her dad was sitting in the garden, only wearing some shorts. He welcomed us warmly and even gave me a hug. That was a new one for me, but then again, since I was about to see his cock slipping in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy, why not hug too. “Robert I want you to call me dad from now on, you’re part of the family now.” Jeanine and Peter were also in the house. Jeanine was sunbathing in the garden, wearing a tiny bikini, in which her tits looked huge.

We had some drinks in the garden. While her dad was telling some stuff about work, he caressed Karen’s legs every once in a while. He had lust in his eyes. The kind of lust I hadn’t seen in a while. The last time I saw it in Peter’s eyes when he screwed Karen. After we finished our drinks, her dad asked us to follow him upstairs.

We went to his bedroom. A video camera was standing on a tripod. Peter got behind it. “Dad asked me to commit us to tape.”

“Yeah,” her dad said, ” I thought it might be nice to be able to watch this later. He walked to Karen and hugged her. His hands slipped down into her skirt, caressing her ass. She responded by kissing him. I could see her nipples were hard. Her pussy was probably wet too. “Ooh Karen, I wanted this for so long…” her dad sighed. He let her go and she stepped towards me. She gave me a kiss. Meanwhile her dad slipped out of his shorts.

“You okay, babe?” Karen asked. I nodded. I helped Karen out of her clothes. Her nipples were hard indeed and her pussy lips were glistering too.

Karen turned towards her dad who was naked also. She sighed. His cock stood erect and was at least 10-inches. It was very thick too. It was one hell of a huge monster cock. I got stiff just by looking at it.

“Now kids, don’t be shy. You may all do whatever makes you feel comfortable.” Before her dad had finished his words, Jeanine grabbed my crotch. She got on her knees and took my dick out and started to suck on the head. I could feel her tongue pressing at the underside of my cock.

Karen and her dad were kissing again. Then her dad lay down on the bed. Karen sat next to him, her ass pointing in my direction. She held her father’s cock in her hands and licked his huge head. Her tongue danced on his head. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his piss-hole and then circled her tongue around his meat again, soaking his cock-head with her saliva. Then she licked up and down his shaft, making it wet also. As I watched my girlfriend getting her father’s cock ready to penetrate her, I took hold of Jeanine’s head and shoved her mouth up and down my cock. I was fucking her mouth vigorously.

From the corner of my eye I could see Pete slipping out of his trousers and underwear and he started to stroke his cock too.

“I am ready, dad.” Karen sighed.

“Straddle me, darling,” her dad replied. Karen got up, and with her back towards her dad hovered her juicy cunt above her father’s dick. I wasn’t sure it would fit her tight cunt, that’s how big it looked. Karen lowered herself down a bit and her dad’s cock-head brushed against her labia. That almost got her off there and then. She lowered herself some more, pressing the head against her fuck hole. It wouldn’t go in.

“I-I can’t get it in, daddy,” Karen pouted.

“Hold on.” Her dad took a tube of lube from the bedside and started to cover his cock with it.

“Let’s try it again.” He held Karen by her waist and started to slowly press her down on his monster cock. I watched her lips part and the head started to disappear into her cunt.

“Oooow, daddy. It hurts. It stretching me open. Aaaah,” Karen said. Pain was written all over her face but she pressed on. She was biting her lip. Slowly but steady more and more of her dad’s cock got inside her, forcing her cunt walls to stretch to the max. Jeanine gasped at the sight of her sister’s cunt being stretched by their father’s dick. She forgot to suck me.

Finally his whole tool was inside Karen’s pussy. A look of relief and accomplishment on her face. “Ooh, this feels wonderful. I’ve never been so filled up in my life.”

“It does feel wonderful darling. You’re cunt is so tight. I love the pressure on my penis,” her dad said.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard,” Karen sighed. And they did. Karen moved up and down on her father’s pole, making sure it never totally slipped out of her tight slit. Karen continuously had numerous little orgasm raving through her body. While Karen’s cunt got devoured by her father’s dick time and time again, I ripped off my cloths and so did Jeanine. She got on all fours on the ground and I slipped my dick inside her wet cunt. I fucked her from behind and we both had a great view in front of us. I grabbed her big tits, playing with her nipples while my cock thrust in and out of her wet snatch. Jeanine was wet as hell, and probably would be able to take her dad’s cock with ease. Especially if I covered her insides with my cum, which was about to happen. Watching Karen fuck her dad and feeling her sister’s cunt enveloping my hard-on got me to a boiling point. I never felt this horny in my life.

“Karen baby, I wanna see your face as I cum inside you,” her dad said. His head was red, and his body covered with sweat. Karen got off his fuck tool and lay down on the bed. Her dad jumped between her legs like a eager schoolboy and slipped his cock back into his daughter. He pounded in and out of her pussy. Karen’s cunt made sloppy sounds and she let go small cries every time her dad penetrated her again and again.

“Oooh, daddy, I love your cock. It’s fucking killing me, please cum in me. Fill me up, I need your cum daddy…” she pleaded.

“Almost there babe, hold on.” Her dad moved her legs up and she placed them on his shoulders. He could penetrate her more deeply that way. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, DADDY I AM CUMMING!!!!” Karen screamed.

Her dad joined her, shooting his daughters womb full of his incestuous seed. Father exploded spasmodically, shooting spurt after spurt inside his daughter’s stretched-out cunt. Now her cunt was filled with the sperm from which she was made, 25 years ago.

I felt Jeanine’s cunt contracting. She came hard, milking me until I exploded inside her too.

Dad took his big pole out of his daughter and after kissing her once more, he got off the bed. “That was wonderful Karen. I love you,” he left the room to take a piss.

I walked towards Karen. Her pussy was still standing open, invitingly open. Cum dripping from her lips. I was so fucking horny by what I just saw, I immediately shoved my prick inside her cunt. It was sticky wet inside her, and more roomy than ever although her cunt would get back to its natural size in a few minutes. “I gotta fuck you Karen….!” I yelled.

“Yes stud, fuck me…!” I pounded in to her, kissing her mouth, liking her tits, sucking her nipples. Peter couldn’t help himself anymore and walked over to Jeanine. He threw her on the bed next to us and slammed his cock inside her pussy too. This was the first time they fucked, but it seemed so natural, like they were always meant to be together. Dad came back into the room, looking at the two studs fucking his daughter’s, one being his own son. Peter and I pounded into the girls with the same speed and we almost came together, filling up the nice cunts around our cocks.

Karen was exhausted after the fucking. She just lay on the bed, and fell asleep. Jeanine crawled against her sisters and also shut her eyes. “Let’s go men,” dad said. “Let the girls get some rest. God knows they will need it,” he smirked. We walked downstairs, none of us bothered to get dressed. We sat down in the sun, drinking some beer.

“God dad, you really have a hell of a big cock,” Peter said admiring his father’s cock. Even non-erect it looked impressive.

“Thanks son. But believe me, you are better off than I. You’ve got a nice size, but I always had trouble getting into pussies. That’s why I liked your mother so much, she could take me without the lube.”

I took a sip of my beer.

“Did you like the show, Robert?” dad wanted to know.

“Yeah, it was very perverted, but hot as hell.”

I felt Peter’s hand touching my dick. It started to grow. “Hey dude, you think you got some spunk left in you?” he asked.

“Sure, why?”

“Well, I want your cock inside my ass… I wanna be fucked by you in the butt. Right now,” he said stroking my dick. I didn’t know what I heard, but the thought did make me even hornier. “Sure,” I said reluctantly.

“Go ahead boys. I’ll stay here. I’ve had enough action for one day,” dad said.

We went to Peter’s room, picking up the lube from his father’s bedroom along the way. Karen and Jeanine were still sleeping next to each other. Jeanine’s head was near Karen’s feet and she was sucking on Karen’s big toe while she slept.

I put some of the stuff on my cock and Peter smeared it on his puckered hole. He lay on his back putting his feet in the air, presenting me his shaven crotch and ass area. “Come Robert, shove that cock of yours up my ass. No need for foreplay, just put it in.”

“Alright,” I said. I pressed my cock at his anal opening and pushed it right in. My cock slipped in his ass with great ease. “You done this before huh?” I asked.

“Yeah man, Raymond fucked me there once and I like to put stuff up my ass too every once in a while.. oooh, that feels great. Come on, pound me sick!” he pleaded.

I shoved my cock in and out of his ass. It was an awkward situation, seeing my dick slip in another man’s asshole, while he jerked off his cock, smashing it against my stomach. But I loved the feeling and it didn’t feel any different from when I fucked Karen in her ass. Tight and hot. So I didn’t see any problems with it.

“Yeah Rob, that feels great. Shove that cock up my tiny butt. Fuck me, fuck me harder dude…yeah…hmmm….”

I started to pound harder and harder in his ass, getting my whole dick into him. I put his feet on my shoulders just like his dad had done with his sister that afternoon, and pounded even harder in his ass. Precum was leaking from the head of his cock. Pete covered his cock-head with it. His purple member was shining in the afternoon sun that came through the window.

I was thinking that Peter was just a big a fuck slut as his sister was. It must run in the family.

“Pete, I am going to cum, man” I moaned.

“Good, cum inside my ass. Please fill me up!”

“I am cumming man….now!! AAARGH!” I climaxed inside his ass. I am not sure if I spurted a lot. I guess not because I had already come twice that day, but Pete loved it.

“Yeah, I feel your hot load shooting up my ass. Hmmmm, lovely.”

I pulled my dick out of his ass. It was covered with lube, spunk and remains. “I’d better go clean up,” I said.

But he took hold of my cock. “Thanx man.” He gave it a couple of jerks. He squeezed the last drop of cum out of my dick. His cock was still stiff. “Fuck, you didn’t cum yet, did you?” I wondered.

Pete shook his head. He let go of my inflating cock and started to stroke his hard boner. “Let me do that for you, mate.” I took his hand from his cock and started to jerk him off myself. I moved his foreskin over the head of his cock and back. He liked it. He started to take shorter breaths. “Hmmm, that’s it. Jerk me off. Make me cum. Yeah, I am cumming!!” Thick wads of spunk shot from his cock. I moved up close and took his head in my mouth. Three more wads were shot in my mouth. The first time a guy ever came inside my mouth. His cum tasted different than mine, but not too bad. I swallowed it all down.

“Wow. That felt great. You’re probably a good cocksucker, Robert,” smiled Pete.

“Well, Karen is a good role-model when it comes to sucking cock.” I walked down the stairs, heading for the bathroom. Karen was lying in the bath, reading a magazine.

“Well, look who’s there. What have you been doing?”

“Ooh, I just fucked your brother up his ass, swallowed his cum. You know, the usual.”

Karen got bright eyed. “Really, you little horny bastard.” She looked at my cock, which was hanging between my legs. “If you clean it, I might suck it for you.”

“No thanks, I think I’ve had enough for one day.”

“In that case, why not join me in the bath?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I stepped in across from her. The water wasn’t too warm, just right for a hot day like today. Through the window we could see that the sun was already going down. It must have been late in the evening. My stomach was as empty as some people’s brains. “So, what do you think about today?” I asked Karen.

“Man, my pussy feels very sore. My dad’s cock is really fucking huge. I am not sure if I can fuck more tomorrow.”

I pressed my toe against her pussy under the water. “Hmmmm,” she hummed. “No I could definitely fuck tomorrow.”

“Or else we’ll just fuck your ass and mouth, that will work.” That night we had a nice dinner. Karen and I went to bed after it. We were both physically exhausted. I slept almost immediately.

The next morning I woke up alone in Karen’s bed. I went down the hall, and heard sounds of people fucking coming from her parent’s room. I opened up the door and I witnessed Karen on all fours, getting fucked by her father on the bed. Her dad was pounding his thick cock into my girlfriend’s pussy, his daughter’s pussy. His thick meat thrusting in and out of her wet cunt. Karen’s tits were shaking from his thrusts, and I could see she had a hard time taking his cock in her pussy – it still was the biggest cock that ever penetrated her, no matter how much lube they used. “Yes fuck me daddy! Abuse my cunt! Fuck me hard!” she yelled.

Karen had her eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling. “Hmmmm, yeah, that feels great dad.” I pulled down my boxers and pressed my hard cock against her lips. Karen opened her eyes. She seemed pleased to see me. “Robert, You’re up!” she said and then she put her nice lips around my shaft. She started to suck me hard while her dad tried to get more of his cock into her wet slit. “Hmmmm… that feels great,” Karen said with her mouth full of my meat.

I held her head and pushed my cock deeper into her throat. She moaned, but I knew she could take it. So we fucked her from both sides, getting our rhythm synchronized. A good way to start the morning.

Her dad cupped her tits and squeezed her nipples. “Ooh, dad. I love that, pinch harder…”

“Sure darlin’, whatever you want,” her dad said with a randy voice. He pinched her nipples so hard, they turned blue.

I still shoved my cock in and out of her velvety mouth. I especially liked her tongue on my head. “God Karen, look at you… you are such a slut. You’re letting your father fuck you from behind, shoving his big fat cock into your tight cunt, while you suck off your boyfriend…hmm, that feels good.”

Karen’s Story-8