Kate’s Last Day


Small Disclaimer in case people somehow don’t already know this, the events depicted in this story are purely fictional, and represent nothing more than a dark, twisted fantasy. The titular character is primarily based on the author, and any similarities to any real people are mere coincidence

Kate had decided she had enough. She never got her wish for eternal youth. And now at 27, she’s done with it. It’s getting less and less likely she’ll ever have a family, she can’t party hard like her younger flatmates anymore and she’s worried about how her looks might start fading.

Today was the day, she was finally going to do it. See, Kate always fantasised about death, and how to do it. When she imagined what it might be like, to die in ecstasy, she felt butterflies build up in her lower belly as the thought caused a fear reaction, but this made her tingle in all the right places, and she would grow aroused. She knew she wanted her demise to be a spectacular show for all who wished to see, and she wanted to squeeze every ounce of pleasure as she possibly could from it.

So the other day, she contacted her close friend. The 25 year old Beth, who she knew shared her fascination in some way. Kate often saw her become visibly aroused when watching movies or shows whenever a woman died on screen.

“My god, that’s…” Beth started, when Kate told her of her plans. “… So fucking hot.” She finished, sounding very excited over the phone. She agreed to help Kate with her elaborate suicide. It turned out Beth was somewhat of a camgirl. She catered to the filthy rich’s wildest fantasies. This was perfect, the plan was to livestream Kate’s death to a paying audience. Beth would receive all of the proceeds, and Kate was very satisfied with this. Besides, what could she do with the money once she’s gone?

Of course, Kate couldn’t resist the past few days, spending time watching Beth’s livestreams and pre-recorded shows. Beth was very attractive. She had milky white skin, long, fiery red hair, plump red lips and startlingly blue eyes. She was taller than Kate, at 5’10, and had lovely round DD cup orbs. A slim waist between her voluptuous curves. In all of her streams and videos, she wore a black mask to conceal her identity, The mask covered her eyes and nose, though her blue irises could be seen, as stunning as they were. The mask left her very kissable lips visible, and her chin which was very often coated in sticky, white cum by the end of her streams.

By comparison, Kate seemed small. She was 5’4, with small, but perky B cups, and a slender, athletic build. She had blonde, shoulder-length hair and gray eyes.

“I’ll send Brian round to pick you up at 8 on the dot” Beth’s words rolled around in Kate’s head. It’s 7:55, 5 minutes before she leaves her flat for the last time.

Those 5 minutes dragged on for what felt like hours to Kate. Finally, a white van showed up outside the flat. “That must be him” Kate murmured to herself.

She had got herself all dolled up a couple of hours ago. Wearing a sexy short skirt and a long-sleeve white blouse. Her makeup was done to perfection for her last day on earth, welcoming red lipstick, dark eyeliner and lightly blushed cheeks. She slipped on her favourite white peep-toe ankle boots, and left her flat. She nervously walked towards the van and tapped on the window, inquisitively mouthing the word “Brian?”. The man inside nodded. He was a big dude, must have been at least 6’5 but it was hard to tell in the driver’s seat. Kate tried to open the passenger door, but it was locked. She looked back at Brian, who shook his head and gestured to the back of the van. Kate did as she was instructed and opened the side door of the van, and climbed in.

Once she closed the door, she heard the gruff voice of Brian through a small, grated opening. “You’ll see a blindfold hanging above your head. Take it and put it on.”

Kate hesitated for a second. Is this the right Brian? She thought to herself, before concluding that she was heading to her death anyway, so what the hell? She tied the blindfold around her head and sat back against the side of the van.

She could just about make out the muffled sounds of Brian talking to someone on the phone, but couldn’t make out much of what was said. After a few seconds, she felt the van shake as the engine switched on, and then motion, as the van began to drive her to her final destination.

The trip was shorter than expected, within 20 minutes, Kate felt the van come to a complete stop, the engine switching off. She heard the driver’s door slam shut, and seconds later the sound of the side door sliding open in front of her, letting a small amount of light in through her blindfold. She flinched slightly as she felt a large, strong hand suddenly grip her shoulder gently. Brian was very soft with her, carefully helping her to her feet and guiding her out of the van. Hopping out of the van, Kate felt her heels digging in to a gravel walkway. Carefully, she allowed Brian to lead her to a building, gently ushering her through a door. She stepped into the building and shuffled awkwardly to one side, trying not to fall over while her sense of sight was obstructed. Brian closed the door behind her, and she felt his hand once again, this time on the back of her head, untying her blindfold.

Once the blindfold came off, Kate’s eyes adjusted to a different kind of lighting, a bright, white light. She found the interior of the building looked very modern, with a black, leather sofa and matching chairs, a vending machine in the corner and a reception just to her left. The room was nicely decorated with in-door plants and graphics on the walls. She looked up at Brian, who had a stone expression on his face, not revealing the slightest emotion. He was perhaps taller than Kate had first thought, her head was near enough his belt.

“Please take a seat, miss Kate. Bethany will be right out to greet you.” The tough-looking man instructed. Kate did as she was told and sat down on the black sofa, crossing her legs comfortably. She watched as Brian walked through a door, leaving her alone. Kate was sitting up straight, holding her crossed legged knee in anticipation.

Finally, perhaps two minutes later, the door Brian had left through opened up, from which emerged her good friend. Beth was already dressed for the occasion, scantily-clad in black leather. Her gorgeous, thick thighs exposed before reaching her thigh high heeled boots. The one piece suit almost looked like a bathing suit, stretching up over Beth’s shoulders, and exposing her vast cleavage.

“Kate! I can’t fucking believe you’re doing this. This is going to be so hot. Thank you so much for including me in this. I’ve already started the stream, everyone’s expecting my special guest any minute.” Beth excitedly blurted out, talking rapidly. She practically floated over to Kate and grabbed both of her hands, pulling her up. Kate went with the flow and allowed herself up off the sofa, before receiving a tight embrace from her friend. “You’re looking so hot, girl. They’re gonna love you!”

Kate chuckled nervously, “Ya think? I’m a bit shy.”

“Trust me, you look great.” Beth said, getting a good look at the small, suicidal girl. “We’ve got some real freaks in chat tonight, I might have advertised it as the kinkiest thing any of them will ever see. And coming from me, that means something hella crazy”

Kate looked down at the ground for a second, feeling embarrassed that she was even doing this. But she looked up and nodded at Beth excitedly “I can’t wait to meet your audience!”

Beth eagerly guided Kate by the hand to her sex dungeon, through the door she had appeared from. There was a very small corridor between the room they had left and the door on the other side. On a table, Beth’s usual kinky mask was placed, which Beth picked up and put on comfortably, before leading Kate further to the door.

There was no sign of Brian as she entered the well-lit room. In the centre of the room was a table, and immediately, Kate noticed the huge guillotine blade, glinting in the light of the room, suspended above the very end of the table. Around the room were several cameras, expertly placed so that no camera was in another’s field of view. On the floor, atop some pillows and a blanket was a laptop, with an extra monitor perched on a small table next to it. Both screens were on, the monitor showed several different camera angles of the room, and the laptop screen displayed a chat room, which seemed very active, messages were scrolling past like crazy.

Beth led Kate to the centre of the room, next to the table. “I’m back guys, and here’s my special guest. Say hello to Kate everyone.”

With a shy smile, Kate waved at the laptop screen, and grabbed the hem of her skirt and gave a small curtsy.

“Oh my god, isn’t she so fucking cute?” Beth stated, giggling slightly. “The cameras are there, darling.” Pointing to a couple of cameras off to the right of the laptop set-up.

Kate blushed, feeling like an idiot. She gave a smile and nodded “mhm”.

“Don’t worry guys, she’s shy now, but you wait until we get started. You can probably all tell what we’re going to get up to today. And for you slow boys out there, no, it’s not just some girl-girl action.”

Beth turned to Kate, and whispered “So, shall we warm up first?”, she gently caressed Kate’s collar.

“mhm” Kate repeated, scared to speak in front of so many people. Her eyes diverting from one camera to the next.

Kate felt her head tilt back slightly as Beth pulled delicately on her hair, looking down to Kate, she went in for a kiss. This was unexpected, and Kate hesitated. But Beth’s lips on her own felt warm and welcoming, and she seized the moment, she softly licked Beth’s lips and Beth responded with a soft bite on Kate’s lower lip. They stood in the centre of the cameras, making out. Beth reached down to Kate’s arse and squeezed her tight cheeks, scrunching up her skirt against her, exposing the shapely folds between her butt and her thighs. It became quickly apparent that Kate neglected to wear any underwear, when the skirt was raised above her waist, giving camera 5 a great shot of her perky little bum. Beth’s hands fell onto her exposed cheeks and gripped tightly, almost clawing her.

Suddenly, Kate’s own finger appeared between her thighs, just under her butt. She was already stroking her pussy, while her other hand snaked up Beth’s body to her breast.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Kate could hear several quiet dings coming from the monitor set up. Looks like the tips were rolling in.

Beth moved down to Kate’s neck, where she nibbled, before biting and sucking on her ear lobe, causing Kate to let out a small, high pitched moan of surprise. It felt good, Kate went with the flow, squeezing Beth in all the right places, and gently strumming on her own clit under her skirt.

Eventually, Beth pulled away. Leaving Kate with her eyes closed, pursing her lips for more. Kate blinked her eyes open and watched Beth shake her hips smoothly as she glided around the table like a succubus. Kate gained some confidence, and began to unbutton her blouse. Gently guiding her fingers along her chest.

Beth gave Kate a seductive grin, and held her arms out, displaying the table. “This is your day, babe.”

Kate smirked back, eyeing the table and the guillotine before returning her gaze to her sexy executioner. “No, this is yours.” She said, as she slipped out of the blouse. Her skirt was high on her waist, revealing her fully to the cameras around the room. Her perky tits sported hard, pointing nipples, more stimulated than Kate remembers them ever being.

Beth let out a sultry sigh, her clear blue eyes narrowing softly as she watched Kate undress, she posed with her back arched for the cameras, letting her viewers get a good shot of her big, round butt.

Kate walked over to the table, still feeling a little awkward as she moved, her legs felt stiff with nerves. As she approached the table, she lifted a finger up, and touched the blade of the guillotine. Immediately she felt the sting, withdrawing her finger. “Ow!” She put her finger to her mouth, giving it a kiss. “That’s sharp.” Kate giggled as she walked past the blade, and shuffled her butt onto the table. “So how are we doing this?” Kate remembered what she had agreed with Beth; the viewers would decide when Kate’s head would roll, but no one, not even the paying audience knew what value was placed on Kate’s life. Beth used a random number generator to calculate how much Kate’s demise will be worth, and when a certain amount of tips is reached in a category, the blade will fall. The thought of not knowing when the end is coming excited Kate to no end.

A separate tipping category will provide stimulation to the mistress, Beth. In the form of a vibrating toy, wirelessly connected to the net that will respond to tips, and the amount tipped. Beth had another one of these set up for Kate, who was in a separate tipping category for tonight.

“Well, I think we should strap you in.” Beth suggested.

Kate nodded in agreement, and began to get into position. She was on her back, using her limbs to shuffle into place, she was staring right up at the shining blade, and hesitated for a moment before placing her neck in the brace.

Once she was in position, Beth stretched her body over Kate, and took a leather strap from the other side of the table, and tightened it over Kate’s shoulders and biceps, her arms forced to her side, but her forearms still able to move. She then slid Kate’s skirt down her legs, and slipped it over her favourite boots, tossing it carelessly to one side. The last piece of clothing Kate will ever wear.

Next to the blade, Kate saw Beth’s mask-concealed face appear. Beth bent down and gave Kate another kiss, Kate elicited a small gasp, and passionately kissed her back as Beth slid the other half of the structure’s lunette down around her neck. Twisting a handle that locked the brace into place. This obstructed Kate’s view of her own body, and most of the room. In her mind, it was almost as if her head and body were already separated. Her body no longer belongs to her, she signed herself over to Beth as her property.

She was getting closer. Kate was about to end her life, and experience the greatest pleasure she could imagine.

“Not long now, sweetie.” Beth said, kissing her again, before leaving Kate’s view, and heading to the pillows with her streaming set up. Kate heard her speaking to her audience.

“Okay guys, so I’m going to open up the main category for tonight. You already know the goal is hidden, but the result is more kinky than anything you’ve ever seen, I’d bet!” She spoke seductively, Kate recognised it from her streams, but in person she was usually the sweetest, most innocent sounding girl. “Oh, that’s very naughty of you, CockMonster15, I’m sure she’d love that!” Speaking to the chat. “Yes, that’s coming next, Ryan. Thanks for the tip!”

Beth responded to a few more viewers, before stopping. She walked over to Kate, still strapped to the table, her fingers and toes waving in anticipation. She felt Beth’s hand on her leg, she moved it up her inner thigh, and just brushed past her dripping wet cunt. Without a word, Kate felt Beth push something round and smooth inside her little hole, another part of the toy just pressed against her clit. Beth again made her way into Kate’s vision, and gave her a smile, just as a ringing sound was heard from the laptop. Suddenly, Kate felt the small, rubber toy inside her begin to pulsate, while the nub against her clit vibrated gently. Her body trembled slightly and she moaned softly. The toy did its thing for around 10 seconds.

Beth unzipped her suit at her backside, which allowed it to fall away from her body, she let the material drape over her body, revealing only her jiggling butt to one of the cameras. Eventually, the suit fell away, unleashing her bouncy, round tits. Kate noticed a glinting piercing studded through Beth’s left nipple, a dark, yet vibrant tattoo displayed itself just under her breast, it looked like the horns of a demonic ram. It was a turn on for Kate, it made the whole thing seem like some Satanic ritual. She didn’t believe in that stuff, but it certainly gave it an extra ‘edge’, so to speak. She glared once again at the blade above her, just waiting to drop.

Beth was holding a smart phone in her hand, clearly she was streaming Kate’s face close up. Kate smiled nervously into the camera, feeling turned on by the viewers watching her helpless expressions.

“We’ve already had several donations for your head to be cut off. So early! Luckily, it looks like your life is worth more than the 700 total credits.” Beth taunted playfully.

She put the phone down on a small table she brought up next to Kate. The phone was perched in a perfect position for Kate to see the screen, showing her own face, comments scrolling past, and the donation total towards her final moment.

“What dumb bitch agrees to have her head cut off? This has to be fake right?” One comment read.

“Im rock hard gonna don8 200 credits every minute” Another read.

“I want to cum on that helpless bitch’s face and drop the blade myself” One perverted viewer commented.

“I know I’d let Mistress Bethany cut my head off”

Kate felt her pussy leaking, coating the toy in her lubricant. Beth walked around to the other end of the table, she licked her fingers and flickered them along her pussy, before spreading the lips between two fingers and popping her own toy inside. She began to climb onto the table, running her hands along the length of Kate’s legs. Just as her head came close enough for Kate to feel her breath on her pussy, another ringing sound was heard, and the toy began bulging and vibrating again, sending Kate into more convulsions, and pleasured moans. Before the toy had stopped, she felt Beth’s tongue pushing at the toy inside her, forcing it a little deeper inside, and tasting Kate’s dripping sex.

Beth continued to taste Kate with her tongue, as she brought her fingers up to Kate’s asshole, surprising her with a quite prod of two fingers, down to the knuckle. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, Beth’s sex toy was triggered, and her whole body shook, stimulating Kate further. Ring.

Again, Kate’s toy is triggerd, and her entire world is rocked in ecstasy, a broken scream barely escaped her lips, and her eyes rolled back. The excitement of the whole thing, the uncertainty about when her time is up and the stimulation Beth provides is enough to send Kate into an orgasm. But is it her last?

Not yet. The blade was on her mind the entire time. She couldn’t help but imagine it just coming down now, and sending her head into the metal basket Beth had set up. She noticed a comment from one viewer “Fuck, her face made me cum already. You can kill her now”.

Beth stayed between Kate’s thighs for a while, drinking up as much as she could, before crawling further up her body, she began fondling and squeezing Kate’s perky tits, she licked and nibbled her erect nubs, sometimes pinching them between her fingers and twisting, making Kate squirm. She continued to play with the toy inside of Kate with one of her arms.

Kate couldn’t see Beth crawling across her body, and the anticipation of what she might do next keeps her hanging on the edge of another orgasm.

Tips keep coming in for the girls, sending them in to spasms and loud moans. Kate looks over to the phone screen to find out her life at least is worth 1650 credits in the impending death tip category.

Kate eventually felt Beth dismount her, and a couple of seconds later, she saw the sexy seductress again. Beth smiled at Kate, looking her in the eyes as she grabbed the supports of the Guillotine in both hands, and positioned her cunt above Kate’s head, squeezing it between her thighs, she positioned her glistening fuckhole on Kate’s lips, and closed her eyes and bit her lip, as the doomed slut’s tongue entered.

Suddenly, a big spender in Beth’s fanbase drops 10,000 credits into the beheading category. Kate’s toy was practically on non-stop, and getting more and more powerful with each donation.

Beth was clearly enjoying herself, snaking her body through the air as she rode Kate’s head.

It was time for a new position. Beth reluctantly took her pussy away from the hungry tongue that buried itself deep inside of her, and bent down to give Kate another passionate kiss, tasting her own pussy on Kate’s tongue, as both moaned and cried out in pleasure, being shaken senseless by the toys in their weeping cunts.

When Beth left Kate once more, to walk back around the table, Kate glanced again at the phone screen. Above the image of her own, pleasured, doe-eyed expression, she saw the number 15,300 credits. She felt Beth at her legs again, rubbing her sensually. Beth got up on the table with Kate again, and hooked her left leg under Kate’s right. She moved herself along her butt, closer to Kate. Their pleasure toys were touching from pussy to pussy, she placed her right leg with her knee bent over Kate’s body. She pushed herself into Kate, forcing both of their toys back in, to continue pulsing and throbbing inside of them, both of them felt the vibrations of both toys, pushing them both over the edge.

Kate’s eyes rolled back again as her cunt exploded with pleasure, sending waves of an orgasm through her body, and Beth cried out and threw her head back in the air. This, as Shruungnk! The blade drops. It took a second, as Kate’s vision suddenly swung upwards, as her head spun around into the basket below, for her to realise it had just happened.

The force of the blade and the shock and stimulation of the entire situation caused Kate to shoot milk into the air from her hard, tingling nipples. Her body immediately convulsed and shook violently, and Beth’s body did much the same, as she screamed out loud, as the biggest orgasm of her life took hold of her. She did it, she finally experienced first hand the pleasure of killing. After Kate’s headless, fresh corpse settled down to the occasional spasms and twitching, Beth fell back, exhausted. She stayed sprawled over Kate’s body for a few seconds, before slowly pulling herself up and away. Maintaining her alluring walk cycle, she head around the front of the table. Bending down to pick Kate’s head up out of the metal bin.

Kate’s eyes darted around from time to time. It was as if she was still in there, but time was skewed, she couldn’t tell if it felt faster or slower, and she felt completely weightless, especially as her head began rising. She could still see, somewhat. Her vision was different, things seemed mixed up, as if half of the room was upside down, and the other half was normal. She suddenly saw her own face, it was next to the number 18400. The worth of her life. She saw her eyes seemed cloudy, tongue dangling uselessly from her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin. Drops of blood intermittently falling from her severed neck. She saw Beth’s smiling, but hidden face next to her, holding Kate’s head up by the hair.

As you can probably imagine, the stream chat was going crazy.

“Yes! Yes! I can’t believe it actually happened!”

“Did that ditsy cunt seriously just get her head cut off?”

“Bullshit! CGI! Pre-recorded!”

Beth looked from the Camera to Kate, turning Kate’s head to face her, and went in for a kiss. She licked Kate’s tongue before taking it into her mouth and sucking, she took in her whole tongue, until their lips were touching. Once she was done kissing Kate, she carried her head around the table, making sure to let Kate get one final look at her twitching body. She placed the slutty head between her own separated thighs, pushing her tongue against her own clitoris. Her girl juices from the still leaking pussy joining the saliva running down Kate’s chin.

A hidden door to the side of the room opens, and a large figure emerges. Kate would have recognised it as Brian, from the sheer size and bulk. But to the stream viewers, it looks like a hulking ghoulish man-creature. His skin was an almost green kind of pale, bulging veins and scars covered his body. He was fully naked, aside from a kind of spiked helmet and mask covering his face, obscuring his identity. Adorning his body were chains, they appeared to be hooked into his flesh at random intervals in his chest, bicep and leg, and draped around his body. He shambled to the centre of the room, the chains clanged and chimed as he moved, letting out low huffing sounds.

Beth smiled “My sweet monster.” She said, placing a hand on his hulking pectoral.

Panting was heard from behind Brian. Two battle-scarred American pit bulls followed the monster, almost as scarred as he was. Both of the dogs moved to the side of the room, obediently sitting at the side, just watching the scene in front of them.

The viewers will have noticed a large cleaver type tool in the tormented giant’s hand. He pushed Beth aside with the back of his hand, she shuffled to the side and let him pass, headed for Kate’s fresh remains. He placed his long blade on the table next to the sexy decapitated corpse. He picked up Kate’s head from between her thighs, and looked into her eyes intently. He then looked straight ahead and expertly pushed Kate’s open mouth onto his bulging cock, her tongue poking out under his meat.

Brian’s cock was barely semi-erect, yet was still almost too big for kate’s mouth and throat, soft tearing was heard as what was left of her throat was forced open wider by the giant’s fuck stick, small flecks of blood landed on her tits, still topped by erect, milk-leaking nipples. Brian’s growing and throbbing cock popped through her throat and could be seen poking out through Kate’s mouth and neck. Beth stood behind him, running her hands up his body as he began pushing and pulling Kate’s head on his dick. Growling and moaning roughly and loud.

Beth bent down slightly, and ran her hands down Brian’s crotch, past Kate’s head. She cupped Brian’s large balls, and groped them gently, she shuffled around in front of Brian to begin licking and sucking at them, pre-cum started to drip onto her neck and shoulders. Eventually, Brian got bored of fucking Kate’s pretty, lifeless face, and pulled his hardened cock back out through her mouth. Pulling out more saliva, that spluttered onto Beth’s body. Without a care in the world, Brian tossed Kate’s head to the side, it rolled a couple of times across the floor until resting on one cheek, her now messy hair covering most of her face, one cloudy eye visible on one of the streaming cameras.

Brian ripped the leather straps away from Kate’s body with pained grunts, before grabbing her with his large hands. Far from the gentle touch he had earlier in the day when helping Kate out of his van, he roughly manhandled the still twitching body, grabbing her waist with both hands and sliding her to the end of the table. Her legs fell limply towards the ground, and her perky little bum rested on the edge of the table, giving Brian the access he needed to rip the girl-soaked toy from her pussy, and forcing his dick hard into her vice-tight cunt. He lifted Kate’s dead legs up by the thighs, , so they uselessly flailed with each of his thrusts.

In the meantime, Beth approached her pit bulls. Regular viewers will have recognised these dogs, as they often featured in Beth’s taboo fetish videos. These dogs were very well trained, and certainly seemed to enjoy the sex they have with their mistress on a semi-regular basis.

Beth kneeled between the two dogs, stroking their cheeks softly, and kissing each dog on the nose. She slid her hands down their necks and bellies, wrapping her fingers around each of the large dogs sheathes. She rubbed them gently, running her fingers through the fur of their doggy cock-sheathes.

One camera was pointed directly under the trio, giving viewers a full view of Beth’s sleek, well-practiced hands working her doggies cocks. The particularly large, red lipstick-like knotty cocks began to emerge from their sheathes, and Beth expertly handled and stimulated them, tickling their dangling bollocks.

Grunting faster and faster as he thrust, Brian picked up his cleaving blade, and raised it above his head as he fucked the freshly dead fuck toy. Brian swung the blade down with great strength, tearing straight through Kate’s shoulder and severing her left arm. A small amount of blood squirted out, most of her having been drained through her neck in the specially designed neck-brace, turning Kate’s skin pale.

Brian blurted out a loud, low pitched yell as his body stiffened and trembled, pumping torrents of his warm cock milk into the decapitated cum dumpster.

Still grunting, Brian pulled out of the corpse, and picked her up again by the waist. He dropped the body to the ground with a thud. And shifted her along the floor, he parked her ass in the air, resting on her limp legs, her one attached arm spread wildly on the floor, while her top half perched on the base of her severed neck. The V of her pussy poked out between her thighs, presenting to not just a camera, but also to Beth’s prized pit bulls. Brian picked up Kate’s severed arm walked slowly away and out of the room, still moaning like a zombie.

Beth got up, and shook her hips as she walked towards her dead friend’s sexy, mutilated corpse, her dogs following closely behind. She got on all fours, right besides Kate. And presented her own leaky pussy to her dog friends. Almost in sync, the dogs mounted a body each. Instinctively finding each warm love tunnel. They rapidly began pumping themselves in and out of their bitches. Kate’s body started to slide down, lacking any muscle resistance, until her body was sprawled out on the floor, her arse left somewhat in the air as the big doggy fucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

The live stream chat was starting to die down a little, most of the viewers had blown their load, and were presumably slouched over their desks, knocked unconscious from sheer disbelief.

The dog inside Kate came first, lifting his leg over her backside, he turned his body, the knot of his cock swelling up inside of her, locking him in place while he pumped cum inside of her. Shortly followed by Beth’s mounted pup, Beth moaned and squealed in delight, looking in to one of the live stream cameras. While the dog was tied with Beth, she spoke, again maintaining a sultry, seductive voice, “Well boys and girls. We’re coming to the end of the live stream. That was the best yet wouldn’t you agree? I think her life was worth more than 18k, but hey. I didn’t set the price.” Her doggy’s cock slipped out of her cunt, which leaked the hot dog cum onto the floor. She let out a soft ‘oohh’ with pursed lips, turned to Kate and put her hand on her back. “I hope you guys had a great time, I know this one had the time of her life.”

Later that day, Kate’s remains were fed to the pit bull assistants, and the remaining bones were disposed of in an acid bath.

Beth’s stream blew up online, to the point it became quickly evident that many people all over the world, secretly relished in this dark taboo. Just a year later, most western countries legalised consensual murder (and bestiality), as long as it was live-streamed. A surprising number of women signed up, to be executed in all manner of ways, and Beth was a pioneer in the industry. She amassed a fortune with her live shows, and murdered her way through dozens of willing sluts, with the assistance of Brian, her man-ghoul and her beloved dogs.

7 years passed, and Beth decided she wanted to go out the same way as her old friend Kate. With all the excitement she could handle. Her death would be live-streamed, and Brian would do the deed with an executioner’s axe. The first, and last time, her adoring fans would ever see her un-masked face. Beth and Brian’s daughter, lovingly named ‘Kate’, will go on in future years, at the age of 18 to inherit Beth’s pornography empire, and work with her father to produce more kinky content in memory of her mother.

The end.