Kathy Loves Her Dogs


Brandy was kind enough to let me post this while she’s out playing with her Doms. She told me it would be fun writing it and I agree it was. Please let me know if you enjoy it !

Hi, I’m Kathy. My good friend “Brandy” told me she’s been posting her experiences on these sites and suggested I try it. She says it’s fun and gives other people a glimpse into the world she lives in which she can’t otherwise share openly. I read her posts and I have to say I found out some things even I didn’t know about her, and we’ve been close friends since high school. I’m not like Brandy, she’s the gregarious super intelligent extraordinarily attractive girl that everyone turns to look at when she walks in a room. I’m attractive, but not like Brandy, and I’m an introvert so it’s difficult for me to make new friends. Brandy has always looked out for me since she was part of the “in crowd” both in high school and then when we went to college; she protected me and got me dates which I love her dearly for. I don’t have a high profile power job to protect like Brandy so I’m using my real name. I’m a 28 yo female Ciss (what we used to call straight), 5”6”, 125 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, 36C breasts, and a waxed pussy. I like men and I’ve dated quite a few, but I have one characteristic in that I love to have sex with my two dogs which once a guy gets close enough for me to tell him it turns him off. Oh well, one day I’ll find someone who understands and may even want to participate.

Brandy actually wrote about my two dogs in one of her posts; since she called them “Duke” and “Prince” I’ll continue to use those names to protect Brandy’s identity. However she said they belonged to one of her Doms which is not true, he was only taking care of them for me while I was out of town; Brandy only did this to protect my identity which I appreciate. But everything else she said about them is true, they are brothers and beautiful harlequin Great Danes; they also behaved according to the command they were given exactly the way I trained them in the post that Brandy wrote. This doesn’t surprise me because her Dom is a friend of mine and great with Duke and Prince which is why I entrusted them to him when I went out of town. He knew some of their commands because I had sex with him a couple of times, but when I showed him some of the basics of what I did with my beloved dogs he watched a couple of times but told me he wasn’t interested anymore; still we remained friends. What did surprise me was that Brandy was able to accommodate the knot at the base of their cocks in her pussy as that must have been extremely painful, but Brandy always pushes the limits of what I think are possible so I don’t doubt that she did. Duke and Prince love me as much as I love them and even though Duke is the dominant brother, they always compete for my attention; especially when we have sex. Both are extremely well trained both in obedience and the sexual techniques that I like. Conversely, I’ve learned what they like and try to pleasure them as much as they do me. This is not to say it didn’t take us a long time of trial and error to get to this point, but we know each other now so intimately we function perfectly together.

So to give you a glimpse into my world, I’ll give you a detailed view of last night’s sexual encounter with my dogs. I always start by putting on a sexy outfit, not because I think they find it alluring but it is a signal for them that we’re going to have sex. I didn’t wear anything that would cover up my breasts, pussy, or ass but donned long black mesh stockings and a corset that came up to the bottom of my breasts. When I called Duke and Prince to come in the bedroom they saw me sitting on the edge of the bed wearing this and they immediately jumped on the bed and rolled over as I’ve trained them; Duke on my right and Prince on my left. I have four pair of socks for their feet, each one embroidered with their name on it which I put on their paws so as to avoid getting scratched. They are both much bigger than me and although they are lean they weigh about 150 lbs each. I stripped naked so as to avoid having to clean my leather corset or possibly tear my stockings.

I lay down between them facing in the opposite direction as they were lying and stroked their bellies running my hands down and over their cocks. Eventually they started to get hard so I wrapped my fingers around the knot at the base of their cocks and began to suck on their cocks alternating back and forth between them. It was unusual but not unprecedented that Prince started to cum in my mouth so soon; I kept rubbing Duke’s cock and let Prince slowly cum licking his cock and letting his juices flow into my mouth then run down my chin. Prince came for a long time and by the time he was done his cum was all over my face and dripping down my neck, but that was OK because I learned early on that they both are able to cum multiple times. I went back to sucking their cocks, alternating back and forth between them until both of them were fully erect.

I gave them the command “down” and they rolled over, got up off the bed, and started walking around the bed intentionally bumping each other in a playful but obvious act to show dominance. I turned around and sat at the edge of the bed spreading my legs wide and lay down facing upward on the bed. I spread the lips of my pussy with my fingers and said “lick” which led to the two of them to jockey for position to lick my pussy. As usual Duke won out and started to lick my pussy eagerly; I moaned loudly as his strong large wet rough tongue licked deep into my pussy and up over my clit. Prince took up his place by jumping up on the bed and licking my breasts making my nipples hard which made me moan even louder. I reached up behind me and found Prince’s cock which I grabbed gently with both hands and stroked from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. It didn’t take long before my body started to tremble and I cried out as I came hard with Duke now licking all the way from my ass to my pussy and clit deep and hard. Duke and Prince didn’t stop licking me either while I was cumming or after I was done; they would continue until I gave them another command. Duke turned his head and started licking my pussy and clit sideways; and it was so intense that it only took a minute before I was cumming hard again crying out as my whole body shook with a second intense orgasm.

After my body started to relax, I said “Duke down” and he sat obediently awaiting my next command. I told Prince “lie down” pointing toward the bottom of the bed and he stopped licking me and lay down next to me with his head facing my feet and his cock close to my head. I said “up Duke” and he jumped up putting his front paws on either side of me and still standing with his back legs on the ground pressed his large cock against my pussy I leaned up, grabbed Duke’s cock firmly and pushed it slowly into my pussy feeling the skin stretching to accommodate the size of his cock. I slid Duke’s cock back and forth very slowly in my pussy until his cock was fully wet; then I leaned back down again and said “Duke, slow fuck” which led him to slowly thrust back and forth deep inside me making me moan softly. I turned to Prince and gently pushed him on his side so I could get access to his cock; still moaning from the pleasure of Duke’s slow fucking rythm I grabbed Prince’s cock and pulled as much of it into my mouth as I could, sucking gently. Both Duke and Prince were panting hard and the pleasure I felt was so great I let this go on for a very long time.

After about 20 minutes I knew neither one of them could go on much longer before they would cum, so I took Prince’s cock out of my mouth and said “Duke fuck” which was the command that meant he could fuck me the way he wanted to. Duke immediately started to fuck my pussy hard and fast making me cry out as I felt waves of intense pleasure flow through me every time he thrust forward pressing the knot of his cock hard against my swollen throbbing clit. I was still holding Prince’s cock in my hand squeezing it firmly and I could feel another orgasm building deep inside me as Duke fucked me fast and hard with his huge cock thrusting his full body weight what seemed ever deeper into my pussy. Still fucking me hard I could feel Duke start to cum and that was as much as I could take as my body arched toward him and I cried out loudly with intense orgasmic spasms. I stopped cumming long before Duke and he continued fucking me hard, filling my pussy with his cum. Eventually Duke finished cumming and he stopped moving; now it was Prince’s turn as he had been patiently waiting for.

I told Duke “down” and he pulled his cock out of my pussy and stood there for a moment then started to lick my pussy again; he did love to lick my pussy which I was always very grateful and now was not the right time, but I lay there for a little while anyway and let him lick me feeling those waves of pleasure as his large rough tongue licked all the way from my ass to my clit. Finally I sat up saying “Duke, stop” which he obediently did and I told him “sit” which was a command to go to a place by the bed designated for him and sit down to await my next command; Duke went and sat down as he was told. I said “Prince down” and Prince got up, jumped off the bed, went around and stood between my legs. I sat up saying “Prince turn” and Prince turned around facing away from me. I grabbed Prince’s cock which was still hard with my right hand firmly circling my fingers around the knot at the base of his cock; then pulling his cock upward I positioned it so his cock was pressing just inside the outer edge of my pussy. I grabbed Prince’s tail gently with my left hand and pulling slowly he moved backwards as I guided his cock into my pussy until almost all of it was inside me moaning softly as I could feel the girth of his cock stretching my pussy wide which was now soaking wet from both my juices mixed with copious amounts of Duke’s cum. I let go of Prince’s tail and used my fingers of my left hand to rub my clit as I moved Prince’s cock back and forth inside me, moaning softly as I fucked myself with his cock.

I intentionally used Princes cock to fuck me slowly and gently rubbed my clit so as to prolong the pleasure for both of us. It took a while but I could tell by the way he was panting that Prince was going to cum soon and I too was about ready to cum again. I started to rock my hips back and forth as I thrust Prince’s cock deeper inside me until his cock was fully inside with each forward thrust; at the same time I started to rub my clit hard and fast moaning very loudly with the intense pleasure. I could feel Prince’s cock pulse as he started to cum and he stepped backward thrusting deep into my pussy with the knot pushing all the way past my outer lips. I let go of Prince’s cock and fell backwards onto the bed still rubbing my clit fast and hard I came hard at the same time as Prince, crying out loudly as my body repeated the intense orgasmic spasms I had with Duke. After my orgasm subsided, I lay there basking in the intense pleasure I felt, while Prince still had his cock pressed deep inside me and was still cumming in spaced out intervals. Eventually Prince stopped cumming and I sat up and slid Prince’s cock out of my pussy; then said “Prince sit” and he went to sit in his spot by the bed. I looked down to see large amounts of their cum mixed with my pussy juices were running down my legs. I rubbed their cum between my legs covering my whole pussy, ass and clit then licked my fingers clean. I needed to catch my breath before we went on to my favorite part of the night.

I slid up and lay down with my whole body on the bed lying sideways facing Duke’s side, then gave the command “Bed” to which Duke and Prince jumped up on the bed and lay down next to me in their designated spots with Prince on my left and Duke on my right. I said “sides” and each one turned on their sides facing me; they were much larger than me so their heads were at the top of the bed and I was sandwiched between them staring at Duke’s massive chest with their bellies pressed against my body. I could feel their hot breath on the top of my head as they panted knowing what was going to happen next. I reached around behind me and grabbed Prince’s cock firmly with my hand. I lifted my leg resting my foot on my knee, pulled Prince’s cock into my pussy and moved it back and forth a few times until it was very wet; then I pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly slid it into my ass. I cried out as I pulled Prince’s cock slowly into my ass until it was deep inside me, my cries were muffled by Duke’s chest pressing against my face. Once Prince was fully inside me I turned my attention to Duke, reaching down grabbing him firmly and pulling his cock into my swollen wet pussy. I lowered my leg back down; they now had their huge cocks deep inside me and we were ready to begin.

I positioned them so they each had one of their legs wrapped around me and crossed their legs right over my thigh to give them the leverage they needed. I slid one arm under Duke, reached around and held him close to me; then I took my other arm and reached around the top of Prince pulling him close as well. We were all now positioned perfectly and I gave the command “Prince slow fuck”; Prince started to slowly slide his cock back and forth in my ass which hurt terribly at first but as I began to relax I started to feel the pleasure build. After I was fully adjusted to Prince’s cock slowly fucking me up my ass, I gave the command “Duke slow fuck” and Duke began to slowly thrust back and forth with his cock deep inside my pussy. I was moaning loudly now, holding them both tightly while taking in the whole experience of having both of my massive bodied lovers slowly fuck me at the same time. Because they were fucking me slowly my body was trembling from the pleasure and I wanted this to go on forever; I managed to last a long time before I felt an enormous orgasm building inside me.

I held of as long as I could with my body trembling heavily as I strained not to cum, but eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer and I screamed out loudly as my body went rigid then shook uncontrollably with waves of ecstasy flowing through my body as Prince and Duke continued to slowly fuck me without stopping. I came so hard and long I was gasping for breath when the orgasm finally started to subside, but with the both of them still obediently slowly fucking me my body continued to jolt forward every few seconds and just as I was beginning to think this orgasm would never end with a final jolt I felt my body start to relax again. I had my face buried in Duke’s chest and leaned back so I could breathe deeply and prepare to pleasure my lovers as they had just pleasured me.

Once I had fully regained my composure I braced myself for what was to happen next; I made sure I had a tight grip on both Duke and Prince so I could hold on for what I knew was going to be wild and uncontrollable. First I gave the command “Duke fuck” and then quickly “Prince fuck” which released them from having to control themselves and they began to fuck me hard and fast like I was an animal. I cried out as they continued to fuck me; looking up and repeatedly saying to them “please cum and make me your b**ch”. Sometimes when we do this they cum right away, but they lasted much longer than usual this night. Prince usually climaxes first and eventually started to cum; I could feel him as he filled my ass ejaculating slowly over time as he thrust his cock deep inside me. Prince was in the middle of cumming when I felt Duke’s cock start to pulse slowly filling my pussy with his cum while thrusting deep inside me. The intensity of having their cocks thrusting deep inside me coupled with feeling their cum filling my ass and pussy was too much for me; I dug my nails into their bodies, my eyes rolled back in their sockets and my body started to thrust back and forth between them with an orgasm so intense it made me scream as I came with them.

My orgasm lasted so long that Prince had apparently stopped cumming before I was done, although with Duke still fucking me hard my hips continued to thrust forward with an intense orgasmic spasm every 15 seconds or so until he was done. We all lay there panting; I loved feeling their bodies pressed up against mine as three tired but satisfied lovers. After a while I reached down and pulled Prince’s cock slowly out of my ass, then pulled Duke’s cock out of my pussy, rolled over on my back and spread my legs. When I lay flat with my legs spread their hind legs that had been crossed over my thigh slid down so they each had one leg pressed on the inside of my thigh and each had their knee pressed directly between my legs against my pussy. I could feel their cocks on my outer thighs still hard from fucking me. As if on cue and without me telling them to, they each reached one of their forelegs down and held me with Duke’s leg right on top of my breasts and Prince’s just below it.

As we lay there with them holding me in this position I was starting to get aroused again, but I was too tired to go another round with them so I gave them the command “go play” which meant they were now free to get up and leave. Prince jumped down off the bed and started to walk away, but Duke had decided he wanted to play with me so he stood up and turned around then standing over the top of me started licking my pussy from the clit downward. This had happened before but not very often, and Prince so as not to be outdone by his brother had come back over and was licking my entire left breast. I wanted to tell him to stop but because my body was already aroused and primed instead I reached up over my head and grabbed Duke’s legs. I raised my hips to meet his tongue with each stroke and it didn’t take very long before I came hard with yet another shaking screaming orgasm. I really couldn’t take any more of this so as soon as my body spasms started to slow, I was able to say “Duke, Prince stop” and they immediately obeyed. I repeated “go play” and this time Duke did jump off the bed and started walking toward the door; Prince licked my face once and then followed his brother as they left the bedroom.

I lay there on the bed for a very long time savoring the night’s experience with Prince and Duke, my closest friends and lovers. Their cum was streaming out of my pussy and ass making an ever widening wet area around me. Oh how I loved those beautiful beasts I thought as I spread their cum all over my body with my hands. Eventually I got up and stripped the sheet I designated for sex and special waterproof cover off the bed, replacing them with clean sheets that I sleep on. I took a shower to get cleaned up, drank a large amount of water, and went in the living room to find Duke and Prince lying on the floor by the couch. I sat on the floor between them and turned on the TV, stroking their heads and scratching their ears which I knew the liked so much. I must have dozed off because I woke up with the TV still on and I was lying on top of Prince and Duke was lying with his head on top of me. I slid out from between them, went to bed and slept very soundly until morning when my pair of hungry Danes came in and started licking my face to get me out of bed and feed them.