Lonely Night at the Gym


Luke meets a beautiful babe named Nicolette at the gym and both connect really well. Well enough to having a quickie together in the locker room where Nicolette has a secret for Luke. More like a surprise….

After a crazy long day at work, I head back home to my place. These long office hours are killing me! I already work weekdays from 8AM-5PM. Today though was a complete disaster! My boss had us stay an extra three hours to complete a deadline for a project we’re finishing up. That was a 12 hour day! By the half way point of the day, I would have been happier jamming a pencil into my forehead rather than complete my required tasks.

All that matters now is that my day is finally over. I get home after 9PM. I’m so exhausted, I throw myself on my couch in the living room and pass out for a good two hours. I wake up and feel a bit more energized. Deciding I wasn’t quite ready to hit the bed and knock out for the night, I throw on some gym clothes. It’ll be nice to get a late night workout at my gym less than ten minutes down the street. Looking at my watch, it reads 12:22AM. I’m not used to going this late. It should be nice though as I won’t have to worry about the rush hour madness with people fresh out of work and hogging up the cardio machines and weight equipment. I do some quick stretching, chug down some of my preworkout and head out the door to my car.


My name is Luke. I’m 26 years old, single, and have a decent job with a decent income. I’m just an average guy living the young urban lifestyle in Austin. I’m originally from California. After high school, I decided to go to college in Texas. After I graduated with a four year degree in Business Finance, I decided to stay out in Texas to live a more simple lifestyle rather than the fast pace city life in Southern Cali. Don’t get me wrong, Austin is a major city. But it’s so much more simple, with friendlier people and MUCH more affordable living and wages. I’m an only child, so I grew up being used to being spoiled by my parents. We don’t have much family as most of my extended family lives on the east coast. I grew up actually liking the space and independence I had to myself. I had a small group of close friends in high school. We all went our separate ways during college.

In college, I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined a frat. With school being important to me, I would study hard on weekdays and get my homework and studies done by Thursday night so I could spend all of Friday and Saturday partying my ass off and have Sunday to recover from any hangover I had left over during the weekend. My first two years of college, I was living my best single life, living as wild and as free as I could be. A typical weekend for me was the frat house on Friday nights. Getting drunk, smoking pot, and random hooking ups with sorority babes on campus. Saturday nights I would go bar hopping in Downtown with my frat brothers. Plenty of my bar hopping nights ended up with me hooking up with random strangers from the bars, doing the dirty deed in bathrooms, someone’s car, or usually in a hotel. Me being young and horny, I did all kinds of crazy shit. I was a part of a local swinger group and got to participate in a couple orgies, gang bang a few women, and played around with married couples. Usually husbands watching me pleasure their wives. I didn’t really care who I hooked up with. I’ve played around with young and much older women, of all colors and sizes. It was never hard for me to get some pussy when I needed it.

I’m an average looking guy, light skin, 6’0 feet tall with a fit athletic body. I played football in high school and ran cross country so fitness has been a big part of my life for a long time.

By the time I reached my last two years of college, I met the love of my life. Her name was Jessica. We met at a gala as we were both apart of Greek life. She needed a date and a mutual friend of ours set us up. We got along really well, and became close friends. Friends with benefits actually…lots and lots of benefits. We fucked all over campus. Six months after the gala, we decided we were more than just friends and officially started dating. We moved into a nice student apartment together our senior year and had plans to marry about a year after graduation. We met each other’s parents and I had enough saved for an engagement ring. Our families went down to Cancun together shortly after we graduated to celebrate our achievements. On our last evening in Mexico, I proposed to Jessica on the beach in the evening after dinner with our families present. Jessica said yes. It’s still a memory I hold close to me to this day just because of the magic in the moment. Shortly after we got engaged, Jessica took a job offer in Houston. I was a bit sad in the beginning as I’d have to make the 2.5 hour drive from Austin to see her on weekends. We made it work for some time as I started my career in Austin with hers in Houston. I ended up buying a small home with two bedrooms and a nice sized living room. It was a perfect starter home! Weekends were everything to the both of us as we’d catch up and plan our wedding out together. About 4 months before our wedding date, Jessica called me to tell me she was pregnant. I was surprised by the news, but was not shocked. We always had sex without any kind of protection and she wasn’t on any birth control. I was happy nonetheless.

Our wedding day came and was perfect! I had my close friends from high school and my frat brothers at my wedding. Our wedding photos were great with Jessica’s baby bump ever so present. I was happy as can be! Everything seemed perfect. About two weeks before she was scheduled for labor, she took an early maternity leave from work and moved in with me full time in Austin in our new home! The day finally came for Jessica to give birth. Both our parents were there and I was with her in the room through the entirety of the process. The baby finally started to cry after Jessica struggled to push for a good hour or so. Everything was perfect in that moment. Then the nurse spoke and the mood in the room instantly changed.

“Congrats to the both of you new parents! You have a healthy baby bo-“

She stopped what she was trying to say as soon as she got a good look at the baby. He had dark brown skin and frizzy Afro hair on his head. I stare at Jessica who stares at her baby in disbelief. She looks at me with wide eyes and a look of panic. She was just as shocked as we all were. Me and Jessica both being Caucasian….it didn’t take a genius to connect the dots. I didn’t know what to do. I just stormed out of the room completely heart broken and angry. I came back the next day after talking to my parents and then talked to my wife. I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life…ever.

She basically goes on to to tell me a few months after she landed her job in Houston, she started to workout with a new trainer at the gym. A tall, handsome Black guy named Sean. She said that everything at first was strictly professional but that things escalated one night after the gym. They both decided to go out for dinner. He took her to a bar after. After a few glasses of wine, she was quite tipsy and he offered to drive her home. It didn’t take much for him to convince her to let him into her apartment. They talked for a while and one thing led to another. Jessica, who at the time was my fiancé, hooked up with this man. Her personal trainer. And the worst part? She didn’t feel any remorse at the time as she felt incredibly lonely since I was in Austin. They hooked up regularly at her place and his place every couple of days during the weekday. Around the time she got pregnant, I showed up the next day to spend the weekend with her. I guess she didn’t take into consideration the timeline of her pregnancy as we both had fucked her within a 24 hour timespan. According to her, not ONCE did she even CONSIDER the slight chance the baby could be his, as apparently he always wore protection. She cried as she begged me for her forgiveness. She kept insisting that she loved me and that she was just incredibly sad and lonely without me present. I couldn’t believe her though. I could MAYBE understand a one night fling out of pure desperation for some attention…but to cheat on me for MONTHS?? Jessica literally fucked this Sean asshole for over two months!!

I needed a break from my wife after hearing her out. She begged for me to stay with her and her baby, but I couldn’t. After all, I wasn’t the father of her child. I angrily told her to hit up Sean to come see his bastard child and stormed out of the hospital. I was fuming that day! I went straight to a bar and got shit faced DRUNK! I don’t even know how I managed to get back to my home. I woke up the next day in my living room with a major headache and vomit all around me. My parents came to my place right before they had to leave to the airport to catch their flight back to Cali. My mom cleaned up my living room and my dad helped me to the bathroom to take a bath. I was so hungover, I could barely walk by myself.

The next couple years after that were probably some of the worst, darkest times in my life ever! I ended up filing for a divorce from Jessica as I couldn’t get over her betrayal. What made shit worse is that her baby daddy Sean, wanted to raise their baby together. Jessica moved in with Sean into his place in Houston and they got married shortly after. She blocked me out of her life, getting rid of my number, blocking me on social media, and even forbidding her parents to speak to me. Which was really sad for me as I loved her parents. My short lived in-laws were practically just as close to me as my parents were. That’s how special they were. It was an ugly divorce and she took half my shit. I still had my job and the house but I was struggling financially for a couple of years after. I was fucked up. I started to drink heavily and I was constantly getting black out drunk each weekend. I would hit the bar with some colleagues after work each day and usually it ended up with someone having to drive my ass home. Somehow someway, I was able to hold my job. But things got bad when I started showing up hungover to work. I showed up so hungover once that I threw up in front of my boss near her desk. She was really kind to me. We had a great relationship and she knew the shit I had been going through. Instead of firing me like she should have, she gave me the option to seek help and take a suspension with pay from work. I gladly took her offer and sought help from AA right away. It was a struggle at first. I had to go through detox and a rehab facility before I finally was able to take my sobriety seriously and get on the right track.

It’s been 4 years since my divorce from Jessica. I’ve been sober for over two years now. I completely changed my lifestyle and now I use the gym as my way of stress relief and staying sober. I’ve come a long way and have followed quite a few fitness programs that have really paid off as my body has a nice physique. My chest is big with nice broad shoulders and shredded triceps and good sized biceps. My abs are not that great as I’ve focused on bulking rather than cutting. My legs are swole and well developed with strong thick quads and nice chiseled calves. I’m proud of my accomplishments.


I get to the gym around 12:30AM. I walk in and I’m surprised to see I have the facility to myself. I walk over to the front desk and see a gentleman I’ve never met before. He works the overnight shifts here as my gym is 24 hours. I’m used to going either in the mornings before work or straight after work during the rush hour. I recently joined this gym as it has a bunch of nice perks like a pool, spa and sauna, state of the art gym equipment, and more. I’ve never been here late at night after midnight. The place is completely dead! I’m the only guy here! It was a nice thought getting to have the gym all to myself.

“Have a great workout!” Brandon, the gentleman behind the desk tells me as I scan my membership card.

“Thanks Brandon!”

I walk around the gym trying to see where I wanted to start. Tonight was going to be a mix day, where I combine some of my favorite routines on each part of my body so I get a full body workout.

I start off with legs with the leg press machine and do a few sets. I then work chest with some lower cable fly workouts and make my way over to the bench press. After my last set of benching, I stand up to stretch and take some deep breaths a little exhausted from the heavy weights. I see some movement from the corner of my eye and see a figure. I turn to see a young babe doing some squats. So much for having the gym to myself!

I don’t mind though as I take in the view of her from afar. She’s sexy!

I decide to get a closer look at her and see what equipment is in her area. I see dumbbells next to her and make my way over to them. I grab a pair of dumbbells and do some arm curls staring at myself in the mirror. I do this as an excuse just to be closer to this babe and get a better look at her. She’s gorgeous with an athletic looking body with slim and toned arms. She has tan skin, looking like a Latina and has medium sized breasts wearing a light blue sports bra with a laced opening in the front showing her sexy cleavage. Her stomach is flat and has a shiny belly piercing. She’s well toned with abs that are visible. She wears tight gray yoga pants that hug her plump fat ass that looks well maintained with tight glutes. She has beautiful straight hair that goes down to her shoulders. She’s a brunette with blonde highlights streaming throughout her hair. Her face is beautiful, with well defined eyelashes and sharp but neat eyebrows with makeup. I do my best to look at her discreetly as she continues to do her squats with a heavy barbell on her shoulders.

I finish my last set of arm curls and put the dumbbells away. I turn towards the sexy babe just in time to see her struggling with her last rep of squats. With her face winced and taking deep breaths, I see her trying to lift the barbell one last time. I quickly react, rushing to her aid to be her unexpected spotter. I lift the barbell off her shoulders as she’s barely able to stand up and practically loses her balance as she turns herself to me out of breath.

“Thank you!” she says exhausted. She has a thick, beautiful Spanish accent.

“You’re welcome. You gotta be careful with heavy weight, especially when you’re by yourself. You should definitely have a spotter with you when doing so,” I tell her kindly.

She looks at me and nods.

“You’re right…I should have a spotter.”

She extends her hand to me.

“I’m Nicolette.”

I take her hand and smile.

“I’m Luke…pleasure to meet you.”

Nicolette asks me to be her spotter for her last set of her routine for the night. I gladly help her out as she does some shoulder press workouts with a pair of dumbbells. I stand behind her with my arms below hers ready to catch them when they’re exhausted to help her push a good 2-3 extra reps to finish.

After she’s done, Nicolette offers to help spot me which I gladly accept. I still had a few workouts I needed to complete before I’d call it a night.

After I’m done, I thank her and we chat for a little bit near the cardio machines.

She tells me a little about herself saying that she comes late at night to workout just because she likes having the gym practically to herself. I’ve never seen her before up until now as she usually comes after midnight. This is my first time here after midnight. I take a good at her while she speaks. Nicolette is absolutely gorgeous! There’s something unique about her though and I can’t figure it out. Her body structure is a bit more masculine than usual. I look at her face and her cheek bones are well developed with a nice square jaw. Up close, I can tell she’s done some facial work and plastic surgery as I can tell she’s had a nose job. It went really well though as she’s incredibly sexy! I can’t describe it! I’m so aroused standing next to her.

I talk to her about myself for a bit saying where I’m originally from, what I do for a living, and how I recently started working out at this gym.

Nicolette smiles and nods while she listens. I can she her eyeing me up and down too. Is she just as attracted to me as I am to her?

Only one way to find out…..

“I need to say…you’re gorgeous! I look at you and I’m impressed with your workout routine. You’ve clearly been doing this for awhile…I mean, the hard work is shown on your body.” I tell her while I eye her down from head to toe. She’s well developed for sure. I did my best to tell her this without sounding too thirsty but I think I failed. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten laid. Months! I’ve just been so busy with work and my new lifestyle hasn’t really helped with dating as most of the women that I attract want to go out for a drink or to a club, which clearly isn’t a good idea for me. I’m just in a complete trance staring at this sexy eye candy before me.

“Aw you’re so sweet…yeah I’ve been working on bettering myself for awhile. I’ve been through a lot, my body has been through a lot, as I’ve made some changes that make me feel and look good.”

As I stare at her as she talks, I can tell she’s blushing. She loves the attention I’m showing her.

“Well hey…changes can be great! They suit you well…I’m sorry if I’m being weird or making you uncomfortable when I tell you, you’re drop dead gorgeous! Incredibly sexy! Your smile too, it’s cute.”

Nicolette smiles and thanks me looking down at her feet flattered. I can tell she’s shy. I don’t know why someone with her beauty would be like that. She should be incredibly confident!

“You’re too kind Luke….I’m not used to this kind of attention if I’m being honest. I don’t go out much.”

I’m shocked to hear this.

“Really? Why don’t you?”

“I just keep to myself…I can be shy. I just don’t go out much unless it’s to work and then to the gym.”

I decided to just ask her out on a date. She seems so down to earth and genuine.

“Maybe I can take you out for dinner or something…could be a nice change of scenery for you.”

Nicolette looks at me with a warm smile on her face, but she looks a little sad as her smile quickly fades and she turns looking over her shoulder.

“I don’t mean to be pushy…I know we just met. I don’t know…I like you. Maybe we can just take it slow? Exchange numbers and workout together for now?”

I ask her this hoping it’ll ease off the tension that sits between us. She looks like she’s interested in me, but something seems to be holding her back.

“That sounds nice..but….”

There’s a long pause.


“I don’t think you know what you want to do with me….you may think you do. But I don’t think so. A lot of guys…they don’t give me a chance once my secret is revealed.”

I don’t know what she means by that.

“What do you mean? What kind of secret?”

Nicolette looks around us. We are the only two people working out. Brandon by the front desk has his attention to his phone with headphones on. He doesn’t really have much to do working late night shifts like these.

Nicolette looks at me and leans in with a whisper.

“Do you want to come to the locker room with me?”

My eyes practically pop out of my head. What was she offering me? My mind is quick to fill up with dirty thoughts of us together in the locker room.

“Uhh….sure. What uh…..what do you want to do?”

Nicolette gives me a naughty smile,

“Use your imagination…” as she grabs my junk.

I take her hand off, and lean into her for a kiss. She leans in and our lips touch. Her big lips are warm and juicy. I kiss her slowly as I feel her breathing heavily as our sweaty foreheads are pressed against each other. Her breath tastes like cinnamon. Nicolette pulls back and looks at me with a lustful grin.

“That was nice.”

“Yeah…it was.”

“So….about this secret?” I ask her.

Her face changes and she looks a bit nervous.

“Um….let’s go to the locker room. I hope you’re open-minded.” She says as she takes my hand and leads the way. I’m really confused now but I’m also thinking that whatever her big secret is, I can handle it. I mean…she’s sexy as fuck and really chill! AND we’re clearly about to have a quickie…at least I hope so.

We walk towards the back of the gym. There’s a door that opens up and leads into a hallway. Down the hall are the locker rooms where we walk into the ladies room together. The ladies room is divided into different sections. An area for sinks, than stalls, and than showers. In the center are the lockers that wrap around forming a square shape with an entrance to the sinks on one end, showers at another end, and so forth. The lockers have extended benches that are attached to them.

Nicolette let’s go of my hand and makes her way to the center of the locker area.

I follow her as she gets comfortable. She unzips her bra behind her and slowly removes it. She uses one arm to place the bra on the bench beside her and the other to hold her breasts, preventing me from seeing her globes in their full glory.

“Come closer to me sweetie,” she says as she waves her finger pointing me in her direction.

I walk close to Nicolette and get a good look at her upper body. She’s incredibly sexy and I’m aroused at the sight of her underboobs. Her body is shiny as it’s covered in sweat. I find that pretty arousing knowing that we’re going to get down and dirty while we’re both sweaty after working out.

I reach behind Nicolette and pull her closer to me. I feel her lower back with my right hand nestled near her upper bottom. My left hand takes her arm off her breasts as they flop down in full glory. Nicolette gasps as I get a full view of her tits. They’re perfect in size and well rounded. I can tell she’s had a boob job to make her breasts more defined and sexier. Her areolas are massive with her nipples erect, itching to be sucked. Gorgeous!

“Wow….these are beautiful.”

Nicolette moans softly.

“Do you want to suck them for me?”

I nod as I bend my head down to her breasts. I extend my tongue out and lick her left nipple and then over to her right nipple. She grunts each time my tongue touches her sensitive nips. I lick them slowly teasing her until I finally stretch my mouth wide open and swallow as much of her left breast as I can. I squeeze both her breasts in the process. They’re soft but quite firm.

Nicolette grunts and breathes heavily. I take my time slowly sucking each breast, one at a time. In the process of doing so, I bite down on her hardened nipples.

Nicolette begs me not to stop as I continue sucking her titties. My right hand sneaks away from her breasts and glides down her body. I feel her smooth wet skin as my hand runs down her side to her waist and then her crotch area. I immediately freeze when I feel her pussy area. Nicolette gasps and steps away from me. She was so in her zone when I was sucking her tits, she didn’t even try to stop me from venturing off down to her private area.

“Uhh…Luke……umm….this is the part where my secret comes out and you….leave.” She says that last part quietly with a sad look on her face.

I have a very good idea now what her secret is now thanks to my hand wondering off.

“I’m not going anywhere Nicolette. Whatever is going through you head…just know that I want to stay here with you….and I don’t give a fuck what your secret is. Let’s have some fun! Oh…and I still want to take you out for dinner if you’d like to go.”

Nicolette’s face completely brightens up with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a person. She laughs as she pushes herself into me with a big hug. She pushes her face to mine and starts to kiss me with joy and passion. Our lips are pressed hard against each other as I feel her tongue slip into my mouth and collide with mine. Our passion turned into full blown lust as I walk back behind me and sit down on the bench. My head slams into the locker from the force of Nicolette kissing me and shoving her tongue down my throat. I hear her moan as she sits down in my lap and starts to dry hump me aggressively. All I can do is rub her bareback behind her as she’s in complete control smothering me with her thick juicy lips and tongue in my mouth. Eventually, she gets up and off of me, standing before me with her naked breasts in arms reach. She turns herself around and gives me a panoramic view of her ass.

“Do you like what you see sweetie?”

I respond by reaching my arms out to her bum and I give it a playful squeeze. Nicolette squeals with excitement each time I squeeze her firm, yet curvy cheeks. Her glutes are nice and strong! She then steps forward away from me and reaches her waist to lower her yoga pants down. She does so slowly as I’m then exposed to the sight of her neon pink bikini underneath. Once her yoga pants are down to her knees, Nicolette teases me by pulling her bikini higher, giving herself a wedgie but giving me a better view of her fit round ass. It’s perfect! So thick and plump but fit! Nicolette shakes her ass as she slowly pulls her bikini down. Once her bikini is down to her legs with her pants, she turns her head to the side as she looks at me from behind. I stare at her bare tanned ass as she talks to me.

“You’ve made me so happy Luke! No one has ever been as kind and welcoming as you have been to me! I’m going to turn around now….I hope you’ll like what you see.”

I smile at Nicolette and give her a nod, my body language telling her I’m ok with her secret.

She turns around slowly, and faces me completely naked from her upper legs to her head. Her secret is out. I stare at her womanhood, which happens to be a completely erect three-inch cut penis. It’s completely shaven, as she’s completely waxed. It’s small and skinny with dark skin.

Her secret? She’s transgender. A beautiful shemale. I can now understand why I could tell that there was something unique about her earlier. She was attractive in a different way and now I know why. And yet…I don’t care. Nicolette is gorgeous and deserves the chance to be happy. Tonight, will be a night for her to remember. A night for the both of us to remember.

“Is this…ok with you Luke? Am I ok…for you?” Nicolette looks at me with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. I stand up and yank my tank top off. I pull my shorts and underwear down at the same time, as my completely erect cock stands right up at full attention. My thick cock is eight inches and is rock hard with veins pumping with blood to the very tip.

“Does this answer your question?”

Nicolette stares in disbelief at the size of my member. I stand up before her and reach out to touch her tiny cock. She moans aloud as I lean in and kiss her. She kisses me slowly and passionately again. She’s so hot for me, I feel a bit of precum at the tip of her cock. I slowly jerk her cock off as we kiss and she moans in my mouth. I pull back from her and sit back down onto the bench and take off my shorts and underwear. I’m now butt naked with my sneakers still on. Nicolette follows my lead and takes off the remainder of her clothes yanking off her yoga pants and bikini but keeping her sneakers on.

“Turn around for me and bend over. I want to see you shake that phat ass of yours.”

Nicolette gets up with excitement and listens.

“Si papi!” She tells me in perfect Spanish. That’s sexy as fuck. I hope she begs me to fuck her in Spanish.

Nicolette leans herself up against the lockers and has one knee bent over the bench for support. I get down on my knees to get a perfect view of her thick booty shaking in my face. I stare at this sexy baby getting a good look at her ass with her ball sack in sight just underneath her tight asshole. I reach my hands out and grab hold of her firm ass. Nicolette gasps and then moans.

“Hmmm….así papi! Taste me! Eat my ass!”

With both my hands pressed against her cheeks from behind, I push my face close to her lady hole. I take a deep whiff and I’m met with the intoxicating scent of her sweaty hole. I get a hint of soap as I smell her ass which tells me she must have bathed prior to getting to the gym.

I take my tongue as it begins to explore this new foreign territory as I lick her perineum, the area in between her ballsack and anus.

Nicolette grunts quietly as her legs shake. I slowly reach in between her legs to find her cock. I start to jerk it slowly as my tongue ventures to the north and reaches her rectum. I lick it slowly at first and then place the tip of my tongue in the center of her hole and shove it into her ass.

Nicolette continues to grunt and shake her legs. I can tell she’s not used to this kind of attention. I love how sensitive see is to my every touch. From the movements of my hand jerking her small cock, to my wet tongue salivating inside her asshole. She can’t get enough of me. Her bum tastes salty from all the sweat from her working out. I love it! I feel so dirty!

I then take my tongue out of her bum. I spit a few times into her asshole, taking my right thumb and rubbing it around her area. I then slowly push it into her tight hole to try and loosen her up a bit. She’s incredibly tight.

“Uhhh….asi papi…dame más! Yesss!!!”

Nicolette grunts and talks in Spanish each time I shove my thumb in and out of her rear. I use my thumb to widen her asshole a bit and slowly open it to make way for my grand entrance.

“Take that cock Luke….please shove it inside me already. I’m so ready for you!”

I then stand up. I spit on my hand and rub my cock a few times.

Nicolette shakes her ass up in the air still bent down over the bench.

“Sweetie I have some lube with me in my gym bag…we’re going to need it for that fat cock of yours. Locker 28.”

I find her locker not too far from her and fish around her gym bag. I find a small bottle of lube and pour a generous amount on my cock, lathering my shaft with it up and down. I squirt some lube all around Nicolette’s anus and pour some inside her hole as she mutters under her breath.

“Here we go.” I tell her as I guide my fat cock to her back door entrance and rub my tip on it. With my my left hand, I hold her waist to keep her steady with my firm grip. I do it also to overpower her, not allowing her to move around or try and stop me. I push my way slowly into her incredibly tight asshole as I hear her taking loud deep breaths. I know she’s in pain but I know she’s also enjoying the sensation. She wants me just as bad as I want her. And I’m going to fuck her nice and steady at first and then see how hard and fast I can go.

“Yes….yes Papi! Give me more! I want every inch of that monster deep inside me!” Nicolette pants as she speaks to me. We’re both hot and sweaty right now but I’m so horny, my cock hurts!

It doesn’t too long for my balls to finally press against her bum as I’m now completely up her asshole. I let my hips do all the work as I pull myself out slowly and then push my way back in. I gradually pick up my pace as Nicolette is doing her best not to scream. She grunts and takes deep breaths from the intense sensation from my shaft repeatedly penetrating her tight hole. As I progress, I take my right hand and grab the bottom of her ballsack that flops in between her legs. I play with her sack and feel how smooth and soft it is. It drives Nicolette crazy!

“I’m so sensitive down there! You’re going to make me cum!!”

When she tells me this, I pull myself out and stand back. While trying to catch her breath, Nicolette turns her body over and sits down upright on the bench facing me.

“Can I have a taste?” She asks reaching her arm over to me grabbing my lubricated, wet cock.

I take a step closer to her as I watch her shake my cock in her hand a few times. She looks up into my eyes and her mouth widens, engulfing the tip of my penis. She swirls her tongue around and then kisses it a few times before she eventually does her best to swallow as much of my cock as she can. She moves her head in a back and forth motion as I hear her choke and gag on my cock. I’m getting really close to an orgasm, as Nicolette continues. It’s a sight to watch as she stares into my eyes the entire time, sucking my penis that tastes like precum, lube, and of course her sweaty asshole.

After a few minutes of her sucking me off, I pull away.

“I want to cum inside you.” I advise her.

Nicolette giggles as she leans back against the lockers.

“I’m all yours papi. You can do whatever you want to me.”

She takes her legs and puts them in the air and spreads them for me. I grab her left leg for balance as I bend one knee down to the floor. I use my right hand to navigate my cock back down in between her legs to her gaping hole ready for reentry. I push my tip up against her sphincter and more easily slide my way back deep into her bowels. What’s so great about this position we’re in now is that I get a great view of her breasts in full glory. I watch as they wobble each time I thrust hard into her tight hole. Nicolette’s mouth and eyes widen every time I push myself deep into her, now that I’m going at a more upbeat pace. I count in my head to three with each pump and then slam myself hard as I can into her.

“1, 2, 3…SLAM! 1, 2, 3…SLAM!” I think to myself as I’m getting close to my arrival deep up her dark tunnel.

“SI!! Dame más! Más papi!! Ayyiiii!!!!”

Nicolette strokes her small yet incredibly erect cock, looking like her orgasm is closer than mine.

I continue to thrust in and out of her bum when I reach and take over playing with her lady stick. She’s so sensitive to my touch. After about 10 good strokes of her cock, I’m surprised to see her cum eject out up into the air at a fast velocity. The first wave of her spunk hits her upper stomach. Then her crotch. Some lands on the bench to my left. Nicolette ejaculates and is able to produce five or six good squirts of cum. She screamed each time she erupted. All while I continue to fuck her ass getting close to my orgasm. It was quite a sight to see.

“I’m going to cum too!” I warn her.

“Faster! Shove your dick as deep as you can inside me Luke! I want to feel your cock convulse and spit your seed deep inside me!!”

After a good minute or more, I was a goner. Right when my eruption hits, I grab both of Nicolette’s breasts as her legs squeezed my sides. As I shoved myself one last time deep as I can into her tight asshole, my cock explodes inside her.

It was the most liberating powerful orgasm I’ve ever had! My legs practically gave out.

Nicolette just grunts, crying out with joy each time she felt my cock squirt load by load up her bum. Only after my orgasm subsides am I able to slowly pull myself out of her and stand up. Nicolette jumps up immediately and picks up her pants putting them on swiftly.

“I want to save your seed deep inside me, it feels so good!”

I laugh as I catch my breath trying to recover from the epic orgasm I just had.

“That…that was simply the best sex I’ve ever had! No joke!” I tell her.

Nicolette’s eyes just glow up and she smiles. I can tell she’s flattered and overwhelmed with happiness.

“That means so much to me to hear you say that….tonight was fantastic! I’m so glad we met…I’ve never met someone so kind and open minded like you.” I stand up and pull her close to me and kiss her warmly. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. She made my night too. I don’t care about her “secret.” It doesn’t bother me. Hell, I find her to be sexy and unique. The sex was the best I’ve ever had! The best part was the fact that I knew that I didn’t just want a random hookup with Nicolette. I was honestly serious about taking her out for dinner and getting to know her better.

And so I did. After we got changed and left the locker room, we exchanged numbers and set up a date for the upcoming weekend for dinner in the city. We got to know each other better and had a great time! I booked us a hotel room in Downtown that had a great view of the skyline and fucked Nicolette all night! I started going to the gym with her late nights and became her gym buddy. For now, we’re keeping things simple, having an open relationship. We hit the gym together, have lovely dates, and of course have some incredible sex each time we’re able to link up.