Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 1 “The Meeting”


Chapter 1; The Meeting

Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 1 “The Meeting”

Mr. Black was a 40 year old dark black skinned older male who had started talking to me via chat room. We recapped on our fetishes, his being fat white ass and sissy white boi’s. Mine being everything! But slowly starting to enjoy black cock with the help of Mr. Black and the sissy hypno/hardcore IR porn. He enchanted me with his stats of 40 years old, 200lbs. , 6’2, nice chocolate skin, 9in. fat thick veiny black cock. I was amazed when he told me his sexy stats! Especially when I was only 5’2, 155lbs, with a fat apple ass, thighs, and hips, this big black stud seemed to tower over me. He had told me how my thick, “stacked,” phat ass seemed to turn him on! And it turned me on like no man or women ever had. With each picture I had sent him within the week, he countered it with on of his aroused cock! And he even claimed the pics of his fat black cock were because of my dirty pics!

Finally the weekend was upon us! After a slow, exciting week of being chatted up by an older man, I was beyond excited! As Friday came upon us we both wondered whether the other would continue to want the other; but of course we both wanted each other! I sent I text to Mr. Black asking if he was still down to go to the cornerclub in the City and meet up for drinks and dancing. He replied, “Of course baby!” as my heart pounded. I had even hit the shower each day to shave my body and make sure I was hairless for our encounter. I did my makeup, styled my hair, put on a pair of black laced panties. I slid a pair of leather black pants over them and over my thick white butt ,and threw on a cute loose gold and black striped tee to bring it all together. I began walking the few blocks over to meet Mr. Black at the club we had agreed to meet at.
I arrived at the club aftr walking from my house, and hopped in the short line to get in. It was an 18+ club, so the bartender took my I.D. said, “happy birthday” and let me in. I felt a bit chilly in my skin tight leather pants and thin shirt.

I went in to hear the bumpin” loud music playing some old school Black Eyed Peas,” as i strolled to the bar and sat my ass down, poking out a little to look more approachable. I asked the bartender for a water, since the club was hot inside. The moment after the cute Puerto Rican bartender had given me my drink, a handsome, mature black gentleman had came up behind, patted my shoulder and asked,’Hey you Ivory?’
My heart sank, as Mr. Black ended up even sexier in person!I I became nervous and blushed bright red,”Uhm yes! that’s me! are you Mr. Black?!?”, I asked excited and terrified. The older man said, “Yeah that’s me! You know you’re even sexier i person!” Well my chubby white ass blushed right then and there and I said,”Really? you care for a dance or want a drink first?”. He responded we could dance, and drink later on, as he led me to the large multi-storied dance floor. We found a spot by a wall where he leaned, and i poked my ass out, grinding my ass up against his crotch. He poised himself as i bent over slightly and began twerking my ass to the newest J. Lo jam! We spent about 5-6 songs on the floor grinding my ass against his fat cock, feeling him getting harder as I danced for him. He then asked, “hey you wanna grab some air? get a ciggerette?” I told him “Yes!’ as i followed him out onto the club’s porch area. He lit up a cig as sat on the bench next to him.
He offered me a cig as I accepted and lit it up as he said,, “So happy Birthday Ivory, you having a good time?” “I am having the best time!” I say screaming over the music and touching Mr. Black’s shoulder. He smiles and says, “I’m glad you like it , maybe you’d like to come back to my place for drinks and some kinky birthday fun,” he said grinning and taking a drag of his smoke. I grin and accept his invatation as we finish our fags and called a taxi to take us to his nice sized place just north of the city in a quiet area. We got out and walked into his house and as I walked thru the door he grabs my ass and pulls me close to him, whispering in my ear,”you ready to be my gurl tonigh cutie?” I stick my ass out into his lap, oddly turned on and feeling sexy and flirty, I respond,”yes Daddy, thanks for letting me grind my ass on u all night!”. He laughs as he jokes,”Hell, anytime you want to shake that cute white booty on me I’m game Ivory.”

We stepped inside and instantly saw beautiful vision of the ny skyline, with his kitchen and living rooms out in the open, his one bedroom off to the side. He begins walking towards the couch as he turns on the TV to some music channel.
He takes his shirt and pants off, leaving nothing but his white calvin klein underwear on. He sits down on his couch, as I pick up the hint, and skip over in fronyt of him, bending my ass over and slowly lowering my butt down on the couch, my black leather pants about to rip as I showed off my white phat booty for Mr. Black! I sat down with my legs crossed and my slightly lifted towards the side he was on. He looked me up and down, then reached down and grabbed my pantyline, “you know your panties are riding up past your pants right?”, I giggled and told him it happens as I smiled and licked my lips.
The older black gentleman grabbed my ass with one of his big strong defined hands. He grabbed it through my leather pants and squeezed my thick meaty buttcheek. I couldn’t help myself anymore as my mind raced with curiosity, lust, and teenage hormones I leaped on top of him and began kissing him furiously. I postioned myself with my ass planted in his lap, my legs straddled on each side of him, and our mouth locked together in a sweet embrace. The mature man continued to feel up my ass, back, thighs, and anything else he wanted to touch! I unbottoned my pants, as he took no time sliding them down and grabbing my bare white ass with his big strong hands.Suddenly he ordered,”Take these pants off whiteboi, they’re just gonna get in the way.” I gave him another kiss, stood up over him and squirmed out of my pants and he slid off his sexy underwear as well.
I felt so naked and cold, and then he pulled my soft, thick, meaty white butt right into his lap, as i giggled and laughed. My barely covered white ass poised against his dark black skin, his almost 10 inch black cock, resting against between my thick white asscheeks. I kept his semi-hard fat cock rested against my thick phat booty cheeks as we madeout like new lovers. I could feel him slowly getting his fat black cock harder and harder against my virgin booty. As I could feel him get harder i heard him let out a few moans of pleasure, as I moaned in pleasure for Mr. Black as well! Shaking my hips and ass as he grabs his fat black monster cock with one hand as he fingers my tight boipussy with his other. I couldn’t believe what was happening! A week ago I was just chatting online, and now this older black man is making me his sissy!

My ass was poised in squatted doggy, he had my thong well to the side on my right asscheek. My 4in clitty was fully erect and turned on for this massive cocked black man! As we kissed, I slid down to lick his neck and that’s when he began whispering in my ear. He was telling me how he was gonna “own” my ass, make me his gurl, and how he was gonna be my black daddy! I was in complete ecstasy and was blacking out in pure pleasure by this point! I didn’t even realize he had began squaring his cock up to my tight white ass! My tight boipussy felt his warm, hung, head on my hole, and before I knew it Mr. Black had gently thrusted his perfect sized fat cock up into my virgin white boipussy. He started slow, giving me each inch, teasing and taunting me to take more as we kissed and he talked dirty. The extreme pain and pleasure coming running through my body had me paralyzed on top of his cock! I did nothing but stay squatted over him, and he began fucking me with his monster cock. He was humping and DESTROYING my ass,”OoooOOOooo” I giggled nervously as i took his fat bbc My arms wrapped around his strong arms as we kiss while he thrusts upwards, my white apple ass squatted perfectly over his BBC!!! I could only imagine how hot his fat black cock looked sliding up into my thick white ass. My butt was completely arched out as I tried to bounce my ass on his dick.

I Began to moan as his fat black mushroom tip led the way for the rest of his big black cock to fuck my white ass silly. Feeling his cock stretching out my boipussy I couldn’t take the pleaasure anymore; I kissed him deep and bit his lower lips as I slammed my ass all the way down on his monster 9 inch nigger cock!! I started squirting all over his muscular sexy chest, moaning as my body shook on top of his. He smiled and asked, “How’s that black daddy dick feel whiteboi?”. I was still fully turned on and hornier than ever as I said,”I love your big black cock, Daddy! Please keep fucking me!”

Suddenly, Mr. Black stood up quickly, while keeping me supported and lifted on his cock!I knew I was much smaller than him, but I felt so girly and feminine when he lifted me and took me all the way to his bedroom.  He tossed me on his large king sized bed and asked me to get in doggy and show him my cute white ass. Of course I obeyed, I fixed my panties, rolled onto my chest and popped my ass up for Daddy. I kept my head down and my ass up in the air as I shook my thick lily white ass for this sexy older black man! He spanked my ass, and said, “Damn whiteboi, you must really like shaking that sexy ass huh?!”, I giggle and kept shaking for him.
It felt like I was shaking my ass forver, I was showing off every move I had, He told me to take off my panties. I slid them off and as I was going back to shaking my ass, I suddenly felt a cold liquid on my back and butt. Mr. Black was oiling my ass up! He rubbed it up and down my thighs, worked his hands over my clitty, and back to my ass. Then he began kissing my butt and eating me out. <3. I was falling in love, lust and everything inbetween as Mr. Black was making me feel better than any lover ever had. He gave my boipussy a final kiss, and then I felt him begin to slap his hard cock against my ass.
Before I knew it, he was back inside me! His hands were constantly rubbing and feeling up my entire body, as I just layed there enjoying his magic stick probe each inch of my insides. He had his own rythm going and was giving me each inch of his monster black cock. He was even talking dirty saying things like,”You like that huh babygurl? Yeah you love your black daddys dick,” and I FUCKING LOVED IT! I squirted again as he deep dicked me and made me his bitch, and as I was shaking from my orgasm I felt him shake as well, and then his massive cock twitched in my ass and a part of me knew what was happening, he was breeding me. He let out a deep, sexy groan and I felt a hot wave of his seed glazed my asshole. He left his cock in as he collapsed to the side, bringing me with him.

We cuddled for a few minutes as he admired his latest conquest, and I basked in the glory of my new fetish for BBC and my wild desire to please the man next to me. I turned around to face him and he gave me a kiss as I did. We madeout, naked, satisfied, and sweatty. As we layed there he asked,”So you know you’re mine now?”, as he smiled. I laughed and smiled,”You’re mine too daddy.” As we fell asleep kissing, cuddling and full of love.