Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 2 “The Morning After”


Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 2 “The Morning After”

I awoke late the next morning in Mr. Blacks bed. I woke up naked, sore and to the warm embrace of Mr. Black running his hand from my back to my butt. Half asleep I dizzily turned myself, and gave a smile, kiss and a,”Good Morning,” as I could feel my body and my butt sore from deep ravishing Mr. Black delivered to me last night. He responded,”I’m doing fantastic, sure that ass is sore, How you doing, babe? I laughed,”My ass is super sore! Feeling hungover, but I slept great!” He gave a chuckle and reached around my body, slapping my ass, “You know you got a fine ass huh whiteboi”, as I giggled and agreed, turning my body so he could get a better peek.

Little did I know that was enough of an opening for our friendly Mr. Black! He moved his muscular, well aged, sexy body right up to me; making the color contrast of his dark black skin and my pale white skin look the yin-yan sybol. I felt his big black cock up against my chubby white butt again, it felt huge and it wasn’t even hard! I couldn’t help but give a slight booty twerk to stir him up, and he responded by licking my neck. He started by my collar and worked his way up until he was nibbling my ear. He whispered, “You like that huh, Babygurl,” I giggled and said,”Yes daddy!,” as he kissed my neck.

I could feel his large cock starting to swell up, pushing up against my ass. He continued licking my neck and rubbing his hands from my neck down to my back and arms, to my lower back, butt, as he’d end his long strokes on the back of my thighs. He began grabbing my butt more, and even moving to my cock. I was only about 5 inches when I was hard, and he had me fully erect, but as he stroked my clitty I was eager for him to return to grabbing and slapping my ass! I was in pure ecstacy as he rubbed up against me, fondling and exploring each inch of my smooth shaved white body
He got up onto his knees, and positioned me on my back, legs spread, preparing to take me in missionary. He reached over to his nighstand, and grabbed his lube. He proceeded to pour a small amount on his hand. He began wiping the lube all over his cock, making it shiny, like a well oiled piece of shiny black leather. Then he ran his hand over my asshole, giving it a fair amount of lube and rubbing the extra on my fully erect clitty. He played with cockhead, rubbing it, swirling his fingers up and down my small shaft, and then covering my entire dick and balls with his hand as he laughed,”Now you looking more like a gurl, baby.” I smiled and laughed as I laid there fully nude. My eager legs and thighs fully spread for Mr. Black. He was running his hands up and down my chest, down to my thick thighs and legs, knowing it was turning me on.

Next thing I knew, his lubed up cockhead was probed in my loosening pink boipussy. His hard smooth black body towered over me as I felt him slowly slipping his big cock deeper with each passing moment. He leaned in to my ear as he whispered:
“Yeee you like this big black dick huh white boi?”
“Yessss Daddy,” I moaned as I felt him thrust harder
“Want me to make you my bitch huh? Give you this big dick every day”
“Yes Daddy!! Make me your little white bitch!” I moaned out as he pushed his massive dick further into my boipussy.

He laughed as he threw his head back And said,”Damn baby, I knew you was freak, gonna make you a bitch for my nigga cock ,babygurl, gonna dress you’re fine white ass up like a sissy and fuck you all day and night!” As he stuffed the last inch of his big black cock up into my ass, he left all his manhood me, as he leaned forward to kiss me. It felt like I was going to explode! I wrapped my arms around him as I embraced our kiss as he plugged my booty, feeling him start to work his cock out of my ass. He swirled his tongue around in my mouth as he dominated my body from above. He then pulled his big black cock out of my plump white ass, I let out a soft moan,”OOoo”, giggling as I felt a rush of relief, excitement, and emptiness.

He then rolled on his back and started jacking off his massive rock hard 10 inch black cock! Like a natural instinct I adjusted myself and put my face right to it. The smell of my ass and his manhood was exhilarating, and before I even knew it, I wrapped my mouth on top of it! I gave his cock a few kisses on the tip, as i worked my whole mouth down his shaft. I couldn’t even get halfway! But I knew Mr. Black appreciated the effort because he began fingering my ass as he moaned out loud. I gave him a last attempt to fit as much of his bbc in my mouth as possible,as I gagged for air as I popped off his cock.

Mr. Black let out a loud moan, and then said,”Now that you’ve had a taste, you ready to ride my cock bitch? I want to see that phat white ass swallow up my black cock!” I let out a,”Fuck yes, Daddy!”, as I moved down his body, his fingers slipping out my ass. I then sat up and got into reverse cowgirl, giving Mr. Black a perfect show to see my big butt. I grabbed his cock with my hand as I pulled it and pressed the tip right up against my boipussy, and Mr. Black did the rest. In one quick thrust he was back in me, I looked back as I turned my head, as he moaned and grunted,”That ass looks sexy as fuck on my big dick baby! Show Daddy how far down you can go.”

I couldn’t help but let out a few sissy moans and squeels as I attempted to lower my white ass down onto Mr. Blacks hard massive erect cock! As I felt his hard black dick dig deeper into my ass, I finally felt filled again. Filled and satisfied, my body was in pure pleasure with each continueing inch Mr. Black would slide up my stretched boipussy. Within seconds of mounting him, he was fully inside me! I felt so fucking good! I grabbed my tits, and looked back at my mature black lover to find him hypnotized. As I started to barely bounce my ass up and back down on his fat BBC, leaving 7-8inches in me it felt like my ass was stretched to the limit. Then I heard Mr. Black grunt,”Fuck Ivory I’m about to cum!” Knowing this strong mature man was about to blow his load in my ass turned me on so much that I suddenly squirted! As I did, I shaked in pleasure, sat my ass back down on his cock and just in time to feel his big black magic stick burst and fill my insides! I sat there for a few seconds, thinking about how amazing my ass felt with his big cock in it. Gathering my thoughts while his big black cock stayed stuffed in my ass, I couldn’t help but slide my white ass up and down on his cum covered cock, giving my lover an extra show, before I popped my white ass off his big daddy dick and stood naked over him.

Mr. Black gave a moan of pleasure as he sat up in bed, his cock still half erect , with cum glazed over it, and looked up at the site of my big white ass leaking with his cum. I turned and sat down next to him, and as I did he grabbed and kissed me deeply. He the whispered into my ear,”You’re mine now.” As i blushed and kissed him, I knew in that moment I felt like a sissy princess and I was all his.