My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 3


Holly gets some real punishment.

Chapter Three

“Just a tad bit more,” Isaac said.

Holly lowered the gallon bottle of milk over the bowl of Raisin Bran, letting a small white splash soak down under the brown flakes.

“Perfect, just like that. Now, onto Cheerios…”

It was an interesting scene taking place in Isaac’s kitchen; it was like he and Holly were preparing a buffet. Isaac had originally started out simply trying to list things Holly could cook for breakfast and dinner, but with a sudden drive of perfectionism, Holly became incredibly needy for meticulously precise instructions on how everything had to be done. Isaac had told her he didn’t really care how she cooked, but afraid of leaving her master unsatisfied, she wanted to closely examine every meal as to his personal preference. She needed something to strive for, something she could consider perfect in which to base her work on. They had already gone over toast, hash browns, breakfast sausages, pancakes, eggs (of all types), and bacon, and were now in the area of cereal. It would be annoying if it weren’t so adorable.

Unfortunately, Isaac found his day off once again taken from him. He and Holly spent the entire day in the kitchen, either cooking food or scrubbing dishes so that they could make more food. He would have to remember to give Donna a big thank you for the large Tupperware set she gave him as a Christmas bonus the year before. He now had a week’s worth of breakfast waiting for him in the fridge. But to think, they still had to do dinners…

Isaac collapsed on his couch with a deep sigh. He was used to working hard and for long hours, but this was ridiculous. The sun had set and he had been cooking for about ten hours. He was halfway through Holly’s list of dinners she could possibly prepare for her beloved master. The only break he had taken today was driving to the grocery store to buy a small fortune worth of food. Ok, maybe having a slave wasn’t all fun and games and bondage…

Looking over, he saw her standing nearby, clutching herself with an adorable blush of shame. “Master, I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you today. Every time I try to be a proper slave, I just end up make problems for you.”

Aw shit, how the hell was he supposed to stay mad at a face like that?

“That’s fine, a master’s job is to take care of his slave, and that includes teaching her. You’re still settling in, I’ll wait as long as it takes.”

Holly then kneeled down and rested her chin on his knee like a dog seeing her owner eating. “Do you want to punish me? I’ll do anything to make up for today.”

Smiling, Isaac rubbed her on the top of her pretty little head. “Nah, it’s ok. Grab me the paper, I want to see the movie schedule. Let’s go out tonight.”

Holly grinned from ear to ear and rushed into the kitchen to find the morning paper.

‘Well, maybe a little punishment is in order…’

“Yes Mrs. Goldman, I KNOW your show is about to start.”

“You don’t understand! It’s the season finale!”

“Yes, you’ve told me that already!”

“Well aren’t you going to fix it?! I’m sitting in the dark!”

“Yes I’m going to fix it, but I can’t do it here with my bare hands! I need to get down to the basement and check the circuit breaker!”

“Wait, don’t leave!”

“Mrs. Goldman, I have to leave if you want me to fix your power!”

“But I—”

Donna forced the conversation into a hiatus by slamming the apartment door, letting her release a groan of annoyance out in the hall. Some times she REALLY hated her tenants.

‘Please don’t get me involved, please don’t get me involved, please don’t get me involved…’ Isaac thought desperately.

He and Holly had been crossing the corridor when Donna suddenly stepped out of the Goldman apartment. Seeing Donna for the first time, a peculiar gleam entered Holly’s eyes.

“So where are you kids heading?” she asked, spotting the couple like a T-rex catching movement.

“Out to a movie. Do you need me to pick up anything while I’m gone?”

Offer to help in a way that will let him escape, a perfect plan.

“No, I’m ok. Goldman’s apartment just lost power. It’s probably just a blown fuse. I can take care of it. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just let her watch her show on my TV. You two go on, enjoy yourselves.”

“Speaking of which, Donna, this is Holly. Holly, this is Donna, my landlady.”

Hearing her name spoken, Holly perked up out of what appeared to be some very deep daydreaming, even though she was focused entirely on Donna.

“So you’re Isaac’s girl on the side. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been married to the job. I never imagined him to be the kind of guy who would have an affair,” Donna joked, shaking Holly’s hand.

“Oh, uh… it’s nice to meet you.”

“So Isaac says that you’re staying with him now? Kids these days just keep moving faster and faster.”

“Well I just aged out of an orphanage and had nowhere to go. I was so lucky to meet Ma-Isaac, he offered me his home when I had nowhere to go,” she said sweetly, momentarily stumbling in calling Isaac her master.

“Well you certainly found yourself a good man. Just make sure you take equally good care of him.”

Holly’s face lit up and she even bowed her head. “Yes, I will!”

“And Isaac, you take good care of her!”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

After walking away and leaving Donna’s range of hearing, Isaac turned to Holly. She had a strange smile on her face and was even blushing. Wait, was her mouth watering?

“What’s with you?”

“They’re huge,” she said dreamily.

“What are?”

“Her breasts, they’re the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

Isaac then realized that that was the look of pure perversion. “Uh… ok…”

“There were two girls at my orphanage, twins. They had big breasts just like mine. They loved to rub them in my face but I loved it even more than they did. To be smothered by those soft, luscious gifts from God… it was orgasmic.”

“Wipe your chin, you’re drooling.”

Isaac and Holly were standing in line at the theater from their first date, counting the seconds until the movie would start. The theater was almost never packed like this, but it was the premier of a big summer blockbuster. Holly was clutching Isaac’s arm tightly, holding onto him for support while her legs threatened to buckle under her. Her face was flushed and glossy with sweat.

“Master… please…” she begged, speaking as softly as possible.

“Holly, I thought we agreed; all teaching requires some form of discipline. This isn’t a reward for today, this is punishment,” he whispered with a smug grin.

In his pocket he held a small pink remote with a dial. Watching her out of the corner of his eye, Isaac slowly pushed up the dial from 1 to 2. A shudder ran up Holly’s spine, brought on by the small rotor in her pussy increasing in the power of its vibrations. He had seen the toy in Holly’s suitcase when she was unpacking, realizing it was probably a memento or farewell gift from her sisters at the orphanage. The tiny vibrator was battery powered, with a wire leading to the battery case and receiver for the remote signal. The receiver was secured to Holly’s leg by a rubber strap going around her thigh.

“But Master, there are people around.”

“Exactly. They call this a shaming punishment. You’re just going to have to hold it together until we get into the theater,” he replied while cranking it up to 3.

Isaac had read up on this while researching BDSM play. Just as Holly was working hard to prove herself as a proper slave, he had to prove himself as a deserving master. In all honesty, he was just as nervous as she was, terrified of their game being discovered, and the look on her face, while erotic in a sense, was concerning.

Holly struggled to stay on her feet, feeling like a robot with all of its screws and bolts being shaken loose. She had thought it strange when Master told her to wear a skirt to the movies, but when he whipped out the rotor in the truck, she realized it was so that she wouldn’t completely soak her pants from her unwanted arousal. But her panties were already damp, and if her biological lubrication started to run down her legs, people would surely notice.

Taking another two steps forward in the line, Isaac pushed up the rotor to the fourth level, causing Holly to begin shuddering like the plastic bean in her pussy. She was gasping for air and hanging onto him for dear life. They were next in line, just after this next family of two parents and their three kids. Oh please, hurry up! For the love of God, HURRY UP!

“Pull it together,” Isaac whispered as the family moved off to the concession stand.

As he and Holly stepped forward to the ticket counter, he cranked up the rotor to 5. Holly struggled to stand up straight and close her mouth. Oh god, the cashier could totally tell what was happening! He had to! It was so obvious! Maintaining her composure felt all but impossible. The waves of pleasure rolling through her body, normally a welcomed blessing, were now a horrible burden.

Isaac ordered two tickets and Holly was filled with relief. Finally, they could go into the theater and have the cover of darkness and background noise. To her horror, Isaac pulled her over to the concession stand, all while bringing the rotor to level 6. Standing by the counter, Isaac purposefully took his time in making his decision. To Holly, every second that passed by felt like an hour.

He could see it on her face, her anguish. But maybe this was just a façade? Maybe she was more turned on than ever? Considering her level of masochism, she must have been having the time of her life. Hell, getting whipped and choked was her idea of a massage! He naturally wanted to stop, but the website said a master couldn’t be lenient. He had to see it through to the end right along with her. He couldn’t ruin her fun.

“I think I’ll have the milk duds. What about you, honey?” Isaac asked, speaking to the cashier and to Holly teasingly. Holly forced herself to swallow her tongue. She had to remain strong!

“Oh, uh, I don’t want anything,” she stammered.

“Add a bag of m&ms to it,” Isaac told the cashier.

As Isaac paid for the candy with one hand, he used his other hand to push up the rotor intensity even higher, up to 7. Holly wanted to scream, the pleasure it was filling her with was literally on the verge of orgasmic! She wanted to touch herself so badly, she wanted to relieve the violent tingling between her legs. It was like her pussy was covered in bug bites and she wanted nothing more than to scratch them until she passed out!

Taking the milk duds and m&ms, Isaac led Holly to the theater entrance. Halfway there, he activated the eight level, making Holly yelp and fall to her knees. Many people turned to her and Isaac crouched down to help her up. This time, his worry was evident.

“Holly, are you ok?”

“Yeah… I uh… just tripped over my feet,” she said as convincingly as possible.

“Should we go home?”

“No, I’m ok.”

Clinging to Isaac’s arm with almost all her weight, she staggered with him into their theater. As she walked, her liquid arousal began to trickle down her legs. The sight that greeted her in that theater filled her with horror: it was a vast sea of people, almost every seat taken. Not only that, but the lights had not been turned off, so she couldn’t hide in the darkness.

“Come on, there are some open seats over here,” Isaac said, pulling her to the back row. Oh sweet relief, the row was empty!

Moving over a few empty seats, they finally settled down and Holly let out a small yelp in her struggle to contain her orgasm. The row was empty, but there was a woman sitting less than three feet in front of her! She wanted so badly to work her hand against her glistening slit, but if that woman looked back for any reason, she would be exposed!

At last, Isaac brought the rotor up to its highest setting, nearly making Holly scream in pleasure and humiliation. Night after night, she and her sisters had played with this toy, but it never felt as strong then as it did now! The little pink peanut felt like a cellphone set to vibrate! It was rumbling in her with such intensity, it was like she could hear it through her whole body. Loud! It was so loud! How were the people around her not hearing this?! It sounded like a giant hornet was trying to take flight!

Finally, the lights turned off, but just as Holly was about to reach down and play with herself, Isaac reached across her and pinned her arms down.

“Master, please, I’m begging you! I can’t take it any longer!”

“Not yet, your punishment isn’t done.”

“How much longer?”

Isaac turned to her and tried to hide his unease with a smile. “You’ll know.”

Holly knew what he meant. He wasn’t going to turn off the rotor until she had an orgasm. But would she be able to contain herself? She had learned to stay quiet back at the orphanage, but that was only through muffling her voice with a pillow, a gag, or one of her sisters. She had two choices: either try and hold it in and fight the orgasm for almost two hours until they could get out of the theater, or risk getting caught, let it happen, and try to control herself. Aw hell, why was the first option even there?

As the movie began to play, she reached over and bit the collar of Isaac’s shirt. ‘Forgive me for doing this to your shirt, Master, but I need something!’

Chewing on the collar like she was having a bullet removed, Holly forced her body to relax and tried to let the orgasm occur. What had originally felt momentarily imminent since this torture began, now felt like it was miles away. She was so close to achieving her climax, but her body still didn’t have enough stimulation for that threshold to be crossed. Oh if only she could use her hands! In desperation, Holly began rubbing her legs together and squirming in her seat, trying to create some grinding in her body. Her inner thighs were completely drenched, but she still couldn’t get there!

Holly released Isaac’s collar, knowing she had lost. She would have to beg with everything she had to be allowed to use her hands, or better yet, run to the bathroom. Just as tears of arousal and frustration began to trickle from her eyes, Isaac surprised her by leaning over and kissing her. With their lips joined, Isaac used his free hand to reach into her skirt, pull down her panties, and began playing with her slit. With all the teasing it had received, the lips and interior were as tender as mashed potatoes, and his hand felt like it was being submerged in a hot bath.

Working two fingers inside his slave, Isaac listened to the tiny moans and whimpers that managed to escape from their locked lips. Using his thumb, he played with her clit like the joystick of a video game controller. Every flick, rub, and press made a deep shudder crawl up her spine. She was so cute; he would definitely punish her like this again. Five minutes into the movie, Holly finally came. A miniature waterfall of pussy juice flowed out between her legs, and only through again chewing on Isaac’s collar was she able to keep her voice contained.

At last, Isaac removed his arm and turned off the rotor, letting Holly rest. Until now, Holly had been afraid of making mistakes simply because she couldn’t bear upsetting or dissatisfying her master. But now she found a new reason: she never wanted to do this again. This was some truly brutal punishment. But of course, while 90% of her brain was essentially crying from the experience, there was that 10%, in the deepest and darkest pits of her sexual desire, that wanted to do it again the next night.

“I had no idea you were so shy, you always seemed so shameless.”

“Of course I’m shy, I didn’t know those people. They weren’t my sisters and none of them were my master.”

They were walking back to Isaac’s truck, with Holly once again clutching his arm like a small child holding onto a teddy bear and leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Well I’m sorry. I thought this kind of thing would be heaven for you. I didn’t want to stop because I thought you were enjoying it. It was mean of me to punish you like that. I know how hard you work and you don’t deserve that.”

“It’s fine. I’m your slave, you can do whatever you want to me. I am yours to abuse and humiliate, if that is your desire,” she murmured, speaking so softly it was as if they were still waiting in line for tickets.

Reaching the truck, Isaac turned and faced her. “Look, let me make it up to you. I know the perfect way to burn off the calories from all that candy.”

He then reached into his truck and pulled out her dog collar and leash. “How about we go for a walk?”

Holly’s smile was brighter than any flashlight, feeling one of her lifelong dreams come true. She and Isaac were at a nearby park, and while it was “supposed” to be closed at night, it had not stopped them from a stroll in the moonlight. Besides, with thick woods on either side of the paved pathway, they could always hide if they met anyone. Yet the park was dead silent. They had the forest all to themselves, but they were certainly not a normal couple enjoying the solitude and fresh air.

Holly was on all fours, completely naked, save for the work gloves and contractor kneepads Isaac had given her. Around her neck was her dog collar, and secured to it was her leash. Isaac was holding the end of the leash and carrying her clothes. Being that it was summer, the late-night air was in the high sixties and both master and slave were protected with bug spray. They were taking the shortest route through the park, as not even Holly could last too long with gloves and kneepads.

As she crawled beside Isaac, her slit glistened with fresh arousal. Crawling on her hands and knees, pretending to be a dog or house cat, had always been one of her favorite games. She often wished she could transform into an animal, but she always had to settle with childish pretending. She had never been able to take it to such extremes like this.

“Master, you spoil me,” she said happily, momentarily breaking her dog impersonation to rub up against his leg and purr like a cat.

“You’re too cute, I can’t help it.”

“Um… Master… I kind of have to…”

Isaac laughed. “Sure, ok.”

Her leash in hand, he led her off the path to an empty spot on the forest floor. Turning around, he tried to not to snicker as his peripheral hearing picked up nature’s call. Behind him, Holly felt no shame in this natural body function. She was just an animal, her master’s pet, and this is what animals like her did when they had to relieve themselves. When the last drops hit the dry pine needles and leaves that littered the ground, she looked up to see Isaac handing her some paper towels.

“A lifetime of workplace injuries has taught me to always carry something to clean up bodily fluids,” he said sheepishly, still with his back to her. Leaning forward, Holly gratefully accepted the towels and then kissed Isaac’s hand.

After drying herself and burying the used paper towels, Holly returned to the path and she and Isaac continued their walk. It was such a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky. Holly was so happy to be alive. She loved everything about this stroll through the park. She loved the hold of the collar around her neck and the countless small tugs from the leash whenever she and her master drifted a little too far apart; they made her feel bound to him. She loved the liberation of not having to wear clothes and the refreshing sensation of the evening air against her naked skin; they made her feel free. She loved the clear starry sky and the fresh aroma of nature; they reminded her of the farm from her orphanage. She loved the solitude and quiet; it let her act like her true self with only her master around.

Isaac was enjoying the walk too. He loved the sight of the moonlight shining on her bare ass, he loved watching her shift from side to side seductively as she crawled, he loved the brief glimpses he got of her breasts bouncing pendulously, and he loved the smile of pure happiness on her face. Isaac’s father has always taught him to respect women, that those who didn’t would only find women that no one could respect, and he had learned that lesson the hard way when he got tangled up with Isaac’s mother. Yet there was something innately satisfying about having a woman on a leash.

“How are you feeling? Do you want to take a break?” Isaac asked as they approached park bench.

“It would be nice to rest for a minute or two…”

Reaching the bench, Isaac sat down, but instead of joining him there, Holly kneeled on the ground in front of him like a patient collie. Smiling, Isaac began rubbing her head and scratching her behind the ears like she was a real dog, making her smile shine even brighter.

“You really are a strange pet.”

“You know, Master, whenever you treat me like a real pet, it makes me really happy.” Isaac watched as she took off his work gloves and slid her hand between her legs. “It makes me REALLY happy,” she murmured.

Chuckling, Isaac moved his foot forward and began rubbing the tip of his work boot against her slit, once again wet with sexual excitement. Holly began to give small whines of pleasure from the touch of the smooth dry leather against her pussy, still at her peak of sensitivity after the movie theater rotor punishment.

“I can see that. Now how about something to make me happy?”

Giggling, Holly began to nuzzle her face against the crotch of his jeans like a cat against a table corner. With just the slightest pressure, she could feel his cock becoming engorged with blood and hardening. Sensing its full erection, she slowly unfastened the button of his jeans and then pulled down the zipper. Pulling away the underwear beneath, she wrapped her fingers around his trembling erection and stood it up straight. It felt so hot in her hand, like a bratwurst right off the grill.

Unable to hold back another second, she lowered her head and dragged her tongue across the shaft. It had no taste, but to her, it was delicious. Again and again she licked the tower of muscle, granting it a glistening sheen of saliva that caught the light of the moon overhead. After enough time spent teasing her master, Holly finally opened her mouth wide and let the head of his cock slide down across her tongue and push against the back of her throat. Isaac groaned in happiness as he felt her mouth move back and forth around his dick, drenching it with saliva that was immediately slurped back off.

Closing his eyes, Isaac focused his mind on the sound she was making while she worked her magic. That wet squishing sound was so satisfying. It was like the sound of stirring macaroni and cheese. While she worked, he continued to rub the top of her head, thanking her and telling her that she was doing a VERY good job. In all honesty, he could have fallen asleep on that bench. The wet softness of Holly’s mouth around his most sensitive area was that soothing. Holly was enjoying the act just as much as he was. She relished the feeling and taste of her master’s cock in her mouth and she felt proud when she saw how happy it made him. Add in the fact that they were out in a public place and she couldn’t help from play with herself.

After a few minutes, both Holly and Isaac began to grow restless.

“Master, can I please…”

“I was just about to ask.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Holly climbed up onto his lap and lowered herself onto his cock. Impaling herself on his throbbing manhood, she gave a shrill whimper as it slowly entered her inch by inch. It had been a while since she had been on top during sex, even with her sisters would sodomize her with strap-ons, and she had forgotten how intense it was. Isaac had entered her from below the previous night when they were in the shower, but this time it felt like he was somehow going even deeper into her. She let slip a moan of happiness as she finally reached the base, feeling like she almost couldn’t breath with such a large mass inside her.

Holding onto the back of the park bench behind Isaac and using her legs, she began to lift herself up halfway off his cock and then drop back down. She winced as his phallus penetrated the deepest recesses of her womanhood, but it was a wince of pleasure. Slowly, she began to take up a rhythm, turning into a human spring on her master’s lap. As she got used to the sensation of his phallus stuffed inside her, the height of her bouncing increased, as well as her speed. Before long, she was billowing up and down on his lap like a high-speed yoyo, while Isaac, not wanting to just sit there like a statue, used his lips and tongue to pleasure her jiggling tits.

Holly moaned in indescribable happiness, able to let her voice ring out without the fear of being heard. “Master, I think I’m about to cum!”

“Whoa! Hold on! I don’t want you soaking my clothes!”

Grabbing her under the arms, he lifted her up off his lap and stood up. Before Holly could even begin begging for his cock, Isaac bent her over the bench and mounted her from behind. Holly’s moans of sexual nirvana immediately restarted as Isaac doubled a rapid-fire beat with his thrusts. Even with his pants still on, he was able to move at top speed and slam into her with all of his strength.

“Fuck me, Master! Fuck me harder!”

Happy to indulge her, Isaac grabbed her leash with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. While squeezing the soft sphere, he pulled hard on her leash and forced himself to go into her even faster. If it weren’t for the collar now tight around her throat, Holly would be screaming at the top of her lungs in happiness. This level of harshness was euphoric, she felt like her beloved master was truly brutalizing her.

“I’m cumming!” she panted, barely able to speak.

True to her words, the front of Isaac’s paints were lightly dampened by Holly’s squirting climax, leaving the park bench underneath her completely soaked. Still far from done, Isaac was about to resume fucking her when he heard something that made his heart drop. He could hear dogs yipping and their owner nagging at them to settle down.


With ear buds pumping her with music, the woman in her late twenties struggled to keep her two terriers separated. Over and over again they leapt at each other, growling and barking as they fought. It was simple play-fighting of course, but it was so easy for them to get all riled up and starting attacking each other aggressively. The woman had hoped that this walk would take away enough of their energy to let them sleep tonight, but now she was considering just getting a meter-long pole and tying the ends to their collars as a kind of physical restraining order.

Stopping at the bench, the woman crouched down and grabbed the dogs by the backs of their necks, yelling at them to settle down and holding them apart. As she tried to get the two fluff balls to calm themselves, forty feet into the woods and up the hill, Holly and Isaac were hiding behind a large tree and waiting for the intruder to move on. Holly was sitting on Isaac’s lap with her back to him, and still out of its cloth prison, his cock was standing proud between her legs.

‘Damn it, woman, get the hell out of here!’ Isaac mentally cursed, feeling a severe case of blue balls settling in.

Against his desires, the romantic evening was again broken, this time by the ringing of the woman’s phone. Answering it, she sat down on the end of the bench. She paid no attention to her dogs, which had now found something far more interesting than wrestling. They had found the spray from Holly’s orgasm on the other end of the bench and wanted to thoroughly investigate. Hearing the woman’s conversation, Isaac surmised that she may be there for a while, and he and Holly would have to wait her out. But he wanted to continue fucking his slave so badly, he thought his balls would explode. Perhaps it was time for a little more fun…

“Holly, time to play the quiet game,” he whispered in her ear while pulling the bean-sized vibrator out of his pocket from the movie theater.

Before Holly could say anything, he inserted it into her wet pussy and turned it on, setting it all the way to the highest setting. About to cry out, she was silence by Isaac’s hand over her mouth. Wasting no time, he lifted her up with his free hand and entered her asshole with his cock. Holly blinked through the tears as he pulled her all the way down onto his powerful dick, making her feel like he would rip her open.

“Come on, start riding. That’s an order.”

Completely terrified of being discovered but subservient to her master’s demands, Holly forced herself to push up with her legs and raise her pelvis. Just like before, it took time for her to become accustomed to this position, especially since she was leaning back and having to use her legs, but she slowly got the hang of it. Her anus was throbbing from the pain of Isaac’s cock stretching it, even after years of training at the hands of her sisters. At least in the shower, the warm water had helped her loosen up. Right now she felt like her ass was made of cold rubber bands.

Taking his hand off her mouth, he instead returned to their favorite trick of gagging her with her panties. Now with both hands, he reached up and squeezed her breasts hard, while at the same time, countering her rises and falls by thrusting straight up into her asshole. Even with the fabric underwear stuffed in her mouth, it was a true struggle for Holly to keep from screaming in euphoria. Not only did she have the vibrator buzzing in her pussy like a humming bird going through detox, but Isaac was simultaneously ravaging her asshole like a heartless machine and brutally crushing her breasts in his grip. It was a masochistic trifecta, more than enough to make her orgasm.

But she fought against the sensation, knowing that she could never contain her voice. She had been lucky in the movie theater, but the climaxes she was anticipating would definitely be some of the strongest in her life. She was so afraid of being discovered but she didn’t know how she would deal with the strain.

Even though Isaac was teasing Holly through this exhibitionist act, he was trying his hardest not to make any noises. He carefully picked what spots on the ground his body touched, how much weight or force he put down, and where everything was that could make a sound. But regardless, there of course was the unavoidable crushing of leaves and pine needles beneath. In reality, these were the softest noises in the forest at night, but to Holly, every crushed leaf might as well have been the crashing of symbols. Any second now, that woman would hear them, shout and ask if there was anyone out there, or even come into the woods after them.

“There we go!” Isaac grunted softly, firing every shot he had straight up into Holly’s asshole.

The intense heat and pressure she felt fill her sent her toppling over the edge. She lost her control, cumming again and again and like she was an orgasm machine gun. Against her will, her voice slipped out and she cried in happiness. As soon as she realized her mistake, she covered her mouth and silenced herself. Down the hill, the dogs had heard her but the woman had just shrugged it off as a crow nearby. Having finished her conversation, she put her phone away and stood up.

“Ok you furry bastards, let’s go home,” she said sweetly to the two hyper terriers. She continued on down the path, while up the hill, Isaac and Holly were gasping for air and soaked in each other’s bodily fluids.

“Ok you cute little mutt, let’s go home,” Isaac said sweetly as he scratched Holly behind the ears.

It was a bright sunny day when Holly stepped out of the diner. After a long day’s work, she was eager to go back home. She couldn’t wait to shed her waitress uniform and don the dog collar that solidified her role as her master’s pet. It had been a month since she moved in with Isaac and they had long-since established their routine.

Each morning, she would wake Isaac up with a loving blowjob and a breakfast fit for a king. If they had time, they could have sex, then get dressed, and Isaac would drive her to work before heading off to whatever job he had been hired to do. After work, Holly would walk home (or take the bus if the weather was poor), and as soon as she entered the apartment, she would strip naked and put on her dog collar, not feeling complete or comfortable unless she had it on. Normally having a few hours before Isaac returned home, she would do any chores that needed to be done or simply lie in their bed and pleasure herself, overjoyed at being enveloped by her master’s scent.

Anticipating his arrival, she would prepare dinner, then wait by the door for her master, like a black lab pup wagging her tail. Depending on his level of energy when he arrived home, Isaac would either immediately mount her and fuck her like a machine, or just crash on the couch so that he and Holly would enjoy a hot dinner and watch TV. She would curl up against him like a purring cat, desperate for attention and affection.

A small grin on his face, Isaac would continue to watch the TV while working his fingers between her legs, stirring her wet pussy with almost artistic skill. After a relaxing evening, they would take a nice hot shower together and go to bed with just enough energy to fuck until passing out.

Walking down the street, Holly’s mouth watered as she imagined what her master would do to her. He told her he had something special in mind, something that would make her scream is masochistic joy.

Holly was lying in bed, her arms and legs tied to the four corners of the frame. Covering her eyes was one of Isaac’s bandanas and stuffed in her mouth was a gag. Already she was enjoying this, but she knew her master had more for her.

“Ok Holly, remember, snap your fingers if it hurts too much or you want to stop. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

The warning only heightened her excitement and curiosity, and she eagerly nodded for Isaac to continue. He reached into his bedside table and pulled out something he had bought online. It was a pair of metal nipple clamps, joined together by a wire with a control box in the middle. He secured them to her breasts, making her whine as they squeezed her tender flesh. This was nothing new to her, her sisters used to love putting clothespins on her nipples. Inside the control box was a nine-volt battery, the negative end leading to one clamp and the positive end leading to the other.

“Now this is going to feel VERY strange.”

He pushed up a dial on the control box, completing the circuit and allowing the battery’s power to surge into Holly like a miniature stun gun. Feeling electricity shoot through her breasts like fire ants, Holly screamed and arched her back, breaking the connection.

“Do you want me to keep going?”

In reply, Holly nodded and writhed like a headless snake. She REALLY wanted him to keep going. Happy to oblige, Isaac brought up the charge higher for a few seconds and then dropped it. Every time she felt the electricity surge through her, Holly would scream and nearly cum. She had never felt pain like this before, she didn’t even know what to compare it to! It was like every millimeter of her body was being pinched with tweezers! She loved it! She loved the stinging hotness coursing through her veins! Isaac was certainly happy to be watching her. Her reaction almost belonged on YouTube. He would vary the charge he gave her. Sometimes he could hold the dial forward and give Holly a sustained shock and sometimes he would tap it rapidly and fill her with tiny jolts.

With each shock she received, Holly’s endurance lowered. In less than a minute, it took only a single shock to make her cum, as if she was a toy that needed to be plugged in. Just two small zaps on her nipples, and a vast wet climax would explode from her slit. Isaac continued playing her like this, shocking her over and over again the battery was drained. Placing the toy aside, Isaac untied the bonds around her ankles and climbed onto the bed. Raising her legs, he led his cock to her welcoming slit and dove in as deep as he could, making her once again moan through her gag.

After all of the orgasms Holly had experienced, her pussy could not have been looser. It was like fucking the sleeve of a sweater. Holly was too exhausted to clench or react to him. She was barely responsive to his thrusts. Her small whines and moans were the only sign that she had not passed out from the sexual shocking. She was out for the count.

Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to continue, Isaac decided not to hold back and hurled all of his might at Holly, slamming into her until the sound of flesh against flesh echoed through the apartment like a round of applause. Burning through his reserves of strength, his orgasm was quick in its arrival. Shuddering from head to toe, he groaned as he flooded her womanhood with his seed, emptying it all into her like she was a fleshlight.

Exhausted, Isaac untied her limbs, removed the bandana over her eyes, and took out her gag. She had a content smile on her face and Isaac gave her a loving kiss before lying down beside her.

“How was that?” he asked.

“That was amazing. I want to get my nipples pierced for a better shock.”

“Careful, I don’t want you turning into a pin cushion.”

“Well I was wondering if you would be ok with me getting a tattoo. Maybe something on my back like PROPERTY OF ISAAC HELTON. What do you think?”

“Piercings are one thing but tattoos are another, and that sounds just plain trashy. Not to mention I can’t even imagine how awkward it would be in the tattoo parlor when the guy is writing the letters and you’re having orgasm after orgasm,” he teased.

“Yes Master,” she pouted.

“Relax, you don’t need a tattoo to prove you’re my slave. Listen, today a big client hired me for an out of state job, it pays VERY well. Next month I’ll be gone for a few days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you’ll be on your own. Will you be ok without me?”

“Can I come with you? Please don’t leave me here!”

Yep, she really was his pet.

“Holly, I’ll be working twelve hours a day and sleeping in a motel. If you come with me, you’ll just end up seeing me off and waiting in the room for me to come back. There will be nothing for you to do. Trust me, this isn’t the kind of job where I can just ask you to help me on. You’ll be fine.”

Isaac yawned and closed his eyes, feeling what strength he had leaking out of him.

“Ok. Um, Master, will you be trying to get more slaves while you’re gone?”

Now that was a question one wouldn’t expect to hear. About to drift to sleep, Isaac opened his eyes and turned to her. “Of course not, I’d never cheat on you!”

Holly looked at him quizzically, confused by his response. “Why not? When I was homeschooled at the orphanage, we learned a lot about history. Every great master should have more than one slave. Surely you’ll get bored with just having me.”

“Holly, I could never get bored with you. You’re being ridiculous.”

“But still, having more slaves would make you happy right? Don’t you enjoy being with girls like me? Wouldn’t it be fun for you to have more slaves?”

“Holly, I’m still unable to believe I found you. I don’t think you realize how unusual you are.”

“I’m sure there are more girls like me, girls who would love to have you as their master.”

Isaac sighed. “Holly, do you want me to have more slaves?”

“I know it would make you happy. It’s natural for men to want multiple women. Besides, I would certainly enjoy playing with them. It would be nice to have sisters again.”

It was clear Holly wasn’t going to let this go. Isaac had to throw her a bone. “Tell you what, if you can find a pretty girl just like you who wants to be my slave, I’ll THINK about having her. Just be discrete, I don’t want you standing on the street corner asking women if they want to be a sex slave or hassling customers at work. I really don’t want you or I to end up in jail, most likely sporting a black eye and a face soaked in pepper spray.”

“All right, I won’t disappoint you!”

“Yes, fine, just go to sleep.”

Smiling, Holly laid her head down on the pillow and slowly drifted to sleep. Unknown to the couple, their conversation had been overheard. Sitting out in the hallway, Alice was working her fingers in her tiny virgin pussy. She always waited outside their apartment, listening to Isaac and Holly have sex while she touched herself. But now, she had heard something way better than grunts or moans.

“Oh Master…” she whispered, achieving her nightly orgasm.