My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 5


Can Isaac accept this new and dangerous slave?

This chapter is short but hardcore!

Chapter Five

Isaac rushed through the main hall of his apartment building, trying to contain his grin while his erection pulled him forward like an excited dog on a leash. He had called Holly an hour ago, telling her he was almost home and ready to fuck her brains out, and she had replied by saying that she would be in the bedroom with a special present for him. Too impatient and hyper to use the elevator, he ran up four flights of stairs without losing his breath or breaking a sweat. No longer able to contain himself, he sprinted down the hallway in his work boots and nearly shot past his door. He rammed the apartment key into the door lock like he was trying to steal a car with a knife. He flung the door open and zoomed inside, skidding across the floor to the doorway of the bedroom like in Risky Business.

“Welcome home, Master!” two voices called out.

Upon hearing the second voice and seeing Holly’s present, Isaac lost his smile. Before him was Holly, naked and lying back against the headboard of the bed. Leaning against her was Alice, her head resting between Holly’s breasts with her surrogate older sister’s fingers being stirred in her virgin slit.

Both girls were smiling and giggling in excitement, but Isaac could only see his life flashing before his eyes. Moving so fast that neither girl who what hit them, Isaac stormed over and grabbed Holly by the arm. He yanked her out from under Alice and slammed her against the far wall like he had been changing the sheets of the bed. He had her naked body pressed against the wall, his powerful hands clamped around her arms so tightly that she was already bruised. Alice and Holly were both staring at Isaac in terror, having never believed he could be like this.

“ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!” he roared, his face beat-red with all the veins in his neck pushed up to the surface.

“Master?” she whimpered.

Isaac pointed at Alice like she was an illegitimate child that he refused to acknowledge. “That girl is thirteen years old! If anyone were to find out about this, you would go to jail! Do you hear me? It’s illegal for you or I to do anything with a girl that age! I could get arrested and locked up simply because you got me involved in this! The two of us could end up in prison because of what you did!”

While blinded by anger, he could tell just by the look on her face that she had no idea what he was talking about. She knew nothing about the concept of statutory rape. Considering the fact that her sisters had been using her as a sex toy before she was Alice’s age, it was no wonder she never even knew there were ramifications to what she and Alice did.

“I’m sorry, Master! I didn’t know! I just wanted you to have another slave! I thought that would make you happy!” Holly cried, overcome with guilt and shame that she had caused her master trouble.

“I never wanted another slave! I just wanted to be with you! You’re all that I needed!”

His tone was softer than before but and held more desperation than anger.

“But what about Alice? She wanted to be with you! She loves you just as much as I do! How is it fair that she has to always be alone? Why do only I get to be happy but she has to be miserable?”

Holly’s reply eased the inferno of fear and anger in Isaac’s heart into a low flame. Holly was the biggest pervert in the world, but so too did she have the purest heart.

“Because it’s the law. She’s way too young for either of us to touch her.”

He then staggered as Alice tackled him, wrapping her arms around his waist and crying into his shirt, her tears mixing with his sweat.

“I’ll never tell anyone about you or Holly! I swear, I’ll never tell! Please, I’ll do whatever you want. I just don’t want to be alone anymore! I want you, Master. I want you inside of me. I want to know that someone loves me, that someone actually wants me. I want to be your slave. I want to be your property. I want to be yours forever! Please Master, give me the chance to satisfy you.”

Hearing her words and feeling her tears soak through his shirt, Isaac could understand why Holly had taken such a liking to her. He had forced himself to keep her at a distance, so that he wouldn’t hurt her feelings or end up in trouble. Now he was realizing how desperate she truly was. He had always assumed that Donna and her uncle would take care of her, but Donna was always busy and her uncle cared about her almost as little as her parents had. All this time, she had been alone. She wasn’t drawn to Isaac simply because of hormones or anything like that. She was desperate to be loved and that drew her to him.

“I can’t, it isn’t right. You’re just a child. I’m more than twice your age,” he murmured, trying not to look at her.

“I don’t care about that! I don’t care how young I am! You wouldn’t be taking advantage of me! You wouldn’t be abusing me! Please, do whatever you want to me, use my body however you want, and I promise you I’ll be grateful and love you for it! Just please accept me, make me your private plaything, let me know I belong to you, and I’ll be happier than you could ever imagine.”

Slowly, Holly raised her hand and placed it on Isaac’s cheek. “Please Master, just give her a chance to prove her devotion.”

Isaac looked away, knowing his very future was on the line. On one hand, he would certainly go to prison if he got caught, and pedophiles were the lowest on the totem pole. He’d be lucky to survive the first week and Holly would be in the same predicament. But on the other hand, he could feel Alice’s desperation, love, and need. She was so starved of affection, if he turned her down now after everything she and Holly had already done, it wouldn’t be out of the question for her to do something drastic. If he rejected her, she could hurt herself, or even worse.

Doing this could screw up three lives irreparably, but it could also save one. Maybe it was a risk worth taking.

“All right. But Alice, if anyone finds out about this, I will never forgive you, and same goes for you, Holly.” Both girls’ faces lit up and they hugged their master with all their strength, screaming their love and gratitude. “I said I would give you a chance to satisfy me, the clock is ticking.”

Remembering the job they had to do, Alice and Holly quickly got down on their knees in front of him. Alice was nervous as could be, but Holly was confident in the skills of her protégé.

“Ok Alice, just like we practiced,” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

Alice nodded and reached up to Isaac’s groin. With shaky fingers, she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and then pulled down the zipper. She could see the shape of his cock through his underwear, and already, she was scared of its size. She pulled away his underwear and his cock sprang out.

Oh fuck.

Alice stared at his muscular member in terror, wondering how she could survive getting her tiny body skewered like a victim of the Vlad the Impaler. Holly had trained her to be a masochist, but a few days of lessons could only go so far!

“Yeah, that was my reaction too,” Holly giggled.

“Alice,” Isaac murmured, “you can still turn back. If you don’t want to do this, simply put on your clothes and walk away, and we’ll never speak of this again. I’ll think nothing less of you and I’ll never hold anything against you.”

Alice looked up at him, a look of innocence on her childish face, but determination in her eyes. “I want this. I’ve always wanted this.”

Taking a deep breath, she raised herself up, wrapped her small hand around his penis, and gave the tip a wet and loving kiss. The heat radiating from the muscular rod was incredible, and the pressure in the enlarged veins made them almost completely inflexible. She felt like she was holding onto a fire-hose while on full blast. She continued kissing it, running her tongue through the slit and around every ridge. Holding it up, she delivered a continuous lather up the shaft, trying to measure it. Isaac shuddered with the flicks of her tongue. It was like getting licked by a puppy, a very erotic puppy. Alice was overjoyed to see the results of her work taking affect, feeling like Isaac was at last accepting her.

Having made several broad licks, she finally decided to move forward and take the real initiative. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she enveloped the head of Isaac’s cock and tried to take as much in as she could, forcing it against the back of her throat. Due to her size, she could only take about a fraction of the entire length in her mouth, and that fraction was a lot smaller than what Holly could achieve. Regardless, her tongue and cheeks soaked Isaac’s manhood flawlessly, squeezing and rubbing it in ways that made his knees shake like a newborn horse.

Smiling, Isaac reached down and rubbed the top of her head with his large, powerful hand, nonverbally praising her. Alice lit up from her master’s approval and Holly grinned from ear to ear, proud that her student and new little sister was doing so well. Alice doubled her efforts, moving her head back and forth and challenging herself to take as much of her master’s cock as possible. While she worked, Holly finger-combed the girl’s hair, massaged her shoulders, and ran her hands across her deliciously underage body.

“Master, can I please have a turn? I’ve been hungry for your manhood since you left,” Holly asked, shaking like a drug addict in a methadone clinic.

“Alice, you’ve received my stamp of approval. Now how about sharing with your fellow slave?”

Holly nodded and released him, glad he had accepted her and also happy that she had a chance to rest her jaw. Holly didn’t hesitate to jump in, she took his cock in her mouth with such gusto that Isaac was surprised she didn’t throw up. She hungrily licked up every droplet of Alice’s saliva, already mixed with the salt from Isaac’s sweat. To her, it was as delicious as chocolate syrup.

Her head was moving back and forth almost violently in her desperation to pleasure her beloved master and make up for lost time. Even after a weekend of almost nonstop lessons, her skills transcended Alice’s, who was left awestruck at her older sister’s technique. The speed at which she moved, the swirling of her tongue, the lathering with her cheeks; it could be considered wild and reckless if it weren’t so perfectly orchestrated.

Holly soon stopped and began using her tongue around the head, drowning it in her saliva. Seeing the joy on Holly’s face, that pure, loving, perversion, made Alice’s arousal return. Not even thinking, she leaned forward and joined in, using her tongue to bathe the head of Isaac’s cock. Her spit and Holly’s mixed as their tongues wrapped around each other. Within seconds, they were essentially Frenching each other with Isaac’s cock falling between their lips and tongues over and over again.

As expected, their fingers were busy, both toying with their own slits and each other’s. At this point, Isaac was willing to forgo his regret and throw caution to the wind. There was something very uplifting to the ego about having two girls, both naked and desperate to be his personal sex slaves (one of them the definition of jailbait), exchanging saliva by the centiliter, while lovingly, obsessively, pleasuring him.

“Ok Alice, you proved yourself. I think it’s time for me to break in my new slave,” he said, playfully tickling her under the chin.

Holly and Alice eagerly got on the bed, getting into the same position as before with Holly lying back against the headboard and Alice in her lap with her head rested between her older sister’s breasts. Smiling, Isaac got undressed and climbed onto the bed. Taking a minute, he leaned down and kissed Alice on the lips, practically making her melt with the insertion of his tongue into her mouth. She could feel his lust and the strength he could unleash on her with ease, but he was tender, gentle, and even loving. He was taking care of her, making sure she felt good.

Isaac had to admit, Alice’s mouth had a form of sweetness that he was not familiar with, even sweeter than Holly’s. Did all middle-school girls taste like this? Or was it because he was tasting the forbidden fruit of jailbait? That fruit was certainly ripe.

Soon ending the kiss, he descended and began running kisses across her flat chest. Isaac had told her he looked for tits when dating, but he really had no preference. Sure, bigger is better, but tits are tits, even if they are completely flat. Alice hummed and whimpered in joy, feeling her master’s lips tugging on her nipples and brushing against her smooth skin. Isaac had forgotten to shave that morning, so he had developed some “5 o’clock shadow”. Right now his face felt like fine-grain sandpaper, but what would have hurt a normal girl was ecstasy to Alice.

After running kisses down her belly, Isaac at last reached her glistening virgin flower. He didn’t hesitate a single moment; he sealed her pussy with his mouth and penetrated her with his tongue. Her cries of joy rang through the apartment, having dreamed of Isaac going down on her. Alice’s pussy was so tiny and tight, but deliciously soft and smooth, as well as dripping with her liquid arousal. He could certainly taste the difference between Holly and Alice. It seemed all women had their own unique flavor, (and pending good personal hygiene) all of them equally delectable. Having begun the metamorphosis of puberty, the combination of youth and adolescence was addictive.

Alice was enjoying herself even more than Isaac. He had such a more masculine feel than Holly; he was rougher in his desire to sample her young body, but the strength of his tongue flicks and the movement of his lips was also euphoric. She was moaning endlessly, only silenced when Holly would lower her head and join their lips. Alice soon had her first orgasm, the result of Isaac knowing precisely how to squeeze and work her clit. After all the sex he had enjoyed with Holly, he was surprised not to hear Alice’s moans in tandem with a water fountain spraying him in the face, but that wasn’t to say he didn’t suddenly taste the jump in her pleasure.

Having quenched his thirst, Isaac sat up and began stroking his manhood. Alice stared at it both fearfully and hungrily, desperate for Isaac to penetrate her. A tease, he rubbed the shaft against her lips, wetting it in her arousal and giving her a sample of what would soon be barreling into her.

“Are you ready to become my slave? Just know that you’ll have to do whatever I tell you, no matter what. I can use your body however and whenever I want for my own personal use. At any time, I can bend you over and force myself into you, then pour all of my semen into your body. You’ll have to cook, clean, and serve as my entertainment however I wish.”

The slightest tinge of unease briefly crossed Alice’s eyes, but it vanished as Isaac reached out and cupped her cheek, nearly cradling her head in the palm of his hand. She looked up at him, seeing the kind smile on his face, and fell in love with him all over again. He was no longer afraid or hesitant about allowing her to be his slave. Now he wanted her.

“But I promise I’ll make you happy and make sure you never feel lonely. A good master always takes good care of his slaves.”

Her eyes watering but a look of happiness on her face, Alice reached out to him, as if asking for a hug. “Please let me be your slave,” she whimpered, while behind her, Holly wiped away a tear of happiness.

Isaac leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then readied the head of his cock against her wet pussy. He wouldn’t be able to go about this the same way as he had with Holly, considering her tiny body. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to fit the whole thing inside her.

Holly held onto her little sister tightly, comforting her as Isaac slowly moved in. Alice immediately began to pant and whine, feeling like the girth alone of Isaac’s manhood was enough to split her open. Holly had spent the past two days punishing Alice’s anus in preparation for Isaac and to give her a crash course on deep penetration, but she had avoided using anything more than fingers on Alice’s pussy to protect her virginity.

Centimeter by centimeter, Isaac delved into her underage body with his dick, stretching her to her limits. Almost immediately into the intercourse, Alice yelped from the rupturing of her hymen, signaling that she was no longer a virgin. Isaac stopped there to let her catch her breath, and saw that while there were tears running down her face, she was smiling.

“Are you ok?”

“Do I belong to you now? Can I be your pet like Holly?”

Again Isaac cupped her cheek. “Yes, you belong to me, and I’ll cherish you forever. You’ll be my little kitten. Now take a deep breath and tell me when I’ve gone as far as I can.”

With that, he continued on with a slow but steady thrust, driving into Alice until she cried out for him to stop. Holy fuck, she was so tight! It was like trying to fuck a hole drilled into ballistics gel! It felt less like he was entering her and more like he was actually carving her out. She was able to take more than Isaac had anticipated, burying just over seven inches into her now deflowered pussy. Again, he gave her a moment to catch his breath, then pulled out to reveal her shed blood.

“Look at this, Alice, it’s like I’m wearing a red condom.”

“Your cock feels so good, I’ve always wanted to have you inside me.”

“I’m glad, because you’re going to feel it a lot more.”

With that, Isaac grabbed her by the hips and yanked her back onto his manhood, making her scream in masochistic happiness. Holly’s training was kicking in, so the pain of penetration was being translated into pleasure. Isaac didn’t hesitate; he brought up his speed into a machine-like hammering. He had her entire lower body lifted up and he was slamming her without mercy. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, strange considering the fact that she felt like she could barely breathe with such a huge mass in her. Holly was overjoyed, running her hands across Alice’s underdeveloped body and panting as if she had a vibrator buzzing inside her.

“Did I do good, Master? Did I find you a good toy?” Holly asked, desperate for his praise.

“Holly, from this point forward, please keep your hands off anyone under legal age. But you did very good. I love this new toy. It’s a little tight and small, but it fits like a glove and feels fantastic for my dick. It will serve as the perfect repository for me to dump me seed into over and over again, whenever and however I want. I’ll be playing with it for a good long time.” Isaac was teasing Alice, referring to her as “it”. His words only excited her with the idea of being used as Isaac’s personal cum dumpster, hopefully for the rest of her life.

He continued fucking her like that for several more minutes before sensing an approaching orgasm. He always had big reserves, but considering how long he had waited since his last ejaculation, this would be one for the record books.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted, feeling his entire lower body turn to jelly as a river of semen was poured into Alice, completely flooding her womb with his seed and marking her body as his own. He pulled out of her, his cock partially deflating.

“Oh my god, it’s so hot! It’s like it’s boiling in me!” Alice moaned, triggering an orgasm simply from the feeling of being ejaculated into. She hungrily began running her fingers through her stretched pussy and then licking them clean, slurping off Isaac’s semen like it was ice cream.

‘Well, I just deflowered and ejaculated into a thirteen-year-old girl. If I get caught, I’m going to jail for a LONG time, both Holly and I,’ Isaac thought to himself, starting to regret his decision.

“Oh, that reminds me, Master. I never told you about the special lessons I gave Alice. We came up with something that I think you’ll like,” Holly said excitedly, reaching under the bed and retrieving the strap-on she had used to train Alice.

“Holly, do not come anywhere near me with that thing,” Isaac muttered with instant nervousness.

“Don’t worry, Master. It’s not for you. Come on, Alice. Just like we planned.”

Isaac then watched as she secured herself in the harness and lied down on her back. Alice got on top of her, sitting on her lap with her back to Isaac. She spread the lips of her pussy, letting Isaac’s semen drip out onto the dildo before she lowered herself onto it. She cooed as it entered her, then leaned forward over Holly, so that Holly could spread her ass cheeks and reveal the young girl’s asshole.

“Come on, Master. I’ve spent all weekend sodomizing her and training her to be a good slave for you. This will definitely be a better fit for you, I guarantee you she can take it all.”

Alice looked back at him with a smile. “Please Master, please rape me in the ass. I’m your little anal whore for you to fuck and abuse. Please empty all of your semen into my slutty asshole.”

Isaac couldn’t help but laugh. Alice had essentially become a clone of Holly. They were like Dr. Evil and Mini-me. As always, Isaac waited before entering her and instead took the opportunity to go down on her. Smiling, he traced his tongue around her asshole, having clearly been scrubbed clean before he returned home. Running loops around the entrance, he soon penetrated her with his tongue.

There was no taste, but the feeling of it and the mental narration that he was licking the ass of a cute piece of jailbait was incredibly sexy. With a dildo in her recently deflowered pussy and Isaac’s tongue in her ass, Alice was moaning in happiness. This was even better than when Holly would lick her ass, even while using the vibrator!

Once he had had enough, Isaac sat up with a grin and hefted his re-hardened manhood. He spat on Alice’s asshole and rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks, toying with her and savoring the moment. He didn’t have any sort of lubrication, but he doubted he would need it. After his orgasm, he still had some cum in the chamber that had never made it all the way out. It would release itself and grease the way for him.

“Please Master, I can’t wait any longer! I want your cock!”

As excited as she was, Isaac aimed himself and slowly penetrated her asshole, finding it to be much looser than her pussy. Damn, Holly really had been training her! She had the ass of a seasoned drug mule! There was still the initial problem of friction, but as he inched his way inside her, the unfired seed from before was released, lubricating him and allowing an increase in depth. Inch by inch, Isaac forced himself in, until at last he was buried all the way up to the base, with her cute little ass clutching his manhood tightly.

Alice was moaning like an opera singer, finally feeling the results of her training coming to fruition. Ever since Holly had started playing with her back door, Alice had dreamed of the moment when Isaac would finally fuck her in the ass like the dirty little slut she had become. It was so big inside her, so warm; it was a far more intense experience than the anal beads or the dildo. Speaking of which, the dildo in her pussy was heaven.

“Oh god, Master, that feels so good! Please fuck my ass!”

“Don’t forget, I’m here too,” Holly giggled, leaning up to kiss Alice before beginning to buck her hips, thrusting up into her pussy. Her screams of happiness grew in intensity and volume, bringing her a thunderous orgasm, and that was all before Isaac even starting thrusting.

“Wow Alice, I had no idea you were such a fan of double-penetration. You really are a dirty little slut aren’t you?” Isaac chuckled, holding her by the hips and forcing himself into her over and over again.

“Yes Master, I’m your dirty little slut!”

“Maybe should get another girl with another strap-on to plug your ass so that I can skull-fuck you and plug every hole in your body,” he said, then laughing when he saw the huge grin he had given Holly.

Isaac continued thrusting into her, butt-fucking the small girl like she was a fleshlight in his hands. Her asshole was at the perfect level of tightness, letting him move easily through her but still feel hugged by the tender wet flesh. And for a girl with such a tiny body, her insides were basically a furnace! He felt like his dick was going to start melting inside her! At the same time, Holly was forcing the dildo deep into Alice’s vagina, shoving the entrance to her womb over and over again and working in tandem with Isaac to trigger orgasm after orgasm.

After several minutes, Isaac bit his lip as he felt an explosion occur within his pelvic region, emptying another load of semen into Alice. Once again deflating, he pulled out of her, watching as a stream of his seed trickled out of her anus, matching her cream-pied pussy.

“I’m going to take a break for a few minutes, how about you show me what you’ve learned? Alice, get Holly ready for me,” Isaac panted.

“Ok, my turn with the strap-on!” Alice said to Holly excitedly.

“I was waiting for you to say that!” Holly replied.

Removing the harness, she and Alice licked the toy clean and then allowed Alice to put it on. Feeling like her legs had melted, Alice asked Holly to ride her and she lied down sideways on the bed. Sitting at the foot of the bed, Isaac smiled as he watched Holly swing a leg over Alice and then lowered herself onto the dildo. It entered her effortlessly, but she still gave a soft moan of happiness from the feeling of the toy filling her. Burying the toy in her cunt up to the base, she took a moment to shift her ass from side to side, letting it stir her like a whisk.

Now accustomed to the toy inside her, she began riding it with upward thrusts of her body. Her moan became shrill pants as the height of her thrusts steadily increased, using the mattress springs to bounce higher on the dildo. As her breasts heaved with each bounce, she couldn’t help but look over at Isaac, watching her with a sly smile on his face.

Kinky as she was, Holly blushed in embarrassment. Often, to toy with her, Isaac would have her play with herself while he watched. Funny thing was that he did it when he was lounging on the couch and she was desperate for something to do that would please him. She would lean against the wall behind the TV, pleasuring herself with Isaac watching her with one eye and the evening news with the other. He really just gave her that order so that she wouldn’t get anxious.
But this was different. She was actually having sex with someone else. Even if it was Alice, her fellow slave and adopted sister, she was being intimate with someone else for her master’s amusement. She was used to being watched, every night in the girl’s room of the foster home was basically a display of sexual submission. True, she loved having sex with Alice, and she loved serving her master however he wished, it was just kind of embarrassing for her.

She could feel Isaac’s eyes running up every inch of her body, studying her reactions to pleasure from her gasps to her blushing, watching how she moved herself on the sex toy and tensed as it entered her, catching the sight of every bead of sweat running down her naked flesh, his view and understanding of her changing minutely. She hoped she was impressing him, fulfilling his expectations, satisfying him with her lewd display and invoking his desire to use her body.

Her focus on Isaac was so intense that she experienced an orgasm almost without realizing it. One moment she was trying to figure out what part of her body he was staring at, the next she was moaning and drenching Alice beneath her.

“Will you use me now, Master?” Holly gasped.

“Not quite yet. I still want to see what Alice can do. This is her big day after all. You’ll get your turn, be patient. Alice, I want to see you really move.”


The two girls then switched positions, now with Holly on her back with her head in Isaac’s lap, and Alice kneeling between Holly’s legs and rubbing her slit with the dildo. She returned it to its rightful place, thrusting into Holly the same way Isaac had thrust into to take her virginity.

While the thrusts were strong enough to make Holly moan from the penetration, they weren’t quite enough to move her body. The difference between their statures was working against her, so she had to try and time her movements to build up the kinetic force. It reminded her of the Mythbusters’ episode where they tried to see if a piston could take down a bridge if tuned into its resonance frequency.

Soon enough, she hit the right rhythm to where Holly’s body was moving back and forth with the thrusts. She used the bouncing of Holly’s breasts to measure herself and keep in sync. The whole time, Isaac watched her closely. He could really see how much he had grown since he had last seen her. Unlike when he was simply fucking her, he could see her in action instead of simply watch her endure. She really wasn’t the innocent little pipsqueak he had known; she was a cock-hungry sexual deviant, and now she belonged to him. He laughed at the thought.

Looking down, Isaac started playing with Holly’s tits, unable to ignore their taunting bouncing. She were so big and firm, like resilient water balloons that always snapped back to their original form. And her nipples, her greatest weakness, were desperate to be pinched. Holding on them tightly and pulling straight up, he could make Holly scream like a murder victim. Every pull and tug was ecstasy to her, quickly making her cum a second time.

“Ok Master, I warmed her up for you. I think she’s ready for your personal use.”

“I’m still a little tired. Holly, come ride me.”

Holly eagerly climbed onto his lap, shaking with excitement. She had missed her master’s cock so badly, she longed to have her womanhood stretched to its limits and her womb flooded with his seed. She whimpered as it entered her, feeling like she was finally back where she belonged.

“Come here, give me a kiss,” he said with a small smile, brushing back her hair.

She smiled tenderly, taking a moment to clutch his hand like a lifeline and suck on his thumb. She then lied down on top of him, kissing him with all the love in her heart. While their tongues danced, she rocked her lower body on his cock, using it to probe the deepest recesses of her body, while Isaac thrust upwards into her. No dildo could compare to this!

“Hold on, don’t forget about me! It’s payback time!” Alice giggled, getting up behind Holly.

Without saying another word, she forced the dildo into Holly’s asshole, double-penetrating her and making her scream to the heavens. Alice began thrusting into Holly violently, using her whole body weight to slam Holly’s ass and drive the dildo as deep into her as she could. At the same time, Isaac was bucking his hips, brutalizing her velvet sleeve with the entirety of his manhood. Feeling both her pussy and ass being fucked, Holly could barely control herself or her voice. Just maintaining her loving kiss with Isaac was like trying to thread a needle while experiencing electrotherapy.

“I’m cumming!” she moaned.

“Shit, me too!” Isaac growled through bare teeth.

Jet after jet of semen surged from his cock, shooting into Holly’s womb before pouring back out from the pressure of her wet climax. Holly slowly dismounted Isaac and she and Alice then cleaned him off, hungrily slurping up every droplet of semen. While Alice removed the harness of the strap-on, Isaac tried to gauge what he had left. He was certain he had at least one more shot.

“Ok girls, I can only cum one last time.”

“Don’t worry, Master, we have something special for you,” said Holly.

She then lied back against the headboard, her legs spread wide. Alice climbed on top of her, face to face with her legs spread the same way and their cum-drenched pussies kissing.

“Now we can both pleasure your cock, Master,” said Alice. Isaac smiled and crawled over.

Running kisses up Alice’s back, he guided his dick between their joined pussies. He pushed it through, their lips kissing the head and shaft and sucking on it hungrily. He began thrusting his manhood between them, moving back and forth as if he was actually having sex. It almost felt like he was really fucking one of them, the feeling of both their pussies grinding against his cock was almost overwhelming. It nailed in the fact that he really had two girls eager to fulfill his every sexual need.

Both girls were panting and whimpering from the teasing, feeling Isaac’s penis rubbing against their swollen clits. They were so sensitive after their orgasms that they almost felt like they could detect his heartbeats from the pulsing of his veins. While he stroked their pussies, the two girls licked the inside of each other’s mouths, hungry for the semen they had slurped up from his last orgasm. Having experienced three so far, it only took a few minutes for him to reach his fourth. They could both tell what was about to happen, and they both looked down between their naked bodies, Alice bending her back out so that her stomach and chest was exposed.

At last, Isaac fired his final load, plastering both girls’ chests and faces with his cum. Exhausted, Isaac fell back, his manhood deflating so that it could enter its post-sex slumber. Panting like he was, Holly and Alice both licked the semen off each other’s bodies, cleaning each other like a pair of cats, before they both separated to catch their breath. Isaac was lying sideway at the foot of the bed, almost falling off, Holly was lying against the headboard, and Alice was sitting up in the middle of the mattress.

“That was amazing, Alice. From this point forward, you’re my slave just like Holly. Welcome home,” Isaac laughed.

His smile disappeared when the sounds of sniffling answered him. He looked up at Alice, realizing that she was holding herself and crying, her tears dripping off her cheeks and running down her legs. She looked so small and pitiful, so sweet and vulnerable, like a kitten in the rain. Was she regretting her choice? Was she filled with disgust for everything she had done?

Isaac sat up and reached out to her. “Alice, it’s ok. I’m sorry. Forget everything, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can—”

He then nearly fell off the bed as Alice tackled him, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and burying his face in his chest, once again mixing her tears with his sweat. She was sobbing uncontrollably, but she had just enough self-control to stammer a single question.

“Do you promise this is my home?”

Isaac then realized that she wasn’t crying from shame, regret, or disgust. She was crying out of joy. Hearing Isaac, the man she loved, saying that she was finally home when never in her life had she had a real home to return to… it was too much for her tiny shoulders to bear. It was too much happiness for her to contain or express with just a smile. She could only cry, expressing her love and gratitude through her screams and tears.

Isaac embraced her, holding her tightly against his chest and kissing her on the forehead over and over again. “Yes, I promise. You’ll never be lonely again. I’ll be with you always.”

“I love you, Master! I love you! I love you! I love you!”

“I love you too, and I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”

He then looked to Holly, who too had tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She rushed over and wrapped her arms around the two of them, sandwiching Alice between her and Isaac. “And I’ll love you too, my adorable little sister.”

They sat there for an unknown length of time, Alice letting years of sorrow bleed out. Isaac and Holly never let go of her and their naked bodies remained embraced for what felt like a blissful eternity, wrapped around Alice like a blanket. At last, she calmed down and took a few deep breaths.

“It’s ok, you’re finally home, my dear sweet slave,” Isaac murmured.