My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 6


Things get hot.

Chapter Six

Isaac yawned and smiled, opening his eyes to the sight and ecstasy of two soft wet tongues around his cock, stirring it to a full erection. Holly and Alice were bobbing their heads, running their tongues up the shaft of his cock, and stopping momentarily to kiss each other every time they slurped on the head. It had been a week since he had accepted Alice as his slave, so this had become a common occurrence for him.

“Good morning, girls,” he groaned happily, rubbing them behind the ears like a pair of cats.

“Good morning, Master,” they both purred. Ah, music to his ears.

“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked.

“Unfortunately, I have to go back to work. I’m sorry for waking you up on your day off, but I just couldn’t get through the day unless you came into me at least once. Your seed is like my coffee, Master,” Holly giggled.

“Well then drink up however you want.”

“Then I think I’ll get my fill with THIS mouth.”

Holly eagerly raised herself up and moved onto his lap. Alice lied down beside Isaac, clutching his arm and kissing his chest while Holly skewered herself on Isaac’s cock. His manhood and her womanhood were joined, the latter struggling to contain the former. Holly lit up like a Christmas tree as it entered her, spreading the lips of her pussy and moving past every bump and ridge of her interior. It was as if his cock were a power outlet for her, turning her into the Energizer Bunny. With time of the essence before she would have to leave for her shift, Holly began bouncing on Isaac’s cock, whimpering and whining as it pushed its way through the entrance to her womb.

Isaac was half asleep, even with a full erection and a gorgeous woman riding him, but he was just conscious enough to watch her through his half-closed eyes. He could never get tired of the sight of her breasts heaving up and down with each drive of her body. He absolutely loved that perverse look on her face—her gasping mouth, her blushed cheeks, her watery eyes, and every other millimeter of her beauty. With his exhaustion, Isaac came after only a few minutes, emptying his morning load into Holly’s sweet pussy.

“No better way to go to work than with a big breakfast,” she purred, leaning over and giving Isaac a tender kiss.

“But you did eat right? I don’t want you going through a whole shift without a real breakfast.”

“Don’t worry, I had a bowl of cereal before I came back to bed. But Alice woke up and refused to let me have you all to myself.”

“I can’t let even a single opportunity slip by,” the young girl said sleepily as she stretched like a cat.

“All right, have a good day.”

“Should I stop at the store? What would you like for dinner?” Holly asked while getting dressed.

Isaac thought for a moment. “Spaghetti and meat sauce would be perfect.” An idea then popped into his mind. “Also, could you pick up some ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup? I’m kind of in the mood for a Sunday tonight.”

“Would you like me to do anything else?”

“That’ll do, thank you, Holly.”

Dressed in her waitress uniform, Holly leaned over and gave Isaac another kiss. “You’re always welcome, Master. I’ll be back tonight, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Walking away, Holly came to a stop in the doorway and looked back. “And Alice, don’t forget.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Alice hummed, half asleep and clutching Isaac’s arm. Holly blew the two of them a kiss and left.

“So what was that about?” Isaac asked, already in the process of falling back to sleep.

“Just a reminder that my duties as your slave involve more than just orgasms. I’ll make you the most delicious batch of pancakes you’ve ever seen.”

Isaac smiled. “Goddamn, I love you girls.”

Behind the apartment building, a rickety garage stood, filled to the rafters with generally useless shit. Isaac used it is a workshop and storage room for his tools and any materials he might need. Donna had given it to him to help with his constant work on the apartment building, under the condition that he would also help her with her car. As mentioned, the garage looked more like the offspring of a barn and a junkyard, its contents collected by the former owner. Donna always said that she would get a dumpster and clean it out, but it was always “next weekend” or “next spring”. Either way, Isaac was at least able to get some useful parts from the junk horde, if not for his work then for his own personal projects.

He was checking through his piles of scrap wood and metal, while blueprints were drawn in his head. He had gotten an idea for something to build while in bed the previous night, recovering from fucking his slaves into comas of sexual bliss. Once he got an idea in his head, he had to build it; it became a compulsion for him.

He had plenty of materials to use, and one resource he was eyeing was a power sander, completely unusable for its proper purpose when the rubber pad that the Velcro-lined sand paper would stick to had been torn. Every time he turned it on, he could feel the centrifugal force of the rotations pulling at the tear, dangerously destabilizing it. But its motor still worked and it had an adjustable speed. Plus with a little tinkering, he could probably lower it to more manageable speeds.

“Ah, good, I found you.”

He turned back to see Donna standing in the garage door. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“I wanted to tell you that I’ll be leaving tomorrow, my oldest daughter is expected to give birth any day now and I want to be there for her.”

“Oh, Linda was pregnant? That’s wonderful!”

“That’s right! I’m going to be a grandma!”

“It’s so often that I forget you have kids that are all grown up. Adam is off in college, Tammy is abroad in the Peace Corp, and Linda is about to live the life of a suburban mother.”

“I know, I’m so proud of them all! I did everything I could to make sure they lived better lives than mine and they made sure they got as far as they could. I just wanted to tell you I was leaving and let you know that you’ll be in charge of the building until I get back.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll make sure everything holds together.”

As soon as Donna left, Alice appeared, wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and pink top. She was carrying a frosty beer, already opened and with a cold mist overflowing from the neck.

“Here you go, Master.”

“Ah, thank you,” he replied, taking the beer. He then smiled. “You know, I think this beer might be just a tad bit too cold. I need to warm it up a bit.”

Alice shuddered in arousal as Isaac took the cold bottle and rubbed it against her left nipple and then her right. Even through her top, the sting of the ice-cold bottle against her pink nipples made her shiver happily. Isaac rubbed them both over and over, until at last they were poking up through the fabric.

“Perfect temperature,” he chuckled.

Alice just smiled and blushed, loving this new side to Isaac. “So what are you making, Master?”

“It’s a surprise, something that I think you and Holly will both enjoy.”

On the front-left burner of the stove sat a large pot, filled with boiling water, ready for the spaghetti to be poured in. On the front-right was a pan filled with ground beef, bubbling in its melting fat and making everyone’s mouths water as it turned from pink to brown. Holly was standing in front of the stove, wearing nothing but an apron. She giggled as Isaac ran her hands across her naked body and kissed her neck.

In the den, Alice was watching the two of them, hiding behind the armrest of the couch and looking like a kitten about to pounce. Like Holly, she was naked, a practice the two slaves maintained whenever they were in Isaac’s apartment. Around her neck was her prized possession: a pet collar with a metal tag engraved with her name, just like Holly’s. Every moment it was on her, she remembered that she was her beloved master’s cherished pet.

“Master, the meat might burn if I lose focus!” Holly laughed, tickled by Isaac’s fingertips running across her belly and inner thighs.

“Maybe we could just forget about spaghetti and meat sauce and eat YOU for dinner. I could spend the whole night eating you.”

“I don’t know if you’re talking about sex or cannibalism, but either way, count me in.”

Wow, not only had she called his bluff, but he could tell that she wasn’t bluffing.

“Just remember, I’m VERY hungry,” he said before crouching down and running his tongue up the side of her perfect ass.

He went back to the den and sat down on the couch, with Alice immediately crawling into his lap like an affectionate feline. The two of them began to kiss, letting their tongues fill each other’s mouths while he stirred his thumb in her slit. In the kitchen, Holly was watching them, biting her lip and struggling to maintain her focus on stirring the beef. With the water now hot enough, she began dumping handfuls of spaghetti into the pot. The beef was soon fully cooked, so Holly turned off the burner and drained the fat into the sink.

“Alice, can you do me a favor and grab all the towels from the bathroom?” Isaac asked.

She looked at him quizzically but ran off to fulfill her order. She soon returned and Isaac had her lay them out on the floor around the table, then clear off the table itself and cover it. In the kitchen, he could see Holly mixing the spaghetti and meat, and pouring in the tomato sauce.

He stopped her as she began grabbing bowls and forks. “I’ll take care of that, go relax in the den.”

Like Alice, Holly looked at him with an expression of curiosity and protest, but obeyed without question. Seeing what Alice was doing, her curiosity grew. He came back into the den, carrying the pot, a tub of grated parmesan, and a container full of garlic powder.

“Holly, take off that apron and lie on the table.”


“Tonight, you get to be the plate for the three of us.”

Holly smiled and bit her lip, feeling her horniness take off. She did as she was told, lying down on the table, her breasts trembling with each aroused breath she took. On the couch, Alice was writhing in her seat like a kid with ADHD in math class.

“This may be a little hot,” Isaac warned, slowly pouring the spaghetti onto Holly’s naked body.

She yelped and tensed up as the hot noodles touched her bare flesh, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle and didn’t enjoy. Isaac spread it out onto her body, covering her thighs, her stomach and her chest.

“Now who doesn’t love parmesan on their spaghetti?” Isaac rhetorically asked, opening the container of grated cheese and letting it trickle onto the pasta. Holly’s smile became scrunched and she snickered while trying to keep the cheese from falling in her nose and eyes.

“Garlic powder?”

“Yes please!” both girls said giddily.

Isaac popped the top and poured a thin layer of the powder onto the marsh of pasta. “Ok Alice, no hands. And don’t worry, Holly. We’ll make sure you get to eat.”

Isaac sat down on the floor, on the opposite side of the table from Alice. Smiling, both Isaac and Alice leaned forward and began slurping up lines of the hot pasta, making Holly giggled as it tickled her like feathers. The spaghetti was hot and delicious and Alice and Isaac gorged themselves. For Isaac, it was so cute to see Holly shuddering with arousal as she felt the pasta be pulled off her to reveal more and more of her naked body. After several delicious mouthfuls, Isaac decided to share with her. He filled his cheeks with spaghetti and meat and brought it over to her. She opened her mouth wide and he transferred it to her, much like a bird would to its young, but without actually chewing it.

“That is so good!” she squealed.

“Oh, looks like the sauce is running off you,” said Isaac.

Lowering his head, he ran his tongue up her side from her thigh to her breasts, licking up the red streams of sauce and making Holly squirm in pleasure. Across from him, Alice’s face was painted red from her insatiable hunger.

“Alice, don’t forget to take care of your sister.”

“Yes Master,” she said in embarrassment, shaken from her binging and blushing under her saucy makeup.

She did as Isaac had, filling up her mouth with pasta and then transferring it to Holly, who ate it hungrily. From there, Isaac and Alice focused on making sure Holly got her fill, beginning and ending each mouthful with a tender loving kiss.

Before long, most of the spaghetti had been eaten, with just a thin layer covering her bare flesh. Smiling, Isaac moved up and licking up the spaghetti off her right breast, making her pant in arousal as he slurped up each noodle and nibbled each puff of ground beef. Alice did the same, going to town on Holly’s left and hungrily licking her clean. Even after they licked every drop of sauce, they continued sucking on Holly’s erect nipples, savoring the taste of her delicious flesh and causing the supple pink bumps to harden into points. Holly was moaning and whimpering as she felt the two sets of lips around her nipples, then the pair of tongues massaging the soft mountains upon which they rested. Not known for her self-control, her hand began to drift south, catching Isaac’s eye.

“I almost forgot, there’s one place that still might hold a bit of food.”

He moved down to the table and spread Holly’s legs, causing remaining strands of spaghetti on her thighs to fall down over her sauce-soaked slit. Funny thing, some of the meat from the sauce could actually be found on her “meat curtains”. Isaac didn’t even hesitate, he dove in like a toothless piranha, slurping up every droplet of sauce, every strand of spaghetti, and every piece of beef. Like with her breast, he continued licking long after she was clean, slurping her wet pussy like he was digging for treasure. Having finished with Holly’s right breast, Alice moved down and began licking up a small puddle of sauce that had settled in Holly’s navel.

Together, Alice and Isaac cleaned Holly from neck to knees using only their tongues, though her skin would be dyed red until she actually washed herself off.

“Hmm, that was a truly delicious dinner,” Holly purred, licking a drop of sauce off her arm.

“We’re not done yet, it’s time for desert. Alice, it’s your turn on the table. Holly, if you would please…”

Holly got up and rushed to the kitchen, glad she would have a turn to really eat. Excited, Alice lied down on the table while Holly came back with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a tub of ice cream with a spoon. The tub was opened and Isaac held up a spoonful of the chocolate deliciousness over Alice’s naked body, enjoying the sight of her premature shivers. Trying to suppress a grin, he dropped the ice cream onto her stomach and listened to her yelp as the cold frosting touched her skin. He placed several more mounds of ice cream on her naked body, making sure she wasn’t uncomfortable. Much like when he teased her with his beer earlier that day, the bite of the cold only aroused and pleasured her, thanks to her lessons in masochism.

Laying out almost half the tub, he then grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup, smiling as he drew a large black spider web across her body. After some specially placed globs of whipped cream, his Sunday was finished and waiting for him to dig in.

“Ok Holly, let’s dig in.”

Sitting back down on the floor, he lowered his head and began licking up the melting plops of ice cream on her stomach. Holly was even more excited, and began sucking the lines of chocolate syrup off Alice’s side and thighs. Like Holly, Alice began to whimper in pleasure as she felt her master’s lips and her sister’s tongue against her body. She closed her eyes, forcing herself to resist the desire to watch. Unable to see the way they were touching her, the sensations increased in intensity. As she began to squirm in pleasure, her eyes bolted open from Isaac’s lips joining hers.

“Don’t you want some desert too?”

She nodded eagerly.

Isaac smiled and licked a large glob of ice cream and chocolate syrup off her tiny breast, then gave her a wet kiss and stirred his tongue in her mouth. Alice hungrily sucked it, loving the feeling of his tongue in her mouth and the sweet taste of chocolate. He soon pulled away, only for Holly to take his place and lick the inside of Alice’s mouth as if the child had been the one slurping up ice cream. To Isaac, the ice cream and chocolate syrup tasted better than ever in his life, perhaps because it came with the added sweetness of being licked off his slave’s deliciously underage body.

Sitting on the couch, Holly grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup and pressed the nozzle against the entrance to her slit. She squeezed the bottle, flooding the lobby of her love hotel with liquid cocoa.

“Here you go, Alice!” she said cheerfully, innocently, as she swung her leg over her sister and lowered herself onto the young girl’s face.

Alice raised her head and began drinking the syrup out of Holly’s body like she was a beer tap. While Alice ate out Holly, Isaac spread Alice’s legs and went down on her just as he had done during dinner. Her feet were in the air, a whimper of happiness made audible as her body was sampled. Holly and Isaac licked Alice clean, well, not exactly “clean”. Her entire torso had been painted brown from desert, leaving her a sticky mess.

Isaac sat on the couch with a smile, watching as Holly and Alice kissed each other, swapping chocolate syrup from mouth to mouth. “Dinner and desert, the perfect way to enjoy an evening. But now it looks like it’s time to do the dishes.”

Isaac was clutching Alice in the princess hold with Holly on the other side, the three of them kissing as the hot water of the shower poured down on them. Due to Alice’s height, she couldn’t simply stand while kissing either of them. It wasn’t a problem though; she was so small and light that either of them could carry her with ease. While their lips danced with Isaac’s, Holly and Alice ran their hands across each other’s bodies, washing each other clean of tomato sauce and chocolate syrup.

“Who knew that doing the dishes could be so much fun?” Isaac mused.

“Master, I hope you’ll do more than simply wash us,” Holly purred in his ear.

“Of course. Sounds to me like you want the first turn.”

Lowering Alice to the floor, he embraced Holly and pressed her against the wall, kissing her passionately. Jittery with excitement, she raised one leg and wrapped it around him, letting him insert himself inside her. She whimpered as it entered her, like a gun being put in its holster. Nothing felt more right to her than the feeling of his manhood spearing her through. As he began to move, her whimpers became their usual soft moans, leaking out from her mouth in tandem with the thumps made as he slammed her body against the wall over and over again. The showerhead was directly above, spraying water down between them as they made love.

Alice kneeled on the shower floor, touching herself as she watched them. There was something about watching her master at work that aroused her endlessly. But she wanted more; she wanted to get involved.

Very careful not to get in her master’s way, she moved between his legs and leaned back against the wall of the shower. Continuing to finger herself, she looked up into the waterfall pouring between Isaac and Holly’s naked bodies, letting it run down her own body and into her mouth. She could taste them in the water, their sweat, Holly’s arousal, Isaac’s precum, and the sweet scent of dinner.

After a few minutes of thrusting into Holly, Isaac pulled out of her and looked down. There was some chocolate syrup on his cock from when Holly had filled her pussy and let Alice lick it out of her. Alice stared at it with a hungry expression, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. Smiling, Isaac inserted himself in Holly one last time and stirred around inside her, making sure to get as much chocolate on his cock as possible.

“Alice, think you could clean me off?” he asked, pulling back out of Holly and pointing his manhood at the small girl.

With a wide smile on her face, Alice darted forward and took as much of Isaac’s dick in her mouth as she could, sucking off both the chocolate and Holly’s delicious wetness. Once she licked him clean, Isaac continued fucking Holly, making her moan in happiness. After every few thrusts, he would pull out and let Alice gargle on his cock.

“Master! I’m going to cum!” Holly whined.

“Then don’t hold back!” he laughed.

He lifted her up so that she had both legs around his waist and fucked her as hard as he could, making her scream from the strength of his thrusts into her. It only took about half a dozen slams before she had her orgasm, releasing a downpour of her horniness straight onto Alice.

“Ok Holly, you take a rest. I’ll let Alice have some fun.”

He then lowered Holly to the floor and sat down, letting Alice climb onto his lap. With water running down her flat chest, she guided his cock into her slit and dropped herself onto it, crying out as the rod of muscle stretched her to her limits. No matter how many times they had sex, Alice could never get accustomed to Isaac’s size and fully accommodate him inside her velvet sleeve. Every time felt like their first and she was always afraid of receiving internal damage. Isaac was equally concerned, but he knew how to move through her without hurting her.

With the half insertion of his manhood, Isaac was essentially wearing the small girl like a condom. Regardless, Alice began riding him, hungry for sexual pleasure and to feel Isaac grinding against her insides. The puddles beneath her splashed every time she brought her weight down, echoing out perfectly with the tiny yelp she released. While she rode him, Isaac kissed her on the lips and the breasts, making her whimper from the tender contact.

Sitting against the opposite wall, Holly watched them closely as she played with herself. Like Alice, she loved to watch, especially when it came to Alice’s tiny body struggling to bear her master’s bulk. She loved hearing her whimpers, watched Isaac move her with his hands as if she were a fleshlight, and see her tiny frame convulse with each deep penetration. Hmm… maybe she had a touch of sadism in her as well?

Isaac’s breathing suddenly became frantic and Alice could feel his body tensing up. She knew what was “coming”.

“Please cum inside me, Master. Pour all of your semen into my womb.”

“Hey, Alice! No fair!” Holly cursed in jealousy.

Isaac laughed at Holly’s sudden lash. “Don’t worry girls, I got plenty for both of you! Oh shit, here it comes!” he groaned, feeling the seal break and his first load erupt into his sex toy.

She shuddered as she felt the thick fluid pour into her, feeling hotter than the water coming out of the shower. She fell off him and Holly quickly rushed over to begin cleaning him off of Alice’s wetness and the leftover semen still clinging to his manhood and waiting in the barrel to be fired.

“What part of my body should I use next for you, Master? Please violate me wherever you want,” she purred while manually stimulating him back to a full erection.

“I think I’ll fuck you in the ass now.”

Holly squealed in excitement and turned around, getting on all fours and shaking her ass. With the water from the shower slicking the way, he was able to enter her with little resistance. She moaned as it entered her, stretching her asshole like a rubber band. Isaac showed no hesitation her mercy, he grabbed her by the hips and began butt-fucking her like a machine, pummeling her insides and making her gag.

What would have been a scream of overwhelming sexual joy sounded more like a piano key being rapidly pushed over and over, each tiny yelp released when Isaac came barreling into her back door. Alice watched the two of them with wide eyes, touching herself as Isaac brutalized his slave, much to her enjoyment.

Her mouth hanging open and water running down her face and making her look like she was crying, Holly glanced up at Alice and outstretched her hand to her. Understanding, Alice scooted across the shower floor over to Holly, letting her surrogate older sister bury her face into the young girl’s bruised vagina and begin hungrily licking her clean. While Isaac fucked her asshole, Holly gluttonously slurped up every drop of her master’s seed out of Alice, having achieved a state of complete euphoria.

After a few minutes, Isaac had to stop and catch his breath. He pulled out of Holly and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Holly’s ass. She was still gaping from the powerful anal pounding she had just received.

“Wow, look at how loose you are. You are a serious anal slut,” he snickered, working his fingers inside her.

“Yes Master, I love when you play with my asshole. It’s so erotic and it makes me feel like a true slave,” she whimpered as his fingers stirred her insides.

Smiling, Isaac leaned down and traced his tongue around her asshole, making her shudder and purr. He flicked his tongue inside her while he worked his thumb in her pussy and tweaked her clitoris. As always, there was no taste, but the touch of Holly’s well-developed ass cheeks against the sides of his face was incredibly kinky. Feeling her master licking her naughtiest spot while playing with her pussy, it made her cum almost immediately. After taking a moment to lick her honeypot, Isaac stood up and turned off the shower. They were all as clean as possible, so keeping the shower going was just wasting water and heat.

“Come on, girls, let’s dry off and move to the bedroom.”

After rubbing themselves down with towels, Isaac led his two slaves to the bedroom and they sat down on the bed. Smiling, he got down on one knee and kissed Alice. He was gentle, loving, making her melt. He then moved to Holly, kissing her in the same tender way and making her purr in happiness. He switched back and forth between them, savoring the taste of the two beautiful young women. Each time he started kissing them, he became more intense, soon lathering their tongues with his own. No matter who he kissed, the other stared at him hungrily, desperate to feel their master’s love.

“Ok girls, lie down.”

The girls turned on the bed and lied down, resting their heads on the pillows and looking up at Isaac with blissful smiles. He sat between them, cupping their cheeks with his hands.

“You two are so beautiful. I love you both so much,” he murmured brushing his thumbs across their soft lips.

“Master…” they both lovingly whispered.

Smiling, he moved over Holly and held himself on all fours on top of her, their faces just an inch apart. Kissing him, Holly spread her legs and Isaac entered her wet slit. Surprising Holly, his movements from then on were slow, moving his body like a wave and gently diving into her love valley. She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue between his lips, softly moaning in joy with each pump of her master’s cock. Her pussy felt sweeter than usual, softer and warmer. As always, Alice lay beside them, watching them. But instead of playing with herself as she normally would, she simply observed, as if focused on a romantic movie.

After five minutes, he decided to switch. He moved over on top of Alice, who gladly accepted him into her tight womanhood. Still wet from Holly’s pussy, he entered Alice and began slowly thrusting her. Due to her height, she couldn’t kiss him as they made love, so Isaac simply held her in his arms as he worked himself inside her with gentle but deep thrusts. She was so small compared to Isaac; she looked so fragile and was almost invisible beneath him. She had her arms tucked in against his chest, as if trying to keep warm in her master’s embrace.

Like Alice had done, Holly watched the two of them with a warm smile on her face. She could just barely see Alice’s face, her forehead pressed against his left pectoral. She was whimpering like a needy puppy as Isaac penetrated her. It almost looked like she was crying, but in a way that made her seem somehow even cuter.

Once again, Isaac switched after five minutes. He continued like this for the next hour, switching between them every few minutes, mixing the arousal of the two girls in their wet pussies. As the sun sank below the horizon, Isaac could feel his last orgasm building. Holly could see it in him, she knew him well enough to read him like a book.

“Master, you let Alice have your first load, can I have this one?”

“Tell you what, how about I shoot it into your mouth, the two of you can share it a little, and then you can swallow it?”

She gained a wide smile. “‘Kay!”

Isaac kissed her one last time and put all of his strength into five more thrusts. About to blow, he pulled out of her and moved up to her face. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and Isaac furiously jacked off, emptying all of his reserves. Holly’s eyes rolled back and she almost came from the taste and feel of Isaac’s semen filling her mouth.

Closing her lips, she sat up and washed the semen around her mouth like Listerine. She then moved over to Alice, who opened her mouth. Pursing her lips, Holly let the line of Isaac’s seed trickle out of her mouth and into Alice’s. Taking every drop, she washed it around her mouth, savoring the taste of both her master’s semen and her sister’s saliva.

With a smile, Isaac watched as the girls exchanged his cum over and over again, often times through joining their lips and kissing. By the time Holly was allowed to swallow it, almost half of the white froth was actually the shared saliva of the two girls. Holly happily gulped it down and sighed in happiness.

“It seems like we all got a good dinner. Though I might want a midnight snack later,” said Isaac.

With Donna gone, the apartment building seemed to fall apart like the temple from the beginning of Raiders when the gold idol was removed. Problems that Isaac had never even considered existing were popping up like weeds and making him wonder how in the hell the building was still standing. Oh well, at least none of his earlier jobs or projects were falling apart, so he knew his skills as a carpenter were solid. Or at least… nothing that he had fixed before was breaking down before it normally would (buildings like this needed constant maintenance after all). Plus he always had Alice to help him out, and Holly when she was off from work.

Isaac was sweating bullets as he worked to unscrew the ceiling light. He was in one of the apartments of his fellow tenants, answering the call for a broken light. Apparently, it was the only appliance in the unit not working, but even a switched bulb hadn’t fixed it. Alice watched him hungrily, like a cat seeing her owner handling a can opener. She loved watching Isaac work. Finally removing the light fixture, he looked up and cursed. The plaster was showing clear signs of a leak, probably from a water pipe right above his head.

“Aw damn it, looks like I’ll have to replace the pipe and install some new plaster. And if the leak has affected the surrounding studs, they’ll have to go.”

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will splash us with some water,” said Alice, kneeling at the base of the chair Isaac was standing on, sweating like an ice cube with her clothes uncomfortably sticking to her.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind. The last time I saw the thermometer, it had reached the triple digits. Over a hundred degrees in Maine, what the fuck is wrong with the world? This is why I have to fight the urge to sucker-punch climate change deniers.”

“So are you going to fix it today?”

“No, it’s too hot for anything like that. The best I can do is cut away some of this plaster to see the damage and put on a temporary seal on the leak. Just ten degrees, if it goes down just ten degrees, I’ll endure, but I can’t do anything in triple-digit heat…”

He then winced, putting his hand on his stomach.

“Master, are you ok?”

“Yeah, just a stomach cramp. I’ve been feeling sick for the past week, but that may be due to this heat wave. I haven’t crapped in a few days so I may be backed up. Looks like I need to go on a raisin bran and apples diet. Oh well, I’ll just get this ceiling done and then call it a day. Alice, could you go down to my basement storage closet and grab one of my tarps?”

Alice nodded and ran off, leaving Isaac to sit and sweat with his hand over his stomach. “Goddamnit Al Gore, we didn’t listen…”

Opening a hole in the ceiling took longer than Isaac expected. With such crippling heat, just moving was next to impossible. To work up the strength to move aside the coffee table, lie out the tarp, and actually send his hammer through the plaster was a feat that the bards of the Viking age would sing of. Isaac had once again been correct as to the cracked pipe above him. On the plus side, the leak wasn’t too severe and a temporary patch would be just fine. Not to mention that the high humidity helped prevent plaster dust from spreading throughout the air.

After sealing the pipe, Isaac broke away some more plaster so that he could see the damage the leak had done. It wasn’t as bad as he first thought. It just needed to air out and dry.

“Master, I’ll take the tarp to the dumpster outside,” Alice offered as Isaac wiped the mud of sweat and dust off his face.

“That’s ok, I’ll do it myself.”

“Please, Master. I’m supposed to do everything I can to make your life easier. You should rest.”

Isaac smiled and climbed down off the chair. Leaning over, he kissed Alice on the forehead. “Good girl.”

Isaac and Alice were sitting on his couch, watching TV with three fans roaring at them at their maximum settings. They were both naked, not from having sex, but in a desperate attempt to keep cool. It wasn’t working very well, the air being sent by the fans made them feel more like they were being blasted with hair driers. They didn’t even turn their heads when the door open and Holly stepped in, her waitress outfit soaked in sweat, and a look of true agony on her face. Even a masochist like her wasn’t immune to suffering.

“Oh God, it is just too hot,” she gasped.

Isaac and Alice just grunted in reply, too exhausted to even form words. Stripping off her clothes, Holly sat down on the couch besides Isaac, glad to finally be able to relax and watch some television. Normally she would have immediately curled up against him, but it was too hot for physical contact, and she didn’t want to inconvenience her master.

“What should I make for dinner?” she asked as a Civil War musket was examined on Pawn Stars.

“I think I’ll just have a bowl of cereal, but you can make whatever you want. I’m not hungry anyway,” said Isaac.

“I wonder how hot it is over there right now,” Alice murmured, referring to the pawnshop on TV.

“Too tired… can’t… ask… Siri…”

“By the way, I have tomorrow off. Is there anything you would like me to do tomorrow?” Holly asked.

“Well if it’s as hot tomorrow as it is today, then there is no way I’m working on anything that is not an emergency. I was thinking that we could brave the heat and go on an adventure. Let’s go get an air conditioner.”

Holly moaned as she sat on Isaac’s face, feeling his tongue stir up her wet slit. A few feet away, Alice was hungrily sucking on his cock, licking away the salt from the sweat that had returned to his manhood as soon as he exited the shower. The evening was barely cooler than middle of the day, just a few degrees below 100º, so sex was out of the question, but of course, the trio was all horny.

As a compromise, they had all showered together under a tepid torrent to cool themselves and clean off the day’s worth of sweat, and had decided to just stick to oral for the evening. Besides, Isaac’s stomach was still hurting, and he didn’t know if he could move the way he needed to.

Oh well, it didn’t matter, he loved going down on the girls. He loved the sweet taste of their young pussies, the smell of their arousal, and the feel of their soft flesh against his face. Over the course of his relationship with them, he had spent several collective hours playing them like flutes, always managing to make them cum over and over again.

As Alice’s head bobbed up and down with the end of Isaac’s cock filling her mouth, she watched her master in deep focus. Holly was facing her, so Alice could see the movements of Isaac’s chin and briefly catch flicks of his tongue from time to time whenever it broke free from the folds of her pussy to tease her clitoris. Watching him made her excited for her turn, as well as hungry to taste Holly’s pussy herself.

Holly finally cried out as she had her first orgasm, soaking Isaac’s face and chest in her juices, which he eagerly drank up. She was just about to dismount him, but Isaac was not done. He grasped her hips and moved her down, letting him plunge his tongue into her asshole with her plump peachy cheeks pressed against the side of his face.

Crouching in a crab walk, Holly’s whole body was flushed and she was frantically rubbing her pussy, refusing to let her climax end and sending jet after jet of her watery euphoria at Alice, who opened her mouth and caught it much like she would catch one of Isaac’s loads. Holly was riding Isaac’s tongue like she was instead in his lap, feeling it penetrate her asshole over and over again, like she was sitting on a whack-a-mole game.

At last, Isaac tapped her thigh to let her know he was done, and she dismounted him. She and Alice switched place, the former hungry for her master’s cock in her mouth and the latter desperate to feel his tongue against her most sensitive and intimate place. As Holly greedily licked up the saliva coating Isaac’s member, she watched with a smile as Alice settled on her master’s face, position with her back to Holly so that she could make eye contact with Isaac while he went down on her.

She could never get over how funny and adorable it was seeing Alice with Isaac, she was just so small compared to him. She almost looked like she could sit on Isaac’s tongue like an oyster holding a pearl. Momentarily stopping the oral pleasuring of Isaac, Holly reached out and pinched Alice’s cute little ass, just to tease her.

Alice ignored her, fixating on the sweeps of Isaac’s tongue into her delicious jailbait pussy. Every time he entered her tiny slit, she whined as if they were instead having sex, all while she pinched her nipples and he squeezed her ass. She loved those moments when they made eye contact, because even though she was on top of him, she knew she was completely under his control and at his mercy. But she could also see the tender care in his eyes, and the love for her he had developed. Never in his life would he harm her, unless of course to fulfill one of her masochistic desires.

Isaac couldn’t get enough of her pussy; it had such a different taste from Holly’s. It was delicious but also bland in a sense, as if complimenting her unripe body. And her tiny build just made him want to lick every tiny nook and cranny she had, squeezing his tongue into her narrow corridor as if he were a woodpecker. Repeatedly, he would shift her forward so that he could sodomize her with his tongue, all while she cooed in happiness.

Behind her, Isaac could feel every move Holly made and could sense her personal style and technique. She would spit onto the head of his cock, then use the quick strokes of her hand to smear it across the entire length. Bending her head, she would deep-throat him, sucking it off and filling her mouth before pouring it back on and repeating the process. Every time she did it, she became messier and messier, with the mixture of her saliva and his precum becoming frothier as he let it pour off her tongue in foaming white strands. She certainly loved to make a big erotic mess of it.

“Girls…” he began, feeling his body preparing to release itself.

Alice turned around, pressing her cheek against Holly’s, their mouths open to catch the ensuing eruption while both jacking him off like they were pumping a shotgun. The load of the evening at last shot free, covering their faces and flooding their mouths. But while his slaves had received their desired treat, Isaac could barely contain the pain burning in his abdomen. The full-body muscle-tightening of his orgasm had irritated whatever was happening inside him. Damn it, what the hell was going on?!

The group woke up early, but not intentionally. It had cooled down enough during the night for them to finally sleep comfortably… under the continuous gust of every fan they had, but soon after the sun rose, the temperature picked back up and everyone was forced to awaken. They felt like they had been presumed dead and were sitting in the cremation furnace, about to be incinerated. Today was not going to be easy…

The girls quickly had breakfast but Isaac wasn’t feeling hungry. His stomach was still upset and he had bad abdominal cramps. Oh well, it was probably just the heat killing his appetite. They were all hoping that their search for an air conditioner would prove fruitful, but the odds were stacked against them that every available unit would have already been bought. They had to try.

The SEARS building felt as cold as a refrigerator upon entering, making Isaac and the girls sigh in relief. To finally have actual cold air against their skin was almost a religious experience.

“Ok, let’s hurry and get whatever they have. If they don’t have any AC units, we can always just stock up on fans, but I would prefer we try some other places before we give up,” said Isaac as they walked down the aisles towards the large appliance section.

A sudden loud squeal from Alice nearly made him jump. Afraid she had gotten hurt on something, he turned around to see her on her cell phone, staring at the screen with a wide grin on her face.

“Alice, what is it?” Isaac asked, seeing all of the surrounding customers looking at the three of them.

Instead of answering, Alice held up her phone. On the screen was a newborn baby, sitting in a maternity ward crib and wrapped in white, with a tiny hospital bracelet around its wrist.

“Linda had a boy! Donna just texted me the good news!” she screamed happily.

Isaac smiled. “Good for her, tell Donna that I wish Linda the best and I said congratulations.”

“Can I see?” Holly pleaded.

Alice handed her the phone, and as soon as the light of the screen reflected off her eyes, Isaac could basically hear Holly’s ovaries exploding. Just as Holly was about to scream, Isaac darted forward and put his hand over her mouth.

“Take a deep breath. I don’t want you to shatter any windows with your voice.”

Holly nodded and replaced his hand with her own, stifling herself so that she wouldn’t screech like a pterodactyl. A small blip was heard on the phone as Alice was sent another picture from Donna. Holly quickly opened it and again had to gagged by Isaac.

“He’s so cute!” Alice giggled.

“Girls, come on, we have to get an air conditioner before they’re all gone.”

For once, his words fell on deaf ears, as both Holly and Alice were completely obsessed with the pictures Donna was sending. Resigning himself to his situation, Isaac got down on one knee, wrapped his arms around the girls’ waists, and hoisted them onto his shoulders. They didn’t seem to notice him picking them up like a couple of rolled carpets, but as Isaac got back on his feet, he staggered, nearly brought down by a stabbing pain in his side, as if he had just fallen on a standing nail. It was almost crippling and he felt like he was going to throw up.

‘Ugh, must have really pulled a muscle. I need to be more careful.’

Drawing looks of confusion, loud snickers, and the beeping of cell phone cameras, Isaac carried Holly and Alice through the store on his shoulders. They were screaming and giggling as they looked over the pictures of Donna’s newborn grandchild. They had gone completely baby-crazy and he had no idea how to fix them. Oh well, they would eventually get tuckered out…

“Sorry sir, we’re all out.” the salesman said, standing in front of several empty shelves that would have displayed the AC units.

Isaac felt his heart drop into his stomach and could hear Holly and Alice groaning in despair. “So I guess we’ll have to move on?”

“There is nowhere to go, every other store is in the same state. This building is on a waiting list to receive a new shipment of air conditioners. There probably isn’t a store within a thousand miles that is still stocked,” the salesman replied.

Holly and Alice both fell to their knees, nearly crying about how they just couldn’t bear to go back to the apartment in such heat.

“All right, well how many fans do you have left?” Isaac cursed.

“Almost half a dozen, we’re pretty much out.”

“I’ll take them all.”

Isaac and the girls tried to shield themselves from the sun as they crossed the parking lot, joined by a SEARS employee pushing a warehouse trolley full of fans. They could feel the sun’s rays burning them instantly, like they were being cooked over a bonfire. It was more than just extreme heat; they could actually feel it searing their flesh. But while he was covering his face with one arm, Isaac had the other against his stomach.

“Master, are you ok?” Holly asked, speaking low enough to not be heard by the SEARS employee.

“I should be fine, I just need to get home, turn on these fans, and get off my feet. For all I know, I may be suffering from heat stroke. Goddammit, Mainers are not supposed to suffer like this.”

It was late at night when Holly awoke, having been shaken by Isaac. She hadn’t heard her name called over the roar of the legion of fans pointed at their bed. Alice was back in her apartment, having taken a few fans with her.

“Holly, I need your help.”

“Master? What is it? What’s wrong?” She turned on the light and nearly jumped.

Isaac was looking at her, drenched in sweat with pale skin and bloodshot eyes. “I need you to drive me to the hospital.”

Isaac was lying on the hospital bed, dressed in a flimsy gown and with an IV hooked up to his arm, waiting for the results of his CT scan. Apparently, the information had to be sent to Australia to be processed, since it was their daytime. Oh well, at least he didn’t have to drink any more of that disgusting barium fluid. In order to better view his intestines, he had been forced to drink a liter of a slimy raspberry-flavored barium fluid that would react in the scan. It had been like drinking from a moldy juice box.

He didn’t even have his own room; he was still in the ER. There was nothing but a curtain separating him from the hall. Oh well, his abdominal pain was almost completely gone, mainly thanks to the chemical cocktail he had received. Ah morphine, it’s a gift from the baby Jesus.

Sitting in the chair beside the bed was Alice, wide-awake with worry. Lying with Isaac on the bed was Holly, desperately clutching his arm and crying. “Oh Master, you can’t die! I can’t live this world without you! Master, please be ok!”

Alice giggled and Isaac let out a loud sigh of annoyance. “Holly, seriously, calm down. You heard the doctor; it’s probably appendicitis. If it is, they just have to remove it and I’ll be fine.”

“Master! Master!” Holly cried, hugging his arm with almost bone-crushing strength and soaking the sleeve of his hospital gown with her tears and runny nose.

Alice couldn’t help but laugh at Holly’s unparalleled childishness. Of course she was as worried about Isaac as Holly was. She hated seeing him in pain and there was always a part of her brain that was assuming the worst, but she was much more rational than Holly. Oh well, if anything could be said of Holly, it was that she was the definition of devotion.

A minute later, the curtain was opened and the ER doctor stepped in with Isaac’s chart. “Mr. Helton, I think I can safely say that you need to have your appendix removed.”

Holly immediately burst into fresh tears, making Isaac sigh in embarrassment. “Don’t mind her, this heat is driving her crazy. Now what do you mean by you “think” I need to have my appendix removed?”

“Well it’s very difficult to actually diagnose appendicitis. The symptoms are vague and shared by many other ailments. The only way to be sure is to rule everything else out. Thanks to your urine and blood tests and your CT scan, we’ve excluded just about everything, so we’re pretty certain that it’s your appendix.”

“So when is the surgery?”

“Well the surgeons we have on staff tonight are tied up taking care of some people who were hurt in a big pile-up. We should be able to get you onto the table in maybe two hours. Don’t worry; from how far you are along, you’re not in danger. We’ll have it removed long before it has a chance to rupture. I just need you sign a few forms saying that you consent to be operated on.”

“Ok, Holly, I really need my right hand for this…” Isaac said, prying his arm out of her embrace to take the clipboard and pen.

“I’ll go get you some more painkillers,” the doctor said before ducking out.

“Holly, I want you and Alice to go back to the apartment.”

At the order, even Alice protested. “But Master, we can’t leave you!”

“Keep your voice down! I would prefer not to have people hear you call me that! I told you, when we’re in public, you have to call me Isaac. Listen, things like this are never quick. I probably won’t be out of surgery until tomorrow. At which point, the two of you can just come back after Holly finishes her shift at work. Either way, you’re just going to be waiting around for me so you might as well be back home. Relax; I’ll be fine. Go home and go to bed. I’ll call you tomorrow when I wake up from surgery.”

“Can we at least stay with you until they’re ready to operate?” Holly pleaded.

Isaac smiled. “Of course.”

The doctor soon returned with several shots of painkillers, injecting them straight into Isaac’s IV and putting him in a daze.

“Ok, you get some sleep, and we’ll wheel you out to the surgery ward in a couple hours when a spot opens up. I’ll turn off the light for you.”

Isaac wordlessly nodded, too intoxicated to form words. The drugs were really taking effect and weighing down on his eyelids. Once the doctor went back behind the curtain and turned off the light above Isaac, Alice pulled off her shoes and climbed up into bed with him, careful to mind his IV. Pulling his arm from Holly, he instead wrapped it around her, doing the same with his left arm around Alice. Held in their master’s arms, Holly and Alice smiled and settled in. The hospital was air conditioned, so heat wasn’t an issue, letting them curl up in Isaac’s embrace and rest their heads on his chest.

The three of them closed their eyes and drifted to sleep.