My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 8


The harem is complete.

Chapter Eight

Having blown his load and acquired a new slave, Isaac decided to take another crack at his project. He found his luck suddenly on the upbeat with everything coming together perfectly and his tools working without the slightest issue. Not to mention he got Donna to give him a few special “parts” for his machine. He managed to complete it before the end of the day and was eager to show it to Holly and Alice, but formed a devious idea as he looked at his finished creation.

“Sorry girls, no sex tonight,” Isaac said with Holly and Alice stripping down and slithering in his lap on the couch.

Looks of horror crossed their faces like drug addicts hearing that their dealer was out of merchandise. Actually, they could legitimately be called addicts with Isaac as their dealer. Sex slaves without sex left them with nothing to do.

“But Master!” Holly whined.

Chuckling, Isaac wrapped his arms around his naked slaves and held them close. “Sorry girls, but I want to rest up tonight. You two can still play with each other, but I want to save my stamina and reserves for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” asked Alice.

“I have a surprise for you girls, or two surprises to be more exact. But I need time to prepare it and it would be best if you two were out of the building. Holly, do you have work tomorrow?”

“Yes, I have the morning shift, from 6:00 am to noon.”

“Alright, you can take my truck. And Alice, tomorrow at say… 11:00, you head down and have lunch at the diner. Just hang out with Holly for an hour. Then by the time you come back, your presents will be all set up and you can play with them to your hearts content.”

“What kind of presents are they?” Holly asked giddily.

“Let’s just say that there is a reason why I want to save myself for tomorrow. Get ready to have some of the best sex of your lives.”

It was a long night after that announcement, as the girls were pretty much bouncing off the walls at the thought of getting special gifts. Holly’s childishness never ceased to make Isaac laugh. She was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, and even on Isaac’s orders, she couldn’t stop begging him to spill the secret. She started bargaining with him on things she would do for him if he told her, but he always deflated her attempts by reminding her that she normally did those things for him, would be overjoyed to do those things for him, or would probably even enjoy those things more than him. Her hyperactivity even spread to Alice, turning the normally quiet little kitten into a happy gas molecule.

It certainly didn’t help that Isaac had told them he wouldn’t have sex with them. In order to give them a way to vent their energy, he finally tossed them onto his bed and told them to have at it with each other. He made it an order and told them he would even watch while they did it, just for that extra incentive. Two hours later, he was wondering if the girls had been drinking Red Bull by the liter. It was Alice’s turn to use the strap-on, and he was using it to skull-fuck Holly with nothing short of fanatic brutality.

Jesus, they had better settle down before someone ends up needing a trip to the dentist, Isaac thought, watching as the dildo slid back and forth between Holly’s lips over and over again.

Just as planned, Alice left the apartment building before 11:00, heading down to the diner where Holly worked. With the two girls gone, Isaac got everything ready, eagerly waiting for two of his three slaves to return home. Back at the diner, Holly and Alice could barely think straight. Holly was eyeing the clock more often than usual and Alice could barely focus on eating. Isaac had promised them some of the best sex of their lives, and the only thing separating them from cumming over and over again were some ticks of the clock.

Finally, Holly’s shift ended, and the two girls wordlessly sprinted out to the parking lot and into Isaac’s truck. They screeched out of the lot and into the street with Holly trying to contain herself and keep her hands steady. The short drive to the apartment felt like the journey from the Lord of the Rings, but the girls soon returned home and sprinted through the apartment building, too impatient to use the elevator and simply zooming up the stairs. They reached Isaac’s apartment, hearing a peculiar hum reach them as Holly worked her key into the lock. It was low and continuous, some kind of mechanical drone. They flung the door open, stripped off their clothes, and ran to the bedroom, feeling their jaws drop at the sight before them.

Isaac’s project was on the floor at the foot of the bed, about the size of a beer keg. It had an aluminum skeleton frame made from bicycles with top lined with the seat cushions of a junked car. Inside was the motor from the broken power sander, turning a gear with a riveted arm attached. The arm had a secondary joint, turning the rotational movement of the arm into a linear movement, and converting it into a piston. It came with a second gear with a second addable piston.

Bolted to the arm of the piston was a dildo that moved through an opening in the top, the same with the second optional piston, and secured to the front in an upright position was a wall-powered vibrator with a rubber head just slightly smaller than a tennis ball, one of the tools Holly used to train Alice. Riding the device was Donna with the dildo moving back and forth in her anus at almost painful speeds and the vibrator bringing a very slow yet continuous flow of liquid arousal from her slit. In her mouth was a gag and her wrists were bound with the rope tied to the back of the machine. She was wearing a full-body fishnet suit and had clothespins on her erect nipples.

She had been like this for the past ten minutes, unable to move at all with her asshole being brutalized by the piston and the vibrator teasing her relentlessly into having orgasm after orgasm. Isaac was watching her from his bed, a smile on his face and his erection in hand. Of course he had monitored her carefully to make sure she was never injured, as well as stopping the piston to apply fresh lubricant.

Holly and Alice moved slowly through the room, their eyes never leaving Donna’s naked body. They had never before seen her like this, never even imagined it. Her lips, chin, and chest were wet and sticky with saliva, and the sea of orgasms she had been forced to endure had almost soaked the contraption. Her breasts were pink and swollen from the clothespins, and jiggled endlessly as she was sodomized. The fishnet suit seemed to give her body added definition, showing off her big breasts and wide ass, while complimenting her taut, flat stomach. Around her neck was a dog collar, with her name engraved on the tag.

“What do you think, girls? Yesterday, Donna asked me to make her my slave. Of course I accepted and now she’s just like the two of you. Now the four of us are one big happy family.”

“This is awesome! Now I have an older sister! Master, may I?” Holly asked ecstatically.

“Go right ahead.”

Eagerly climbing up onto the bed, Holly faced Donna and began running her hands up the mature woman’s naked body. After removing the clothespins on Donna’s nipples, she closed her hands around her fellow slave’s breasts, barely able to contain the great masses in her hands but squeezing them with the smile of a child seeing their birthday cake. Like Isaac, she had fantasized about Donna’s fucktastic body since meeting her, and finally she could act out these fantasies. Leaning forward, she mashed Donna’s tits against her face, purring and grinning from the sensation of the huge fleshy pillows smothering her.

While Holly couldn’t be happier, Alice seemed uncomfortable. Seeing Donna in such a position, the woman she admired and respected, even loved almost like a parent, she couldn’t help but think less of her for it and for herself, for being put in the same position time and time again. But looking over, Donna made eye contact with Alice. She couldn’t smile with the ball gag in her mouth, but Alice could see her trying, and she certainly saw the wink Donna sent to her, as if to say “don’t worry, let’s just have fun”.

“Alice, come here,” Isaac said, sensing her unease.

Already feeling better from the nonverbal message Donna had sent her, she climbed up onto the bed and snuggled up against him. To Donna, the young girl had never looked cuter and more content.

“Relax, she’s part of the family now, and I’m going to take care of the three of you forever. Now, how about you show her some of the things you’ve learned?”

Smiling, Alice leaned over and took Isaac’s cock in her mouth. After all the time he had spent watching Donna, the wet touch of Alice’s tongue drew a continuous drip of precum from Isaac, every molecule of which she lovingly sucked up. She moved her tongue back and forth across the shaft, stroking it as she did so. Thoroughly wetting it, she began moving the head in her mouth, scrubbing it with every soft corner while continuing to manually stimulate him.

The whole time, it wasn’t Isaac that Alice was making eye contact with, but Donna. While Holly was nuzzling the mature woman’s bodacious breasts, Donna and Alice stared into each other’s eyes. Alice was seeing the kinky side to Donna she had never imagined, and Donna was seeing how far Alice had matured since she met her. Alice was far more daring, taking so much of Isaac’s length in her throat that she almost threw up and juggling Isaac’s balls with her fingers.

“All right, Donna, are you ready to get off that thing?” Isaac asked, petting Alice’s head like a cat in his lap. Donna nodded.

“Holly, would you please?”

Holly kindly untied Donna’s wrists and removed the ball gag from her mouth, letting her dismount Isaac’s machine.

“So how did you like that?”

“Oh, I love that! I wish I had that thing twenty years ago!” Donna laughed as she stood up and stretched.

“Donna, how about you and Alice ‘reacquaint’ yourselves? Holly, come show your master some affection.”

Holly came over to her master’s side, sitting with him by the headboard. As she had time and time again, she settled herself down on Isaac’s lap and let their points of intimacy connect. As his manhood kissed the entrance to her womb, Holly gained a very tender smile, wrapping her arms around her master’s neck and pressing her forehead against his, letting their eyes project their love to each other. No matter how many girls he got, she would always be his first slave, and perhaps even his most precious.

Holly started riding Isaac’s cock and slipping her tongue around his. Nearby Donna and Alice sat next to each at the foot of the bed, nervousness replacing the confidence from earlier. Together, they looked like opposite ends of the figure spectrum.

“It’s weird to be doing this with you,” Alice said, unable to look Donna in the eye.

“I know what you mean, but we both knew what we were getting into when we decided to be slaves.”

“I know, but I’ve always thought of you… almost as like my… Plus with you AND Holly, what interest would Master have in a kid like me?”

Donna smiled and pulled her close, the young girl’s head pressed against the side of her right breast. Even with the full fishnet suit wrapped around Donna’s body, Alice could clearly feel the warmth and softness of her skin. She felt so… hot.

“Alice, if there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a slave, it’s that it’s not the kind of thing a kid could do. I’ve finally realized that you’ve become a woman, and now it’s time for you to realize it as well. No matter how small you may be, you’re a woman, just like Holly and I. When we wear these collars, the three of us are equals. Now I love you and you love me, so let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

Alice smiled. “Sure!”

Donna then leaned down and began to kiss Alice, with Alice returning the sensual contact without hesitation. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two girls lied down on their sides, their lips wetting with their mixed saliva as they licked the inside of each other’s mouths. Reaching down, Alice tentatively touched Donna’s wet pussy, finding a small gap in the fishnet suit for easy access. She ran her fingers up the glistening pink lips, unable to believe she was touching the woman in such a way, but highly aroused by it. She slipped her fingers into Donna, making her suddenly raise her head and moan.

“Wow, you’re sensitive,” Alice hummed with her face buried in Donna’s glorious cleavage.

“After all that time I spent sitting on that thing with the vibrator buzzing, you bet I’m sensitive. But I wonder how sensitive YOU are…” Donna purred, reaching down and running her fingers along Alice’s tiny slit.

For Alice, the experience was almost as unnerving as when Holly touched her for the first time. For Donna to reach out and make such an intimate contact with her… it was almost like a certain trust had been broken but a new one was made in its place. Alice resumed stirring Donna’s honeypot and Donna did the same, fingering the small girl with the two of them moaning softly with each internal flick and swirl. Beside them, Holly cried out as she achieved her first hair-trigger orgasm, collapsing onto Isaac with her excitement soaking his lap. Isaac laid her down beside him, letting her catch her breath.

“Alice, it’s your turn. And Donna, come give me a taste.”

“Yes Master!” they both said lovingly.

Isaac lied down flat on the bed and the two girls crawled over to him. Alice plugged Isaac’s manhood into her tiny pussy, taking in as much of it as possible as she settled on his lap. At the same time, Donna was sitting on Isaac’s face, purring and jiggling her ass as he ate her out. Wanting to impress Donna, Alice began riding on Isaac like a rodeo bull, lifting her scrawny body up and down on his cock and whimpering softly from the fullness in her pelvic region.

Giggling, Donna leaned over and licked Alice’s flat breasts, never able to get in sync enough to actually suck on her nipples but thoroughly painting them with her tongue. While this was going on, Isaac was struggling to breath. Donna’s big, glorious ass was completely smothering him and he only got access to air when she gyrated her hips, but he loved every second of it, just as much as he loved the feel of Alice’s pussy sucking on his cock.

A couple soft slaps to Donna’s thigh told her that Isaac wanted to switch, and as soon as she raised herself off him, she could hear him gasping for air. Sitting up, he leaned forward and kissed Alice, then lifted her off his lap. As if reading his mind, the girls got into position for Isaac to fuck Donna. The mature woman lied down with her legs spread and her glistening pussy on display. Holly and Alice were curled up against her on her sides, each of them sucking on one her nipples while feeling each other’s naked bodies. Suspending himself over the three of them, Isaac took a few moments to make out with Donna, then forced his cock inside of her without even needing his hands.

She cried out with the rough penetration, having not been spared a single shred of hesitation. Holding himself up with his arms, Isaac fucked her like a dog humping a pillow, forcing his pulsing manhood deep into her pussy. All the while, Holly and Alice continued to suck on her nipples, pulling on them with their lips and teeth to tease her while pinching their own. Feeling Isaac’s cock punishing her slit while the two girls played with her breasts triggered another orgasm in Donna, the first one since she got off Isaac’s machine. At the same time, Isaac had his first orgasm, flooding her womb with his seed until it overflowed.

Eagerly, Holly and Alice zoomed down to between Donna’s legs, both licking her pussy. Each girl tasted one of her soft pink lips with their tongue, slurping up every drop of their master’s seed that gingerly dripped from the opening.

With Holly and Alice mooning Isaac, he smiled and began stroking their pussies with his hands, while working his thumbs in and out of their assholes. The four of them stayed like this for over a minute, with Holly and Alice desperately fighting for every droplet of semen leaking from Donna’s cunt, all while Isaac toyed with them from behind.

Finally, Holly turned around and began sucking Isaac off, looking up into his eyes with a coy expression. Normally she would have started blowing him as soon as he pulled out of Donna, but in this situation, she was like a dog surrounded by bouncing tennis balls with no idea which one to go after first. After sucking on Isaac until he had regained his erection, she stroked him with her hand, rubbing his dick against her lips and cheeks.

“I love the taste of other women on you.”

Isaac chuckled. “Most women would feel the opposite.”

“Most women don’t know the joys of being your slave. When I taste another woman, I feel proud of you, because I know that my master is successful as a man. As long as you always let me lick you clean, I feel nothing but joy to watch you be intimate with another woman.”

Isaac reached out and cupped her cheek. “There really is nobody on this earth like you, you’re in a league all your own,” he said lovingly. “Ok, who would like a turn on the machine?” he then asked.

“I would!” Alice quickly shouted before Holly could raise her hand.

“All right, I’ll help you get set up.”

Isaac and Alice got off the bed and Alice climbed up onto the machine, nervous but smiling.

“Ok, do you want the vibrator or double-penetration?”

“I’ll just stick with what Donna did.”

“All right then, just sit down on here…” Isaac said, taking a moment to rub some lubricant on the rear dildo from a bottle on the nearby dresser. Alice shuddered as she sat down on the dildo, letting the rubber toy sodomize her. To think that Donna had been in this very same position just minutes ago…

“And of course, it’s no fun without something to hold you still,” Isaac said with a chuckle as he tied her hands to the back and then securing the ball gag in her mouth.

With the dildo inside her asshole and the vibrator pressed against the entrance to her pussy, Isaac activated the two devices. He had adjusted the rivet’s location on the wheel, bringing it closer to the center so that it would move back and forth with less distance, lowering the chances of any injury to Alice’s rectal cavity. Upon the activation of the two machines, Alice’s muffled screams of masochistic joy flooded the apartment, as her pussy was vibrated like the hands of a jackhammer operator and her asshole was violated with the quick and steady strokes of the dildo.

Isaac then turned to Holly and Donna. “Before I rejoin you two, I want to see just how compatible you are. I want you to put on a show for me. Be as rough as you want with each other.”

Donna smiled at the order. Holly was a gorgeous young woman with a delectable body. When Donna had sworn of men and tried dating women she didn’t find lesbian sex to be her forte, but that certainly didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it. Plus she probably had more experience than Holly had when it came to having sex with other women so—

Her thoughts were silenced as Holly pounced on her, a ravenous look in her eye. She forced herself between the mature woman’s legs and pinned her wrists back. Giggling to herself, Holly began aggressively kissing Donna, forcing herself into the woman’s mouth with her slippery tongue. At the same time, she jostled her breasts against Donna’s, moving in just right way to make their nipples kiss each other. Holly’s young but large breasts pointed down, her nipples brushing against the mountain summits of Donna’s breasts. Wow, she had no idea Holly was so aggressive!

Releasing one of her wrists, Holly reached down and began working her fingers in Donna’s pussy, moving the digits like eels while never pulling her tongue from Donna’s mouth. When it came to fingering, Holly’s skill was truly unparalleled. Just as she had with Alice, Donna reached down and under Holly and began fingering her the same way, trying to keep up. The backs of their hands touched over and over again as they fought, trying to prove their superior skill when it came to invoking orgasms.

Donna broke first, screaming as droplets of liquid arousal splashed out from between Holly’s fingers. However, Holly didn’t stop. She merely pulled her lips from Donna’s and instead wrapped them around her right areola, sucking on it hungrily. At the same time, she continued fingering Donna, now at frantic speed, using the first orgasm to keep her defenses down and trigger countless others. Alice and Isaac merely watched, observing their intimacy as if it were a sporting event. Isaac had never seen Holly in such a ravenous state. It seemed that she really did have a strong fetish for stacked women.

At last, Donna managed to trigger an orgasm in Holly, and without missing a beat, Holly leaned back and squirted all over her fellow slave, soaking her body with her excitement. Now wanting payback, Donna took advantage of the exhausted girl and got on top of her in the 69 position. She ground her pussy down on Holly’s face while licking the former’s gate of paradise. Both women moaned as they licked each other clean, their bodies extra sensitive after their orgasms. Like Isaac, Holly loved the feel of Donna’s wide ass on her face and was spanking her as she was straddled. At the same time, Donna was essentially drinking up the remaining fluid from Holly’s orgasm, trying to cause another one as soon as possible and prove that she could keep up with and outlast the young nymphomaniac.

From above them, Alice watched with a hungry expression, overwhelmed with both the show before her and the violent sexual pleasure she was enduring with the machine. She watched Donna rub her pussy against Holly’s face, her large vanilla ass cheeks rippling from the slightest movement, held within her full-body fishnet suit. Donna’s asshole was completely exposed, begging to be penetrated by Alice’s tongue, but being bound to the machine beneath her, she would have to wait for the opportunity.

Being the one on top and so close to the headboard, Donna reached out to Isaac’s nightstand, where she had left one of the sex toys she had brought with her: a vibrating dildo. She got off Holly and turned it on, then lied down beside the young woman.

“You’re going to enjoy this.”

“A few of my sisters had those, I loved using them,” Holly said before the toy was inserted into her.

Holly gave a deep whine of euphoria has the synthetic vibrating phallus entered her, sending waves of buzzing pleasure through her pelvic region. Upon its insertion, Donna pulled it out and began working in inside her as hard and fast as she could, trying to pay Holly back for the aggression shown to her. At the same time, she started sucking on Holly’s left breast, her mouth wide open as if she were trying to actually consume it. Holly had her legs spread, letting Donna violently fuck her with the dildo. It seemed like almost every time the toy was crammed inside her, she would release a small orgasmic jet. She was moaning at the top of her lungs, unable to contain herself when faced with such overwhelming pleasure.

After a few minutes, Donna had to stop. Her wrist was starting to hurt. ‘Oh, please let this not be the first signs of arthritis…’

As soon as she put the vibrator down, Holly snatched it and got out from under Donna. Getting behind her, she pushed the dildo into Donna’s pussy, the toy still wet with Holly’s own juices. Donna moaned from the sudden insertion and the rapid thrusts inward that immediately followed. The vibrator being forced in and out pushed aside her tiredness, and suddenly, when Holly stopped, she knew that she couldn’t let the pleasure end. Raising herself up onto her knees and elbows, she began rocking back and forth against the dildo, fucking herself with it as if to simulate being in the doggy-style position.

Looking up, she stared into Alice’s eyes and felt a glimmer of shame. How strange, that after everything they had done so far today, she would be ashamed to let Alice see in her in this desperate perverted state, fucking herself with a vibrator held by a girl less than half her age.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Donna screamed, suddenly coming to a stop with her whole body rigid.

She fell on her side, panting and exhausted, but Holly wasn’t ready to let her quit. Lifting up Donna’s leg, she got between her thighs and began rubbing her pussy against Donna’s. The peculiar touch revitalized her, as never before had she done something like this, even when she dated women. Holly began thrusting against her, grinding her slit against Donna’s and forcing the two sets of lips to make out. Donna could feel it, the hot softness of Holly’s pussy against their own, and the concoction of their essences forming as their juices mixed. She was too tired to move, so she simply lay there while Holly sat on her lap sideways, forcefully scissoring her.

Finally, when Donna seemed to have regained some of her strength, Holly dropped down and lay beside her. She retrieved the vibrator and held it between their pussies, shaking at full power. They stayed there, their unclothed bodies intertwined, the vibrator buzzing between their slits, their large full breasts pressed together, and their lips joined with strings of saliva stretching every time they separated with their tongues swirling. It was actually rather beautiful, and it continued on until both women shared a simultaneous orgasm.

“Ok girls, you’ve proven to me that you can work well together. Holly, how would you like a turn on the machine?” asked Isaac.

Holly grinned. “Can I? Can I please?!”

“Of course. Alice, are you ready to come down?”

Having endured almost a dozen orgasms from the anal pounding she had received and the buzzing of the vibrator against her clit, Alice looked like she was struggling to stay conscious. She nodded and Isaac turned off the machine and the vibrator. Removing her gag and untying her wrists, he caught her as she fell into his arms and gently laid her out on the bed. He turned back to the machine and smiled as the sight of Holly licking the dildo clean.

“Master, can I use this second part too?” she asked, seeing the unused dildo on the retracted piston.

“Ah, I figured you would want the double-penetration. Sure, baby, just hold on and I’ll get it ready.”

While Donna and Alice recovered, Isaac adjusted the machine, setting the second gear against the first and interlocking the teeth. With the second gear set up, he raised the additional piston through the opening in the seat, towards the front, with the attached dildo ready for use. After removing the vibrator and securing everything, he had Holly sit down and penetrated her with the two dildos. She was as excited as could be, barely able to hold still as Isaac tied her wrists back and put clothespins on her nipples for good measure. After securing the ball gag in her mouth, he kissed her on the nose and activated the machine, slowly turning up the speed.

The electric motor began to spin the two gears, causing the dildos to move back and forth in perfect sync, one always rising while the other one dropped. As they moved, Holly’s eyes rolled back and she gave into pure masochistic joy. True, Isaac had been cautious in raising and setting the speed, but there was almost no warning or buildup for Holly. In a single moment, both dildos were moving in her, one being forced in as the other was pulled out. To not only be gagged and tied with clothespins on her nipples, but to also be double-teamed by the machine her master had built made her so happy that she wanted to cry.

Feeling the two dildos heartlessly ramming her pussy and asshole made her feel so kinky and dirty, somehow both slutty and loyal to only her master. He watched her with a smile, and to be watched by her master as the machine brutalized made her hope that Isaac liked what he was seeing. All she wanted was for him to be happy, and of course for kinky fun like this.

With Holly off in her own world, Isaac turned to Alice and Donna, both having regained a fair portion of their energy and stamina. Isaac sat back against the headboard.

“Alice, come over here and give me a kiss. And Donna, I bet Alice is a little sore from riding that thing for so long. How about you make her feel better with your tongue?”

A tired smile on her face, Alice crawled over to him and kneeled on all fours in his lap. As they began to kiss, Donna spread Alice’s ass cheeks, staring at her prominent gape. The machine had really done a number on her, but Isaac had always made sure that she was never harmed. Plus, it was clear that her cute little ass had gone through a lot of training since becoming Isaac’s slave.

Too horny to feel any awkwardness, Donna didn’t hesitate to lower her head and start flicking her tongue in Alice’s back door, making the young girl coo and shudder in bliss. After the anal pounding she had received, to feel Donna’s soft wet tongue gently caress her asshole was heavenly. While Isaac kissed her, he ran his hands across her delicate, underdeveloped body, loving the way she shivered when his rough skin rubbed against her soft flesh.

After a few minutes, Isaac picked Alice up and laid her on her back, her legs spread and her head in Donna’s lap. Taking some time to let his tongue sample her naked body, he hefted his manhood and entered her pussy, making her whimper. After being subjected to the buzzing of the vibrator, her pussy was so sensitive that it felt like it would crumble like tissue paper.

Donna held Alice’s hands as Isaac began to thrust into her, leaning forward on his hands and swinging his lower body to delve deep into her womanly valley. He always loved the look on her face when he fucked her and the sounds she would release; that look of pleasure and pain and the tiny yelps and whimpers. She would blush and get teary-eyed, as if about to cry, but as soon as he would slow down, she would beg him to fuck her harder. Deciding to tease her, he came to a complete stop.

“Master, what are you doing?”

“You know I love it when you beg.”

“Please keep fucking my pussy with your big cock!” she whined, squeezing Donna’s hands.

Isaac kissed her on the forehead and then obliged, resuming his pumps but twice as fast, making her cry out in painful joy. She had been fucked a hundred times, but it always felt like Isaac would split her open at any moment. He continued his thrusts for another five minutes before ejaculating into Alice’s pussy. Still hard, he pulled out of her, lifted her hips, and forced himself straight into her asshole. The sudden rough penetration made the small girl yelp, and it took a couple seconds for her masochistic instinct to convert the feeling of pain into the awareness of pleasure.

Isaac raised her hips, basically holding her up in the air as he fucked her in the asshole like the machine she had just been riding. Her soft whimpers of pleasure and pain were music to his ears as he watched her underdeveloped body shudder and writhe against the anal pounding received from his cock.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she screamed as hot convulsions rolled through every inch of her fragile form.

Once she calmed down, Isaac pulled out of her and leaned back, his erection pointing at Donna. “Donna, could you clean me off, please?”

“I would be happy to, Master,” she giggled.

Leaning over Alice, she began licking Isaac’s cock clean of the young girl’s aroma, able to taste both her pussy and asshole on his manhood, as well as the salty gleam of his semen. It was peculiar feeling, to be sucking him off just after he had fucked the young girl beneath her. It was almost a form of intimacy between the two women that went beyond simply eating each other out.

Once Donna was finished, Isaac continued fucking Alice. Having been cleaned by Donna’s mouth, he decided to go with Alice’s pussy, once again slamming into the small pink lips between her legs and making her cry out. Getting down into the missionary position, he thrust into Alice over and over again while holding her tightly in his embrace. With each ram against her petite body, Alice moaned and dug her fingers into Isaac’s back. Without needing to be told, Donna took advantage of Isaac’s position and spread her legs for him, letting him lick every corner of her sweet milf pussy.

After a few more minutes, Isaac pulled out and leaned back, panting heavily but with his phallus still standing proud. A coy smile on her face, Donna crawled over and sucked him clean just as she had before, licking off every delicious droplet of Alice’s pussy juice.

While Alice rested, Donna turned around and moved in close to Isaac, slipping her legs under his so that they wouldn’t be in the way. Raising her ass, she grasped Isaac’s cock and let it enter her pussy. Without him even having to move, she rocked back and forth, slamming herself against Isaac’s lap and impaling herself with his cock.

Happy as could be, Isaac merely sat back against the headboard and enjoyed the show. Every time Donna rocked back onto his cock, her fat ass would clap against his lap and ripples would jiggle through it like two melon-sized mountains of jello, and her brown eye would stare up at him, just begging for abuse. Not to mention the sight of Holly, getting double-teamed by the machine beneath her, having enjoyed orgasm after orgasm with the puddle beneath her attesting to her joy. Her nipples were swollen from the bite of the clothespins and she had drool down her chin and chest from the ball gag in her mouth, but there was an insatiable look of lust on her gorgeous face.

Loving the sensation of Donna’s pussy soaking his cock and lathering it with her hot interior, Isaac decided that he had to take it further. Simply wanting to tease Donna, he retrieved the vibrator she had used earlier on Holly and inserted it into her asshole, proceeding to crank it to pull power. The feel of the toy vibrating in her rectum robbed Donna of her strength and overwhelmed her with sexual pleasure, forcing Isaac to once again take control. Grabbing her thighs, he began bucking his hips forward and fucking her while still lying back, using Donna almost as an anchor to pull himself against her and ram her from behind.

Soon regaining his full strength, he got up on his knees and resumed fucking Donna, this time in the doggy style position.

“Oh god yes, that feels so good! Fuck me, Master! Fuck my slutty pussy harder!”

In reply, Isaac removed the vibrator from her asshole and forced it into her mouth. While she sucked on it, he forced her head down against the mattress and raised one leg, putting everything he had into his thrusts. He kept her pinned down like that, her face pressed against the sheets while he fucked her as hard as he could, almost painfully so. After a few minutes, Isaac grunted as he had another orgasm, once again flooding Donna’s womb with his seed and causing the woman to have an orgasm of her own.

But while his cock was left deflated, the rest of his body was still full of energy. Grabbing Donna, he hoisted her up and again lied on his back, now with Donna on top of him and Isaac holding her legs spread. By the time he had gotten everything right, he had regained his firmness and was ready to resume.

With Donna’s feet on his knees, he lifted her up to give him some room to maneuver and began thrusting upwards. Alice and Holly watched in awe, completely amazed that Isaac had such strength to both lift her up and raise his body to fuck her. Sure, he had done this same position with both girls plenty of time, but Donna definitely outweighed them, no matter how much she worked out.

Donna was reaching back and clinging to the headboard for dear life, having never experienced this kind of sex position. She had only seen it in porn but she never thought she would get to try it out for herself. She couldn’t believe how hard Isaac was able to keep his strokes, it as was if he was trying to mirror the machine under Holly and turn his body into a piston.

But soon, Isaac’s strength gave out, and he had to take a rest. He pulled out of Donna, his cock sticky with his semen while the thick white syrup dripped from Donna’s pussy.

“Alice, if you would please?”

Alice eagerly yet gingerly leaned forward and began to lick Isaac’s cock, her bobbing up and down as she gently sucked him clean of semen and pussy juice.

“Ok, Alice, now guide me in. You know where.”

“Yes Master.”

Taking a moment to stroke out any hints of softness, she grasped his dick and helped him insert it into Donna’s anus. As he lowered the woman down onto it, she shivered in ecstasy. He raised her legs higher, with her feet no longer on his knees. He had to get her at just the right angle in order to sodomize her from this position. Achieving just the right position, Isaac resumed his powerful thrusts, fucking Donna’s asshole from below just like the machine she had been riding not too long ago.

Alice watched closely, her face less than a foot from Donna’s pussy. She stared at the two of them, at Isaac’s manhood as it shoved its way into Donna’s gaping anus, at the sweat clinging to their bodies and mixing with their bodily fluids, and semen dripping from her pussy.

Seeing her master’s seed, Alice was overcome with lustful hunger and darted her head forward, going down on Donna like her life depended on it. She aggressively penetrated Donna and bullied her pussy with her tongue, drinking up her master’s sperm out of Donna like her pussy was a wineglass. She looked up, staring into Donna’s eyes with her mouth completely invisible against the bruised lips of the woman’s pussy, her tongue hard at work inside her. Donna couldn’t look away; she loved this new side to Alice, loved seeing how much she had grown. Her words had come true; with those collars around their necks, they had become equals.

With Isaac butt-fucking her from below and Alice sucking on her pussy in an attempt to siphon out every last drop of sperm, Donna’s will broke and she succumbed to orgasm after orgasm. As she moaned in happiness, Isaac pulled out of her and Alice sucked him off, savoring the taste of Donna’s ass. But just when Isaac was about to ask her to guide him into Donna’s pussy, Alice squeezed onto Isaac’s lap, getting between him and Donna. Holding onto Donna, Alice began grinding against the shaft of Isaac’s cock, sandwiching it between her pussy and Donna’s. Taking the hint, Donna bit her lip with a smile and began to gyrate her hips, rubbing up against her master’s phallus with the lips of her pussy kissing it again and again.

The feel of two soft cunts stroking his manhood was too much for Isaac to bear and he ejaculated after less than a minute, splattering drops of semen across their bellies. The two women dismounted their master and took turns cleaning each other off with their tongues while Isaac tried to catch his breath and collect himself. He had one last load in him and just enough stamina for a few more minutes of fucking. Standing up, he walked over to Holly and turned off the machine beneath her, then caught her as her limp body fell into his arms upon the untying of her bonds. Smiling to himself, he removed the gag from her mouth and the clothespins from her nipples.

“So how did you like that?” he asked, sitting on the bed and carrying her in the princess hold.

“That was heaven,” she murmured tiredly.

“Ok girls, all of you lie down on your backs with your heads hanging off the bed.”

They all did as told, lying down across the bed horizontally on their backs, with their long hair brushing against the floor. Isaac started at the end of the line with Alice. Knowing what her master wanted, she opened her mouth and let Isaac slide in his cock. Lying in this position, her mouth and throat were now perfectly in line, creating one straight channel for him to fuck. Leaning over with his hands on the bed at her sides, he began to move his body slowly in a back and forth rhythm, moving his penis in her throat.

He could feel every bump and ridge along the rout of her mouth, the inevitable small brushes her teeth made when she tried to accommodate him, and the full-body convulsions that ran through her when he went in all the way, choking her with his cock while his balls lay draped across her pretty face.

He soon gained confidence and picked up speed, skull-fucking his thirteen-year-old sex slave like she was a blowup doll. Alice relished the rough treatment at her master’s hand, the way he defiled her as he had done time and time again. But the back of her throat wasn’t used to this kind of pounding. With each full-length insertion, her gag reflex would be taunted, causing a deep shiver from head to toe and making her mouth water to the point where she couldn’t hold it in and drool ran down across her face. She was certain she wasn’t vomiting, but she knew it would happen if Isaac made the wrong move.

A spontaneous act, Isaac pulled out of Alice and looked at her, watching the thick foamy mixture of saliva and semen run down her face as she panted like a marathon runner. After giving her a few seconds to catch her breath, he smeared his cock across her face and then had her suck on his balls. She pulled on them hungrily with her lips, trying to envelope both testicles into her mouth.

While he played with her, Donna, who was beside Alice, reached over and began tickling the young woman’s clitoris, increasing her sexual pleasure. Alice did the same to Donna, stroking the mature woman’s lips and trying to make her squirm. At the other end of the line, Holly decided to get involved and added her hand between Donna’s legs, fingering her fellow slave and provoking Donna to reach over and begin fingering Holly.

After a minute, Isaac moved down the line to Donna. Sticky and covered in the frothy mix of bodily fluids, he inserted himself into Donna’s mouth, where she eagerly licked him clean. Just like with Alice, he skull-fucked the woman like a machine, punishing her throat with shove after shove and choking her with his member. Once again, his every shove caused her gag reflex to react, making her mouth water and overflow with the thick slimy mixture of cum and saliva running down her face like syrup.

His continuous thrusts even made her eyes water, causing her ruined makeup to further smear and make a disgusting mess on her face. While he fucked her, Isaac couldn’t help but play with her breasts. He squeezed them hard enough to make her scream, pulled them up and in all directions, and toyed with her nipples like they were tiny stress-relief balls.

Donna hadn’t been trained like Holly and Alice, so it was much more of a struggle to take the rough skull-fucking. She always felt like she was about to throw up, she could barely breathe, she had her eyes screwed shut to keep out the slimy mess covering her face, and she was even feeling a bit of shame and embarrassment for engaging in such a humiliating act. However, those sensations disappeared when he moved on to Holly.

Holly received Isaac even better than Alice and Donna, and was actively sucking him off instead of simply letting him use her throat. As he had with Donna, he played with her big beautiful tits while he fucked her. However, the smooth ride stopped when Isaac shifted his footing and slipped on a small puddle of lubricant. He barely shifted before regaining his balance, but it was just enough to set off Holly’s normally suppressed gag reflex. Her whole body convulsed and Isaac pulled out of her as she lightly puked, his junk and her face sticky with slime.

“Oh shit. Holly, are you ok?”

“Master, please don’t stop,” she gasped.

A warm smile on his face, Isaac leaned down and kissed her on the middle of her chest, just over her heart, and resumed skull-fucking her. As soon as his cock was back in her mouth, she sucked him off like a vacuum, trying to clean off the mess she had made. Her near fanatical efforts broke Isaac’s control and he emptied the last of his reserves into her mouth. She sat up, swallowing his cum happily.

“Ok girls, I think we all need a shower…”

Isaac woke up that night, sore from sleeping in one position for so long but too exhausted to move. After their shower, the master and his slaves had taken a break from sex to have some food and watch some TV, before returning to the bedroom and going at it again. After some more relaxation time and a delicious dinner (eaten off the three girls’ naked bodies), they had sex one more time before passing out.

Isaac had blown through everything he had in that first fucking, so he was unable to do anything but shoot blanks for the rest of the day. Plus, his manhood quickly became too sore to use and he had to sit back. To make up for it, he simply paced himself and had the girls exert their energy on each other, as well as letting them use their sex toys. He also made sure he gave them all equal attention.

Now it was the middle of the night and he had woken up in bed, lying in the middle of a harem crater. On his left side, Holly was clinging to his arm like a child holding a stuffed animal. His hand was between her legs, his palm and fingers sweating against her smooth thighs. On his right, Donna was lying on her side with her back to him. His arm was pinned underneath her with his hand held tightly in her embrace. A surprising behavior for the middle-aged woman, she was actually sucking on Isaac’s thumb as if she were a toddler. Down at the foot of the bed lay Alice, curled in the fetal position between Isaac’s legs, the same way a cat would snuggle up in her owner’s lap.

The three girls were all deep asleep, having worn themselves out from hours of sex. He knew that they were all happy, and he was happy to have all of them in his life, his dear sweet slaves. He had originally woken up because he was sore from lying in the same position for so long, but seeing how comfortable the girls were, he decided he didn’t want to disturb them and would simply try to fall back to sleep the way he was. He laid his head back and smiled, unable to believe how great his life had become.

Isaac smiled as he slowly woke up, catching the smells of a breakfast feast being cooked in the kitchen. There were pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, and even some waffles. He could hear his three slaves in the kitchen, working to the tune playing on the radio. Standing naked, the three of them giggled as they danced to the music, incorporating the movements into their labors of love. Side by side at the stove, Holly and Donna bumped their hips together to the music’s beat, moving in mirror images of each other with coy smiles on their faces as they watched each other’s breasts bounce in the corners of their eyes.

Needing a plate for the cooked sausages, Donna twirled across the kitchen, wrapping her arms around the nearby Alice. Her head between the woman’s bountiful breasts, Alice looked up at Donna and smiled, while moving her body from side to side just like her dance partner. Holding Alice’s hand, Donna rolled her up and unrolled her like a yoyo, as if dancing the tango. They were all so happy, their family felt full. Still in bed, Isaac had a content smile on his face, feeling blessed for the three wonderful slaves he now had. Ready to greet the morning and his girls, he got out of bed and traveled to the den and the kitchen, not even bothering to get dressed.

“Good morning, Master!” they all said happily.

“Good morning,” Isaac hummed, embracing his beloved slaves and giving each of them a soft kiss.

“Breakfast will be ready in just a minute, Master. Please relax,” Donna said with a wink, finding herself strangely happy in once again having people to cook for.

Isaac chuckled to himself and left the kitchen, taking his place at the head of the small dinner table in the den behind the couch. He smiled as he watched them work, basking in the light of their smiles, and of course relishing the sight of their naked bodies. To think, they all belonged to him, his precious treasures. Minutes after he sat down, the girls all came out with plates of food, a buffet for the four of them to share. With a feast laid out before them and cups of steaming coffee (just tea in Alice’s case), they all settled and ate hungrily, having burned more calories the previous day then they could count.

The conversation almost immediately drifted back to the sex they had enjoyed, with the girls teasing each other about the funny faces they made when they came or when they rode Isaac’s machine, Isaac joking about the things the four of them had done, laughing about a few funny accidents that had happened, and just tossing around ideas for new things they could do, both in the bedroom and just out in the world.