My Initiation Into BBC


My intial introduction of being introduced to BBC and the worship of black cock

It was a warm evening in LA, I was young man and alone and seeking to find acceptance somewhere and so I had traveled to Downtown, Main St to go to an adult movie theater. This was many years before the internet.

The Main St area had dive bars and X-rated movies for all, and I went into one not sure of what to expect, but still seeking to find something or someone. I sat near the back row in the center and was entranced by the explicit volume of sex being displayed. My juices were warming, and my cock was filling and straining to get out of my jeans.

Suddenly a handsome black man sat down next to me, and I became more excited with anticipation not knowing what was happening. He touched my leg softly and gently, then slowly inched up my thigh and felt my crotch and hard cock. He took my hand and pulled it into his lap and to my surprise I realized his pants were open exposing a hard cock. It was warm and hard, and felt enormous as I wrapped my hand around it for my first time of touching anyone’s cock, and the thrill was building.

His hand was trying to pull down my zipper so I helped him so that he could feel my cock, which was not nearly as big as what his felt like, but just the touch of his hand was so exciting. A few strokes and I came in his hand, and he then turned and asked if I liked it. I said yes and he asked if I wanted to go somewhere and explore more together, and I nodded and followed him out of the theater.

We talked and I was intimidated by his masculinity, Black, 6’4” and built but not massive. As I am 5’7” and smaller than he, I was shy and felt about to be controlled by this magnificent human standing before me. He said he lived near by and we walked to his home.

When we entered the place was dim and soft lighted and sparsely furnished and centered in the room was a large squared table with thick padding. It was possibly 8’ square and was not meant for dining, (on food) and I was about to learn that it was meant for pleasure.

Without talk he undressed me and told me to get on the table, as he undressed. I was excited to see that he was hairless like myself as I never liked body hair, as it made me feel softer and a little feminine. He came over so that I could see his manhood that was large and swelling with precum slowly oozing from its tip. He lowered the lights even further and slipped beside me.

He then asked if I had ever been fucked? I have never been with anyone; let alone a man and told him it was my first time. He smiled and said, you will enjoy this time if I obeyed!

“Obey” a question that lingered but I was too excited to worry about, as he tied my hands together and told me to relax, the fun was about to begin.

Suddenly a voice from the dark asked to join and then there was two matching men, with 12” cocks next to me. I could not say no, I needed them strangely, so I let myself be theirs to teach.

I was told to suck a cock as the other felt my smaller cock, and I tasted the sweetness of BBC for the first time, it gagged me but made me want it more, as I felt it swelling in my mouth he took my head and pushed it down upon his cock until it pushed past my throat and to the hilt. The other one was pushing his fingers into my ass, first one then two and the he push something warm against my ass that caused me to wince with pain, I realized it was his cock, and after resting with just the head inside he slowly pushed in halfway letting me become accustomed to his large cock, and he again pushed even deeper with each thrust until I had taken him deep into my virgin asshole. My mouth was filled with cock, my ass was being gapped by 12” cock, my ecstasy was overwhelmingly intense. Suddenly my head partner pushed his cock to the hilt and let out a hot burst of come, I was drowning in cum and it was then I felt the gush of hot juice enter my ass, filling my inside as cum spilled out of my mouth and over my face. I was being spit roasted by two black men causing my cock to spill its own load over my body.

I was exhausted. I was grasping for air when my head partner said, “she will do”, and as I asked what that meant, I was given a quick shot in my ass, and I passed out.

When I awoke, I was dressed in panties, and made up to be a girl. I was still tied to the table but now there were 8 people around who all were black, and all had large cocks ready to be serviced. My head partner said I was to obey everyone and give them what they wanted, and I would learn to enjoy the company of these brothers. I said yes!

I was first approached by a strong 10” cock, and was mouth fucked deep past my gag reflex, and my ass was again infiltrated by a a smaller but bigger around cock, it stretched my ass so wide I thought it would tear open, each and had a cock that I stroked in eagerness to hoping that I would taste them soon. Hot cum down my throat soon had me covered in cum, my ass was filled over and over till it could not contain the liquid and was running down my thighs. I was lifted off the table and put in a swing with my ankles tied high and my legs wide exposing my ass to any cock, and my head was hung back exposing my throat to cock after cock. I then felt a hand enter my ass, four fingers pushing against my rose bud, when suddenly a thumb was tucked in and the hand slipped easily into my ass with a pop, the pressure was intense but again my extasy was heightened, and my pleasure of abuse was sublime. I gulped the cum and then was pissed upon to quench my thirst and I sought more and more in my unending need for cock’.

It was then several days until I had the second night filled ecstasy of sex and debauchery, but that is another story!

I was then fucked and sucked all night and taught that the worship of BBC would become my life, and I will be forever happy that I was initiated by Dwayne, my love, my lover my pimp.