We are a well presented and attractive couple approaching forty with an active sex life. My partner Jon is slightly older and he has never had a bi-sexual man blow him I learnt.

I have often teased my man by telling him I would love to watch another male blow him. I can sense he is bi-curious from some of our conversations as we look at nude males in art galleries and on XNXX.

At least once a week I make a point of blowing him. He has the biggest cock I have ever had, eight inches and thick and at other times I suck his cock as foreplay before we fuck.

“I really would love to watch another male blow you,” I whispered as he was about to blow while we were holidaying in a five-star hotel in a tropical paradise.

“Make it happen baby, would love you to watch,” he groaned as his breathing quickened before he shuddered and had a huge climax.

I made some discrete inquiries with the hotel concierge who asked me to explain my request in some detail.

“A pretty man, well built, ten or fifteen years younger than us who can provide my man with his first ever bi-sexual experience. I want it to be exciting for him, very exciting, and I want to watch. It’s all about sexual pleasure for both of us, but my man especially.”

Next morning the concierge arranged a meeting in the coffee shop with ‘what might be a suitable man, who has a good reputation.’

Garth was very attractive, tallish, blond, well built and most articulate as we discussed what we wanted him to do for us as we finalised the arrangements.

“Three this afternoon in your room, looking forward to pleasing you.”

At two I trimmed Jon’s pubic hair so had nothing but a small tuft above his cock. After I watched him shower I smeared oil all his body with special attention to his arse and cock.

“Make Garth work for it baby, I expect you to last for at least twenty minutes. And enjoy it for me.” I tell him as I watch him dress in very tight jeans and t-shirt.

“It’s all about sexual pleasure for both of us, you especially. And I am going to enjoy watching you be pleasured by your first ever man.”

Garth arrives right on time dressed in shorts and a t-shirt which he quickly throws off.

“Any special preferences, do you want me naked, or partly naked in my jock strap?”

“Jock strap,” Jon murmurs.

“Happy to oblige,” Garth smiles confidently knowing he is the centre of attention for a male and female as he turns his back and slips his shorts off.

His muscled arse is a turn on for me and looks fantastic framed by the thin tight straps of his jock strap as Jon soaks it in.

At that point I decide to add to Jon’s excitement. He asked me to wear my black stockings and garter belt while I watched him having his cock sucked as extra stimulation.

Eager and happy to please my man I stand directly in Garth’s sight and let my dressing gown drop to the floor.

“That looks fantastic baby.” Jon murmurs but not surprisingly Garth does not give me a second glance.

Without saying a word Jon takes his shirt off then whispers, “Lick my nipples, turn me on, tease me, make my cock want you.”

“How am I doing? Do you like that?” Garth asks after a short time as Jon undoes the zip on his jeans to release his very erect cock as he flaunts it and teases the underside with the tip of one finger for Garth .

“Wow, nice surprise you are hung, any special preferences, do you want me naked?” Garth asks again as he licks his way down Jon’s eager body, undoes the zip on his jeans and pulls them to the floor.

“Watch me put my cock ring on for you,” Jon flirts as Garth watches hungrily while Jon fastens the strap under his balls.

“Now scratch my arse … harder.

“Now lick and kiss my cock, I have waited a lifetime for this.”

Instead Garth teases his cock with his fingertips to heighten the sexual tension.

I am pleased that Jon is really making an event of this and not just a wham bam moment. And watching the two men is very sexually stimulating for me.

“Lick and kiss my cock, now.”

I can hear Jon’s sharp intake of breath as Garth kneels in front of him and commences licking and kissing his throbbing erection with his fingertips digging into his arse cheeks.

“Do you want me naked?” Garth asks again as I watch his cock straining for release from his jock strap.

“Not yet, wait until you have my cock in your mouth.

“Tease my balls with your fingertips,” Jon whispers in almost ecstasy as I watch intently.

I watch as Jon lays back at forty-five degrees on the sofa, “Now fuck my cock with your mouth, right now,” Jon urges as Garth inserts his cock between his lips.

“You have my cock in your mouth, love it, now get naked for me,” Jon whispers as Garth slips his roaring erection over the top of his jock strap but leaves it on.

That looks magic, leave it like that,” Jon smiles as he ogles the cock of a man who has his cock in his mouth.

I am pleased to note that Garth is well endowed but maybe an inch smaller than my man, though just as thick.

“Your cock is rock hard for me, how long can you last for?” Garth teases as he licks the tip of Jon’s cock, then expertly slides at least five-inches of it deep into his mouth while teasing Jon’s nipples with his fingertips.

“My lady wants to watch for at least twenty-minutes she told me. My pleasure is her pleasure when it comes to sex she always says.”

“I love a challenge and your cock is very challenging,” Garth smiles as he lets Jon’s cock slip out of his mouth before taking even more of it between his lips and pinches Jon’s nipples.

“Do you want soft, slow and gentle or hard and fast,” Garth teases as he very gently strokes my man’s roaring erection with his fingertips and licks it at the same time.

“I like watching Garth giving you a blow job baby, your cock looks magnificent in his mouth. You are turning me on, really turning me on,” I tell Jon as I reach for my vibrator.

“I have wanted to watch a man blowing you for a long time. We chose very well with Garth,” I tell him as Garth has just the tip of his cock in his mouth while he softly strokes the full length of it.

I watch fascinated as Garth varies his technique as he pushes Jon’s erection upwards and licks the underside of it then licks his balls before he takes most of it in his mouth and sucks it very softly.

“So good baby, so good,” Jon is moaning as he watches Garth releases his very wet cock and tease the full length of it with his fingers. He then wraps his hand around it, strokes his full length softly and slowly increases the pressure.

“You wanted twenty minutes, do you think you can last that long,” Garth teases confident of his skills as Jon is starting to breathe heavily,

Garth sits on the floor, his back to the wall and motions for Jon to stand in front of him with his hands on the wall, strokes Jon’s cock, then tells him, “Use me, fuck my mouth with your big cock, just like you fuck your lady’s cunt.”

Jon is very eager to use him as he looks down and slowly teases almost the full length of his roaring erection into Garth’s pursed lips as Garth lightly scratches his balls.

I watch intently as Jon repeatedly withdraws his erection and slowly teases almost the full length of his roaring erection into Garth’s pursed lips, his increased pleasure obvious with each thrust.

I know well enough to understand when he is close to orgasm and right now his breathing is very heaving to the point he is panting as he frantically slides his very wet and very erect cock in and out of Garth’s pursed lips.

“Twenty-minutes, you have both done very well,” I tell them as I glance at the wall clock.

I have already cum twice on my vibrator, though I suspect the two men have been too busy with each other to notice and I am ready to cum again.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me now, I am almost screaming as Jon starts to groan and shake as he blows a high load across the room as I orgasm with him.

Then we both closely watch as Garth frantically masturbates and blows.

The very next night Jon was like a stallion as he fucked me.