Not just another business trip


My name is Steve and I’m 41, 5’8 tall and not in too bad shape I guess for my age. I play sport still and although not that toned I don’t quite have an expanding waist line just yet. I’m happily married to Debbie who is 38. We’ve been together since school, got married and had a kid very young but have always been happy together.

I work in marketing and have to travel a fair bit for my job. Now our son is older and has left home it’s not so problematic with home life.

Most of my business trips were to our other office in a small town a few hours from where we lived. It wasn’t the most glamorous location but I always got to stay in a really nice hotel which had a good gym and pool/spa area which helped pass the time while away from home.

Anyway, it was just a normal day of working away from home for me, finished in the office, checked in at the hotel, sorted all my things in my room and then headed down to the spa for a bit of chill time before heading out for some food and a few drinks.

I entered the changing rooms and start to get changed. I took my shoes and socks off and put them in a locker but while I did that I felt a large presence move past me. As I turned around I was faced with a mountain of a man. He had chosen the locker opposite me and was stood with his back to me. I continued to take my shirt off slowly but was a bit taken aback by the size of the guy. He must have been about 6’6, very dark black skin, huge broad shoulders and had huge arms protruding from his tight t-shirt. I have to admit at this point, I am straight but can acknowledge a well built and defined figure every now and again.

It was at this point he stretched to remove his T-shirt and placed it in the locker. His whole upper body was huge, big shoulders, a triangle shape to his waist to shoulders and could see the ripped abs as he twisted to remove his top. He could not see but I was staring a bit in disbelief as I continued to undress very slowly, carefully undoing my belt and sliding my trousers to the floor.

At this point he put his hands on the waistband of his jogging bottoms and in one motion slipped them down over his legs. He stood there still facing away from me with his now naked body staring back at me. His legs were huge, like tree trunks, and they made their way up to the most well defined, muscly round ass you have ever seen. I don’t think I’d ever seen a physique like his before, if you could have built one from scratch, this is the type of body every guy would choose to have. And that’s when I saw, underneath his ass, something hanging between his legs, ‘it couldn’t be’ I thought, not that size.

‘oh my god’ I said unwillingly as I realized it was his cock that I could see. He immediately turned around and looked straight at me.

‘I’m sorry?’ he enquired, now face on, his ripped physique dominating the whole changing room and now with his huge penis hanging in front of him. I had never seen anything like it, very thick and long, probably 8-9” and soft. He was cut too.

I still couldn’t answer, I was so embarrassed, I hung my head down to look at the floor but could feel him start to walk over. As I lifted my head slightly all I could see was his waist down as his muscular lower half moved closer and his black snake swinging back and forth. He stopped with his frame right next to me. His cock within inches of my face almost hanging the full length of my face.

‘did you say something?’ he asked again

‘I’m s s sorry’ I muttered

‘not seen many guys built like me hey?’ he said confidently. ‘now come on don’t be shy, have a good look’ he teased as he lifted my head to be looking straight at his groin.

‘I’m Jarrod’ he said ‘and you are?’ as he carried on the conversation as if this was perfectly normal.

‘Ssss Steve’ I managed to get out while hoping no one walked in with my face so close to his monster dick. I’m not sure what had got into me, I have never had any tendencies towards men of any kind but he had me transfixed. He heard the door open and he went back to his locker, pulled on some very tight speedos that really didn’t hide all that much, and then shut his locker.

‘well, nice to meet you Steve’ Jarrod went on ‘see you in there’ and with that wandered off into the pool and Spa area.

I sat there for another 5 minutes, my heart racing and almost sweating but trying to work out why I felt like this. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go into the pool area any more, should I just go back to my room. But then the image of Jarrod flashed into my mind and almost on auto-pilot I put on my swim shorts and headed into the pool.

I swam a few lengths as I normally do before heading for a relax in the jacuzzi. The pool area was quiet tonight, a few in the pool but I couldn’t see Jarrod anywhere. As the others left it felt like it was just me in the whole area, maybe Jarrod had gone but I couldn’t work out how. Then all of a sudden he appeared from the sauna behind me and entered the jacuzzi next to me.

He lay there with his ridiculously tight speedos just breaking the surface of the water with what looked like a giant sea snake trapped within them. Without looking at me he said sternly ‘Steam room, 2 minutes’ got up out of the hot tub and walked round the corner to the steam room. I was sat there in disbelief, what do I do? What did he want with me? Why would I go and find out?

But it was almost as if I was on auto-pilot again, I got out of the hot tub and also headed to the steam room. I knew the steam room as had been in many times but it was a deep room with a lot of steam and it made it difficult to make out where he was. I walked slowly towards the back of the room where his huge dark frame began to become more visible as he sat on the top level of the 2 seating areas.

He didn’t say a word as I approached him, but he moved his legs in such a way there was really only one place to sit, almost sat directly opposite him, with my head almost at the same level as his waist. Once I was sat down, he looked me in the eye, then looked down at his groin, he reached one hand down and pulled up one side of his speedos and allowed his huge member to drop from the constraints of his clothing.

‘that’s what you wanted to see isn’t it?’ he said cockily

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I nodded as my eyes were transfixed on his cock. ‘touch it’ he ordered.

I’m not sure I wanted to but my arm reached out to grab it, trying to get my hand around his girth.

‘feels good doesn’t it?’ he asked knowingly. Once again I nodded.

‘now put it in your mouth’ he ordered, even more forcefully. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, I had never ever dreamt of sucking another cock in my life but here I was with my head almost being pulled by a strange force towards his big black cock. I lifted the heavy flaccid dick towards my lips, his huge pronounced helmet getting closer as I opened my mouth wide. I closed my eyes as I felt it touch my lips and tongue as I pulled it further into my mouth, I was lost in the moment. Suddenly the door opened, Jarrod pulled his cock back inside his speedos and started up a conversation pretending to be about work.

My mind was all over the place, what had I just done? what was I about to do? Was I lucky to escape?

As the other guy came into the steam room, Jarrod patted me on the shoulder and said ‘no worries Steve, see you in the changing rooms no doubt in a bit’ and with that he got up and left.

Was that it? Had I escaped? Did I want to? My heart was still racing at 100 miles an hour as I tried to calm myself down. As I waited a few minutes, I then replayed what Jarrod had said. Did I need to go to the changing rooms? Was I now late? Had I missed my chance? I still couldn’t be sure what I actually wanted but my body was walking quickly towards the changing rooms. As I walked in all I could hear was a shower running. I had a quick look in the changing rooms but there was no one there so made my way to the shower cubicles. There were only 4 showers and all had closed doors but only one had a shower running. That’s when I looked up and on the shower door at the end of the line were Jarrod’s speedos hanging on the top. My heart started racing again, he was in the shower and fully naked. I approached the door carefully and then saw it was unlocked. I slowly opened the door as his huge frame came into sight. He was facing right at me with his head under the shower, water rippling down his incredible physique, and then I noticed it. Sticking out at right angles from his body was now an even bigger and now rock hard cock. I had never seen anything like it but it must have been 11” long and so thick. I was away in dreamland when he leant forward and shut and locked the door. Pushed my body down on to my knees and placed his throbbing cock in my face.

‘this is what you wanted now suck it’ he said pushing his cock into my face

I wasn’t sure this is what I wanted but I couldn’t stop myself, my mouth opened and my hand guided him in as I started to suck and lick at the huge head of his cock. I put one and then two hands on his length and started to wank him into my mouth. My 2 hands back and forth as my mouth tried its best to fit in as much as it could while continuing to play with his head with my tongue.

He let out some moans and groans as I could feel his cock get harder and harder and start to throb. I had never done anything like this before but it felt like I was doing a good job and looking up at this huge physique moaning and quivering at my touch made me feel so good. I picked up the speed as my confidence grew, making more noise with my slurping, covering his cock in more saliva as I jerked him harder. I could feel his body tighten, he reached forward and grabbed my head so it couldn’t move. ‘don’t stop’ he ordered, I duly obliged.

My mouth and 2 hands working in perfect unison had got him to the point of no return, I felt a huge deep thrust into my mouth with his cock as he let out a moan as I felt a hot spray into my mouth. ‘oh my god’ I thought, he has just cum in my mouth, I wasn’t sure what to do, as before I knew it another huge spray filled my mouth further. Now I had tasted my own cum before but never anything in this quantity, and it wasn’t mine! I was still debating what to do when ‘swallow it’ he ordered. I looked him in the eyes, closed my mouth and swallowed his huge salty load.

He smiled, grabbed his towel and left the shower. As he turned to pull the door, he looked down at me and said ‘look like someone got a little bit excited, a little something need sorting out?’ whilst laughing. He shut the door, I looked down and I had a hard on in my shorts. I was so horny I pulled down my shorts and revealed my 5” hard dick. I wrapped my hand round it, after Jarrod’s it felt so small, but with just a few strokes I could feel the cum building and shot my load all over the wall. I must have let out a noise as I heard a snigger from the changing rooms.

As it dawned on me what I had just done, I started to feel embarrassed and ashamed, I stayed in the shower for a long time, washing myself thoroughly and washing my mouth out too as I could still taste him.

After about 10 minutes, I heard the door go and so thought it must be safe to go and get changed. I looked carefully from the shower and all was quiet. I made my way to the locker, but when I got there, on the door was a sticky note ‘Steve, text me, 07898725426, Jarrod’

My heart sank, what had I done? What if Debbie ever found out? But at least I thought I don’t have to text him, he hasn’t got my number. I got dressed quickly and returned to my room. I didn’t want to go to the restaurant in case he was there, so ordered some room service and a few drinks for the rest of the evening.

The next few hours passed slowly as I tried to concentrate on what was on the TV but I couldn’t get the image of Jarrod out of my mind. His muscular physique, his domineering presence.. his huge cock. Why was I so fascinated? Why did he want me?

The more I drank the more I started to relive the moments again, and as I relived them I got harder and harder again. I was perplexed, I wasn’t gay, I didn’t even fancy guys, but the fact that this guy wanted me and the way I managed to make him cum made me feel special. Then without thinking the implications through fully I sent him a text. ‘Jarrod, it’s Steve’.

I sat back, realizing what I had done, in disbelief. I looked at my phone again to make sure I had sent the text. That’s when I noticed the time. It was nearly midnight, was he going to be pissed off that I sent it so late. I sent another one ‘sorry, didn’t realise it was so late’.

I tried to calm myself down, what was I doing? As I watched the phone intently.

It was a few minutes before the ‘ping’ of the message arrived. I leapt for the phone, what did it say?

‘Lucky for you I’m up late, room 131, 2 minutes’

Oh my god, what had I done, what next? I didn’t have time to think. I collected my key card, headed out of my room and made my way directly to room 131.

As I approached it, everything was quiet, I went to knock on the door but noticed it was on the latch. I pushed it open slowly, entered the room, shut the door behind me and walked into the heart of the room. As I walked past the wall to the bathroom the bed started to appear into view, the crisp white linen all ruffled and sat up on the bed, legs spread wide at the knees was Jarrod, his cock draping on the white sheets between his legs.

‘Hi Steve, you came’ he said cockily

‘sorry Jarrod, I’ve had a few drinks’ I tried to excuse my decision.

‘it’s ok Steve, you don’t have to explain yourself to me, is quite clear you can’t get enough of my big black cock, you did a good job earlier, so you better not disappoint me now’ he opened his legs wider and almost enticed me onto the bed.

I didn’t hesitate and crawled onto the bed between his legs. I could see his whole body in all its glory, I couldn’t help myself, I started teasing his cock with my hand but started kissing his body all over. Starting at the top of his chest, kissing his rock hard pex, his nipples and then down across his abs. his cock was hardening by the second as I made my way to kiss his muscular thighs, one hand on his cock and the other exploring his huge firm frame.

I could tell he was enjoying it with his moans, and sighs and his now enormous hard cock. I placed both hands now on it and started to stroke it long and slow. I leant forward and spat on his cock to provide some lube for my hands.

‘Jeez man, you really love it bad don’t you Steve’ he joked as he twitched around as he enjoyed me stroking him. I looked him in his eyes and then dropped my mouth onto his huge head once more. It felt so good, my mouth stretched but knowing he was loving each kiss and suck as I did it.

‘wow, you do suck cock good Steve, you really are a good little bitch’ he said forcefully and pushed his cock into mouth further.

‘bitch’ I thought, ‘did he just call me a bitch?’

‘that’s it you love it you bitch don’t you’ he said again.

I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked, but I don’t know why it turned me on more, his power over me, that I would do anything to please him, he was right.

I removed my mouth from his cock and made my way to his balls. My hands continued to stroke his cock but my tongue was all over his huge balls. ‘and I didn’t even have to ask, you’re a top bitch’ he said with a huge smile on his face.

I couldn’t fit his balls in my mouth but I was going to try, slowly forcing one all the way in. licking it and swirling it around in my mouth. I could feel his cock throbbing again, I started to jerk him quicker while continuing to lick his balls. I could feel he didn’t have long left, he was raising his body from the bed as so I could get more at his balls. As he did this I could see his huge muscular ass perfectly against the white linen, it looked perfect. I’ve always been an ass man on ladies but never on men, but I couldn’t help myself, without knowing I moved my tongue down from his balls and licked my way to his ass.

Before he realized what was happening my tongue was licking at his tight black ass, teasing it.

‘oh yes, you dirty bitch, lick my black ass’ he said

I wasn’t going to disappoint and continued to probe my tongue around his nerve endings around his ass while I pumped his cock. He was so close I could feel the tension building until he let out an almighty roar as he came. My face was still buried in his ass to see what happened but I felt a heavy drop land on my head as he sprayed his cum up in the air over my head and back.

He let the orgasm subside for a few seconds and then without as much as a thank you he ordered me to leave the room.

I wasn’t sure what had happened and how was I going to get back to my room, covered in his cum? With a hard on?

I looked at him questionably but he wasn’t looking he just waited for me to leave. I opened the door and made it back to my room as quickly as I could managing to avoid seeing anyone else. As I got back to my room I went straight into the bathroom, dropped my trousers and wanked myself again as I came in a few seconds again. I looked up in the mirror as I stood there with my little cock in hand as a large drip of his cum fell from my hair to the sink.

What was I doing? What had I become?

I wanted to feel clean again so took a long shower before going to lie in bed. I was waiting for another text, but nothing. I sent a text ‘night Jarrod’. But no reply.

It took a long time to fall asleep but soon enough I was woken by my alarm on my phone. ‘Shit’ what happened last night, was it all a dream? I checked my phone to see the few messages to Jarrod, it wasn’t a dream. But still no reply.

Was that it? Was that all he wanted from me? Was that a good thing? I really wasn’t sure. But I remembered back to the feeling of being wanted, the feeling of such a god wanting me to service him and I couldn’t help but want more. I couldn’t help myself ‘good morning’ I text.

No reply. Nothing.

It was such a long day at work, all the thoughts running through my head, constantly checking my phone. However, I finished up work early and headed back to the hotel, still no message, I couldn’t text him again. What could I do?

I decided to go the spa, maybe he would be there again, maybe he would see me and want me again. I waited for a long time but no sign, I even had dinner in the restaurant, a drink in the bar, but no sign. I retired to my room disheartened, would I ever see him again?

I stripped off and got into bed, after a late night the previous night I fell to sleep quickly. A few moments later, I was woken by my phone.

‘Room 131, 2 minutes’ oh my god it was Jarrod. My heart began to race, a smile came across my face. But I wasn’t dressed. I just threw on my hotel robe and made my way to his room. Once again the door was on the latch and once again I made my way inside while locking the door.

This time as the bed came into view I could see Jarrod lying face down on the bed, in a star position, his dark skin looking perfect against the white crisp sheets.

‘you were so good last night I want you to eat my ass’ he said bluntly and lifted his muscular rump from the bed slightly. I didn’t say anything but walked around to between his legs. Dropped onto my knees and started kissing my way up his legs until I reached his pert ass. I kissed his cheeks and slowly parted them with my hands as I pushed my tongue towards his tight hole. He started to moan already as I teased his ass. Right beneath my face his cock was down between his legs. I reached with one hand to start playing with it. ‘NO!, not yet, not until you’ve finished with my ass’ he instructed. I removed my hands and continued to lap away at his ass. I licked around his hole and then started to probe my tongue into his bum. ‘oooowww’ he let out an almighty groan. He reached around and with his huge hands he parted his cheeks and shouted ‘deeper’

I did as I was told, I pushed my tongue deeper into his ass, he was now backing up onto my tongue, my face embedded between his huge muscly cheeks, barely able to breathe. I wasn’t going to give in, I forced myself deeper as I could hear him groan with pleasure, he was building inside, I knew it was time. I reached round and started to milk his cock. The combination of me milking him while my tongue was fucking his ass was too much, in seconds he let out an almighty roar as he came all over his white sheets.

I kissed down his ass cheeks once again and then kissed down the shaft of his cock, licking the last drops of cum from his head and then starting to hoover up the huge pile of cum from the sheets.

‘My god Man, that was incredible, you’re the best bitch I’ve had yet.’

‘now as you’ve been so good I’ll let you look at me while you jack that little thing off’ he said laughing.

I looked down and my little dick was sticking out from my robe. I felt embarrassed but also grateful of the opportunity, I opened the robe and began to pump my cock with my fist. I could see his big black frame sprawled on the bed, his huge limp cock lying before me, it only took seconds before my load covered the carpet.

‘glad you enjoyed that Steve’ he laughed.

He gestured for me to join him on his bed. I lay there next to him, almost half the size in almost every dimension awaiting what was to happen next.

‘So you definitely passed the test Steve, to service me more than once and keep coming back for more, and to get better each time, as I said, one of the best I’ve had’

I lay there glowing, for some reason very proud of my performance. ‘Thanks’ I said more confidently

‘but now it’s time for phase 2’ Jarrod said

I looked at him confused, was I supposed to know what this meant? Then it dawned on me and a huge lump was in my throat, ‘no Jarrod, you can’t, I can’t take that thing in my ass’ I said very sternly.

I looked at him as he started to laugh ‘haha, don’t worry bitch, I’m not into guys asses, doesn’t do anything for me’

I let out a huge sigh of relief, ‘but then what is phase 2?’ I asked, not sure I even wanted to know the answer.

‘I want your wife Steve, and you will give her to me’ he said with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

‘No, definitely not, it’s not going to happen, Debbie wouldn’t even want to’ I said confidently ‘she’s not even that bothered by sex anymore’. I was starting to put on my robe to leave when Jarrod stopped me

‘look up there bitch’ he pointed up the corner of the room to a phone. ‘that just recorded you eating my ass. And so now you have 2 options. You either leave now and this video finds its way to Debbie or other people you know or option 2. Where your wife gets to experience all of this’ as he displayed himself in all his glory ‘and you get to service me some more. So What’s it to be?’

I was stuck in my tracks, what was I to do. I couldn’t let anyone see the video, what would they think and surely Debbie wouldn’t do anything and then it would all be over?

‘what happens if Debbie’s not interested?’ I asked disgruntledly

‘if she’s not interested then our deal is off, I may then distribute the video, so what’s it to be?’

I was in too deep now, what was I to do? How could I manage to escape this mess? The embarrassment of the video forced my hand.

‘ok, ok, I will see how to get my wife here’ I said very downheartedly

‘well, I’m here this weekend’ said Jarrod ‘can you get her here then?’

‘no way, how do I even do that? we’ve got plans this weekend anyway I’m sure’ trying to push out the thought of Debbie meeting Jarrod.

‘why don’t you text her and find out? Tell her you’ve been given a free room here for the night and you’re taking her away’ Jarrod sounded like he had done this before, but it was not a bad idea as I had some points with the hotel to use up, she would never know.

I composed a message to Debbie ‘Hi Honey, I hope you’re ok, I know we had plans this weekend but the hotel and spa here have given me a free room Saturday night as I stay here so often. what do you think? Can we cancel our plans and enjoy a relaxing break? X’

I sent the message and waited. ‘while you’re at it Steve, show me some photos of Debbie’ Jarrod insisted.

I looked through my phone and found a few photos. I wasn’t an oil painting and Debbie wasn’t either. She was about 5’4, a size 12, short bob dark brown hair, size 38DD breasts and a curvy waist and ass.

‘Well, Steve, I think I’m going to enjoy fucking that, looks like a nice round ass and big tits. I think you’ll be my best bitch ever if you can eat ass like you do and then provide a chunky wife for me to bang too’

I don’t know why but the way he disrespected me and Debbie didn’t put me off, the thought that now I could please him more started to turn me on further.

I got a reply ‘Hey hubby, that sounds great, we could do with a break. I will cancel all the stuff tomorrow but tell the hotel yes, yes, yes! X love you x’

I showed the text to Jarrod, he smiled knowingly, ‘told you this was going to be easy, now all you have to do is make sure she’s ready for me. All these thoughts about your wife is getting me horny again’

And with that he pushed my back onto his bed, pushed my arms out wide and then rested his shins over my arms as his huge body straddled by chest. His huge drooping cock now once again resting on my lips. He didn’t have to say anything as I opened wide as he thrust his cock slowly into my mouth, my tongue teasing his helmet as he moaned. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and leant forward as he smeared his huge pole all over my face, lifting it and letting it slap heavily on my skin. I could feel him growing harder as he grabbed my head with one hand and pulled it towards his balls, forcing them into my mouth almost choking on them. ‘god you suck balls well bitch’ he moaned as he continued to drive them into my mouth. ‘but now do what you’re best at’ and with one shift of his body he had smothered my face with his ass. ‘yes bitch, eat it’

I could hardly breathe as his huge weight and muscly ass squashed my face. My outstretched tongue desperately trying to get into his ass. He held my head again and rode my face, his ass sliding across my nose and tongue. I stuck my tongue out further as felt it reach deep into his ass. He started to rise and then drop onto my tongue, stretching his tight black ass. I reached round and started to jerk his cock again as he rode me. He was building, I could feel it, I wanted him to cum again so wanked him harder, faster as I continued on his ass. Just as he was about to explode he rose from my face, pulled my head to the edge of the bed so it was hanging off the edge. ‘I’m going to fuck your face like I’m going to fuck your wife bitch’ he shouted. He forced open my mouth, all I could see as I looked up was a huge black silhouette against the lights, a huge black pole coming towards me. Then I felt it, he pushed his cock further into my mouth than ever before.

It hit the back of my throat and I started to gag, he pulled out his cock and slapped my face ‘don’t gag on me bitch’ and pushed it back into my mouth again. He was only half way in but I started to gag again.

He pulled out his cock once again, covered in my saliva and paused by my lips ‘I said don’t gag on me bitch’ and with that he thrust hard and deep into my mouth, I felt his hug head reach my throat, it started to stretch as he forced himself further down, I was struggling to breathe but I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he groaned loudly. I reached up my arms and grabbed his huge cheeks and pulled him further into my throat. His balls now resting on my face as his full length had disappeared inside me. The room started to darken as i started to pass out with lack of air. As my consciousness drifted I heard an almighty roar as a huge spray of hot cum ejected down my throat, then again.

He withdrew his deflating monster from my mouth as I gasped for air to regain consciousness.

‘Holy shit Man, that was awesome’ praised Jarrod ‘you keep getting better, now I bet I know what you want’ he said

I raised my head from the bed and could see my pitiful comparison of a dick standing, throbbing and about to explode. Jarrod crawled onto the bed, sat down with his muscly rump on my groin so my little cock was in the crack of his ass which was covered in my saliva. He rocked slowly back and forth, the feeling of the pressure on my dick and the sight of him pleasuring me was too much and in seconds I shot my load all over my chest and stomach.

Jarrod got up quickly, ‘now get out of here, and see you at the weekend’ he ordered.

I picked up my robe, covered myself up and exited the room quickly and returned to my room. What had I done? I was now somehow in deeper with Jarrod and now involved Debbie, where would this end?

I didn’t sleep much that night but returned home on the Friday to pack for the Saturday. The turnaround was quick with Debbie being very excited about the trip. I was constantly thinking about how it was all going to work, how was I going to please Jarrod again and the time came very quickly as Debbie and I headed out to the hotel on the Saturday.

On arrival we checked in and made our way to the room. I had ordered some champagne for the room as no matter how frigid and boring Debbie can be she was certainly more relaxed after some alcohol.

‘Wow’ she said as she saw the bottle ‘what a nice surprise, I shall enjoy that later’

But I had other ideas, walked over to the bottle, removed from the ice bucket and popped the cork and poured 2 glasses ‘what are you doing Steve?’ she asked

‘Well, it was only going to get warmer and we’re on a little holiday so why not’ I said and passed her a glass.

We chilled in the room and unpacked while having a couple of glasses and I could tell she was getting a bit tipsy so thought it was now time. I text Jarrod ‘heading down to spa soon’

‘Let’s head down to the spa for some relaxation’ I said. ‘we can get changed in the changing rooms down there, so bring your stuff’

We walked down to the changing rooms and entered the separate doors ‘See you in there in a few minutes’ I said.

I got dressed quickly, I couldn’t see Jarrod anywhere as yet, but headed straight through the pool area. Debbie always takes her time to get ready and so I made my way to the Jacuzzi. A few minutes later she made her way from the changing rooms. It was at this moment I could tell my pan was working, now Debbie only has a few swimming costumes and most are very conservative and cover her up but she does own one that is a bit more revealing. I think the drinks must have given her more confidence as it was this one she was wearing, it was lower cut revealing her huge cleavage and the back was cut lower and higher hipped to show off more of her curvy ass.

‘looking very hot there hun’ I said as she climbed into the Jacuzzi

‘thanks babe, I don’t wear this one often but as we’re having a nice break’ she winked

We sat there having a nice chat about the facilities and the plan for food for the evening when from around the corner the imposing figure of Jarrod approached us confidently.

‘Oh wow, he’s a big guy’ Debbie stated, a little taken aback ‘look at the size of his muscles’ she continued.

Before I could say anything Jarrod waved ‘Hi Steve, fancy seeing you here’

‘You know him?’ Debbie asked

I started to panic a bit as I really hadn’t thought this bit through, did I know Jarrod? How did I know him if I did?

‘err.. yes’ I stuttered, I couldn’t really say no now. But then Jarrod saved me as he came to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi. He butted into our conversation without hesitation

‘well if Steve isn’t going to introduce us then I’ll do it for him’ he said cockily

‘I’m Jarrod, I work with Steve, and you must be the gorgeous Debbie he’s always talking about’ he beamed a very big smile and then adjusted himself in his trunks to ensure both Debbie and I looked.

Debbie was taken aback by his boldness and I think by his package as she stammered a reply ‘www..why thank you, and yes I’m Debbie’

I have to say that Jarrod was on top form today, his speedos were even smaller and even more revealing and could almost see the veins and could clearly see the line of his helmet through the material. His flattery and confident approach was clearly working on Debbie as I could see her blushing next to me.

‘well I’ll leave you 2 lovebirds to it and see you around’ he said, winked at Debbie and wandered around to the steam room.

It didn’t take long for Debbie to comment ‘well he’s a larger than life character isn’t he?’ she said ‘I bet he’s popular in the office’ she joked

‘haha, very funny’ I said ‘yes, he’s a big guy and bold with it, ladies seem to love him’ I carried on

‘I hope you don’t mind me saying but I’ve never seen one before but the rumours about black guys aren’t wrong are they?’ she looked a bit embarrassed

‘it’s ok love, you can hardly miss it can you?’ I joked ‘I’m not sure all are but certainly Jarrod is blessed as they say. I don’t think there are many women in the office that haven’t copped a look or even a feel at some point’ I said trying to push the conversation further

‘really?’ Debbie sounded shocked but also curious

‘yes, as you can see he’s not shy about it, always willing to expose himself’ I went on ‘sounds like you’re as curious as the women in the office’ I teased

‘errm, no Steve, not at all, was just saying’ she got all defensive, had my plan backfired?

‘it’s ok Debbie, I was only teasing, you can be honest, you’ve had a few drinks after all’ I laughed

She calmed down a bit ‘I’m sorry Steve, I didn’t want to offend you, you know with him working with you and mentioning his thingy’ she tried to apologies

‘look Debbie, it’s not new to me, I hear it all the time in the office’

‘ok hun, you’re right I was a bit curious, we’ve been married a long time so have not seen very many before and was a bit shocked that’s all’

I didn’t want to let the moment go or for Debbie to get cold feet so I got out of the jacuzzi and grabbed her hand. We walked over to the steam room, I wasn’t sure she knew he was in there.

Just like a few days ago I walked to the back of the steam room and Jarrod’s figure appeared from the steam. I placed Debbie down in the seat I was in earlier in the week.

‘I’m afraid my wife’s as curious as all the rest’ I said, full well knowing what would happen next.

Jarrod smiled and while looking into Debbie’s eyes he pulled the edge of his speedos up and as a few days ago, his huge flaccid cock fell from his trunks. Hanging just as big and heavy as it had in front of me an audible gasp came from Debbie’s lips.

‘come on, don’t be shy’ Jarrod encouraged and reached, grabbed Debbie’s hand and placed it on his thick black dick.

‘oh wow, it’s huge’ Debbie’s face was still in shock almost oblivious to the fact I was there

The door opened again and Jarrod put it back in his speedos, returned to a normal conversation about work once again. Jarrod stood up and went to leave the steam room ‘Enjoy yourselves tonight, what do you guys have planned?’ he asked

‘just heading for a meal I think’ I answered quickly ‘how about you?’

‘not sure yet, on my own tonight so may head out for a few drinks’ he replied

It went quiet for a few seconds and then I asked ‘you’re welcome to join us for dinner if you want?’

‘I wouldn’t want to crowd you guys… but if you really don’t mind?’ Jarrod enquired

I looked at Debbie, my mind torn as to what I actually wanted her to respond with. ‘Of course we don’t mind’ she said smiling.

Jarrod smiled ‘cool, I was planning on eating about 7 so see you then’ and left the steam room.

As he left, we both remained silent for a good 5 minutes, Debbie looked at me a bit embarrassed as to what had happened, the earlier sight and touch of his manhood and then the encouragement to join us for dinner.

As the guy who had entered the room after us left the room, the door slamming seemed to wake us out of our silence.

‘I’m so sorry Steve, but he grabbed my hand, you saw it?’ she tried to explain

‘it’s ok honey, I saw it, I told you he wasn’t shy’ I laughed ‘didn’t hear you complaining’ I added sneakily

Again she looked embarrassed ‘I’m not sure what happened love, he just grabbed my arm and I didn’t resist’

‘it’s ok, he seems to have a strange ability to get people to do as he pleases’ I reassured her ‘I leant over and gave her a kiss ‘good job I love you and don’t mind you grabbing someone else’s huge dick’ I laughed

But then my teasing side got the better of me ‘it’s just a good job for both of us that someone came through the door or from what I hear you’d have got a rather large mouth full.’ I laughed

She looked at me a bit shocked ‘oh no, I wouldn’t have done that’ she protested ‘I couldn’t have, you know I don’t like doing that’ she carried on.

‘anyway, let’s go for a swim and go get ready for dinner’ I said, lifted her up and put my arm around her and walked out of the steam room.

It wasn’t long before we were back in the room and taking it in turns for a shower. I watched as Debbie washed herself with soap, and then watching all of her curves as the water rushed down her body. The sight of her reaching out and grabbing Jarrod’s giant black sausage came into my mind and I soon had a hard-on. As she opened the shower door she looked down at my groin, my hard 5’ cock barely protruding from my trimmed pubic hair as I waited naked to enter the bathroom.

‘not quite as impressive as Jarrod’s is it?’ I joked

‘it’s ok darling, it clearly works and always worked for me, us girls don’t want anything too big even though it was fun to look at it today’ she reassured me ‘It was fun touching it as well and I really love you darling for letting me do that’

She pulled me into the shower and started to kiss me. I kissed her back passionately and my hands started to wander ‘can’t believe how sexy you looked in your swimsuit today honey’ I said

Her hands drifted down to my cock and as she kissed me she started to jerk my cock. One hand almost completely engulfing my stiff dick and making small movements up and down. With all the excitement of the afternoon I did not take long. I tensed up and then shot my load into her hand. The showers spray quickly removing my mess from her hand.

‘that didn’t take long Steve, you were excited weren’t you’ she smiled

I smiled back and then started to kiss her passionately again, my hands groping her big tits and then I leant down to kiss them, my tongue teasing her nipples as they began to stiffen. My hands wandered down to her pussy, starting to tease her clit, I could tell she was up for it as she spread her legs to give my hand easier access. As I worked her up with my fingers I went to my knees to use my tongue, she tasted so horny, but after a few minutes she pushed my head away. ‘thanks darling’ she said ‘but I need to get ready, otherwise you’ll be moaning I’m late again, you can finish me off later’ she winked and left the shower to go and get changed.

As we both got dressed we had a bit more to drink and could see Debbie spending a lot of time in getting ready. She was wearing stockings for the first time in about 15 years and had very sexy lace knickers on which really looked great on her curvy ass. She slipped over a loose fitting summer dress that looked incredible.

‘Wow honey, you look stunning’ I said ‘trying to impress someone?’ I joked

‘it’s all for you darling, you know that’ she reassured me ‘plus Jarrod will be looking at all the younger ladies in the bar tonight’ she continued.

My heart stopped, she was actually thinking about him like that, she seemed to be of the impression nothing would happen. Should I stop this now? What will actually happen if we go down for a meal? Could I bear to see my wife destroyed by Jarrod? Surely Jarrod wouldn’t really send her the video?

I was agonizing internally about whether to go somewhere different for a meal. Maybe we should just head straight out, I was definitely getting cold feet now and not sure I could go through with it. I didn’t tell Debbie, I didn’t want her to know but I thought I would look at the menu quickly and say there is nothing I like and then take her out somewhere quickly before Jarrod turned up, he would surely be late.

So as we headed down the stairs towards the restaurant, I couldn’t see him there, I could see the menu on the wall outside the door, I thought I could make this work, I smiled to myself, everything was going to be ok. As we approached the menu we were stopped in our tracks by the waiter ‘Steve, Debbie, welcome to the restaurant, your table is over here’ and as he pointed over to the far corner of the restaurant, stood by the edge of the table was Jarrod.

He was stood at full height, showing off his physique in a crisp smart shirt and tight dark trousers.

‘wow, someone scrubs up well’ said Debbie ‘that shirt looks like it’s about to rip open’ there was a sense of eagerness in her voice as she walked a bit quicker to the table.

‘Evening Steve’ Jarrod smiled as he shook my hand ‘have a seat’

‘and who do we have here? Wow, looking great Debbie’ he said as he bent down for a kiss on the cheek, at the same time hugging her so she could feel the strength and size of his arms. She wrapped her arms around him and relaxed into the hug with her eyes closed.

Jarrod sat down next to me and ushered Debbie into the corner of the table. It was almost a circular booth style seat but with one end hidden around a corner. I was opposite Debbie with Jarrod in the middle of us both.

Jarrod had already ordered a nice bottle of wine and had poured us all a glass. The conversation flowed normally over starters and main course although Jarrod was laying on all the charm. The second bottle of wine was already half gone and it was now that Jarrod seemed to up the ante on the charm offensive.

‘Steve is a very lucky man, he never told me you were so attractive D, do you mind if I call you D?’ he asked pointlessly as continued ‘D, I think it suits you, sexy D’ he was gently caressing her arm at this point

Debbie looked embarrassed but clearly flattered and trying to play it down ‘aww, you charmer Jarrod, I’m sure any women you were after tonight would be there for you, I’m sure there’s some young ones in the bar, you definitely don’t want an old fat married woman’ she said in a very self depricating way.

Jarrod knew exactly how to respond ‘now listen D, real men don’t like skin and bone you know, we like real women with real curves. And from what I saw in the pool today you definitely have sexy curves’ he winked

Debbie was taken aback by his bluntness but was edging closer to him, listening intently, once again oblivious to her husband on the other side of the table.

‘now I hope you don’t mind me saying, but your boobs are huge and fantastic, how big are they?’ he asked intently

Debbie didn’t quite know what to do but soon replied ‘errm, thank you, they’re a DD cup Jarrod’

Jarrod could now tell she had had a few drinks and was falling under his spell. He reached his arm forward and starting to cup her breasts, gently caressing them through her dress. ‘Oh, wow, yes they are very nice’ he said. Debbie was motionless, doing nothing to stop him as I could see her nipples hardening through the flimsy dress. Jarrod noticed too and started to tease her nipples and then decided to go one stage further and place one hand right down my wife’s top and his huge hand groped one of her breasts. Debbie was shocked but leant back to allow him easier access. He removed one from her bra and leant in to tease her nipple with his huge tongue. Debbie let out a little moan as she closed her eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, he was not even looking at me, asking for my consent but just taking what he wanted in the restaurant.

He knew what he was doing as he as Debbie was out of sight for most of the restaurant, tucked around the corner which meant he could do pretty much as he pleased.

Jarrod pulled her dress back up to cover her back up ‘yes, D, very sexy tits, just look at the impact they had on me’ and with that he pulled her hand and placed it on his trousers below the table which I couldn’t see. Her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. I looked under the table and could see his trousers were at breaking point as his huge cock was hard and stretching them. My wife’s hand was sliding up and down in disbelief at the girth and length that was contained in his trousers.

My head and my stomach were in turmoil, my wife with her hands all over Jarrod’s huge black cock, I couldn’t tell if it was because I was jealous, if life would never be the same again or whether I wanted to be the one enjoying his large cock.

‘bigger than what you’re used to I bet D’ Jarrod said cockily

Debbie nodded gently with a look of lust I have never seen before in her eyes.

‘Now take off your knickers for me D’ he instructed. The look of lust moving to one of shock ‘I can’t’ D said ‘we’re in a restaurant’ she pleaded

‘look D, your knickers are coming off for me now either take them off here or go to the toilet and come back with them’ he said firmly

Debbie was still in shock, not sure what to do, she looked over to me for the first time as if to ask for help. Just as I was about to intervene she moved her hands up inside her flimsy dress, shuffled her bum around a bit and then her hands returned back down her legs. She handed him them to him ‘here you are Jarrod’ she said willingly. I couldn’t believe my eyes, if I would have ever asked her to do anything like this I would have been told to stop being so silly or dirty and here she was passing her knickers to a guy she only met today in a restaurant. He looked at them closely ‘very sexy’ he said ‘were these for me?’ he teased and then handed them to me ‘you better look after these’.

He was looking into Debbie’s eyes and then looked down to his now rock hard cock, she didn’t say a word but her hand returned back to his length and started to feel it through his trousers. ‘good girl’ he said condescendingly. He knew it was time and he placed his hand on her thigh, hitching up her dress his hand slowly caressed up her thigh. I wasn’t sure what to do but I couldn’t help but watch, I was leant over so I could see under the table, her hand stroking his cock through the material as his huge hand made its way closer and closer to her pussy. As the dress rode higher and higher up her legs her trimmed bush came into view as his hand reached its goal. He explored the thin layer of hair, then teasing her clit with his huge fingers before diving in. I saw his index finger enter her now dripping pussy, her legs widening to allow him in, her thighs, and pussy now in my full view. He started to work his finger in and out and then another went in, she let out a moan and was struggling to hold back.

‘You’re so wet for me D, such a sexy pussy, I want it’ his dominant approach now had Debbie in full submission mode ‘youre coming with me while your hubby pays the bill’ he instructed ‘room 131 when you’re ready Steve’ and with that he took my wife by the hand and led her out of the restaurant, his trousers distorted by his length as they wandered up the stairs. I could see his hand reach behind her and grab her ass through her dress and she just leant in closer to him.

I was almost rooted to the spot but I had to go quickly, what would happen if I wasn’t there, I had to be there in case she was in trouble. I ran over to the till and charged the meal to our room and raced up the stairs. I made my way towards the room as I had already a few times this week, I opened the door and stood before me was Jarrod, now with his shirt off stood almost twice the size of my wife with her completely naked opposite him. She was kissing his chest, his stomach and her hands wandering all over his body. I closed the door behind me and made my way into the room.

‘take a seat Steve, this will be fun to watch’ he said cockily ‘now take off my trousers D’

She looked up at him and as she did she undid his belt, unzipped his zip and then watched as his trousers dropped to the floor. He was not wearing any boxers and so his huge granite pole sprang free from its prison and swung towards Debbie’s face. ‘holy shit’ Debbie said, I had never heard her use language like that ‘what am I supposed to do with that? it’s too big’ she protested

‘Suck it D’ he insisted

She didn’t move, I knew she hated giving blowjobs, I tried to intervene ‘She won’t Jarrod, she doesn’t like doing that, she never…’ before I could finish my protest Debbie leant forward, opened her mouth wide and started sucking his huge head of his cock.

She was not just licking it she was sucking it with some vigour and making groans as she did it.

‘I think we may have discovered a secret cocksucker here Steve, think your wife is a black cock sucking slut, isn’t that right D’ he knew he couldn’t do any wrong now, she was his as he held her head and forced his cock into her mouth making her gag. She didn’t complain, protest but just returned to sucking at his huge length, she went to start wanking him with her hands but he leant forward and spanked her bare ass. She grunted in a combination of pleasure and pain.

‘Jarrod, she doesn’t like being spanked’ I insisted but she used her hand again on purpose as he leant over and whacked her ass again with his huge hand. This time it was definitely more pleasure as she forced his cock into her mouth again.

He leant down, lifted her up by her arms so she was standing opposite him. Used his huge arms to pick her up like she weighed nothing at all, kissed her passionately and then threw her onto the bed. He joined her on the bed, his large hands spreading her legs wide as he dove into her pussy. His huge tongue and lips lapping at her clitoris and delving deep into her. Debbie was writhing in pleasure, groaning as she held his head into her groin. The contrast to how she was reacting to my attempt to give her head earlier in the shower was stark, she wanted him bad and the fact that he wanted her had her dripping. He teased he with one, then 2 fingers inside her as he continued to flick at her clit, she was building in a way I hadn’t seen before.

‘you’re soo wet D, I can see you need it, I think you’re ready’ he said as he lifted his head from her groin. He moved his body on top of hers his now throbbing length of pure black pleasure was slowly touching her wet wanton lips. I was beside myself, the woman I loved, legs spread wanting to be taken by the object of my desire from this week, my cock was bursting through my trousers as hard as I can ever remember. Then without mentioning another word he began to slowly force his huge girth into her pussy. I could see her lips stretch as his head made its way in, the noise from Debbie was one of almost pain as she stretched further. He continued his descent into her depths without pausing, second by second his length disappeared inch by inch deeper and deeper into her. Her moans were becoming more strained, she reached behind her to grab a pillow and sheets, anything she could grab hold of to grasp firmly. ‘fuuuuuuucccckkkk’ she exclaimed as he was almost now completely embedded into her.

I had never seen anything like it in my life his huge dick stretching my wife’s pussy so wide and so deep but she wasn’t stopping him ‘is it nearly all in?’ she pleaded

‘almost there, you’re doing great’ and with that encouragement she widened her legs further to allow him in deeper and he didn’t disappoint. He used his arms to push her legs wider and then forced his final couple of inches into her. ‘shhhhiiittt’ she let out a scream of pleasure.

‘shit D, you have a great pussy, not many can take me whole but you feel amazing’ he encouraged ‘Steve, your wife has the pussy of a slut being able to take me, she needed all of this’

Debbie reached up and grabbed his face and began to kiss him passionately again, Jarrod now starting to pick up speed backing out and then re-entering her now fully stretched pussy. Her legs wrapping around his waist and almost pulling him in harder and deeper. Her hands wandering all over his muscular frame as he moved his head to nibble and lick at her nipples. She was breathing heavier than I had ever heard, her moans were growing in volume as he continued to impale her with his black meat. He pushed her knees back towards her shoulders to raise up her waist and really open her up.

He pounded her harder and deeper, his smile getting bigger as he did it, Debbie by now almost in a trance of pure pleasure as her insides were being rearranged. But as he started to drive into her harder and harder I started to sense something was wrong, Debbie’s face had turned from pure pleasure to more worried, ‘stop Jarrod, please stop, I can’t take it anymore’

He didn’t listen he carried on banging away, his balls slapping against her ass as he threw himself into her, ‘Jarrod, please stop, she can’t take it anymore’ I shouted.

Again he didn’t listen, he carried on and Debbie started to groan in a way I have never heard before, they became heavier, deeper, full of expletives as if she was in serious trouble with her body bucking in pleasure and pain. She was getting louder, her movement more violent, I couldn’t stop him, and then with one final thrust he pulled himself out of Debbie as she let out an almighty scream as what can only be described as a fire hose shot from her pussy. The spray of her juices shot over the edge of the bed to the floor and then another spray as her noise and body subsided in a heap.

‘I knew it’ he said, very proud of himself ‘D, you’re a squirter you little slut’

Debbie didn’t look like she knew where she was as she lay exhausted on the bed but Jarrod wasn’t finished yet. He pushed one, then two and then 3 fingers into her gaping, wet pussy and began to fuck her really quickly with his hand. She hardly moved at first but within seconds was bucking at his hand once again, this time knowing what the feeling, she had been scared about moments before, was leading too. ‘oh shit, here I come again’ she shouted and raised her hips off the bed as a further spray of her juices shot out of her pussy. ‘holy shit Jarrod, I can’t take any more’ as she lay quivering on the bed.

Jarrod listened this time. Moved his huge frame to straddle her, placed his throbbing cock between her huge tits and then started to thrust back and forward so his swollen head kept reaching her tongue and mouth. The feeling of fucking her tits while she pleasured his head soon became too much and he leant back and exploded all over her face. I had never seen this much cum before in my life as it kept flowing from his great length, covering her face and filling her mouth.

‘Swallow it D’ he ordered and Debbie duly obliged cleaning him up as the last drops ceased from his orgasm.

The scene of Debbie being ravaged by Jarrod was too much and to see him cover her with cum and her lie there sucking every last drop from his deflating cock was too much as I felt a warm spray of cum shoot into my boxers shorts and start to drip down my leg. I had to take off my trousers and clean myself up. As I did my little cock came into view, dripping in its own juices.

‘a bit too much for little Steve was it?’ Jarrod mocked ‘ I told you it was going to be worth a watch’

He retreated from being on top of Debbie, rolled her over slightly and grabbed her ass with his huge hands. ‘D is one sexy piece of ass’.

He lay down next to her and started stroking her hair and then arms gently, the sensual soft touch following from the serious destruction he’d just caused started to ignite the fire in Debbie again.

‘Glad you enjoyed watching darling, you’re such a great husband for letting me experience this magnificent beast’ as she leant over and started massaging Jarrod monster meat. ‘I’m not sure how after what just happened but I need it again, is that ok darling?’ she asked but I’m not sure why she did as before I answered she was already smothering his cock with her mouth, both hands working it while she licked at his head.

‘I can’t believe how big it is, it just feels so great to play with’ she gushed. She started to kiss up Jarrods rock hard abs and as she reached his lips she said ‘but what really like is the feeling of it deep inside me’. Her leg lifted over his body and she straddled his midriff as she backed up onto his now rock solid pole. The noises she made were incredible as she slowly rode him with her huge round ass rising and sinking to reveal and then devour his cock in her pussy that was creaming all over his dark skin.

I was rock hard again, the sight of my wife’s chunky frame ride his huge meat was better than any movie I had ever seen. She started to quicken and ride him faster and faster her noises getting louder and louder.

Jarrod stopped her at the top of her rise and held her there with the tip of his cock just inside her pussy. ‘now it’s my turn’ he said and with that grabbed her by the ass and started to thrust his powerful frame up from underneath deep into her, he started to pound her so deep and fast. Debbie was letting out screams of pleasure ‘that’s it, fuck me, harder, fuck me’ as she leant forward to grip the headboard. His huge arms spread wide and then returned to her ass ‘Smack’, such a loud noise followed by a groan of pure delight from Debbie. Jarrod was really picking up the pace now and god was Debbie loving it and he knew it.

‘you love my black cock D, don’t you, you slut?’ he asked, no response ‘tell me you love it’

‘Yes Jarrod I love your big black cock, now fuck me’ she screamed. It was like she was possessed.

Jarrod went to fuck her harder but his cock came free from the grip of her pussy and fell to his chest. He tried to adjust himself to slip it back in but couldn’t manage it. His hands were tied up holding her and Debbie’s hands gripped to the headboard. I was in a trance watching this display of pure sexual hedonism when I heard ‘Steve, Steve. Sort that shit out man’ as Jarrod moved his eyes towards his cock.

I moved onto the bed, grabbed his huge hard cock, I couldn’t resist wanking it a few times and then out of view of Debbie I leant forward to taste his cock again, my wife’s juices glistening off his shaft. I removed my mouth from his head and then guided his huge black length back into Debbie’s pussy.

‘oh shit that’s better’ she exclaimed as he re-entered her

‘what a good little husband’ joked Jarrod ‘ putting my huge black dick back into your wife. Now be a better husband and lick her ass’

I’d always wanted to eat Debbie’s round ass and also fuck it but she never let me near it. I didn’t waste my opportunity as I leant forward and started to kiss her fleshy white cheeks and started to lick closer to her tight hole. I was inches away from her pussy being impaled time after time by Jarrod. As I started to rim her she let out more squeals of excitement, her ass being licked while being taken by a huge black cock was getting too much. She moved her arms from the headboard and pulled her cheeks further apart to allow me in deeper. My tongue delving deeper and deeper into her virgin ass. I moved her hands away and used mine to spread her round cheeks wide apart as I tongue fucked her ass.

I was struggling to concentrate as Jarrod was pounding so hard from underneath, his balls were slapping against my chin. I moved my head back and started to probe one finger into her ass, teasing her very tight hole. She moaned again.

I couldn’t miss this opportunity and delved down to suck on Jarrod’s huge black bald balls as I fingered Debbie’s hole. I was in heaven and didn’t want it to stop. As Jarrod eased his pace and Debbie leant forward to kiss him, her ass being explored by my finger and her pussy stretched to its limits by his enormous dick.

As they kissed Jarrod told her of his intentions ‘Now I’m going to take your ass’. Her eyes widened in shock but she didn’t protest, she rose her hips off his pole, shifted them forward and slowly tried to sit on his throbbing length.

‘we need your help darling’ she said without looking at me. I grabbed his cock once more and this time placed at the entrance to her ass. I could not see how this was going to work, her tight virgin ass vs. his thick girth.

With his cock held firmly in place she started to apply more pressure as she forced herself down onto him, my face just inches away as her ass opened, stretched and allowed him to enter. I could see she was struggling but she was not giving up, she continued to lower herself as her screams became louder, half of his cock now lost in her ass.

‘that’s it baby, my little slut, put my cock deep in your ass’ Jarrod encouraged. It was clear it wasn’t going in much further but Jarrod didn’t seem to mind, he had taken my wife’s anal virginity and he lay back and watched as she worked her ass up and down the top half of his huge length. I was about to burst but could see I had more work to do and leant back down to suck his balls. My tongue creeping down towards his ass. He felt where my tongue was going and wanted it.

He sat up and kissed Debbie. He lifted her off his cock and then pushed her face first onto the bed. He placed his dick back at the entrance to her ass and started to drive into her faster than before. My view was amazing, this huge powerful specimen of a man sinking his huge dick into my wife’s sexy ass. She was gripping the sheets barely able to take much more.

It was just then he grabbed my head and forced in between his cheeks. I knew what I had to do and my tongue went to work.

He picked up his pace, he was about to come soon, ‘yeah, that’s it, right in the ass’ he instructed ‘yes Jarrod, I love it in the ass’ Debbie responded thinking it was her he was referring to.

It didn’t take long and Jarrod was throbbing, sinking into Debbie’s ass ‘shit, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum right in my sluts ass’. He removed his hand from my head and used it to spank Debbie’s ass, thrusting harder at her and forcing her deeper into the mattress of the bed. He let out an almighty groan as he pumped his hot juices into her bum. Slowly but forceably shooting each load deep into her.

‘fuuuuccckk’ he exclaimed as he removed his dripping cock from her stretched asshole. He leant forward and kissed Debbie. ‘until next time my sexy little slut’ he whispered and within minutes was dressed and had left the room.

Debbie lay face down flat on the bed, exhausted and ruined from her big black lover, I leaned over and went to kiss her ‘are you ok my love?’ I asked

She turned to look me in the eyes ‘ok? Ok? I think I’m stretched more than I even thought possible, but feel incredible. Thanks my hubby, I didn’t think I could love you more but setting this up for me, allowing me to do this and experience such a man is amazing.’ She kissed me passionately. I had been rumbled, she knew it was a setup, but she didn’t care one bit. ‘and I see you couldn’t help but have a play with his monster either’ she laughed. Damn I thought, I didn’t think she had noticed. ‘don’t worry honey, your secret’s safe with me, not sure how anyone could have resisted.’ And she kissed me again

‘you can clean me up if you like?’ she stated, her eyes moved in the direction of her ass. There I could see her gaping stretched asshole was Jarrod’s huge loads of cum leaking out. I didn’t need a second offer, I moved down to her waist, buried my face between her cheeks and ate up every drop as it left her sexy ass.

‘I can see you like that honey’ she beamed ‘you like having a slut for a wife?’

I wasn’t sure I would ever have admitted it before but yes I did, I continued to eat out her ass. My cock was so hard, watching the whole show and now cleaning her up had me ready to blow.

‘can I cum on your ass please honey, I’m going to cum. I pleaded

‘honey, after tonight you can cum in my ass, fuck me in the ass’ she said in a very domineering voice

I nearly exploded there and then, she had never let me do this but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. I placed my little cock at the entrance to her ass and then slid it in. ‘some upsides to having a little cock’ I laughed ‘I can get it all in’

‘sure can. Fuck my ass with that little dick’ she instructed raising her ass into me. I was in heaven, banging away in my Debbie’s stretched ass and soon it became too much.

‘shhhiiiitttt’ I shouted as I shot my little load into her and collapsed on top of her.