Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 9


Frank uses Angela and Elise giving them pain, pleasure and after care. Has two dogs fuck them and Elise gets dog cock up her ass. Frank fucks his seven slaves in one day.

Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 9

Frank is adjusting well to having wealth and seven sex slaves. Elise and Angela share a session in the play room with pain, pleasure, dogs and after care.

Robert dropped Frank at the mansion. He called Elise, Angela and Kim Li. “Ladies come to the office please.” The office door is open so the three ladies entered. Kim Li said with a smile “May we please you, Master?” He smiled.

“Angela, Elise wait in the play room, please.” They giggled and hurried to the play room, stripped, knelt, spread knees, hands behind them and heads down trembling with excitement.

“Kim Li, we have a new ranch hand starting tomorrow. He needs some financial help. How much do we pay the ranch hands?” She replied $2500 per month, lodging, food, insurance and retirement.” He thought a minute.

Kim Li, increase their pay to $3,000 per month. Get the new hands bank info and deposit a months salary in his account after he reports for work tomorrow.” She smiled. “ Is the new ranch hand the poacher they caught this morning.” He told her. “ He was trying to feed his wife and three small children. Bronc checked him out and found he was telling the truth.”

Kim Li moved to him smiling. “ Master, I love you and your kind, generous heart.” He blushed. “You have work to do and if I am not mistaking I have two beautiful naked young ladies waiting for me to use them.” “On it, Master.” she said as he left the office and she sat at the computer. She contacted Bronc for Tommy Morino’s employment and bank information. Within the next hour she had his employment file set up and a direct deposit for $3,000 ready to send to his bank account.

Frank approached each of the kneeling girls. “Stand ladies and spread.” They quickly stood and spread their legs. He cupped both their hot wet pussies making them moan and push their cunts on his hands. He rubbed the pussies making the two beauties moan louder and leak juices. When he pushed two fingers in their cunts and thumbed their clits they both lost it and powerful orgasms made their knees give way and they went to the mat with his hands still pumping their cunts. His hands are covered with girly cum and the girls are slumping to the floor thrashing with body shaking orgasms. He pulled from their pussies.

He picked up the orgasmic Elise carried her to a near by Y shaped beam, laid her on her back legs spread resting on the beam. She lay with her eyes closed moaning as his hands touched her while he tied her wrist to the beam above her head and her ankles and legs to the lower Y beams. She shuddered hard when he tied rope above and below her tits around the beam holding her body tight to the beam. She screamed with fire in her nipples when he clover clamped them and juices flowed from her throbbing wet pussy.

He picked Angela up carrying her to another Y beam next to Elise and tied her the same as Elise. Both girls moaned and wiggled on the beams as he blindfolded and ball gagged them. He stood between the two bound helpless girls with a zapper in one hand and a flogger in the other. He let them moan and attempt to detect his location. The flogger came down hard across Angela’s lower stomach making her pull against her bounds and scream into the ball gag. Elise screamed and jerked in her bounds before Angela quit screaming.

He hit Angela across her nipples and zapped the side of her ass cheek then Elise across the tits and zapper to her ass cheek making both girls scream pulling on the ropes stretching them on the beams. He beat them with the flogger and zapped them from tits to pussy until their screams turned to moans of pleasure and cum gushed from their cunts pooling on the mat. He chuckle as the two beauties gasp for air, moaned and thrashed with the orgasms crashing through their cunts.

His cock is so hard it is aching and he moves between Angela’s spread legs and rammed his cock balls deep in her cunt increasing the raging orgasm as he fucked in and out of her hard, deep and fast. She humped and gripped his cock gushing cum over him as he rammed in and out. He made her cum so hard and long she blacked out and her bound body went limp held to the beam with the ropes binding her.

He pulled from her cunt and moved between Elise’s spread legs and slowly pushed his hard, throbbing cum covered cock deep into her ass. She screamed when the big cock popped into her tight little sphincter. He held still until her tight little ring relaxed enough to push deeper in her ass. She grunted and tried to relax to give him easier passage in her needy little ass. He slowly fucked in and out of her tight ass until she relaxed and her grunts turned to moans and she pushed her ass onto his cock with each in stroke.

He started fucking her little ass harder, deeper and faster with her moaning and humping until her moans of pleasure turned to screams of orgasms gushing cum on his pelvic and thighs. The orgasm slammed her pussy like a tidal wave. He pulled from her ass and slammed balls deep in her tight little cunt blasting the orgasm to a higher level forcing her to gush more cum and strain against her bounds. She stopped screaming and moaned as her body relaxed in an unconscious state from cumming so hard and long. He pulled his cock from her limp body and moved to Angela and pushed his cock into her tight little ass as she regained consciousness. She moaned hard into the gag as his cock steadily pushed deeper in her ass. She moaned and her ass relaxed so he could fuck in and out of her ass with long hard strokes. She started to orgasm again milking his cock forcing him to erupt into her ass dumping the cum from his balls.

He finished cumming in her ass and held deep inside her until his cock started to deflate and slowly pulled out letting the cum flow from her ass to the mat below. The girls lay tied to the Y beams while he moved away from them. They started to recover from the enormous orgasms and waited for the next use of their beautiful bodies having no idea if it would be more pain or pleasure. He stood between the two beauties with a riding crop in each hand. They flinched and grunted each time he lashed through the air near their helpless bodies. When they stopped flinching he landed the first blow with the crops on each of their tits at the same time. They both screamed and struggled in their restraints. He kept them screaming into their gags cropping their tits, bodies, cunts and thighs until the screams turned to moans of pleasure and their cunts flowed with orgasmic cum.

He let them grunt, moan and shake with the persistent orgasms in their bodies as he got new toys from the nearby tables. He removed their ball gags and got between Angela’s legs bent down licked, sucked and nibbled on her cum dripping cunt until she screamed with another devilish orgasm. He moved to Elise using a wide tongue he licked the cum from her ass up over her pussy sending shudders of pleasure through her body. He pointed his tongue and drove it in her hole wiggling it inside her cunt driving her silly with pleasure. When he felt her orgasm building he went to her clit holding it with his front teeth with light pressure and flicking the head of her clit with his tongue forcing the orgasm to slam through her pussy releasing a flood of cum as she humped and screamed.

He went back to Angela as she lay panting with her pussy dripping from her last orgasm and listening to Elise in pleasure next to her. She squealed as his cock pushed steadily deep in her ass and started pumping in and out as she grunted and humped his cock feeling the pleasure of an orgasm pushing slowly through her. He fucked her ass and rubbed her clit with his thumb forcing the orgasm to swell to a powerful mind boggling eruption in her cunt.

While the orgasm rattling her bones had control of her body he pulled from her ass and pushed in her pussy and fucked her hard and deep pushing the orgasm to new heights. She is still in the throws of orgasm moaning shaking and moaning when he pulled from her pussy.

He moved to Elise turned her head to the side and pushed his big hard cum coated cock in her mouth slowly pushing deeper while she moaned, licked, sucked and enjoy the taste of Angela’s cum and the feeling of his cum slick cock sliding into her throat. He fucked her throat holding her hair to keep her on his cock. His cock swelled and pulsed three big shots of cum down her throat making her moan and her twitching pussy leak more cum before he pinched it off stopping the finish of the cum. He went to Angela used her hair to turn her head, pushing his cock deep into her throat and releasing the rest of his cum down her throat.

Both beautiful well used girls licked the cum from their lips and swallowed. He untied Elise removing the blindfold picking her up cradling her in his arms as she hugged his neck moaning with contentment. He carried her to the couch as she said “Thank you, Master. I really needed that.” As he gently sat her on the couch and kissed her lovingly she said. “Master, thank you for loving me. I love you with all my heart. Please use me as often as you can.”

He kissed her and she returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck holding him tight not wanting to lose the loving kiss between them.

He broke the kiss telling her “I will be right back with our play partner.” She giggled and turned him lose laying back breathing hard from the use and the love he showed her. He untied Angela and carried her to the couch and sat between them holding each in an arm kissing each of them caressing their tired, sore, used bodies. They each put an arm around him and rested their heads on his shoulders. They opened their eyes to look at each other and Elise smiled at Angela and said in a low almost whisper. “Thank you, little sis.”

Master called Monique. “Monique bring lunch for three to the play room.”

Monique replied “ Yes, Master. Right away.” he heard her giggle. Less than five minutes she approached them with a bright smile and set a tray of delicious food and a small bowl of hot sauce on the coffee table. He got up and told Monique to watch his girls as he went to the bathroom. He looked back to she her bend over to hug the girls and got a good look at her wet winking pussy. He smiled going into the bathroom.

Monique ask the girls if they are alright. They both smiled and giggled telling her they are wonderful. She knelt in front of them when Master came back wearing shorts and house slippers. She rose and ask if there is anything else she can do for them. Master said “ Bend over, hands on the table and spread your legs. “ she quickly obeyed. He flip her skirt on her back, dropped his shorts to his knees, rubbed his hard cock on her wet pussy making her close her eyes, smile and moan. She squealed as he slammed his cock balls deep in her hot slippery pussy and fucked her hard. She is so horny it did not take long she moaned very loud and gushed cum from her cunt as the orgasm slammed through her. He told her “Clean me my little French slave.” She quickly turned went to her knees, sucked and licked his cock clean of her cum. He lifted her by the arms, kissed her as he slapped her ass. “ Thank you for the hot sauce.” She giggled “My pussy gets wet when I prepare a plate for you Master.”

She went back to the kitchen where the other ladies were. As she walked in with a big smile and cum running down the insides of her thighs. Sandra ask

“ What happened to you. You are wearing a big smile and your thighs are wet with a familiar liquid.” They all laughed and Monique said. “ Master bent me over and fucked my pussy to orgasm, made me clean his cock, kissed me, slapped my ass and sent me on my way.” Kim Li said “That would make any of us happy.”

Master and his sex slaves ate and rested. The large glasses of tea helped them recover some. After letting them rest for a while he called Kim Li. “Kim Li,

bring Speedy and Max to the play room, please.” “Yes Master. Be there in a few minutes.” He tied Angela and Elise to two of the fucking benches and blindfolded them with the wide leather straps around their waist and the bench. He hit Elise across both ass cheeks with a cane forcing her to scream very loud from the sudden fire on her ass. Se screamed and struggled in her bounds with each blow of the cane on her ass leaving angry red stripes.

He turned to Angela striking her across the ass three times forcing her to scream and struggle with each blow of the cane leaving angry red whelps on her pretty little ass. Kim Li heard the screams as she came into the play room with Speedy, the German Shepard and Max, the Doberman. She told the dogs to sit behind the girls where they could see and smell the dripping twitching pussies. Max is behind Angela and Speedy behind Elise. Kim Li stepped back waiting her next command from Master. He smiled “Bend over and spread.” She smiled happily turned her ass to him and bent over with her hands on her knees. He flip her short skirt up, rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips making her moan and push into his hard cock. He slammed balls deep in her cunt and fucked her hard until she squealed and shook with an orgasm gushing cum on his cock and down her thighs. He pulled out and said.”Clean me.” She quickly turned, knelt, took his cum covered cock deep in her throat, sucked and licked her cum from his cock. He pulled out of her mouth lifted her to her feet, hugged her, kissed her and slapped her on the ass. “Thank you. You may leave now.” She smiled and giggled “ Yes Master, Thank you.” turned and went back to the kitchen.

She entered the kitchen with a big smile and cum wet thighs. The girls looked at her and giggled. Janis said. “I bet we can guess why your legs are wet and you are smiling so big.” Kim Li giggled and said. “You are right. Master made me bend over, he fucked my pussy hard making me cum, made me suck his cock clean, lifted me from my knees, gave me a hug, a wonderful kiss, slapped my ass and sent me away.”

Mean while Master commanded the dogs to lick and they lapped at the girls pussies making them squeal and cum. He commanded the dogs to mount. Speedy mounted Elise humping while Max mounted Angela and hit his target with the first hump. He rammed deep into her cunt making her scream and struggle at the same time Speedy rammed deep in Elise’s tight little ass hole forcing her to scream. “He is in my aaassssss.” Master watched as the two dogs pounded the two beautiful young slaves making his cock get rock hard again. He knelt at Angela’s head pulled her head back with her hair forcing her to open her mouth wide and shoved his cock down her throat. He throat

fucked her as Max drove his cock through her cervix into her womb forcing her to continuously grunt, moan and orgasm making a large pool of cum on the mat. She screamed on his cock when Max forced his knot in her cunt and shot spurt after spurt of dog cum in her womb making her belly swell.

Speedy had Elise grunting, moaning, screaming and cumming as he drove into her ass rapidly and knotting her ass as he filled her ass with dog cum. Master shot three shots of cum down Angela’s throat pulled out moved to Elise pulled her head back by the hair forcing her mouth open pushing deep in her throat and shot cum into her stomach finishing his orgasm in her. Speedy tried to pull out of her ass making her yelp and gush cum as he is knotted in her tight little ass. Max is making Angela yelp and cum as he tries to pull out making his knot pulse on her G-spot. Angela and Elise both moaned and shook exhausted. The dogs finally pulled knots out with a pop and dog cum rushed from the girls holes pooling on the mats.

He commanded the dogs to sit on the adjoining mat. Angela and Elise lay limp exhausted in their restraints. He untied Angela, removed her blindfold, cradled her in his arms and carried her to the couch with her arms around his neck nestled on his shoulder. He sat her on the couch and kissed her. She smiled and collapsed back. He untied Elise removed her blindfold, picked her up, cradled her in his arms, she put her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder next to his neck and happily moaned.”Mmmmmmm. So wonderful to feel love. “ she said.

Frank sat between them on the couch with each girl putting a leg over one of his thighs each pressing their cum wet pussies into the side of his leg as they hugged him resting their heads on his shoulder. He kissed each of their foreheads with an arm around each. He called “Sandra, bring three gator aids,please.” She replied “ right away master” The two well used slaves relaxed lightly sleeping. He slowly moved from them and went into the bath room. He came out of the bathroom as Sandra was bent over giving the two exhausted girls gator aid. Her skirt raised above her winking wet pussy. He pulled his shorts down releasing his now hard cock as he moved in close behind her bent over body. He flipped her skirt up and she smiled as he rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet slit. She spread her legs and braced her self on the back of the couch.

He slammed deep in her pussy and fucked her hard. She grunted dropping her head between her arms as he fucked her. She was on the edge of an orgasm when Angela and Elise smiled at each other and pinched her nipples hard. She screamed and squirted as the powerful orgasm blasted through her cunt. He pulled his cum covered cock from her pussy. “Clean me.” She turned

went to her knees, slid her open mouth over his cock into her throat, sucked and licked his cock clean of her cum. He lifted her to her feet, kissed her and slapped her ass making her yelp and smile. “ Thank you. You may leave now.”

“Yes, Master and thank you.” “Sandra.” “Yes Master.” “ Take care of Speedy and Max, please.” Yes Master.” She called the dogs as she went to the exit door.

He picked Angela up cradling her in his arms as she rested her head at the base of his neck her arms around his neck. She giggled as she felt the love from her Master flow into her naked body. He carried her toward his bedroom. As he reached the kitchen where the other girls were about to start dinner. “Janis come turn the covers down, please.” “ Yes Master” and she hurried up the stairs ahead of him. He reached the bedroom with the little bundle of love in his arms. Janis had the covers turned back and stood obediently to the side. He gently laid Angela in the bed resting her head on the fluffy pillow, kissed her and pulled the cover over her naked body. Her sore aching body relaxed into the bed and she moaned softly. “You rest until I call you little one.” She quietly said. “Thank you, Master for loving me so much and using me.”

He turned to Janis gave her a kiss and said “ Stay with her until I get back with my little German slave girl.” Janis smiled and replied. “As you wish Master.” He went back to Elise. As he started to pick her up she smiled at him and said. “Master, I feel that I can walk if you wish.” “ Do you want to walk my little German slave girl?” She smiled shyly. “Not really, Master.” “ OK if it is all the same to you I would rather carry you. It makes me feel needed.” She giggled and stretched her arms up to him. He picked her up with her arms around his neck resting her head on his shoulder. He cradled her in his arms and she quietly moaned and kissed his neck. “Thank you Master for using me and especially for the after care. You make me feel more loved than any time in my life. I am very happy to be your slave for the rest of my life.”

He carried her to his bedroom laid her gently in the bed and put his arms around her and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around him and held the kiss never wanting it to stop. They broke the kiss. She smiled with her heart beating hard in her chest. With tears of joy in her eyes she said. “Thank you, Master. I have never ever been kissed so wonderfully in my whole life.” He told her to rest until he called for her and covered her. She relaxed into the bed with a happy smile on her face.

He turned to Janis standing near the end of the bed with a big smile and happy tears trickling down her cheeks. “Master you are such a good loving man. It’s no wonder we all love you so much.” He smiled and walked to her, looked in her eyes and said. “Do you want to bend over and get it up the ass or pussy.” She giggled quickly turned toward the bed and bent over putting her hands on the bed and said “Pussy please, Master.” He flipped her short skirt up, rubbed his hard cock up and down the wet slit of her pussy making her moan and push on his cock. He slammed balls deep in her cunt and fucked her hard as she grunted and humped his cock looking at the two girls in the bed smiling and watching her get her pussy pounded hard and deep.

The girls watching her fueled her orgasm and she tensed gripping his cock hard and erupted with a cunt slamming orgasm. He slammed deep in her hot cumming pussy and held until she stopped cumming and pulled out of her.

“Clean me. Bitch.” She whirled around went to her knees, took his cum covered cock deep in her throat, sucking and licking it clean of her cum. He lifted her to her feet, kissed her passionately and slapped her ass making her yelp and giggle. “ We will see you for dinner.: Yes Master and she went to the kitchen to help with dinner.

Monique looked at the smiling Janis and said. “Oh another big smile and cum wet thighs. Ladies I think we have one more happy sister slave.” Janis chuckled and said. “ You know it. Master did the very same thing to me as he did to the rest of you.” Kim Li said. “Ladies do you realize our sweet loving Master has used two of us for hours and still fucked five more of us to wonderful orgasms in one day?” Monique ask “How does he do it?” Kim Li smiled and said. “Viagra. I gave him one before her went to the play room.”

Janis laughed and said. “Angela said he would find a way.”

Master went into the kitchen with a big smile. “Kim Li, cold beer please.” She hurried to the fridge for a bottle of beer and got a frosted mug from the freezer. She poured the beer in the mug and placed it on the table in front of him. “Have a seat my little Asian slave girl.” She sat. “Have I displeased you, Master?” The other girls looked toward her with concern. He smiled. “No my love you have done nothing wrong.” She sighed with relief. “Kim Li, there are six bedrooms and the Master bedroom up stairs.” “Yes, Master?” “That means there are three unoccupied rooms up stairs.” “Yes, Master.”

“Kim Li you all know that I love and need each of you now. You are my family my responsibility.” Kim Li smiled happily as the others giggled feeling the chill bumps spread over their bodies. “As we love and need you, Master.”

“Kim Li, I want the other three bedrooms up stairs occupied with the women I love.” They all gasp as he took a sip of his cold beer. “Master you want Elise, Monique and me to move from our slave quarters to the upstairs suites? He smiled. “I think it only makes since. You are part of my family and should be treated as such. Besides I want you near in case I get the urge to fuck one of you during the night.” Kim Li and Monique started to cry with his exhibition of love for them. Monique moved toward him. “Master, may I please kiss you?” He smiled and held his arms out to her. She threw herself into his arms and kissed him with all the love she had in her heart. She pulled back as she sat on his lap. “Thank you for your gracious love, Master.” He smiled at her and winked. She moved off his lap back to Sandra and Janis and they hugged and cried with joy.

He looked at Kim Li as she sat quietly with happy tears trickling down her cheeks. He held out his arms to her and she squealed and jumped into his arms throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him. He felt her love radiating from her whole body. She leaned back. “Master, I think you are the most wonderful man alive.” “Kim Li, it makes my heart swell with joy that you feel that way.” He chuckled and told her to help with dinner. He went back up stairs to check on his two well used slaves. They are sleeping as they both smile as if having pleasant dreams.

He let them sleep as he took a shower. He dried with the large fluffy towel as he moved to the bed where is two beautiful slaves slept peacefully. Dropping the towel he crawled into bed between the two girls. Feeling the movement the two girls snuggled close to his clean smelling body and he slipped an arm under each of their necks letting them lay on his shoulders. They went back to sleep just before he slipped into a restful slumber with two beautiful loving slave girls in his arms.

They slept for an hour before Sandra tapped on the door and got no answer she quietly entered the room to see her sister slaves so contently snuggled in the loving arms of Master. She wanted to be one of them feeling his love. She woke them telling Master dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. He smiled and thanked her. She went back to the kitchen and Master sent the two sleepy girls to the shower. They giggled and hurried into the shower together.

Ten minutes later they game out of the bathroom. Master slip a T-shirt over each of them and they went to the dining room where the other girls waited. While they enjoyed another good meal he thanked the ladies for a delicious meal. He told them that after tonight they had all had their turn to be used by him and it is time to set a schedule for each of them to have a day of their own with him. He turned to Janis and told her that Sundays are hers so they needed to decide what day of the week each of them would be his slave for the day. He grinned and told them if one of them is on her period on her day that would be a day off for him or he will choose any of them to substitute . They all laughed at that rule.

Eight o’clock he told Angela and Elise to get ready for bed. They hurried to the bedroom stripped naked and lay face down, wrist together stretched up to the head board, and legs spread and waited for Master. After a few minutes they both had juices leaking from their cunts.

Master came to them, tied their wrist together to the head board, blindfolded both girls and lubed their ass holes. He scooted between Angela’s legs, pushed a plug in her ass and his cock in her pussy. She squealed at the fullness of being double penetrated. He fucked her pussy hard forcing her to grunt, groan and hump on his cock. Suddenly she screamed and gushed cum on his cock buried in her pussy. He pulled from her pussy as she shook and moaned with the lingering orgasm.

He moved between Elise’s spread legs finding her cunt soaked from hearing Angela being fucked so hard. He pushed his big hard cock in her ass and fucked her hard and deep until she neared orgasm, pulled from her ass and slammed in her pussy and fucked her cunt until she orgasm screaming as it slammed her pussy hard forcing her cum on his cock. He could not hold much longer and pulled from her pussy and rammed back in her ass and fucked her a few hard deep strokes prolonging her orgasm and held deep in her ass as he emptied cum filled balls inside her. He lay on top of her for a few minutes then turned her to her side as he rolled off her with his cock buried deep in her ass.

When rolled toward Angela bringing Elise with him Angela was forced to turn on her side to make room. They settled in with Angela spooning Master and Master spooning Elise with his arm over her tits cupping her left.

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