Swinging Around

The girl at the party

He pulled up with my favorite pizza and a bottle of Jack ready to go. I opened a high noon in the car and started in on the pizza. (Wasn’t driving) It was a new kind for me to try. Pineapple and vodka was the listed flavor but it mostly just tasted like the after taste you have when you chug beer. Momma didnt raise a quitter so I finished it despite the poor taste.

When we got to the party they had one girl strapped down to a bed being teased. A dom/fem had a vibrator and a crop she was using on her. She was slapping the crop lightly along her inner thigh and using the vibrating bullet on her clit. The girl on the bed was moaning loudly in responce.

I took a shot and then made a drink. I sat watching nervously. I turn into an introvert at parties and wallflower out. Master stood watching eyes wide.

The sub was loud. Pleasure waved over her. Occasionally guests took turns playing with her breasts and firm erect nipples. It was all about edging. The dom would get her close and then stop.

After a quick bathroom break for the sub, the dome got out a giant monster dildo toy to use on her. She was so wet from the cock that she made a puddle on the bed. She was moaning so loud she was drowning out the noises from the bedroom where another play session had started. This went on for another few minutes and then came to a sudden stop. Edging!

Next up was the strap on. They played so hard and so rough that the strap on had broke actually. She was moaning so loud she was almost screaming in pleasure. It was so hot to watch. Lesbian porn live. Between the strap on and the toy she came to a pretty big finale. after she came, Everyone took a refresher of there drinks and smokes before continuing the party.

The older men

One of the much older men at the party (over 60) decided he wanted to play. He has to take a shot in his privates to become erect and he has to be careful of his neck plates. He led us into a room where 4 people were already on the bed. His wife, her play partner in the moment, and another couple.

He wanted to play but he said I was too tight for him. Master says a mac truck could fit inside me so I’m not sure who to believe. He had his wife do his Injection. He then proceeded to pound my pussy for a good 5 minutes. The whole time apologizing because he cant cum at all. He kept repeating that it wasn’t me.

Next a man in his late 50s climbed under me and asked to 69. I did a good job of sucking him and when he was close, he used his hands to stroke it. I had my tongue out porn star style waiting for his load to enter my mouth. When it did, I drove his cock deep in my throat swallowing every last drop. I pulled off when he was finished but quickly went back down for one final deep throat to clean his cock. I wiped my face clean and caught my breath. On to phase 2 if the bed.

The blowjob

The 60+ guy had gotten another injection and was fucking another girl at the party. She was bent over the bed edge. I was happily sucking a nipple while she was also fingering me. This caused me to make a giant puddle. I was wetter than an ocean. He said he needed a break so I figured this was my chance to eat it. Turns out a break was just him eating it. Bummer for me. I was ready.

So there are 6 of us on this bed. I start sucking masters’ cock. As I go, the guy next to me is moaning and talking about how sexy it is. Urging me to suck that fucking cock more. First it was me.

He was so excited I popped master out of my mouth and offered it to the guy. He quickly took it, deep throating and sucking away. Master started to moan. It was bi guy for 2nd.

Then another girl cut in. She was consistent with her deep throat skills. She put me to shame. Master was starting to get excited and loud. He has never been this pleased/excited in my bed with me. A wave of jealousy washed over me, and sadness. Swinging isn’t easy for me.

She was deep throating and licking his balls at the same time. How is that even possible? When it wasn’t her licking his balls, another guy was. Both of them pleasuring him. They kept getting him close but not getting a release.

Next the other girl in the room decided it was her turn. Master took her bareback in missionary style. He was quick and rough. He was also close from 15 minutes of blowjob edging. He was quick to create a sexy cream pie in her pussy. As cum oozed out of her, I got dressed. We stayed till 4am making friends but no more playing happened.

Ok, we went to another party. Here’s what went down.

The theme was school girl. I went as team captain of detention. I had a biker jacket, sexy black matching bra and panties and a blue plaid miniskirt. I even had a badge and detention slip for “smoking in the boy’s room” bonus points if you get that reference. I literally just wore a lacey bra under the biker jacket. I loaded it down with jack Daniels shooters to” do shots before the teacher sees” with friends. Was a hit. At one point all of us girls were in a circle around one of the guys and I made a clever funny. Said if we all spun around it would be a titty twister. Corny af but when your drunk everyone laughs and goes along. My lingerie had everyone interested and my costume was most unique.

These parties start with everyone drinking and socializing. As the night moves on we get pole dances. After the pole dances we do our fire moussing and fire cupping. Google it but he literally lights me ablaze for funzies. Lastly the bdsm toys come out. Everything from furniture to electro, ropes, and floggers. There is a cross at the party and we have a stockade we bring. This is when everyone either watches the bdsm stuff of filters off to one of the many playrooms.

Tonight’s fun for me was a sensory deprivation train. I went into the multi play room (more than one bed). Master put a leather blindfold over my eyes. He put my Bluetooth headset in and put on the pre-approved playlist of music. I could no longer see or hear the party. He pulled the spreader bar out and used it vertically. I had cuffs on my wrist and ankles. I was attatched to the bar so movement was not happening. Safety first. 2 fingers up, slowdown. 3 fingers up, stop. Or just say yellow or red.

I was in doggy style when he went to offer me up. (condoms are non-negotiable). We always talk things through in the car on the way. And days before. And then again at the party. We know what the other is down for or not into. Then we talk after in the car on the way home and again the next day. We do more talking than anything else.

I didn’t know who or what was coming. I felt a trace of lady fingers all over my back. It tickled so I kept squirming. Then I felt man hands below starting to caress my legs. It wasn’t long before I was being fingered.

I could tell by the bed movement that someone was getting a BJ next to me but I couldn’t hear it or see it. That went on for a bit and then I felt a tongue eating me out in all the right ways. This is when I started to get loud. The loudest I would get all night. I had assumed it was the guy but I’m told it was the girl. Of course, that’s why I was loud. Girly fun is the most fun.

Then the guy came in behind me and took me doggy style. He was going steady and It felt good. He was well endowed and new how to use it. I kept scooting because I kept feeling someone on my arm. I broke protocol and maneuvered to lift the blind a bit. My master and another girl going doggy too. So I just went back to it and kept scooting.

I am told that he asked before Cumming. I didn’t hear it but consent was given on my behalf (pre-approved consent. Talk, talk, talk) in came the next guy. That was a blowjob that started fine. He has issues staying hard medically and takes injections. Its him, not me.

So were winding down and another guy filters in. This one wastes no time going in rough with the finger banging. His nails are jagged and I can feel them cutting the insides of me. Just as I am putting 2 fingers up, he accidentally pops out and stabs my clit. 3 fingers but master doesn’t stop him because the guy is switching gears and trying to get it hard for penetration. (He knew what I was disliking and since it stopped, he didn’t see a need to stop. Wasn’t a big deal to me) Insert whiskey dick. He couldn’t get it up with me. Thank god.

Overall, it was so hot. Master undid my arm cuffs, and blindfold. We went out for a final smoke and then packed it in. I accidentally forgot I had cuffs on my legs. Whoops. Walked right into Denny’s and sat down with them on. Cue confused stares from the old guys sipping coffee across from our table.