The Dance Teacher And The Ballerina


Ariel awakes on the floor of the dance studio and finds her teacher has a special lesson in store for her.

The Dance Teacher And The Ballerina

Ariel’s head was throbbing in the rhythm of her heartbeat and softly she cursed, it felt as if she was having the worst hangover in the world, yet she couldn’t even remember going out drinking. That’s it, no more Tequila, she told herself.

She wanted to role over and pull the blankets up to her chin, yet she couldn’t move her arms, after groaning and wriggling for a while she concluded her wrists were taped together. She cursed again, for a moment she tried to break out of the duck tape, but it was simply too much. As the grogginess started to fade from her brain she realized something fishy was going in, she wasn’t laying in bed, she was laying on a shiny wooden floor. She blinked, really? She was laying on the floor of the ballet studio.

She closed her eyes and opened them again, hoping something would change and the world would start to make sense again, yet she was still tied down with duck tape on the floor of the ballet studio, with the nastiest hangover throbbing behind her eyes. The studio seemed to be abandoned and she looked at herself in the mirror.

There was a hole in her pink ballet tights, one of her breasts had escaped her black leotard and the bun on her head was sagging, curls escaping from their bobby pins and dangling in front of her face. She remembered going to her ballet lesson today. As a little girl she always wanted to be a ballerina, unfortunately her parents didn’t have money for dance class, so she became an administrative assistant, yet at twenty eight she’d finally summed up the courage to sign up for an adult dance class. She would never be as good and skinny and limber as their dance teacher, she would never make it as a professional, but she had fun doing it and that’s what mattered, didn’t it?

Ariel used her legs to wriggle around on the floor, she flopped on her belly for a few times and then managed to roll onto her side and sit up. On the ground laid a white damp cloth next to a bottle of chloroform. Well that explained it, someone had forced their way into the studio during her lesson and drugged her, but where were all the others, the other students, the ballet teacher? Maybe it was a kidnapping situation where they’d taken everybody hostage but her? She had to find a phone, call for help. She tried to stand up, but with her arms tied behind her back it was really difficult to get up, she writhed around on the floor until two athletic legs appeared in front of her.

‘Miss Kvorak?’ Ariel asked as she stared up in the face of her dance teacher. ‘What happened? Where is everybody?’

‘Ssshh.’ Miss Kvorak said as she squatted in next to Ariel, with the back of her fingers she gently stroke her cheek. ‘It’s just you and me now.’

‘You and me?’ Ariel asked confused. She searched Miss Kvorak’s face for a clue about what was going on. A twinkle in her eye, a smile indicating this was just a joke, but miss Kvorak’s face was just as strict as regular. She was almost fifty years old and there were silvery gray strands in her hair, the wrinkles surrounding her eyes giving her an even more austere presence.

‘I know sweetheart,’ she said as her hand run over Ariel’s body pulling on the leotard to expose her other breast as well. Her fingers toying around with her nipple. ‘Every plié you stick your butt out, forcing me to put my hand on your bum to remind you to tuck your derrière. I think you like my hands on your ass.’ She said as her hand gently slid down and cupped Ariel’s ass. ‘I think you’re in love with me.’

Ariel was flustered, her cheeks starting to glow and she felt caught. Hastily she shook her head. ‘But I’m not.’ She said. ‘I swear I’m not.’

‘Sshhh.’ Miss Kvorak said. ‘Nothing to be ashamed about, sometimes you fall in love with a teacher.’ She shrugged.

Ariel wasn’t even sure she was truly in love with Miss Kvorak, she was jealous of her athletic dancers body, that’s for sure, maybe she was even a bit obsessed with those long limber legs. She liked the hands of Miss Kvorak gently pushing her body into the right position, but that wasn’t necessarily a sexual thing, it wasn’t love. She just liked the gentle touch, the fact that Miss Kvorak seemed to know more about her body and the movement it was capable of, than she knew herself. She felt seen by miss Kvorak, but she didn’t necessarily want to kiss her.

Miss Kvorak now rolled her over onto her belly. Her hand still circling Ariels ass cheeks.

‘It just means we have to find an alternative way to help you remember to tuck under your derrière.’ A moment later she’d picked up a cane and was softly caressing Ariel’s thighs and ass with the tip of the cane. Each time the correctional utensil slipped in between her legs and brushed up against her pussy Ariel felt a pulse of arousal shooting up in her body.

‘But…’ Ariel hesitantly said. ‘But I’m just an amateur, I dance for fun I have no desire to be a professional.’

‘Sweetheart, being an amateur isn’t an excuse for knowingly and willingly making the same mistake over and over and over again.’ Miss Kvorak said. Her arm swung back and the cane hit Ariel’s ass hard. She cried out as she felt the stinging pain spreading across her skin. The pain slowly dissolving and then another smack and another. Soon Ariel was squirming on the studio floor, trying to avoid the painful swats of the cane, rolling from side to side to hide her bum from Miss Kvorak.

Miss Kvorak wasn’t having any of it though. She put her foot in between Ariel’s shoulders and pressed her down onto the floor, she kept on hitting and swatting and a few minutes later Ariel was sobbing.

A wet slippery puddle of tears and snot appeared on the floor beneath her face and each time the cane hit her ass a tingling rush spread through her mind. The pain in her bum and the swatting cane, the echoing of each whack that was all there was, that was all she could focus on and the rest of the world just disappeared.

‘How are you doing Ariel?’ Miss Kvorak asked after a while. ‘I haven’t heard from you for a while.’

Ariel liked the gentle voice caressing her ears, the soft but confident fingers of Miss Kvorak stroking some hairs out of her face and cupping her chin forcing Ariel to look up at her.

‘You think the message has sunken in?’ Miss Kvorak asked.

Ariel just stared at those gray eyes and then she shook her head.

‘No?’ Miss Kvorak asked. She seemed to be taken off guard and took a deep breath. ‘Just to be clear, you want me to hit you some more, dear?’

Ariel nodded.

Miss Kvorak tilted her head and studied Ariel’s face, there was an almost greedy look in her eyes, but also a look of admiration and respect, a look of surprise, a look of tenderness and worry. ‘Fine.’ She said with a coy smile. ‘Just remember you asked for this.’

Her arm swung backwards and again the cane smashed into her ass, and while Ariel yelped in pain, it didn’t even hurt. The pain was just a sensation, a warmth that made her skin glow, that made her cheeks glow, that made her thoughts glow. Miss Kvorak kept on going, swat after swat and Ariel was wailing and sobbing louder and louder.

‘There.’ Miss Kvorak said eventually. She put the cane down and with her bare hand she softly and soothingly caressed Ariel’s bum. Gently consoling her, she bent over and laid down next to Ariel, her upper body partly draped over Ariel’s shoulder.

‘Sshhh.’ She whispered softly in her ear. ‘You did well. You did really well sweetheart. I’m impressed.’

Ariel liked the gentle words, yet somehow she wasn’t able to answer, her mind was still glowing numb from all the pain and the words simply didn’t form. Instead she lifted up her head and nestled her cheek against Miss Kvorak’s cheek. Rubbing skin against skin. Nice and tender. Until suddenly a wet kiss on the corner of her mouth, and another kiss, and then Ariel parted her lips and welcomed the tongue inside.

Hands that already knew her body, softly exploring her body again, hands that used to be focused on muscle tension and turn out, now were focused on gentle and sweet caresses.

Then Miss Kvorak pulled away from the kiss. She got up from the floor and walked off. Ariel was left laying there on the floor, her cheeks still wet with tears, her heartbeat pulsating in her sore bum. Where are you going? She wanted to ask, but her tongue felt languid in her mouth and words didn’t come. ‘Wha… Whe…?’ She ended up mumbling.

Miss Kvorak returned, this time holding scissors. She leaned over and quickly pressed a little kiss on Ariels forehead, her temple, moving across her cheekbones to her ear.

‘I’m going to tell you a little secret.’ She whispered, her breath tickling her earlobe. ‘I’m in love with you too, Ariel.’

Ariel got butterflies in her stomach and she couldn’t hold back a smile. She wanted to kiss miss Kvorak again but her face was gone now. Miss Kvorak put the scissors into the leotard and tore the smooth elastic fabric of her body, when the leotard was gone she started tugging on the pantyhose and a moment later Ariel was completely naked.

‘Look at that poor little bum of yours.’ Miss Kvorak said. ‘It’s all red and purple.’ She spit on Ariel’s ass and the rubbed her saliva all over the sore spots, she gently blew on the ass, creating a nice cold sensation of relief. Ariel relaxed, she felt like she was melting, like she was mentally and physically surrendering to Miss Kvorak.

For a few minutes Miss Kvorak kept on spitting and spreading saliva, her fingers were fondling every little piece of her ass, frequently sliding in between her thighs and grazing passed her pussy. That was a nice feeling, that was such a nice feeling that intuitively Ariel opened her thighs to create some more room for those wriggling fondling fingers.

Fingers that were now definitely moving away from her ass and closing in on her pussy, fondling her pussy lips, rubbing up and down over her clitoris. Ariel surrendered into that blissful peace, enjoying those arousing touches, feeling her pussy getting more wet and slippery every moment.

Miss Kvorak slipped a finger inside of her and started to finger fuck, teasingly slowly at first. Ariel rocked her hips and tried to entice those fingers to pick up some speed. She was panting heavily and once in a while she couldn’t suppress a moan.

Slowly but steadily Miss Kvorak picked up some speed and she became more and more rough with the pussy. Ariel’s insides were twitching and spasming. She just couldn’t believe what was happening, a moment ago she was just one of many students, doing her pliés and tondues and grand battements. A moment ago Miss Kvorak was still her strict but capable dance teacher, and now everything had changed, now she seemed to be in a parallel universe. Here she was, naked, writhing around on the floor of the sudio, where next week they would practice their relevés again.

Her orgasm was building up and Miss Kvorak seemed to know.

‘Good girl.’ She said. ‘Just enjoy it. Allow yourself to enjoy it. That’s right sweetheart. That feels good doesn’t it?’

A moment later Ariel was propelled over the edge. Her body was trembling with orgasmic pleasures, her hips rocking and some uncontrolled moaning came over her lips.

She was warm and sweaty and panting and as the remnants of her orgasm faded away she closed her eyes for a moment.

‘Ready to turn this thing around?’ Miss Kvorak asked.

Dazed she looked up at her dance teacher. ‘I tie you down?’ She asked confused.

Miss Kvorak smiled. ‘No, off course not.’ She said as she stood up. She untied her ballet sweater and dropped her own leotard and pantyhose on the ground. Completely naked she was towering over Ariel, who could only look up in adoration and wonderment. It was the most beautiful women she’d ever seen, her breasts small, her toned body, a cleanly shaved pussy, her muscled legs.

She rolled Ariel over onto her back and then sat down on Ariel’s face. Her knees on either side of the head.

‘Go on.’ She said. ‘You know what to do.’

Ariel stuck out her tongue and pressed it against the naked pussy. It was dripping wet already. Gently she dragged the tip of her tongue all around the labia and the clit. Miss Kvorak moaned. It was satisfying to let her dance teacher moan. The strict woman that usually seemed to be in control of everything, now couldn’t even control her own voice anymore. That dance teacher that was usually in control off every movement her body made, was now having zero control over her squirms and shivers. Arousal took over and Ariel was the source of that arousal, so in a way Ariel had taken over.

She was working the pussy for about ten minutes when eventually miss Kvorak tensed up and started shaking uncontrollably, all the muscles in her body tensed up, her arms, her shoulders, the tight six pack in her tummy and then the release came. A deep breath and another deep breath. She slipped away from Ariel and lied down next to her. A euphoric glaze in her eyes as she stared up at the fluorescent lights in the ceiling.

Her hand crawling over the wooden floor towards Ariel, gently squeezing in her boob.

‘You’re alright?’ She asked.

Ariel nodded.

‘You want me to untie you?’ Miss Kvorak said rolling herself onto her side and propping her head up onto her arm so she could look at Ariel. There was a look of wonder on her face, a shy smile playing around on her lips. ‘That went better than expected, didn’t it?’ With her fingertips she walked down over Ariel’s face onto her chest, down towards her belly button.

‘You’re not answering my question.’ Miss Kvorak said. ‘Does that mean you don’t want to be untied?’ She leaned over Ariel and reached for the bottle of chloroform. Attentive she refolded the cloth into a little square and then she twisted the cap of the bottle.

Ariel followed her with her eyes. ‘Untying is good.’ She said with a nervous flicker in her chest. ‘Yes please, I’d like to be untied now.’

Miss Kvorak drizzled a bit of the chloroform on the cloth and then just as attentive she twisted the lid back on the bottle again.

‘You see.’ She said. ‘That doesn’t sound all that convincing to me. I don’t think you really want to be untied.’ She placed the cloth over Ariels nose and mouth. ‘That sounds like you want to stay here a little while longer.’ The smell was foul and irritated her eyes and throat, she coughed. She was feeling increasingly more sleepy, miss Kvorak and the studio turned into a blur and it was impossible to keep her eyes open.