The Factory

Beth got the job at the Factory two years ago. And it changed our lives in several ways. Beth was my dream girl from the very first time I saw her. We had been best friends for ever and married just out of high school. I was her first and only and she mine and it stayed that was into our seventh year of marriage.

Beth is the most beautiful woman I know and always has been and not because she is my wife. But because she really is the most beautiful woman I know. At just under 5’2″ and 123 lbs and short cropped blonde hair, with 36c cup breasts and round flared hips to match. Her beautiful features are sharp and eye catching. My Beth is a stunning woman.

I worried about the factory job. I had heard all the rumors of people spending many more hours a week with others than their mates, and I knew it was true. I began to worry even more after she had worked past the first year as our sex life slowed down. We went from a couple times a week to once and then to maybe once every two weeks.

Beth had gone to the night shift after the first two month break in period. So she went to work at 7pm and got off at 3am. She got home by 3:30 am most nights. But a year later she was not getting home till nearly 5am most mornings. I ask Beth about it and she said it just takes longer now to switch over to the day shift. Which made some since. I refused to start checking on her.

I knew I needed to trust her. And if she caught me checking on her it could damage the trust in our relationship. I finally began to hear rumors of my wife seeing someone. I still refused to begin to check on her.

I did finally ask Beth about it. I told her I had heard she was seeing two different guys.

“Dale, do you believe what you are hearing?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want to believe anything I hear about anything you could even think about doing. But I have heard it from three different people now.”

“So does that make it true?”

“I hope not, but that is why I am asking you about it.”

“In my time working in the factory I have learned that rumors run wild about everyone who works there. Some are true but most are not. I pay very little attention to any of them. And you should too.”

She never really answered my question. So my next option? Nothing left but to check on her. I parked outside the plant parking area and waited at 3am. Beth’s car never moved. So she left in another car. She was home a little after 5am.

So the next morning I had found a place in an open area I parked and waited in a borrowed car. At 3am I spotted her as she came out. She crossed with a man following her to a Blue Pickup Truck and he got in the drivers side she in the passenger side. She slid over next to him and he drove out. I got the tag number.

I have a good friend who is a cop. He ran the plate for me. So now I knew his name age race and address. I was setting at his address at 3am the next morning. At 3:15am the pickup pulled into his drive. He got out the drivers side a woman got out behind him. With his arm around her shoulders they entered his house. All I could see is she was blonde, small , short, and well built. Maybe my Beth. I waited ten minutes.

I walked the nearly a block to his house and circled it. There was a light on in the back of the house. But the shades were drawn. I could hear muffled talking but a radio or player was playing music so it was not good. In the next room the shades were up and a light was on in what I figured was the bathroom. I stood in the dark a waited for the bathroom trip after sex.

I stood and kept watch. An hour passed. As 4:30 neared the bedroom door opened and a woman nude was in the open door way. But only a black shape coming out of the light Her beautiful back side was in the light going into the bathroom. A possible could be? I waited the few minutes she was in there and then those beautiful tits came fully out in the bathroom light and Beth’s face followed.

I walked back to the car and drove home. She was twenty minutes behind me. So now I didn’t need to ask I knew she was fucking someone and not just someone, I knew who, where, and almost every morning. But was there more truth to the rumors? Was she seeing two guys?

It really didn’t matter, did it? I had already proven my wife was fucking one guy. In fact and in reality a colored guy. She had looked beautiful when she came completely naked from the bathroom of his house after their love making. So anyway I decided I needed to know just because I wanted to.

I watched every night for two weeks and she actually went to her own car three night and headed home and wanted us to enjoy love making. The other nights she again went to the same colored man’s car with him and rode with him to his home and spent the rest of time before returning home in his bed with him.

Then something different happened. At the time she usually came out and either came to her car or with her lover and followed him to his car, she did neither. I missed her some how? I waited right there. Almost two hours later she came around the building to her car and headed home. Again I was home in bed when she came in and went to shower.

The following night she came out with her colored lover and they went to his house to make love. A few days later again she did not come out. So I circled the building and stood in the shadows and I waited. Almost two hours later she and a man came out of an entrance on that side of the building.

They hugged and kissed as he cupped her ass with both hands as he pulled her to him. When they parted she went around the building to her car and he to a small lot where his was parked. My good luck was when he left the small lot and went out to the street I was hidden very near to his exit and I got his plate number. She was in the shower when I slipped into bed.

The next day I had the plate number run and I now knew she had two lovers both colored men. The second one I had known for years. And this second one was an older brother to the first. Darrel Jackson was the star running back on our football team when we were seniors in high school. A total stud who dated only white girls in school. I had seen Beth with him a couple times back then. She had a couple classes with him.

I got to thinking back and we broke up for a while that year. And Beth wanted to date others for a while. She did date a couple guys and she admitted she did explore a bit sexually. But didn’t fuck anyone else. Did she date Darrel? Sandy Miller was her best friend back then but they hadn’t spoken in years. But Sandy is married to a good friend of mine and they have 3 kids. Scott and I hung out lots back in the day.

I guess I had never thought about it but Sandy has a thing about colored guys, her husband Scott Thomas is colored. I made a mental note to see Scott and Sandy and ask questions.

I kept my watch going and in the next month Beth and I had sex 3 times. She saw them 18 times. The following Saturday I saw Scott down at a bar I knew he drinks beer at. I had tried to catch him down there several times. We had a couple beers and then I ask him about Sandy and Beth and why the trouble between them?

“Oh shit Dale, you might be better off to let that dog alone.”

“Does it have anything to do with Darrel Jackson maybe?”

His head jerked back to me and our eyes met.

“Just how much do you know about him?”

“I know both he and his little brother Mac are now fucking my wife lots more than I am.”

“Oh fuck I knew when Beth started at the factory that might not be good? I am sorry man I knew I should warn you, but with out telling you all I had no way to do it.”

“Beth was fucking him back in school wasn’t she?”

“Beth, Sandy, shit and several others.”

“Did she have a big thing with him?”

“Dale, that is what broke her and Sandy apart. he had this little group of players that followed him everywhere, you know guys from the team. Colored guys. Six or eight of them. Sandy was his main chick at that time. He gave her to them to fuck. And he moved on to Beth. It broke Sandy’s heart. Oh he fucked her once in a while but not every day like Beth.”

“So what happened?”

“We began dating and then got married and the kids. He did the same to Beth. He gave her to his guys and moved on to Jena Martin.”

“He gave Beth to his guys? You mean she let them fuck her?”

He gave me the dumb ass look.

“Dale that last month you guys were broke up they gang banged her down to the Fair grounds eight or ten times.”

“You gotta be kidding me?”

“He’s really good with that big cock of his. Sandy and Beth are back friends again, you didn’t know did you?”

“No I didn’t, but I am really tickled about it.”

“Well don’t be too over the top by it. Sandy is who got Beth hooked up with him back in school and again down at the factory. My wife has fucked Jacks once in a while every since school days. In fact I would bet my second daughter is his, but she’s mine too as much as the other two. But I think he bred her. How long has Jinks been fucking Beth?”

I have no idea but Jinks (his little brother) fucks her about ten times more than he does.”

“Then it is about time to happen.”

“What’s about to happen?”

“Jacks has about twenty guys he still hangs with. As his interest slips he passes them down to little brother and then to his crew to gang bang them.”

“You think he will do that to Beth?”

“You can bet on it. Sandy has been with them several times. They still take them down to the Fair Grounds. Sometimes there is a crowd that watches it.”

“What kind of crowd?”

“Oh, you know fans from high school days, girls he’s done and their husbands.. It is like being famous if the great Jacks fucked your old lady back in the day. Beth is famous with that crowd. There is maybe a couple hundred of them know about it maybe even more because of Jinks and his friends.”

So I had learned maybe more than I had really wanted but heck, my wife is famous. I continued to watch and sure enough about a month later she and Jinks instead of heading towards his house they went down to the? Fair grounds.

Jinks stripped her and mounted my wife on a picnic table with the lights on and as he fucked her they were joined by a large group of colored guys who were also naked. And I watched 23 colored guys gang bang her.

Over the next month she did it ten more times. The last several times maybe two hundred people watched. For the most part it ended. And our sex life increased to usually three times a week and she was back to being my wife.

But once in a while Jacks, or Jinks, or the crew still fucks her. And she still works at the Factory