The neighbor’s dog


She gets with the neighbors dog

It had been a long month for Christie. After her experience with Max, her whole life seemed to change and yet no one knew. Every night she went to bed, she thought about how much she had enjoyed the sexual pleasure that dog had given her. Not being able to tell anyone was driving her nuts. Even more, she has not been able to follow up on it as Max was back with her sister in law.

Christie had spent a lot of time reading sex stories about dogs fucking women. She had masturbated countless times in the past month to those stories. At first she had been afraid to watch videos, but eventually she gave into the temptation. The websites were difficult to navigate. It took a few days before she found one that was reliable. Watching the videos of women getting fucked by dogs satisfied her for a while. After a few weeks though she grew to want the real thing again. The videos also showed her how good Max really was at satisfying her. Seeing these women try for long periods of time to get their dogs to penetrate them let her know she got lucky with Max. Yet, he wasn’t around to do it again.

One day, while sitting out back on the patio in the sun, Christie heard a noise that immediately got her attention in more ways than one. It was a dog barking. For the first time, she realized her neighbors had a dog. Christie was not normally a friendly or outgoing person. She had not taken the time to get to know the people who lived around her. There was a tall, wood fence that even kept her from seeing the neighbors yard. Yet, hearing that bark immediately got her interests. She walked over to the fence and tried to look between the boards. She could make out a large, black dog running the yard. It was difficult to tell what kind it was. Even more important, it was too hard to tell if the dog was a male.

She walked down the fence to see if there was a bigger separation in the boards to let her see better. As she did, she heard a voice. The lady living there had seen her and said, “Hello there”.

Christie was startled at first, but quickly regrouped. “Hello” she responded back.

“Nice to meet you, I am Patty” the neighbor said. It was difficult to talk through the fence, so she said, “Come to the gate”.

They both walked to the gate where Patty opened it up and shook Christie’s hand. She was a slightly older lady who seemed very friendly. They carried on a conversation, telling about themselves and such. However, Christie kept peaking over Patty’s shoulder to get a look at her dog. As she did, the dog ran around the corner and sat down next to Patty. Patty bent down and began to pet him.

“I never realized you had a dog” Christie said.

“Yes, I have had Sam for a while now. He is the best dog in the world. I wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in China.” Patty explained. Christie quickly realized this was a male dog. He appeared to be a lab. He had shiny black hair and was definitely a larger dog.

The conversation went on with Christie trying to talk while her mind was racing in thought about Sam. It wasn’t until Patty explained that she still works and leaves Sam home alone that Christie became very interested. She asked if he was able to go outside to use the bathroom. Patty said yes, that she left the sliding back door open to the Florida room and he went through a doggie door. Immediately, Christie’s mind began to plot as the talk continued.

The next week, the opportunity came. Everyone was gone. Christie had been able to get the house to herself. She knew Patty was at work. Sam was home alone and Christie was thinking of how to lure him over to her house. She was dressed in just some short shorts and a tank top. She knew this opportunity would be unique, so she didn’t wear panties or a bra. Her shoes were just flip flops. As she opened the gate door, Christie knew she was going down a new path in her life.

When the door opened, she didn’t see Sam anywhere in the yard. She closed the door behind her and turned to walk through the yard. She whistled a few times, hoping this would get Sam’s attention. She got all the way to the door of the Florida room. It was locked. She knocked on it, realizing how stupid that was as she did it. However, it worked. She heard movement from inside and in seconds saw Sam come from the house into the room. When he saw Christie, he began to bark. She had never thought about how he might react. He then darted out his door and ran over to Christie. He didn’t seem very happy to see her.

Christie immediately dropped down to a knee and made noises hoping to get Sam to like her. She held her hand out and let him smell it. He then licked her hand, letting her know he was OK with her being there. She then reached out and began to pet him on the top of the head. Soon, he was letting her pet his neck and back. She sat down right in front of him and began playing with him. He was a large, strong animal. As she did all of this, she realized how aroused she was becoming. Her clean shaven pussy was practically dripping. She could feel her pussy juices all over the inside of her thighs. Her nipples were so hard now they hurt. She wanted this dog to fuck her in the worst way.

Her idea of getting him over to her house was now gone. She wanted to get fucked right there and now. She also knew Sam might not like being led over to her house. She thought it best to stay at his place. Without even thinking about it, she reached down and slid her shorts off quickly. Sam seemed confused by this. However, she kept petting and playing with him. She was getting off on all of this and knew no one could see them because of the fence.

Christie was rubbing Sam’s back with one hand and now playing with her pussy with the other hand. She was sitting right in front of him, masturbating, with her legs spread. Her fingers were quickly stroking her clit. Soon, she shoved a couple of fingers in her cunt. Her orgasm was coming on now. Feeling this dog in her presence, making contact with him, all while putting herself in front of him and showing him her personal parts, was such a thrill. She lost her breathe as her orgasm began to rip through her body. She shook and convulsed as she hung onto Sam. She felt her pussy creaming on her hand. Sam just sat there, taking it all in. In front of him was a bitch, willing to do anything for him.

The orgasm was so powerful, perhaps the best she had ever had. She lost her breathe and fell back, laying down in front of Sam. He felt somewhat abandoned as the petting had stopped. Christie was laying in front of him, in full daylight, with nothing covering her bottom half. Her pussy and ass were right there in front of him. The curiosity of a dog took over. He could smell her pussy. That sex smell coming from her cunt was arousing Sam’s interest. He could see it. So he began to investigate it.

He leaned down and smelled her scent. She had come so hard her pussy juices were all over her thighs and lower stomach. Sam liked that scent and wanted some of it. He began to lick the inside of her legs, lapping up that pussy juice. His long and powerful tongue was quickly cleaning her up. With each stroke, he licked closer and closer to her pussy. Christie just laid there, waiting for him to get to her fuckhole. After what seemed like forever to her, his tongue hit her spot. He licked her pussy with such force, her lips split open and he found her clit. She let out a hard and loud moan. She put her left hand behind Sam’s head, holding him in place. With her other hand, she parted her pussy for him. The gave him full access to her clit and pussy hole. It gave him an endless amount of her cum to lick. As he did, Christie fell into another orgasm. There she laid, spread out in her neighbors yard, being eaten out by a black lab in the daytime sun. The next orgasm followed the previous and Christie could just mumble and curse, “Mmmm, oh fuck, of shit, yes, yes………” she said.

After a good twenty minutes of eating her pussy, Sam finally sat back and stopped. Christie was so satisfied, she didn’t care that it ended. Her multiple orgasms were too strong to count. She sat up and began to stroke his neck, letting him lick her face with the tongue that had just been lapping her cunt.She could taste and smell her pussy in his mouth. It was her way of thanking him. However, she felt like she owed him more. Soon, her right hand lowered down under his belly. She still rubbed his neck with her left hand, but her right hand was seeking his cock. She found it and felt it. She ran her hand up and down it, feeling his large sack of balls. She stroked them gently and then moved to the base of his cock. She rubbed up and down it, arousing Sam with each stroke. It was obvious this was all new to him as he began to pant hard and moved back and forth. He licked Christie’s face as she jerked his dog dick. She felt it come out of the sheath and it was such a pleasant feeling in her hand. Sam began to thrust as she stroked him more. She knew it was time.

Christie quickly let go of Sam’s cock and turned around to him. She had her ass up in the air and her pussy with right there for him to see. She patter her left ass cheek, asking him to get up on her. Sam was so excited from the pleasure of her jerking his cock, he did not know what to do. He licked her pussy for several seconds and then circled around her. She kept begging him to mount her, She could see his dog cock hanging down between his legs as he circled her. It was huge, bigger than it had felt in her hands. The redness of the color was so sharp because of his black fur. She wanted him inside her so bad she began to beg him to mount her. “Please Sam, get on top of me” she kept saying. He put his front paws on her back, but from the side. She turned to see that dog cock aiming at her ribs. Well, if he wouldn’t come to her, she would come to him.

Christie grabbed one of his paws and held him on top of her. She then began to turn so her ass was to him. After a minute, she was in the mount position, or doggiestyle. Sam began to hump furiously away at Christie. She could feel his large cock poking at slapping her ass. Sam was too excited to hit the mark. Having watched countless videos over the last couple of weeks, Christie knew what to do. She sat up, causing Sam to fall off of her. She began to pet his head, getting him to calm down. She told him how good of a dog he was. He licked her face a few times, letting her know he was good to go now. He was ready to fuck her.

Christie again turned her ass to Sam and knelt down. Sam didn’t need coaxing this time as he jumped up, putting his paws on her back. He then wrapped his arms around her waist. Christie, now knowing how to get fucked by a dog, reached down between her thighs and grabbed a hold of Sam’s red and veiny cock. He was now humping furiously again. She guided him to her now dripping wet pussy. When she lined him up, he shoved his cock all the way inside of her. The air left her lungs as she felt that dog cock fill her up. She had been dreaming of this for weeks. And now, there she was, on her knees in her neighbors backyard getting fucked from behind by a black lab.

She braced herself, burying her head into the grass. With each thrust of Sam’s cock, she grunted. Sam didn’t know grace as he pumped her pussy hard. He would slide all the way in and then pull it out almost completely before slamming it back in. He was fucking her pussy like an animal she thought. A couple of times, his dick would slip out and Christie would reach back and grab it and put it back in. The third time she did this, she could feel his knot starting to form. She needed to get it back in so he could fill her pussy up with it. Since Sam was new to this, and he excitement showed that, he couldn’t bury that knot in her. His cock slammed in her but stopped at the large knot that had formed. She heard him whimper as he shot his load into her pussy. She felt it fill her up as that warm feeling overcame her insides. Sam kept pumping, which made sploshing sounds in her wetness now. It forced his cum to squirt out of her cunt and drip down her stomach and thighs.

The whole thing was over with more quickly than Christie had wanted. Sam pulled his cock out of her now cum filled pussy and began to walk around her. Christie rolled over to her backside, enjoying the experience she had just had. When she did, Sam stepped over her and his still engorged cock was hovering over her face. He was still dripping his cum and it fell onto her face. She opened her mouth to swallow it. Like the good bitch she had become, she didn’t even hesitate to lift her head up and take that cock into her mouth. She began sucking Sam’s red cock, as if to clean his and her cum off of it. She reached up with her hand to hold the base and deep throated him as far as she could. She almost choked a few times, feeling the tip hit the back of her throat.

Sam was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob from his neighbor. He didn’t move at all. With the awkward position he was in, he looked down to see her shiny, wet pussy just below his mouth. He leaned down and began licking her pussy lips, cleaning all of the cum off of them. His powerful tongue easily split her lips open and hit her clit. When she felt it, she spread her legs as wide as she could to give him full access to her pussy. He licked all up and down her pussy and even managed to hit her asshole. Christie, who has never had her asshole licked before, let out a loud moan, only muffled because of the dog cock in her mouth. The feeling of that strong, rough tongue on her asshole sent her into another orgasm. They were in a sixty-nine now out in the yard and Christie was in heaven. As her orgasm subsided, Sam pulled his cock away from her. He again walked around her, panting and whining. She knew round two was about to begin.

Christie got to her knees and turned her ass to Sam. As she bent over, he began lapping away at her ass crack. He was licking her asshole forcefully now and she was loving it. She buried her face in the grass and grabbed more grass with her hands to brace against his face pushing her forward. As she began to cum, Sam quickly mounted her. He wrapped his paws around her upper stomach and started to hump away at her. Before she could reach down between her thighs and guide him in, Sam hit his mark. He rammed his dog cock into her pussy. She thought that because of her first fucking with Sam, she was now more loose and her pussyhole was wider, making it easier for him to fuck her. His dick was pumping in and out of her, causing her to grunt and gasp trying to keep up with his fucking of her. Soon, she felt his knot swelling up and filling her pussy up. Sam was locked into her, unable to pull his dick in and out of her cunt. He kept on thrusting against her pussy though, and the feeling each time of his knot trying to pull out of her pussy made her moan loudly. She was his bitch now.

As with the last time, Sam began to whine. This let Christie know he was going to cum. He tried to climb up her back as she shot his load into her. She reached back and grabbed his legs to hold him in place as she felt that warm dog cum fill up her pussy. Sam froze, holding in place as she held his legs. He cum kept spurting in her and she felt his cock spasm each time it did. Yet another orgasm overtook her.

As she came down from things, Christie knew Sam was knotted in her. He was squirming around her back, trying to pull out. His dick was so big and the knot so huge he couldn’t pull out. Eventually, he turned around causing their asses to be up against one another. They just stayed that way until Sam’s cock subsided enough that it plopped out. It made a splashing sound as it came out because of all the cum it let out as it withdrew. Christie felt his seed running down her thighs and stomach again. She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze it out causing it to spurt out and make more splashing sounds. Eventually, she sat up an looked down to see cum dripping out of her cunt. She looked at Sam as he was cleaning his now subsided dog cock. She knew he was going to be spending a lot more time with her.