Wendy’s Older Neighbor

“My widowed neighbor, a retired school principal, caught onto what I’ve been doing. He approached me a few months ago, saying that he was curious as to all the young eighteen to twenty something-ish looking guys he sees coming over to my home at different times. He knows I am a college counselor for freshmen students but it’s made him wonder if that’s all that was going on.

He told me he always wanted his wife to do young guys before she passed on, adding that when he was in school he’d had the hots for some of his teachers, (even making the point that I reminded him of a few of them). Now, that he was by himself he mentioned he could host parties at his home for me and have young guys (Blacks, Hispanics, and even White guys), over for my pleasure. He explained that he was a cuck of sorts and that he’d love to help me with getting different young guys for my enjoyment.

I thought long and hard before I accepted his offer. He lived so very close by but I didn’t want my husband finding out that I let strictly young guys have sex with me for the sake of sex alone. It was a fetish of mine I’d started several years ago due to my husband traveling so very much for work. He also has a sex drive that is lower than it used to be and I simply need more sex.

My first young gentleman was a black freshman (just eighteen years old), whom I counseled and arranged funding for his classes. He’d come to my office wearing gym type shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt and sandals. The way he’d sit I was able to sneak glimpses of that young black cock of his. He didn’t even know I was peeking and he certainly was unaware he was doing it but it cranked up my level of arousal; stoking my desires like hot coals with the mere glimpse how massive his dong was, (and the damned thing wasn’t even hard)! I finally gave into temptation and deliberately let him catch me staring straight at it through the gap his shorts made as he sat.”

Jerome noticed Mrs. Wendy staring at his crotch and thought,

“Ooh, did she just do that? OH DAMN – she did! Girl you are one bad filthy cougar!”

He’d never thought of fucking a white woman before but something about Wendy really clicked the first time they met. He had thought he’d seen Wendy look that funny way at him before (when he first came to her for help a few days ago), but he then thought it was all in his head. Anyhow no harm in making sure – he continued wearing tight shirts and shorts. Just as he thought, that older white woman was following around with her eyes like he’d grabbed the last Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

It didn’t really hurt that Jerome also went to the gym whenever he could and he certainly noticed all the faculty ladies taking notice, but he wanted Wendy. She had that white boss bitch thing going for her and she spoke well. He figured she was high-end pussy, and for a young freshman who’d just been finger banging girls in his hometown a few weeks before this, he was right. Oh fo sho!

Now Wendy was making things perfectly clear, the way she looked straight at that black-mushroom-cap head at the end of that dick before raising her eyes to meet his and the corners of her mouth into a devilish smile. That Wendy now made it clear she wanted him made him horny and brave at the same time. He could feel his cock stiffening into a fleshy throbbing tent pole beneath his shorts as he clearly saw Wendy drop her eyes back down to his crotch, staring in wonder and lust at that rude throbbing horsecock as it rose stiffly to the occasion. There was nothing to do but do it, to say something and he sensed he had a receptive audience.

“You looking at my dick Ma’am?” There should have been silence, awkward painful silence like in the movies, even the X-rated shit he’d found on his big brother’s phone at Christmas last year. There was none of that awkward mess you’d expect from white folks, in fact Wendy didn’t bat so much as an eyelid; brazenly replying with,

“Yes, it’s so big and yet isn’t even hard! It’s distracting me,” She said it with more of that devil-smile and her tongue lightly rolled over her lips. She then reached over her desk and dropped the blinds, (despite the fact of the sun bathing the building from the opposite direction). The blinds fell with a KLACK! and now in a considerably darker office, Wendy glanced over his shoulder to the door.

“If you turn that little button in the center of the doorknob to straight up and down, we are locked in here,”

The metallic click of the bolt shuttling into the lock securely was sexy music to her ears.


From Jerome’s account of what happened:

“So I stood up and made that lock go clickety clack and shit before I just dropped my shorts right then and there saying,

‘Have at it Wendy, suck my black dingus and see how big the shit gets!’

I was trying to act all bad and tough, (like I’d hit plenty of women in my time with this black dick of mine). I was so full of shit, but she didn’t care and I have to say this, Wendy can suck dingle dangle dongle dick, like a pro. I mean what a hoe, even!! She had me bustin my sack pretty damn quick.

‘Fuck Wendy, how’d you get so good at blowjobs? I want to fuck that pussy next time!! Hey when and where can we make that shit go down?’

She smiled at me and gulped, wiping my baby gravy off her chin and putting it in her mouth like she was sampling barbeque sauce or some shit. Then there was more or that devil grin on her face. I knew I’d been sucked by a real live freak!”

“Anyhow, I now had my horny older neighbor making arrangements for a sex party with me. After letting him know that I’d love to make use of his home, I set firm ground rules with him about all I expected. Letting him know that I wanted no more than three to four young studs, two of which need to be blacks. I wanted them all to be eighteen to twenty-four years old (explaining to him that I have a ‘type’). I wanted the whole lot of them to be clean-cut looking guys who’d above all respect my limits.

My hard rules then and to this day are, no minors, no pain, no anal, no scat, no pee or other off the wall weird stuff and that they all had to respect me and my limits. I made it crystal clear that if they try anal, they’ll never have sex with me again! Furthermore they were only to treat me as a slut during play times and that once I trusted them, I may let them use a little restraint on me. As for my horny pervert neighbor, I’d satisfy him with a blowjob and let him pound my pussy, but only on the condition the young fellahs had already satisfied my needs.

He was like Playdough in my cougar paws. He agreed quite quickly and after doing so I noticed he had a wet spot on the crotch area of his pants; pretty damned obvious he was excited about this as much as I was. Any legal expert would say we had a ‘hard contract, if not a little sticky!’

He said he’d arrange it the upcoming Saturday. He mentioned having some young guys in mind and that they were all members of a club of sorts. He added the larger group they belonged to was all players; mostly young blacks that would jump at the chance to get an older white woman as fine as me for sex.

I was pleased that he understood all my stipulations, (especially the part about only having young but still of age black and white bucks for these parties). What he’d agreed to had me worked up to say the least. My pussy became just a little dewy and wet at the thought of it all. In my heart there was a warm ache of desire, a feeling wanting those young cocks badly and Saturday could not come fast enough for me!

After our meeting I decided to go shopping for some new sexy clothes for the upcoming party. I hit Victoria Secrets on Saturday morning as my husband would still be out of town and would not know anything was up. I bought some more stockings, crotchless panties and a couple of short sexy dresses, (along with a wraparound dress as well). During my time spent shopping all I could think about was the young guys who’d be there that night at the get together, wanting my pussy and mouth for those young stiff cocks of theirs to cum in.

The anticipation had an effect on me. At first I ignored the tingle in my clit but soon the more I thought and fantasized, the more my appetites took over and simply got the better of me. In the end, I was glad I found everything but it was time for me to leave; in fact, I couldn’t get my purchases run up fast enough at the register.

I left the store all bothered and distracted with my bag of items in my arms, my heels click-click-clicking rapidly on the mall floor as I stepped along, feeling that old familiar urge; sort of like needing to pee but a bit more selfish and wonderfully shameful. Damn I need a new young cock now! As it just so happened, I knew just where to go.

I dropped by the arcade area near the mall entrance just to see if any young guys were there. I figured a few young ment might be there playing games who’d be of interest to me. This arcade was a favorite haunt of mine, a sort of watering hole where young unsuspecting bucks went to relax and a seasoned cougar like myself went to hunt.

I sat down at a table in front of the arcade and crossed my legs. To generate a little attention, I eased my skirt up some to show off a slight suggestion of thigh. It didn’t take long. A young black man approached me and started talking me up.

He figured he had “game” and attempted to act all nonchalant with me, like he was just out of the blue striking up a conversation with some random woman flashing herself. I wasn’t fooled; I could plainly see him looking at my legs and my breasts as he spoke, asking me if I “played games.” He smiled as he posed the question, his words heavy with double entendre. I replied that I did, but not the same games he and his friends were playing, (politely smiling the whole time and making direct eye contact). I stretched lazily, recrossing my legs and exposing my nylons more to where he could see the stocking tops.

Changing the subject, I asked him if he had enough time to escort me to my car and help me with the packages. He didn’t need any coaxing, readily answering yes, (which is precisely what I’d expected as I’d already glimpsed a sizable lump in his pants for several minutes now). Just to seal things, I added that I’d make it worth his time and efforts. After looking at my packages he could tell that I had gotten them at Victoria Secrets. He gave a peek into the bags to see their contents and a broad smile spread across his face.

As we walked to my car he hung back some so he could see my ass. Knowing he was looking, I swayed my hips slowly to give him a show. Arriving at my car I had him place the packages in the trunk then I went around and opened the driver’s door to sit down, beckoning for him to follow. I hadn’t even spun my legs around underneath the steering wheel, I just sat there wiggling a finger for him to come closer. He was confused at first, but then with a look around left and right, he nodded and stepped up to the open door. He was right there in front of me and his crotch had that lump I’d noticed earlier. This was when the risky exhibitionist in me took over.

We had a large panel truck parked next to us on the driver’s side taking up two spaces. It had been there ever since I’d parked that morning. On the other side was a large oak tree, part of the mall’s landscaping. The tree had a sizable trunk, bigger than a man’s waist and its canopy of foliage cast a wonderfully dark shadow over my car, still if anyone happened to walk by and see what we were about to do, well… it would be dangerous. That’s what I liked about it!

I then told him fair was fair and since he had helped me with my packages, and I then wondered aloud if he needed help with that big package he’d been carrying in his pants. He said something akin to clever about packages and laughed at his own joke. It was an attempt to be smooth but it all came out dumb, like he was a nicely built but inexperienced youth; scared about how well this was all playing out for him.

I rolled my eyes and told him he’d nothing to worry about, I don’t need to be wooed with a smooth line or a clever one when I’m this worked up. Anyhow, I wasn’t interested in his wit at the moment and the nervousness, well that is a turn-on for a cougar like me. Nerves are my seasoning for male flesh and I was damned good and hungry.

I directed him to take his big black nigger cock out to show me. He did. It was prime dingle-dangle-dongle black meat at its finest; throbbing just inches from my nose!

Seated at just the correct level, I simply leaned forward and took it in my lips. He let out a little boy whimper and I pushed his hands away from it so I could drive. After all, I was in the driver’s seat and it was time for Mama to do what she did best!

With my hand working with my lips I began to stroke it some, and he let out more whimpers. Good, it was what I wanted to hear. I leaned into my work; ass perched on the very edge of the seat and sucking him with an increased vigor as my hands worked the shaft and cupped his balls. At any I expected someone to walk by us or come around the corner of the panel truck for the surprise of their life but all I heard were people talking on the edge of the parking lot, the breeze through the tree limbs above, and this young black buck whimpering like his appendix was about to burst.

Needless to say he didn’t last long. At some point his hand raised up and a set of long black fingers wrapped my skull in his palm. His hips drove frantically against the lovely torture of my lips upon his tool, in a frantic effort to achieve relief. Of course I’d known from experience what this all meant, (and seasoned suck slut that I am, I doubled down with my jaw-tug on his junk). He tried to say something to the effect of Mam.. or MAMA or MAMAGGG but it all became muddled as he shot his cum down my throat; holding my head so I had to swallow all his warm sticky junk juices.

Afterwards he smiled, asking if he could get more of the same again sometime. I said maybe, returning his smile with one of my own; all while wiping a bit of his essence from the corner of my grin with a finger. I thanked him for his help and the nice dick before driving off. It was probably rude but I burped at the stoplight exit to the mall, savoring the taste of his yummy cum as it welled up at the back of my throat. Well, it’s always better the second time around!

Now I was ready for Saturday night’s party with the young cocks that would be there. I could hardly wait! My cunt was so very fucking wet just thinking about it as I sped home. I was so hot when I arrived back at my place, I had to get my toys out that afternoon and masturbate good and HARD, making my pussy cum several times before taking a short nap. I’m shameless!

Saturday night finally arrived. I was preparing to head over to Jerry’s home for the party he was hosting for me. I decided to wear a skirt and blouse with stockings, a garter belt with no panties and a half-cut French bra that had my nipples showing. After dabbing some good perfume on my tummy, breasts, thighs and pussy, I was ready to go.

It was a good thing his home wasn’t far, despite the fact I simply could not get there fast enough! I could feel my pussy getting warm and wet with each step along the sidewalk, anticipating the young guys in that house that were there to satisfy themselves with my body, (and at the same time appease my slutty desires). When I arrived at the door I nervously gave it a knock, and my heart was beating like a bass drum in anticipation. I’d told Jerry about my craving to be restrained after the young guys had gained my trust and I’d been playing out all sorts of scenarios in my head in anticipation of such shenanigans, (each one involving all those young stiff cocks fucking me senseless).

Jerry opened the door and without fanfare ushered me inside. Stepping into his front room I could immediately see three young black gentlemen seated before the television, just waiting for me with big anticipatory smiles upon their faces. Jerry introduced me, telling them how I was a counselor for young freshmen at the college. He explained I arranged class funding and such for incoming students. They seemed impressed that they were going to get to fuck a brainy MILF.

The guys then gave me their names and ages. Jerome, Michael, and Marcus all were of legal age between eighteen and twenty. Looking at them up and down I loudly voiced my approval to Jerry regarding the quality fellahs he’d found for me. I seated myself down across from them, letting my dress open a bit in the front while I crossed and uncrossed my legs; giving the boys ample views of my stockinged legs. As I flirted and giggled with the studly black trio, I secretly began doing kagels to tighten my pussy. I wanted to my cunt to be ready to grip their cocks like it was my ‘third hand.’ After a few minutes of chatting and twat tensing, I’d pumped up my pussy into a fleshy pink gripping tool worthy of any hardware store.

Jerome took the lead and asked when would they get to see more of my beautiful body. I was already giving them a show as my nipples were poking through my dress plus the boys could all plainly see my stocking tops high up my thighs. Oh but I could tell they wanted to see more!

I could almost read their thoughts it seemed; each wondering if I’d worn panties or not. I’d seen them try to look when I uncrossed my legs and parted them a bit for a tease, but they’d had trouble getting a good view of things and I could tell it was only making them more distracted and hungry for what was between those stockinged thighs. Oh well, might as well remove some of the mystery and throw a little gas on the fire.

I opened my legs a wide as all hell this time, REALLY letting my skirt ride up without crossing my legs. Those three sets of eyes locked on what they were looking for while all three mouths dropped open; each boy staring directly at the bare pink pussy petals of a white woman. There it was for the taking, smooth lips and a “soul patch” of hair neatly trimmed at the top.

Jerome commented that my cunt looked beautiful, (as did the rest of me). I was taken aback that he called my pussy a “cunt” but at the same time aroused that he did, (as I love foul language and being called nasty names during foreplay or while getting fucked). I saw this time as an opportunity to tell the guys that I’m a classy slut. Three heads shook in agreement… well, four if you counted Jerry, who was standing off to one side and leering at the whole unseemly spectacle.

Jerry then asked if we wanted something to drink before we got naked and down to business. We all replied yes so he stepped off to his home-bar, returning with some red wine for me and three cokes for the fellahs. The guys complained that they’d preferred beers more than cokes so Jerry after considering whether or not he’d get in trouble for providing them alcohol, he simply shrugged and returned with three beers. A cheer of approval rose from the three boys as now things were looking more and more like a party to them. I could tell they were appreciative of my “cunt-tribution” to the celebration, (as their pants were growing lumps in the crotches). I couldn’t help but smile seeing the boner profiles of my appreciative audience and my heart was going pitty pat as I realized it wouldn’t be long before I’d have one of those cocks stuffed up my pussy while another would be parked in my mouth!

It was time to get things going. Taking a sip from my wine before setting it down to one side, I then dropped to the carpet while spreading my legs and raising my dress up to my waist. I asked matter of factly,

“Which two of you guys are going to fuck me first?”

Jerome and Michael both set their beers down and dropped their pants, showing me their beautiful black cocks. Their chocolate ding dongs were absolutely fucking huge (we are talking 4H exhibit big), and the sight of them semi hard and hanging nicely with their circumcised mushroom heads made my pussy an absolutely drippy pulsing hot mess. To HELL with foreplay, I was ready to be stuffed like a Christmas goose. It was on!

As I came to my knees for a better view, Jerome and Michael moved right up into my personal “bubble,” stroking their cocks right in up in my face. I could smell their penile funk; like hotdog water mixed with vinegar chips and sweat. To other women this would have been scary or upsetting, even gross, yet this was the sight and smell I needed… I craved! I watched for several seconds, then like a dog being offered a “treat,” I leaned forward to lick the heads of those two proud meaty black dicks.

“Suck both our cocks, bitch momma,” Jerome blurted out, “First you gonna make us cum, then we are gonna fuck your pussy and mouth at the same time girl. Jerry done told us you like going two at once for a spit roasting you bad nasty bitch, well that’s what we are here to give you. Now start sucking!” Who was I to resist?

I sucked on them both deep and hard until one at a time, getting them to a point where they were moaning and groaning, about to shoot their juices down my throat. Jerome was first to explode into my mouth. Oh GAWD he shot a lot of cum! I nearly choked swallowing that load of his but I got it all down. Then Michael came next, spraying most of his load in my mouth before pulling out to finish on my lips and breasts, shooting big ropey spurts all over my tits. It was wonderful for me, as I simply love sucking young cock.

The night was just beginning for me but I can assure you, all three boys left several hours later; well fucked and with empty balls. As for Jerry my neighbor, well, he got my mouth and pussy that night but I’m seeing him this evening to give him more of the slutty same. I consider it a sort of “deposit” for using his home as a cougar den!